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Season 2

15 Aug. 1992
In the Army/Powdered Toastman
Ren and Stimpy join the Army, where they begin basic training under a very demanding Drill Sargent. We then follow the unusual and bizarre adventures of "Powdered Toast Man" as he is called on for various rescue missions.
22 Aug. 1992
Ren's Toothache/Big House Blues
Ren learns the benefits of dental hygiene the hard way, as he refuses to listen to Stimpy's advice on brushing your teeth. Then Ren and Stimpy are tossed in the pound, where they discover the true meaning of "going to sleep".
10 Oct. 1992
Out West/Rubber Nipple Salesmen
Ren and Stimpy find themselves amid the Wild West, where they run up against a Sheriff and Deputy who's favourite past-time is hanging people. They then hit the road as salesmen, going door-to-door to sell Rubber Nipples.
7 Nov. 1992
Sven Hoek
Ren is excited when his cousin, Svën, is coming over for a visit, until he finds out that Svën is an idiot just like Stimpy.
21 Nov. 1992
Mad Dog Höek/Haunted House
Convinced that wrestling is all an act, Mad Dog Höek (Ren) and Killer Kodoogan (Stimpy) are thrown into the wrestling ring for a bout against the enormous Lout Brothers, Lump and Loaf. Next, we see the Ren and Stimpy spend "the next twelve minutes" inside a mansion haunted by a shy, depressed and thoroughly non-scary Casper-like ghost.
12 Dec. 1992
Big Baby Scam/Dog Show
Ren & Stimpy, starving, exploit the benefits of living as babies. Then, George Liquor American takes us the Dog Show, where Ren & Stimpy are pitted against some tough competition. But only George can handle the judge's harsh scrutiny.
19 Dec. 1992
Son of Stimpy
One of Stimpy's bodily functions literally has a life of it's own in this episode. His flatulence becomes like the son he never had. Ghostlike and helpless, it wanders the streets looking for a home but finds the world harsh and careless. Grieving at his loss, and ceaselessly searching for his long lost "Stinky", Stimpy becomes a preoccupied and worried mess. Will the two meet again in a heart-warming reunion?
27 Feb. 1993
Monkey See, Monkey Don't/Fake Dad
In another scheme to feed and shelter themselves for free, the pair approach a zoo keeper disguised as monkeys. Will they take on the habits of the crude, resident chimp, or is the simian lifestyle too grotesque even for Ren and Stimpy? Next, Ren adopts a huge, violent inmate as a son for the weekend. Can Stimpy keep Ren's short-tempered parenting style under control, or will the lumbering, childish step son (Kowalski) find a place in Ren's heart?
27 Mar. 1993
The Great Outdoors/The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball
Camping at a lakeside wood, Ren and Stimpy go about making a pleasant camping trip. Faced with dehydrated food, mosquito squadrons and eccentric skinny dippers, the great outdoors shows that it has it's share of challenges for the pair. Next, Ren exploits Stimpy's hairball habit upon hearing the price of this rare commodity soar. A production line (featuring Kowalksi as a laborer) is where Ren extracts the over-priced and disgusting fur from his swiftly balding friend Stimpy.
24 Apr. 1993
Stimpy's Fan Club
Ren's jealousy drives him to distraction when day after day, the mailman dumps mountains of fan mail addressed to Stimpy only. Stimpy appeases Ren's feelings of worthlessness by appointing him president of the Official Stimpy Fan Club. Can Ren put his feelings aside in order to perform the delicate duties involved in receiving and replying to the inexhaustible stream of Stimpy's fan mail?
8 May 1993
A Visit to Anthony
Ren and Stimpy visit a young fan at his home.
23 May 1993
The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
The pioneering spirit is abound in this re-telling of the colonization of the north American continent. With the motto "We Always Get Our Butts Kicked!", Ren and Stimpy set out across forests, deserts, mountains and vast snow fields atop lumbering yaks. Can they tap into the nation's vast natural resources to bring about prosperity?

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