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6 Jan. 1995
Can't Buy Me Love
JT has borrowed a Porsche from work and impresses a waitress. He lies and says that it is his and, using money he finds, he buys her an expensive necklace. Frank is reluctant to go with Carol to the gynaecologist for her ultrasound.
20 Jan. 1995
Cody starts directing a movie with the kids as actors but forgets to write a script first. Dana begins dating a 36-year-old man but it doesn't quite go as she planned after meeting his friends. Carol starts eating weird food combinations.
3 Feb. 1995
The Honeymoon Is Over
Mark's girlfriend Gabrielle comes to spend the weekend. JT gives Mark advice and the girls give Gabrielle advice, and they break up. Cody gets them back together. Frank gives Carol hints about what he wants for his birthday.
10 Feb. 1995
One Truck, Al Dente
Al pressures JT to help her learn to drive. JT suggests the driving lesson take place in Frank's new truck. It comes back with a huge dent in the side, and the two scrambling to cover up what happened.
17 Feb. 1995
Head of the Class
As Carol's pregnancy progresses, the family help with the chores but don't come up to her standards. When Dana and Cody are made history tutors for struggling students, it's Cody's approach that works with them.
3 Mar. 1995
Back to School
The family suspects the reason behind J.T.'s chronic poor scholastic performance may be because he's dyslexic.
17 Mar. 1995
She Came in Through the Bedroom Window
Cody is trying to reduce his use of the word dude and he enlists the help of Dana. Frank doesn't tell Carol that he is putting in a bedroom window for one of his old girlfriends. Carol is upset when she finds out.
31 Mar. 1995
Indecent Proposal
Cody starts sleepwalking, which takes him back to his childhood. Dana is incredulous that J.T. got an A+ and she only got a B, until overhears their professor talking about him.. Frank tries to put together a barbecue grill.
28 Apr. 1995
Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?
After JT makes fun of Karen for wearing a pregnancy pad, he and Frank are dared to wear the pads for a weekend. Cody takes Brendan to see his favorite player Kenny Barton but is unable to get his signature without paying $50.
5 May 1995
Adventures in Babysitting
Al is offered a trip to Disneyland but needs $500. JT comes up the idea of babysitting many kids at once but they are overwhelmed. Frank makes Cody the foreman but the responsibility doesn't sit well. Karen's prom tries Carol's patience.
12 May 1995
Big Girl on Campus
Dana is taking Karen to a college party and Al talks Dana into taking her. Karen becomes jealous when the college Casanova is attracted to Al and not her. Carol is having a sale of Frank's old junk, and he does his best to keep it.
19 May 1995
A Foster/Lambert Production
Carol goes into labour and the family head for the hospital, except for the Foster children who were forgotten. Carol wants a natural birth without drugs but changes her mind when she feels the pain. Lilly Foster-Lambert is born healthy.
22 Sep. 1995
Lil Sister Dontcha
Mark is growing up and there are the inevitable mother-son conflicts. Dana gets all excited when Cody says he can get her a date with Brad Pitt, and J.T. becomes very protective of Al when his friend wants to take her on a drive-in date.
29 Sep. 1995
Three Girls and a Baby
Al, Dana, and Karen realize that they must set aside petty differences and work together to babysit Lilly.
13 Oct. 1995
Party Animal
Cody thinks that the new neighbour is a jewel thief from New York. Dana moves into a college dorm and Carol seems to be the only one who misses her. Karen and Al visit her a week later and are shocked at the change in her.
20 Oct. 1995
Midnight Caller
Cody gets Lilly to sleep when Carol is unable to do so, which makes Carol think she hates her. Dana is forced to work with JT at a family helpline by their psychology professor, much to her chagrin. A potential suicide shakes them up.
27 Oct. 1995
Maid to Order
Karen is trying out for head cheerleader, with Carol's help and very competitive spirit. The Lamberts decide to hire a housekeeper. JT is smitten when an aspiring model applies and gives her the job. Cody goes into the fitness business.
3 Nov. 1995
Don't Ask
Cody accidentally ends up with a middle-aged mail-order bride. Frank and Carol get fed up with the kids' endless petty demands. Karen attempts to be a country-singing star.
10 Nov. 1995
Hello, Mister Chips
Al gets a job at the mall at a cookie outlet called Mr. Chips. She is annoyed at having to work alongside the restaurant's eponymously named mascot, a chimpanzee ... and is further embarrassed when she is asked to take the chimp home.
17 Nov. 1995
Cody proudly announces he got a back-breaking 'dream job', as 'stagehound' (roadie) for Mark's idol, rock band singer Christi Rose and Petal to the Metal, and gets the geeky kid to meet her backstage. Impressed with kind, cool Cody's way to handle fans, Christi asks him as her personal body-guard. Meanwhile, the four eldest kids' constant begging and fighting for the family car convinces Carol and Frank to buy another car for them. The kids' enthusiasm over Frank's car choice, a Mustang convertible, cools when it seems to be his baby, rather too precious to be left in...
24 Nov. 1995
The Wall
Cody joins Dana's feminist group, over her misgivings. They are to have a meeting but there is competition from a toga party. Frank and Carol have a spa night together. Mark is flying solo to the school dance and ends up on the wall.
1 Dec. 1995
Baby Come Back
Dana was eager to see 'the Amazing Codini' perform, but realizes too late he takes her into the magic box, hasn't fixed the necessary link to get out again and has no back-up plan, even knocks it over- they are trapped indefinitely, to her absolute horror, while he enjoys the closeness; yet salvation is within reach all the time... Meanwhile Carol dragged Frank to a beauty convention (a fake temperature doesn't fool experienced parents), then told him to entertain himself as she couldn't interest him in the least, only to finds Frank enjoying a female participator's ...
15 Dec. 1995
The Fight Before Christmas
Cody manages to electrocute himself adding Christmas lights to his van. JT works part-time selling Christmas trees and gets a lesson in the true meaning of Christmas by a co-worker. Frank sets Al up with the son of an old family friend.

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