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18 Jan. 1992
Miguel's mother shows up with a baby and asks for his help. The baby's father is a dangerous man.
25 Jan. 1992
Partner in Crime
Adam is sent on an undercover assignment with a female detective. He gets close to her. But Grady senses something about so he checks her out and finds out she doesn't work where she says she does. Upon learning this Adam deduces that she's an IA cop sent to find out if he was the one who took some cash out of evidence.
15 Feb. 1992
Grady gets an offer to work for a singer. He accepts and they become close. Adam learns that the singer is being investigated of being associated with money launderers. And he can't tell Grady.
3 Oct. 1992
Circle of Death
When a young man is found dead with his neck broken and with an usual mark on his foot Adam investigates. When Grady hears about it, it brings up some old memories. It leads to fight to the death tournament.
17 Oct. 1992
Cross Fire
Kelsey is on a stake out with Schuham and they're fooling around, when someone is shot. They go to check it out and Schuham is killed. Later detectives from a special branch are placed in charge of the investigation. They're told by one of their informants that it's someone named Moore. The guy just happens to be a friend of Grady and when he tries to run, he's caught. Later at the line up Adam notices that they're pushing Kelsey to pick Moore. He learns that some time ago Moore filed a brutality complaint against them. Grady insists Moore is innocent. Adam decides to...
28 Nov. 1992
Angel of Death
Beaudreaux's chasing a serial killer. He's been advised not to give the media any info because it's what he craves. And when a reporter, who only cares about making a scoop comes to cover the story, and whom Adam has had history with, makes things more difficult. Especially when Grady's taken with the man.

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