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A sequel worth seeing
burgh6624 August 2003
No matter what people say, I think this sequel is very well written and scored. It may not be the best movie ever created, but some of the events that occurred in the sequel are fact based. i.e. the Bob Ollinger shotgun incident, Billy actually busted out the window and yelled a "Hello Bob!" before he emptied both barrels into Ollinger's head and chest.

There are the Hollywood add-in's as in most movie production, but i thought it was worthy of praise. There will be people who say that sequels shouldn't be made, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I believe that as long as the sequel provides ample entertainment and you don't have 50 sequels on the same subject that sequels are fine.

NOTE: For the last commenter, they didn't "kill" Billy in the first Young Guns, they stated that he was caught in the Old Fort Sumter by Sheriff Pat Garrett and killed, but we never actually see him die and according to the sequel and different accounts of what occurred over 100 years ago, we may never know exactly who is buried in William Bonney's grave except for the individual that is entombed there.
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Ah, good times, good times
jonothanwarriorpoet23 November 2003
Well, I have to say I loved this movie when it first came out. It has a beautiful desert set, a wonderful array of actor driven characters, and the kind of gun fighting you could only imagine from a movie about Billy the Kid. But now that I've watched it more recently, it's highly amusing. To watch current stars like CSI's William Peterson and The Lord of the Rings' Viggo Mortensen at the dawn of their careers is something that can't be missed. Along with them are a flock of excellent 80's actors who will have you loving them all over again. Emelio Eztevez provides what is probably the best performance in his career along with the likes of Christian Slater, Kiefer Sutherland, and Lou Diamond Phillips. I recommend this as one of the best good time westerns that recent years have to offer, though the first movie of the series is a bit better. 7/10
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I'll Make Ya Famous...
GradyQ21 June 2003
YOUNG GUNS 2 was a stunning achievement, a sequel that managed to surpass its brilliant predecessor, 1988's YOUNG GUNS. YOUNG GUNS 2 follows the story of Billy the Kid, already an outlaw and now riding with the cow thief Pat Garrett. Garrett is offered the position of Sheriff by the Governor, who finds himself constantly cowed in his efforts to catch Billy the Kid. In the Governor's mind, you must hire a thief to catch one, hence Garrett is the perfect choice. Pat Garrett, who has long planned to go respectable, siezes the opportunity and turns on his friend and partner. What follows is a great western adventure, rich with themes of sin and redemption and the tragedy of brother against brother. That alone makes a great flick. But then YOUNG GUNS 2 offers the question... what if Pat Garrett was conflicted about his choice? What if he still had feelings for the Kid? What if he let him go? This is good stuff, folks. The leads do the material justice, with Estevez jumping back into the role of Billy like an old and comfortable suit that still fits perfectly. William Petersen gives a nuanced performance as Pat Garrett, a man driven by both loyalty and selfishness. Of course no review of this film should fail to herald the talents of Lou Diamond Phillips. Phillips is an actor who constantly seems to raise the bar for himself, and YOUNG GUNS 2 is no exception. His Chavez is MORE spiritual, MORE effortlessly wise... dare I say MORE Indian than he was even in the first installment. Hopefully, Phillips will be with us for a very long time. Kiefer Sutherland, Christian Slater, Balthazar Getty, and Alan Ruck round out the talented cast. So finally, do yourself a favor with this one, YOUNG GUNS 2 is an amazing film experience.
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I liked it just as much as the first
Smells_Like_Cheese9 July 2006
No doubt anyone would question Christian Slater coming into the gang, but he works so well as a bad ass. Gee, I wonder why? :) He and Emilio play as the new rebels of the town, while Billy's old gang is moving on with their lives, but are soon arrested for walking with him, he wants the old gang back together to once again reck havec on the scene. The chemistry worked well again as the first one did, with some promising new cast like Christina Slater, Jon Bon Jovi, and an unknown Viggo Mortenson. I think if you enjoyed the first Young Guns, you are more than bound for another off your seat action western! Yee haw! OK, sorry, I can be a little over-dramatic at times. :-P

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Acted wonderfully and better than the original...
nitehawk-82 July 1999
For a movie it thought would be shallow and made for popular culture, Young Guns II really surprised me. ALL the actors were GREAT in this movie. I especially loved Lou Diamond Phillips and Kiefer Sutherland (of course). Emilio Estevez was wonderful and for once I didn't hate Christian Slater. Also, as a fan of Ferris Bueller, you have to love Alan Ruck, even though he doesn't have a huge part in Young Guns II. I saw the first movie, and it was okay, but I seem to get into and feel for the characters much more in the sequel--they have more depth and there's not as many, so you can focus more on the important relationships. Not to mention a core musical identity of my era named Jon Bon Jovi, who did the theme song (which had some awesome lyrics). Alan Sylvestri did the rest of the score, and I always love his music, too. I ended up buying Young Guns II because it's hard to get through it without tearing up. The tragedy of Billy the Kid is told well in the movie, and if the screenplay had just been a little less choppy, I would have given the movie a 9. I'll have to go for an 8 on this one, but see it anyway, the actors are definitely the highlights of Young Guns II.
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mistifers2 February 2006
Whether or not the movie is 100% historically correct should be irrelevant in this film. The story of Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County Regulators is so sketchy to begin with, it would be hard to pick through every piece made about it. Despite what may or may not be factual in this film... the movie really is a good one. It's even better than the first, with a better all-star cast, better writing, and better acting. Emelio Estivez, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christian Slater, William Petersen!!! It doesn't get any better than that. They all deliver wonderful performances, and this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, dodging bullets and laughing right along with "the gang." This movie is very entertaining, and even historical, even though a few points may be slightly off.
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The Kid going down in a blaze of glory....
Tin Man-54 July 1999
There have been only a handful of films to try to put the immortal story of Billy the Kid onto film. Among them was Gore Vidal's Billy the Kid with Val Kilmer and Young Guns I.

This is the sequel, of course, to the latter film, and it just might be the finest Billy the Kid film out there. True, some of the dialogue is shoddy ("I guess you don't know the true meaning of the word PALS!"), but that's not the point. The point is, this is the only film of all of them to really capture the spirit of Billy the Kid. There has always been a thin line in between characters such as the Kid, between legend and fact. Of course, this film reflects mostly on the legends, and it takes the attitude that in the midst of all the legend and stories that were told about Billy and his gang of cohorts, there was a very real, very human leader who allowed all the legends about him to get to his head. As a result, he must suffer the consequences.

The cast is at the top of its game, especially Esteves as the Kid, Sutherland as Doc and Diamond Phillips as Chavez. Slater and Ruck also lend their support as Arkansas Dave and Buckshot George, respectively. This motley group make up the "Young Guns," and their quest to get to the Mexican border and escape from former gang member Pat Garret. The film follows the standard Billy the Kid story, with only slight moderations, but this is the only film in which the spirit of Billy the Kid is alive and you truly feel like this character is what he thinks he is: some kind of god. This was exactly what the story needed, and it works for the same reason films like "Braveheart" worked: they don't try to do an accurate, historical retelling, but rather, they pay tribute to the legends centered around the character.

The soundtrack is also nice. Even if one hated this film, they have to admit that the Oscar-nominated song "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi is a winner, and it captures the spirit of the whole film and the message that it was trying to make: that legends are forever.

Without a doubt, this is the best Billy the Kid film, and therefore it is one of the western genre's greatest achievement.

"Yoo hoo....I'll make you famous."
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Exciting sequel with the same main cast and similar style full of violence and action
ma-cortes30 January 2011
This is the sequel to successful film titled 'Young Guns'(1998 , by Christopher Cain) with similar players and concerning about Billy and his band heading toward the Old Mexico and pursued by a posse. Revisionist and contemporary study about William Bonney, alias Billy the Kid . Billy(Emilio Estevez) became a cowboy in Lincoln County (New Mexico) for cattleman Tunstall allied to Chisum (James Coburn) , but Tunstall is killed and started the Lincoln County war against Murphy as main enemy . Billy seeks revenge for his death and he converted an outlaw and nasty gunfighter with a price on his head . Then Billy along with a young group (Kiefer Sutherland, Christian Slater, Lou Diamond Phillips , Balthazar Getty) have their own ethic codes and undergo a criminal spree . The bunch is besieged but they went out firing his gun and made his escape . However , the Kid was caught and convicted of killing and sentenced to be hanged ; though shackled foot and hand , he managed to getaway from prison by shooting dead the deputies (Leon Rippy) guarding him. Pat Garret( William H Petersen), a former friend, was elected sheriff and set off in pursuit to capture him and on 1881 tracked at Fort Sumner and there shot him dead by surprise. It is said that Chisum was instrumental in making Billy the Kid an outlaw killer, he used his considerable influence in getting Garret elected Sheriff of Lincoln County in 1880 and it was Pat who hunted down and killed the young outlaw . Garret and his gang pull off a hot chase against the outlaws. Legend says that Billy murdered 21 men in his 21 years of life but is really thought to be much less. After Pat Garrett was not reelected sheriff of Lincoln County, however he was commissioned a captain in the Texas Rangers. On 19 February 1908 he was driving his buggy on a lonely desert road, he stepped down to urinate and was shot in the back by a hired killer. A man stood trial for the murder but was acquitted. Controversy still surrounds the end of Pat Garrett .

This is an in interesting look about the known story of the West's greatest bandit. Contemporary-style Western with acceptable performances and professional direction by Geoff Murphy who creates some good action scenes. The Kid is well played ,though sometimes overacting , by Emilio Estevez, he plays as a likable, sympathetic, attractive young and favourite with girls. This passable Western packs lots of action, shootouts, and explosive violence . Taut excitement throughout, beautifully photographed and with spectacular bloodletting but realized with some flaws . The story is exactly like ¨The young guns I¨ with loads of noisy action and violence. The film gets spectacular shoot em'up , thrills , exciting horse pursuits ; it's entertaining , although nothing new but displays an ordinary pace and with no originality . The movie contains some moment of grisly violence and even touching on the relationships between the fugitives . Colorful and great cinematography by Dean Semler. Modern and unfitting musical score by Alan Silvestri with songs by Jon Bon Jovi. The motion picture will appeal to Western fans.
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So much better than its rating says
thedarkjedi3 December 2001
This film is far superior to the first part and I can't get enough of it. The actors are likeable and work very well as an ensemble, the action and story are very immersive and the score (by Alan Silvestri) is simply awesome. (The music on Young Guns is totally different, very inferior, and does not help to accentuate emotions at all.) On this note: anyone who says that Jon Bon Jovi did the music for this film is very mistaken. He wrote a couple of songs that appear on the end credits (and an album that was *inspired by* the movie) but Silvestri is the one who created one of the best movie scores I've heard, which is nearly as good as his Back to the Future music. (Shame it isn't available to buy anywhere.)

Now back to the film. It's both entertaining and moving, and also very funny and I highly recommend it. Like a previous commenter said, there's no need to see the first film as this one stands on its own very well and totally surpasses its predecessor. 8/10.
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Even better than the original...
Cyk29 April 1999
This one is even better than the original. This one shows what happened to the gang after the first movie, and it tells how they finally ended up. Not as funny as the first one, it is nevertheless a good movie for other reasons. This movie does an even better job than the first one of portraying outlaws as young heroes, and I dare anyone to see it through to the end with dry eyes.
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Going Out in a Blaze of Glory
Tweekums16 October 2018
This sequel, set a little while after the events of the first film, opens much later, in the 1950s, with a young lawyer meeting an old man in the New Mexico desert. He claims that he is Billy the Kid and he has a tale to tell. As his story opens Billy is now riding with Pat Garrett and "Arkansas" Dave Rudabaugh. The governor offers Billy a pardon in exchange for testimony but this deal is reneged on and other surviving members of his old gang, Jose Chavez y Chavez and Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock, are arrested... Billy soon escapes then breaks his friends out of captivity. Soon Billy has his old friend Pat Garrett hunting him down. Times are changing in New Mexico and Billy has less places to hide so he suggests heading south to 'Old' Mexico.

I really enjoyed this sequel, possibly more than I enjoyed the original. The story is a lot of fun as it delivers action and a degree of humour. The action includes shootouts, a knife fights and some impressive horse riding. The characters are a good mix; as well as Billy, Chavez and Doc there are new gang members; "Arkansas" Dave, played by Christian Slater; Hendry William French, played by Alan Ruck and young Tom O'Folliard, played by Balthazar Getty. These characters are an interesting mix and nicely compliment to old characters. Outside the gang William Petersen does a solid job as Pat Garrett. While it is very much a 'male film' there is a very enjoyable turn from Jenny Wright as brothel keeper Jane Greathouse, a friend of Billy's. Much of the film is fairly amusing but it does have its moments of tragedy; some real tear-jerkers. The film is shot in a way that brilliantly captures the rugged beauty of the New Mexico desert which is accompanied by a great score from Alan Silvestri. Overall I'd say this was a really enjoyable western that is well worth watching.
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just as fun as the original
senor_small24 March 2003
this sequel follow up was just as fun as the first. returning emilio estevez, kiefer sutherland lou diamond phillips reprising their roles, as what they performed in the original. it was fun to see christian slater, alan ruck and balthazar getty as the new guys. william petersen does a convincing, hard edged job playing pat garrett. (patrick wayne in the first) i was surprised this film is PG-13, but, could have been close to being R to me, cause of it's sexual scene, and violence. James Coburn was also in this movie, as well as the lord of the ring's viggo mortensen. film is just as fun as the first, and has many fun action scenes throughout the entire film.
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The continuing story of the western legendary outlaw called Billy the Kid
Mickey-27 August 2007
"Young Guns II" picks up the story of the outlaw capers of Billy the Kid, after they escaped the clutches of the law in the Lincoln County war of New Mexico Territory in the 1870's. There is one unique part of this film that "Young Guns" wasn't able to use, and that is, in the 1950's, an old-timer named Brushy Bill Roberts claimed to be William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid. Brushy Bill desires a pardon, says that the governor of 1870's New Mexico, Lew Wallace, promised him one, but never came through on that promise. Now, he is willing to tell his story to the media, in exchange for a pardon from the current governor. The reporter is, of course, skeptical, wants some proof of Brushy Bill's story, and therein lies the story of "Young Guns II." Told in flashback style, the film recounts the few years following Billy's escape from the legal factions in Lincoln County, New Mexico, and his new gang's outlaw capers.

The cast returns several of the actors from the prequel film, and adds some new faces, as well. Besides Emilio Estrevez, Kiefer Sutherland, and Lou Diamond Phillips, the gang adds Christian Slater, who wishes to make a name for himself in outlaw legends. James Coburn adds some class to the film in the role of John Chisum, big ranch owner in the New Mexico territory, and William Petersen plays the role of Pat Garrett, who is hounded by the legal authorities to bring Billy in to justice, dead or alive.

There's the story, and one has to decide for himself, was Brushy Bill really telling the truth as to his being Billy the Kid, or was he simply trying to make a memorable place for himself? The film also features a Golden-Globe Award-winning Best Original Song,"Blaze of Glory" performed by Jon Bon Jovi. A good film to fill an afternoon with, but not quite up to the height of "Young Guns."
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Probably the best Western movie I've ever seen, period!
mwagrp12 March 2006
I really haven't enjoyed many Westerns since those heady days which could best be described as Clint Eastwood's Spaghetti era. But this one is without doubt The One which comes to mind for me as the quintessential Wild West movie. I particularly enjoyed the beginning and end as they tie the movie together very well and leave the viewer wondering whether or not it is all fact or fiction. No doubt, just as in many retellings of history... there's a good mixture of both.

Billy the Kid's role is convincingly played to the hilt by Estevez, who manages to be both frivolous and serious at the same time. The Kid is more than just handy with a gun and knows it. So he carries a huge ego and a wicked sense of humor that can turn deadly in a heartbeat. He is really just a naive, rebellious teenager - but with easy access to firearms and of course he has no respect for societal norms, including the law! I can't think of anyone else playing this role as credibly, so kudos to whomever was responsible for the casting.

There's an impressive cast - many of whom were just appearing on the acting horizon when this film was made. Not one of them puts in a lackluster performance, but Billy steals the show. Highly Recommended viewing. Even for those who don't usually watch Westerns.
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Attempt at repeating the first
AndrewWalker74721 October 2001
After seeing this movie, I realized I just saw an attempt at recreating the original Young Guns. Three members of the posse are the same, and the 3 new guys (Arkansas Dave, Henry, Tommy) bear resemblance to the 3 other guys in the first one (Dirty Steve,Dick, Charlie). Arkansas Dave doubles up as the guy trying to lead the gang like Dick did in the first one as well as being the guy who hates Chavez like Dirty Steve in the first one. Henry and Tommy share Charlie's role as the innocent memebr of the gang who didnt belong as outlaws and have no idea what they have gotten themselves into.

The music is decent in this one (especially Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory") but I still feel the main musical theme of the first one was more touching and resembling of the characters in that one. Overall, this movie was inferior to the first one, but is still worth watching to relive the first one.
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Average western, only serves to remind you of better films
bob the moo30 November 2003
A journalist meets an old man out by the side of a road in the desert. The man tells him that he is Billy the Kid and that he wants his pardon. To prove that he is who he says he is, Billy tells the true story of his interaction with Pat Garrett. As a young man, Billy is tricked into giving himself over to the authorities before escaping with his old gang. However one of the gang, Pat, leaves to settle down before accepting a generous offer to become a sheriff and hunt Billy down.

Looking back on it now, a sequel to Young Guns seems all very unnecessary – in fact it may even have been unnecessary at the time of release, I can't remember. This film uses a flashback approach to set up the main action, but manages to take away any drama out of whether or not Billy lives or dies (slightly messing up a well known story at the same time!). The telling of this version is quite slow at times but does have the odd touch of humour. The shoot outs only served to remind me of better westerns with similar situations.

Much of the film's flaws come from it taking itself far too seriously, it should have been more fun but instead it is rather heavy and full of grandiose at times. Death scenes are overdone and overlong and the film itself could easily been edited tighter to be a much faster paced and enjoyable animal. The cast have a hand in this over-seriousness too, they play their characters without spark on the whole. Only Slater seems to be having fun, the rest think they are doing a worthy piece of cinema as opposed to a brat-pack sequel!

Estevez is an average leading man here, but is worse when wearing the old makeup and speaking in a comedy croaky voice! Sutherland and Phillips both play it too seriously. Some big talent is wastes here as well; Petersen is good as Pat, in fact I'd say that he gives a better performance than the rest of the film deserves. Coburn is given an amusing cameo given that he played the most famous Pat Garrett (in my opinion), but he has nothing to really do other than show his face as an appropriate cameo. Other well known faces include Mortensen and Walter.

The film lifts from the genre heavily and in the end it feels like a rather heavy retread of better movies. The material is too heavy and it is not as much fun as I expected it to be. The fact that it twists a famous legend is a problem for me and this type of film is not the place to try and do a serious rewrite of history – the montage conclusion is silly and the subtitles again reveal it to be taking itself all to seriously. It's an average film that is OK to watch but it really should have been more enjoyable than this.
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Very disappointing
novacky3 September 2018
Bon Jovi's Blaze Of Glory is one good thing about this movie the second is James Coburn obvs and third is that there is no YGIII. Wasted potential of good actors on boring, apathetic, terribly acted story. Shootings were very chaotic, dialogues cheap and acting disturbing. Even the soundtrack was a failure (except for Bon Jovi)...
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Watch this movie
rikskelton138-487-51227428 September 2012
I don't know why this movie has a 6.1 rating. This movie is a classic. The acting is great the story is classic. If you like westerns this is the movie for you. Twist and turns keep you involved. The only downside is that you are not Billy the Kid. As a child every one wished that they were the bad ass cowboy. This movie brings you there and answers your dream. Life, love, violence, sex, destiny, betrayal is all in this story. It is in my top ten favorite movies of all time. It it second to my favorite movie "Last Man on Earth". I am not a huge fan of westerns but this is my top ten movies. Emilio should have won an Oscar for his acting in this movie.
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One goof in the film
allan_the_poet19 October 2005
The second Young Guns film is good. There's good humor, action and even some drama. My favorite line from the film is when Billy hands Doc his gun after the latter says, "Let's finish the game." That is definitely one of the best lines in any Western I've ever seen and I've seen quite a few. I wanted to post my comment because there is one major goof in the film. In a scene towards the end of the first Young Guns movie, Billy has a conversation with Pat Garrett (played by Patrick Wayne in that film). In that scene, Pat tells Billy that "they're asking him to run for sheriff" to which Billy replies, "Well, I'm asking you to run...that way before I take your stinkin' hide down like I did Brady's." But the second film opens with Pat (played by Bill Petersen) as a member of Billy's gang! In Young Guns II, Pat isn't offered the position of sheriff until halfway through the film and Billy doesn't find out that Garrett is the new sheriff from Pat himself but from a newspaper clipping! That's a serious lack of continuity.
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Fun, but don't expect a genre classic...
scottimichi20 November 2018
Watching this movie is quite painful so many years later. Of course I loved it as a kid, exciting characters and lots of action. Sadly, this series did not age well.

It would not be fair to compare it to 60's or 70's masterworks of the western genre, but it is hard to perceive this film as anything more than a fun ride when compared to tombstone or other modern westerns from a similar point in time.

Besides the cornball lines uttered throughout and the absurd combination of outlaws that have been clumped into the same story, there is the fact that you will never feel a sense of attachment to these People. Young guns 2's saving grace comes from it's wonderfully shot scenery and exceptional score considering the rest of the film's quality. Just when it starts to reel you in with some potential story building, a character's dialogue interrupts without even a hint of an old west accent. Its a bit like Kevin Costner forgetting that he's Robin Hood halfway through a film. Young guns 2 gets a 5 of 10, permitting you to enjoy it as long as you don't walk into it with any expectations.
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Another day, we ride . . .
Mr-Fusion12 October 2018
I dunno what exactly lowered my expectations for "Young Guns II" - I guess it's that you never hear it mentioned as often as the first movie - but for me, it stands up right up there with the original. Some of the changes made really helped in this regard. For instance, Alan Silvestri's score is a marked improvement, along with Christian Slater and William Petersen added to the cast. And it benefits from a great opening with our outlaws seemingly backed against a wall. I think it's fair to boil both films down to Emilio Estevez charming the camera like crazy, but the rest of the cast still gets their shot. It's a solid movie all around.
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Better than the first one
Bored_Dragon11 October 2018
As a kid I was a huge fan of Bon Jovi and the song "Blaze of Glory" was the only reason I watched this movie. They wanted to include "Wanted Dead or Alive" on the soundtrack for this movie, but Jon thought it had inappropriate lyrics and decided to write a new song especially for "Young Guns II", a new song that became one of his greatest hits. He even has a cameo appearance in the movie, so I definitely had to see it. And I'm glad I did. This stunning Western adventure drama tells the story about Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. It has an excellent cast, good characterization, story with depth, lots of entertaining action and awesome music, crowned with the legendary "Blaze of Glory".

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How they fared
polsixe14 March 2018
Unnecessary glamorizing iof Billy the Kid. But interesting cast and to see how they developed careers afterwards. I'd give the nod to Sutherland for his TV leads, but Mortenson may be a more established "movie" actor. Phillips is very busy. Estevez has faded and wasn't really good in the YG movies either.

Young Guns 2 1990 28 years later: Kiefer Sutherland 1966 101 credits, Designated Survivor, 24, Viggo Mortenson 1958, 57 credits, LOTR, HoV, William Petersen 1953 40 credits, CSI Lou Diamond Phillips 1962 136 credits, Christian Slater 1969 123 credits, Emilio Estevez 1962 47 credits, Mighty Ducks Alan Ruck 1956 108 credits,
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Not Bad for a Western Flick
the_necromancer2 December 2001
I admit, I'm not one for movies set in the ol'west, but so many people recommended it, I figured id give it a try. It was one of the better westerns that i have seen. Emilio Esteves was really funny. This was a great movie for him. the two actors i thought did the best job were Kiefer Sutherland, and Lou Diamond Phillips. Thier characters were the most convincing, and i enjoyed thier performance thoroughly. The only actor I had a problem with was Christian Slater. I thought he could have done a much better job, but he just came off as being an annoying little bugger. the story was believable, if a little outrageous, and there was enough action in it to satisfy any one. People recommended it to me, and I will do the same thing back. Worthwhile.
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Not as good as the first
mykidcasey17 August 2004
If the first "Young Guns" film was not historically accurate, so much more was this one. As a Billy the Kid enthusiast, I'm still able to enjoy the first "Young Guns" film, but unless one is unfamiliar with the history of Billy the Kid, this movie is so grossly inaccurate that it gets in the way of being able to enjoy the film for its entertainment. The first movie closed with a good ending, so there really was no need to continue the story with a sequel. While the first one didn't try to be serious and would be sometimes comical, the film makers took a different approach this time and tried too hard to be serious and bring about conspiracy, which I think dampers the story. I'll also add that this sequel conflicted with the first movie in some areas, so don't expect it to hold true to the original. Estevez, Phillips, and Sutherland reprized their roles and their portrayal of their characters is disappointingly different then the first. The new characters and the actors that played them don't improve the story either. If I was totally ignorant to the history and wasn't a fan of the first, maybe then I would find it to be an okay movie, but as it is, I found it quite disappointing.
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