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Season 2

2 Oct. 1992
The Lost
The first chance Valiant gets to command a force as a knight proves a formidable assignment: Mordred is leading a force of men causing trouble in outlying lands, his personal grudge against Valiant for revealing he betrayed Camelot spilling over to Arthur himself. His reasons for being concerned with whether he will be a strong commander increase when an attack in a searched tavern sees an injured Denys captured by Mordred's men, led by Owen. And it seems that someone from Camelot is a traitor...
23 Oct. 1992
The Deception
Cynan hires Glyndyn, a former student of Merlin's, to drug Dylan so he will be comatose and mistaken for dead even by Merlin, and has a henchman approach Camelot claiming to witness Valiant, whom Dylan has captured, kill him. Denys is invited to see Cynan and, with Merlin, goes only to return Dylan's body. Cynan plans to have Dylan actually kill Valiant when he receives the antidote for the potion he took. And he not only succeeds in causing Denys doubt in his friend's innocence, but causing Valiant doubt over whether Denys has now chosen to stand with his family.
16 Oct. 1992
The Black Rose
While King Arthur and some of the knights are meeting with Lot of Lothien, a former rival, to form an alliance, one of their soldiers is wounded by Saxon invaders but they are unaware that there is treachery closer by. Merlin is attacked in Camelot by a member of a mysterious order which he says means to kill King Arthur. Merlin, Valiant, and Denys go to warn him and deliver Excalibur. Along the way, Merlin tells them that the group, the Black Rose, were enemies of King Arthur's family years before, and explains how Arthur ascended to the throne.
23 Oct. 1992
The Beggar
Prince Valiant receives an invitation to the wedding of an earl's daughter in a distant territory. In the forest near the earl's castle, a band of thieves, led by the giant Horack, ambush Val.
30 Oct. 1992
The Flute
Valiant and Denys visit Cassington, which harbors an unknown flutist who enchants the court with a soulful song, and whose king, Donnvan, is famous for keeping peace. But while there, they learn a dark secret. They are appalled to hear that Donovan relentlessly beats his young son Henry whenever he fails at something, and attempt to make him realize the immorality of his deeds. But the relationship between Donovan and Henry may already be too damaged to fix.
6 Nov. 1992
The Color of Honor
Valiant is offered the position of sheriff of Hammerscape shortly before a Moorish pirate fleet ransacks a neighboring village. Arn sends Bryant while calling Gawain and his troops, but Bryant arrives not knowing to carry a torch just before Hammerscape is attacked. Valiant, Rowanne, and the troops succeed in defending the village, but the pompous lord mayor, Murdoch, accuses Bryant as a spy because of the attack's timing and the fact that he is also a Moor. Valiant, forced to uphold the law by giving a trial if only to prove his friend's innocence, and Rowanne and ...
13 Nov. 1992
The Lesson Twice Learned
While on a mission, Valiant encounters Lorn, Thule's former battle-master and his former tutor, and invites him to Camelot where he manages to give him his desired position of strategist once more. But when Lorn goes to assist Gawain, injuries and deaths occur and Gawain blames Lorn's instruction. When Valiant arrives, Gawain is tactless, causing Valiant to defend his friend even after he can tell by the next battle that Lorn cannot now recall a military plan during fighting, and that his errors are real and costly. He must decide what is the best way to react both ...
20 Nov. 1992
Peace on Earth
It is Christmas Eve but most of Camelot's knights and soldiers including Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne are forced to spend it assisting North Gallis' king, Weldon, in an age-old battle. Valiant tries to explain to Prince Thomas, how Camelot, once in a similar state, was unified through the ideals of justice and peace, but the two countries' desire for control of the land and a mysterious relic within it leaves much doubt that there will ever be an end to the destruction and lives lost. When King Weldon falls, Valiant and Thomas must think of a way to convince the people ...
27 Nov. 1992
The Cursed
Valiant and Rowanne travel to Serenity, the home of her cousin Carl, to help the latest of many immigrants adjust. They find that these are isolated and even persecuted by anonymous troublemakers the two fight off, locals have fallen on hard times - and someone is promoting the "New Dawn", a corruption of the New Order. While its fighters attack Valiant for inquiring about them, Rowanne starts to wonder whether the New Dawn Carl respects might help him since he seems desperate. Then the two learn that Lord Maldon, alive but disfigured after the explosion, is assisting...
4 Dec. 1992
The Traitor
King Arthur sends Valiant and Gawain with a party including Arn and Rowanne near the Venecombs' land where Sir Lyman has gotten word that they wish to forge a treaty. While there, Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne gain possible evidence that someone in the nearby primitive community is plotting to assassinate King Arthur. Unable to convince those in the camp, they approach Queen Guinevere when she arrives with King Arthur the next day. She secretly lets them enter the Venecomb village undercover and learn that their former leader, now regarded among his people as a betrayer ...
11 Dec. 1992
Empty Justice
When Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne go to assist a village who recently suffered a fire, Arn meets Harold again. But then Blake of Haven, the brother of one of the victims of the Battle of Haladin, arrives believing Harold is the man he once claimed to be. With Arn watching as a hostage to avoid help being called, he murders Harold. Arn cannot get over the grief of losing his friend and father figure, especially when Blake remains to gloat that he is still free despite Arn's vow to take him down. Arn ignores the pleas of his friends and Harold's family and sets off to kill...
18 Dec. 1992
The Crossbow
Valiant gets a new crossbow hoping he will finally have a chance against Rowanne at archery. But he leaves it behind when abruptly leaving with her to stop a runaway horse. Denys' friend Wesley, who knows how to use it, tries to instruct Denys how to - and Denys ends up shooting Arn in the shoulder. While Merlin tries to save him, Valiant has to deal with guilt and Rowanne's anger at his part in it while Denys tries to deal with his own conscience and decide what to do.
25 Dec. 1992
The Rival
Valiant, Arn and Rowanne judge a tournament for youths from throughout Camelot to become squires to its knights. A late arrival named Fiona tells Rowanne that her pursuit of knighthood is an inspiration and Rowanne helps her enter and train. She is self-deprecating but shows surprising skill. Rowanne is soon jealous of the attention given to her by Valiant and Arn. When Fiona acts innocent only to steal a chance of enjoyment for her, Rowanne is certain that she is attempting to manipulate her way to success.
1 Jan. 1993
The Tree
Valiant, Rowanne, and Bryant are called to settle a dispute between two villages, one under Camelot's domain, over whether to preserve a landmark tree or cut it down so a bridge may be built to increase trade and improve the people's lives. Bryant is forced to fall behind, and Valiant listens to the traders' side while Rowanne listens to the traditionalists'. Valiant is called upon to make the decision, but just before he does and seems about to side with the traders, the traditionalists present a surprise challenger: Bryant, who is determined to keep Adam's Oak ...
8 Jan. 1993
The Princess Aleta
King Hugo, an exiled enemy of King Arthur, surprisingly sends a plea for help to Camelot against invaders. Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne are among those who make the journey to his island home. There they repel the attack and attempt to make peace with the stubborn leader with the help of his equally-passionate but more sensible daughter Aleta, who secretly called them. Valiant is attracted to her, and Rowanne grows jealous...
15 Jan. 1993
The Voyage
Valiant convinces King Arthur to let him go to the Misty Isles and bring King Hugo back to form an alliance with him. Aleta manipulates her father into going and they set off together. Rowanne, realizing that Valiant loves Aleta so her own love for him is not returned, convinces him to take a choppy shortcut to Camelot after learning Aleta has difficulty traveling at wild sea so she won't meet Valiant that night as planned. But the next day they're attacked and taken aboard by Mordred, who didn't realize who they were until the assault started but sees it as an ...
22 Jan. 1993
Mordred's Return
Mordred has been received as a hero upon his return to Camelot since his treachery is not well known and Hugo claims his sinking Arthur's ship was accidental. Valiant has distanced himself from Aleta, thinking she is involved in Hugo's and Mordred's plan to attack King Arthur, and has wanted to expose him but cannot directly confront him since the people would think their enmity makes him biased. Rowanne has approached Will, Arthur's spy, and begged him to tell Valiant what she did not about Aleta's not being involved so Valiant will not learn of her own silence. But ...
29 Jan. 1993
The Rescue
Valiant, still wounded over his falling out with Aleta and Rowanne's deceit, wishes to escape his misery so volunteers to join Gawain and his small party investigating animal-thefts and vanishing people. Rowanne actually appeals to Aleta that his judgment was because of her. Aleta won't speak to her but does choose to leave Hugo as he departs for Valiant. But when Valiant approaches the affected village, he is captured by those who have already captured Gawain and his followers - who turn out to be cannibals. Rowanne and Aleta learns of his plight when Caliburn ...
5 Feb. 1993
The Parting
Aleta is about to leave Camelot to try to make peace with and talk sense into Hugo, but Valiant finds it out through a meeting he was forced to attend as she was about to tell him. After hearing King Arthur advise him to take care in case her loyalty is to Hugo and Mordred rather than Camelot, he acts like a supporter of the New Dawn to investigate a meeting of traitors to see. Meanwhile, Aleta is offered a plan from them to her father which she claims she will deliver. Word of Valiant's actions gets to and shocks those in Camelot and word of Aleta's gets to the ...
12 Feb. 1993
The Walls of Tyranny
King Ian has died so Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne travel to Kengary to see if his nephew or the other choice for the throne, Duncan, will prove an ally to Camelot. When they arrive, they are confronted by a clan Kengary is at war with, the MacGrath. After they meet Ian's nephew Baron Frederick Von Holsing, Duncan is crowned, promising to finish the war on the clan suspected of Ian's murder. Duncan learns through the three someone is enslaving members of the clan, then finds it's Frederick. But Frederick attacks again sends Valiant himself into slavery alongside more ...
19 Feb. 1993
The Jubilee
Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne accompany Queen Guinevere to her best friend Queen Eleonora's silver jubilee. But the trip soon becomes unpleasant as they learn that Elenora, still mourning her husband Desmond, has become brutal in her dealings with her people, who are oppressed enough to believe Mordred's lies of how to reach a better future. They have a difficult time convincing Guinevere, and are further challenged in how to convince the victims that the New Dawn is not the way out of the nightmare.
26 Feb. 1993
The Treaty
Viking raids are increasing in the north so King Arthur sends Valiant, Gawain, Bryant, and Kay with Duncan to tell them that their message of peace was received and accepted and Mordred was exiled once it was learned he was their ambassadors' murderer. But just as they are to leave with the ring as proof, they find someone has stolen it. After being attacked at sea, they arrive to find Mordred already there having forged his own treaty with King Olaf claiming it was from Camelot. Arthur has his own problems to deal with at home as more people blame immigrants for ...
5 Mar. 1993
The Blackest Poison
King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the knights, and Arn travel to Velquin to establish a treaty with King Edward, who is unfamiliar with their system of justice but more open to it than his sister Sadisa, who flirts with Arthur and disrespects Guinevere. The night after their arrival, someone slips King Arthur a poison in his drink, forcing Merlin's help to be sent for and Valiant and Arn to search for those responsible.
12 Mar. 1993
The Hero
Valiant, Arn, Rowanne, and Denys go to collect some trees for Merlin, and get to watch then meet Raymond of Longport, a renowned tournament fighter Denys admires. Valiant is troubled by the man who seems to use his fame to gain services freely, but Rowanne and Arn assume he is jealous. But everyone soon learns that he is a thief and has manipulated Denys into helping him. Denys struggles to come to terms with the truth, and his life ends up in danger after a treacherous act from Raymond on one who would not ignore his selfish actions.
19 Mar. 1993
The Vision
All Valiant, Arn, Rowanne, Dennis and Merlin want to do is attend the nearby Spring Festival in peace, but one disaster after another befalls them on what should be a simple journey.
26 Mar. 1993
The Shadows of Destiny
While seeking Merlin, Valiant and Rowanne stumble upon a log in his study which holds dates in the future - with one entry that reads, two days later, King Arthur will be murdered. With Arthur at his yearly retreat whose location is known to Merlin, the two use hints to hurry to Atlantia to confront the killer and thwart his plan. But after being exposed as Camelotians while trying to enter the closed borders of the enemy kingdom and fighting their way in, they seem to find nothing but enemies.
2 Apr. 1993
The Eyes of the Serpent
Valiant has a recurring nightmare where, trying to rescue a woman, he is attacked by a golden snake. Merlin can't explain it but sends Valiant to collect a concoction from The Mighty Om. There he meets Glandria, the woman from his dream, who seems to be keeping a secret and avoids him out of fear when he mentions its details. Om, who has different ideas than King Arthur of what a knight should be, is asked by Valiant to instruct him in the unusual training method he gives locals. Then Valiant learns that Glandria is an abused wife whose husband, a king, has come to ...
9 Apr. 1993
The Spirit of Valor
King Arthur and Guinevere's goddaughter, Celeste, is to be married, and Valiant, Arn and Rowanne join the royal party to attend the wedding.
16 Apr. 1993
The Aurora
While King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the knights, and Arn and Rowanne meet with Guinevere's cousin and her husband, the younger prince of Northland, for a ceremony, Merlin and Rowanne are attacked while she guards him a short ways off at his request, and he is captured. Northland's royal jewels are stolen then placed in Rowanne's tent. The princes' uncle Richard, the Duke of Lionsgate, blames her and King Arthur asks that she submit to the formality of arrest. Rowanne is bitter, partly from Valiant's reaffirming that his love is for Aleta rather than her. Along with ...
23 Apr. 1993
The Burning Bridge
Valiant and Arn visit camp near Bridgeford with Bryant and troops on their way to Northland ahead of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere for Michael's coronation, and resolve to see and try to make peace with Rowanne. But she wants nothing to do with them or Camelot, insisting she is happy at home. Then word reaches them that her two young cousins are missing, and Valiant and Arn stay behind and assist in the search. They have actually been captured by Richard so they couldn't warn Bridgeford of his army's approach, and Camelot's forces are headed for an attack by them.
30 Apr. 1993
The Sage
King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the knights, Arn, and Rowanne make it to Northland. Michael still loves Rowanne and offers her knighthood, which she doubts she will achieve anytime soon in Camelot after her rage toward King Arthur, if she stays. But her decision becomes the smallest problem when it is learned that someone is trying to kill Michael before his coronation. Selena, Merlin's power-hungry old rival who is Northland's royal adviser, is set to bring about Michael's downfall so she and Richard, in league with her, will soon be the ones ruling. She gives Michael ...
7 May 1993
The Song of Valor
Arn rescues a ferry containing Valiant, Rowanne, two monks, and a group of robbers who were in the process of being stopped and flee after being pulled to land. That night, Rowanne is captured by the group and Valiant and Arn go to the local mill as ordered to negotiate with them for her release the next day. They are ambushed by Richard's men, and Valiant is caught in the water wheel. When nothing but a piece of his tunic and the Singing Sword can be found afterward, everyone believes he is dead. Arn now faces the task of convincing himself he is capable of rescuing ...
14 May 1993
The Ring of Truth
Selena plans to overtake Northland and get revenge on Michael and Camelot by sending men dressed as both soldiers from Northland and Grafton to attack soldiers from the other country so both will appeal to Camelot to honor old treaties and side with them. The plan works, and King Arthur and Merlin are unsure of what to do so have Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne send messages to both and prepare to meet them together for negotiation. Serena murders the two countries' first diplomats then forges messages to their destinations claiming that Arthur will side with the other. ...
21 May 1993
A Light in the Dark
Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne have just completed a treaty and celebrated it with Revery and are on their way back to Camelot. Valiant chooses the more direct route intending to explore the swamp called dangerous by the king. The three encounter Morgana and each ends up believing that he is experiencing his worst fear.
28 May 1993
The Ghost
Scholars from every land have been invited to Camelot to plan its future in fighting its enemies, but Merlin is troubled by the appearance of one from China who stirs feelings of guilt in him. Valiant soon learns that someone with an extreme talent for hiding and escaping the scene, to the point where others half-believe the supernatural is involved, is attempting to harm someone in the royal court. And for once Merlin is no help since he does not wish to speak to anyone and expose his own shame.
4 Jun. 1993
A New Dawn
Aleta and Hugo accept an invitation to Camelot but Hugo still does not approve of Aleta's relationship with Valaint. He speaks rudely to him and Valiant ensures him that not even he will be able to stop their romance if they wish it to continue. That night, Hugo is murdered and a witness names Valiant as a suspect. Though refusing to defend him meaningfully, to Valiant's anger, King Arthur can find no firm evidence against him so does not persecute him. But Aleta is convinced he did it so severs her ties with Camelot, allying the country she now rules with Mordred. ...
11 Jun. 1993
The Death of Arthur
Denys follows Valiant in his search for Hugo's murderer, but is injured during a fight between locals whom Maldon attacked and the immigrants he framed for it, forcing Valiant to return. King Arthur and Aleta both make peace with him, intending to use their actions to their advantage to force Mordred to go through with his plan so it can be stopped. King Arthur prepares to go on his yearly pilgrimage to the stone he pulled Excalibur from, knowing it will do his people good to see he has not wavered in the face of others' trying to claim that he is weak or foolish to ...
18 Jun. 1993
The Gathering Storm
Valiant tries to adjust to being Camelot's new leader as Mordred's army advances on them, not helped by the fact that too many people are overwhelmed by Arthur's death and can't bring themselves to fight without his guidance. Morgana helps Mordred further by creating a potion that, when making contact with the skin, will poison its victim. She sends Kay to kill Gawain and Bryant with it. When Valiant sees the body of a guard who grew suspicious of Kay's incomplete disguise he realizes who the traitor is and what he plans to do. While Arn remains behind, he and Rowanne...
25 Jun. 1993
The Hinge of Fate
The battle against Mordred for Camelot begins, and Valiant leads the army uncertain of whether they will succeed without King Arthur. Arthur is actually alive, but before he can make the slow journey back to Camelot he faces another attempt on his life when this is learned. Aleta cannot find a way to break out of her regretted alliance with Mordred and stay alive to be of any help to Valiant. Bryant is wounded during a fight with the Vikings and Gawain is denied medical equipment to save him unless he surrenders. But the greatest problem remains the lack of people's ...

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