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Season 5

30 Nov. 1995
In the Shadows of the Gallows
A prisoner, whom Tony arrested before his trial and conviction, is executed on death row in Pennsylvania. The next day a prisoner in Albany State Prison confesses to the murders for which the other man was executed. The family files a wrongful death suit and Tony is one of the defendants. Then, in a meeting with Tony, the confessor says if Tony will clear him of the two murders for which he's to be executed, he will admit to lying about the murders for which the original convict was executed.
7 Dec. 1995
Father Image: Part 1
A murder is committed while a fundraiser for the mayor is being held. A beautiful, classy British woman is suspected. Tony's mentor pays a visit and asks if Tony needs a "consultant". The next day an stockbroker/biker wannabe is found murdered. The mentor wonders if it's the same killer and looks for similarities. This woman suspect is leather and tattoo chick and doesn't look like artist's drawing. The following day a body is found at the country club at the golf course and the suspect is a perky blonde with a rose tattoo.
14 Dec. 1995
Father Image: Part 2
Tony and his mentor have solved the case, so why is Tony so uneasy? He tells Rachel he feels like the mentor is living through him and "putting him in the big league". How did Tony happen to find a key piece of evidence exactly as they had in a case previously?
11 Jan. 1996
A clothing manufacturer's sweatshop is burned down. The Jewish Temple is vandalized. An Asian storeowner is harassed. Rachel's father (who buys the cloth for the sweatshop) has a new girlfriend (younger than Rachel) and is as disappointing to Rachel as always. Mr. Metzger has a heart attack but, before he dies, he tells a story about the two of them going to the circus. While Tony and Rachel are clearing out her father's apartment she is surprised at the things he has kept over the years but Tony finds a ledger hidden underneath a drawer. The book contains dates and ...

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