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Season 2

24 Sep. 1992
Baser Instincts
Rita and Chris go undercover on a movie set as film executives when a local film crew seems to be the target of militants.
1 Oct. 1992
Goodtime Charlie
A rapist returns to haunt Chris for sending him to jail.
8 Oct. 1992
Social Call
A Palm Beach society outcast is murdered as he is about to reveal something he says will rock the community. Chris and Rita go undercover to find out the secret.
15 Oct. 1992
Wild Card
Rita and Chris get involved when a wealthy over-sexed Palm Beach businessman puts out a contract on a smalltime loser who is partially responsible for the death of a woman in the businessman's well-paid harem.
22 Oct. 1992
In Too Deep
Chris and Rita investigate the murder of a vice cop, and Chris must deal with the victim's son -- who happens to be his godson.
29 Oct. 1992
Bad Blood
Two brothers are suspected of brutally murdering their parents. Chris and Rita learn that the younger brother was set up by a beautiful con-artist whose partner's greed triggered the murders.
5 Nov. 1992
Hot Rocks
Chris and Rita confront a bizarre burglary ring involving the mob, murder and Chris' quirky snitch Dunn.
12 Nov. 1992
Scorpio Lover
The murder of a wealthy Guatemalan businessman takes on serious international implications when Chris and Rita learn that his killer is a Guatemalan Army officer/hit man on the payroll of Central American drug lords.
15 Nov. 1992
Chris and Rita investigate the murder of an up-and-coming young tennis champ's stepfather/coach who is seemingly involved with the mob.
3 Dec. 1992
The Queen Is Dead
Chris poses as a beauty pageant judge to find out who brutally murdered the pageant's most recent queen.
10 Dec. 1992
Irreconcilable Differences
The murder of a wealthy woman points toward her estranged husband.
7 Jan. 1993
The death of another female cop has a deep psychological effect on Rita. As part of her attempt to deal with her burnout, she reopens a forty year-old case.
14 Jan. 1993
When one of the troubled young men on the basketball team Chris coaches is found murdered, Chris and Rita begin an investigation that ultimately reveals that the victim was involved with not only his girlfriend but also with her stepmother.
21 Jan. 1993
Was It Good for You Too?
Chris and Rita discover that a deranged woman planning to kill her lover is really part of an elaborate scheme to cover up the murder of a wealthy resident.
28 Jan. 1993
Dead Weight
An investment advisors murder implicates his wife, a mistress and his personal trainer; Chris lusts after a hot car.
4 Feb. 1993
Kid Stuff
The romance between a devious and over-sexed 17-year-old girl and a prominent doctor gets out of hand when she murders the man's wife.
11 Feb. 1993
Night Games
A couple finds themselves in big trouble when their bizarre sex games go awry and a man is killed.
18 Feb. 1993
Meat Market
Rita goes undercover for the FBI to break up an international white slavery ring.
25 Feb. 1993
Star Signs
When a love triangle involving a phony astrologist ends in murder, Chris and Rita investigate.
4 Mar. 1993
Giant Steps
Chris and Rita investigate the drug overdose of a supposedly reformed addict who was a member of the Palm Beach aristocracy.
11 Mar. 1993
Soul Kiss
Chris and Rita pose as an engaged couple and attend a sex therapy clinic where a reporter was mysteriously killed.
18 Mar. 1993
Look the Other Way
Chris is wounded when he's set up for a hit man, and he and Rita reluctantly accept help from a local television reporter in tracking down a cofrupt judge and his high-powered father-in-law-to-be who tried to cover up one of the judge's earlier indiscretions.
25 Mar. 1993
Rita Infiltrates a phone sex operation to find a murderer.

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