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Entertaining little sci-fi/horror hybrid
dedpool14 April 2001
This movie is fun from start to finish. The idea of a rescue team being trapped inside a top secret government research lab that has unleashed an alien creature from another dimension is fun. Paul Koslo from Omega Man, Tara Buckman from B.J. and the Bear and Jan-Michael Vincent from numerous b movies lead the cast as the scientists who developed the device that opens the doorway. Jan being brought back after being forced to retire because he destroyed the last facility that the device was used in and once again opened a doorway allowing alien creatures to escape!! Nicholas Lea is the young LT. of the rescue team, an early chance to see the man who would become Krycek on the X-Files. The cast continues to drop off trying to stop the creature from escaping. The effects are o.k. but there is one very good death of a rescue team member by the alien through a wall. Overall the story is entertaining.
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"I'm Going' Back for the Gun."
azarath199113 March 2009
I have seen all of the "Alien" films. I loved the "Alien" films. But the one I loved best was "Aliens", partly because of James Cameron's brilliant writing and directing, but mostly because I loved the guns. Oh, the guns! The M41-A Pulse Rifle rocked, but even better than that was the mighty Smartgun. I am a "connoisseur" of Alien ripoffs. So naturally, when I heard that this movie had a smartgun-like weapon in it, my response was, of course, "where can I find this movie?" After searching I finally came across it, and popped it in my DVD player.


This movie absolutely blew me away with its unrelenting "Aliens"-style tense action, but mostly I was pleasantly surprised to find not only a smartgun-like weapon, but a near perfect smartgun replica! I was practically vibrating in my seat when I saw that thing fire.

But aside from the gun, I generally enjoyed the movie. It didn't have a "feel-good" happy- skippy ending, but it didn't have a "everyone dies" ending, which I appreciate (though the ending does confuse me a bit...) The creature design was brilliant. In all the "Alien" ripoffs I've seen, (besides the later "Alien Lockdown", which is more of a PredAlien anyways) this by far had the best creature. It even did the famous "headbite", but with its whole head! Altogether, I enjoyed this movie more than "Alien Resurrection" and "Alien 3 " combined.

Overall, I recommend this movie if you are a fan of "Alien" ripoffs, and have the patience for a bit of wooden acting.
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Kind of like "Alien." Actually no, exactly like "Alien"
Phillemos20 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Basically this is a lower-budget "Alien." The differences are, instead of coming from a far-flung planet where its egg form latched itself onto a spaceman, this creature comes from a parallel universe where it returned with a woman who was transported to said parallel universe by some top-secret military group. She was with two others at the time; obviously it didn't go well because she's the only one who returned. The man and woman who head this military experiment are always fighting about which direction the project should go, so now that the s--- has hit the fan some guy from the Department of Defense says they should call in Jan-Michael Vincent (apparently David Hasselhoff was busy that day) to get control of the situation. What follows is the usual "monster-runs-amok" scenario. I was curious to see what this movie would be like, since I had seen "Xtro" and thought it was pretty bizarre and unique; as it turns out, this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the original, so if you're expecting a true sequel you need to know this up front or else you'll be confused and disappointed. That said, "Xtro 2" is generally fast-paced and lively. The creature looks pretty frightening, but you'd like to see more of it. This certainly isn't the type of movie that gets good critical acclaim, but it's a fun horror movie that doesn't embarrass itself compared to others in the genre. I give it a 5 out of 10.
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Ignore all the negative reviews - this is worth a viewing!!!
robespierre912 August 2008
After all the bad reviews I read of this movie, I was dreading watching it. But it actually exceeded my expectations!! It's really fun! Don't listen to all the negative reviews. This was actually a very suspenseful, entertaining, low-budget SCI FI movie! Yes, there are some Alien elements in it of course, but I think the actors performances were really very good. Tara Buckman is fantastic as a "Linda Hamilton" type heroine. I really enjoyed her performance - she definitely leads the movie, and I have to say she's got wickedly cool hair too! She was a knockout in a Buck Rogers episode ('Unchained Woman') from the 70's. I was worried that Jan Michael Vincent would be alcohol-deadened, but he actually turns in an admirable performance as well! I know he's older, but some of that 80's 'action star' persona comes through really nicely, and he still has amazing charisma in front of the camera. It's also a treat to see a young Nicolas Lea (from the X Files) in this - battling aliens, no less! The alien itself is pretty interesting - nothing as scary as 'Aliens', but it's pretty cool special effects. Enjoy this movie- it's fun!!!!
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Fun "Alien" clone
Rautus19 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Xtro II: The Second Encounter has nothing to do with the first Xtro mainly because the Director had the rights to the name "Xtro" but not the story of the first film so they could have any type of Alien scenario and make it a sequel to Xtro, this is why the Xtro films have no connection between each other and why the Aliens are different so Xtro II is a completely different film to the first Xtro.

The plot is about a group of scientists that have created a dimensional gateway to another universe called the Nexus, three people go through the gateway while the scientists watch through a camera on their suits. They see some weird thing in the distance and go towards it then suddenly their cameras shut off and they're trapped in the Nexus, so they call for a group Marines and a scientist that has been in the Nexus to go the base, they arrive their and later on the gateway opens with one life-form detected. Of course the women that has escaped has one of the Aliens in her and soon it bursts out of her (Just like Alien). Then the marines go around searching the base for the Alien while it slowly kills them off.

Xtro II is a mix of Alien and Aliens, even the one weapon that marine uses is similar to the Smartguns used in Aliens and the Alien itself looks a bit like the Xenomorph in Alien. I did enjoy watching Xtro II: The Second Encounter and if you're in to low budget sci-fi horror flicks then check Xtro II out for some Alien copying fun. 10/10
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Oh my god! How bad can it get!
Sic Coyote7 June 2000
Now I think that I can appreciate a movie if it doesn't have brilliant sets brilliant actors or even a brilliant plot. But this film? No way! It was dull it was pointless it was a rip off of alien for the first part then Aliens for the second. Also it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the first film Xtro, I am guessing they just called it Xtro II to try and get some people to buy it, and I am one of those people. The acting is awful the characters are lame the sets are not very complicated if you know what I mean, the special effects are not that special although the alien actually is passable as a fun monster if not a realistic one. Now this is full of cliches but where as Cyborg Cop seems to know it's using cliches and relishes in the fun this movie takes itself completely seriously, the only part where it started getting interesting was near the end but that was only getting upto a 2 or 3 on the excitometer. All in all a bad film, Paul Koslo was much better as the evil Russian counterpart in Robot Jox, here he is just plain wooden. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone except maybe if you put together a short five minute movie of the edited highlights. A waste of time. 2/10
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There I was, thinking it was good... 13 years ago.
Vomitron_G6 February 2006
I saw this movie for the first time when I was a young teenager, and I actually liked it. I honestly couldn't tell that the acting was bad, the suspense was absent, the plot was non-existent. So, is it then safe to say that this movie probably was made by young teenagers, unaware of the different aspects that make a good sci-fi/horror movie work? I had the chance to re-watch it last night, so I did. Better had not done it, because it's another childhood memory shattered.

This movie indeed is a shameless ALIEN rip-off. There's a chest-burster-scene, there's a BIG gun attached to a soldier's body like in ALIENS, there are soldiers crawling through air-shafts with somebody looking at a monitor telling them the creature's closing in on them,...

It's a shame, really, because the 'other dimension'-concept had potential. The film-makers should have shown more of it. Like the soldiers scouting the landscape or them entering the dome you see in the distance. Actually, you don't see sh!t. Just some fuzzy transmitted images on a monitor. I guess they didn't have the budget to write all that in the screenplay, since they clearly used only three sets or so.

I'm still trying to figure out why I liked this movie back then. I think because there's some mild gore in it (chest- & face-bursting and an exploding dude at the end), but they cut away from it too quickly. So it must have been the creature, which looks reasonable (but still rubbery) and fairly dangerous when it shows its teeth, but it moves way too slow.

Anyway, I'm waisting too much words on this crappy movie. The important thing is: XTRO II: The Second Encounter is actually no sequel to XTRO (1983). The two movies have absolutely NOTHING in common. I even think the first XTRO is worth tracking down and watching it, 'cause it's a peculiar and unique little sci-fi/horror-gem. XTRO II is not. But if you want to see every possible ALIEN rip-off: Be my guest.
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Pass the Cheese!
kdouga8 March 2005
This movie is so bad that it crossed over into the Cheese category. If want a few really good laughs, there are several of the cheesiest scenes in movie history in this movie. TIVO it, as you will want to play several scenes over and over again to get the full cheese effect. Look for the following scenes:

The military commander whips out the biggest gun in the history of armed conflict. Prior to being skewered, Alien style, he is searches the complex with one of his men who has an accent that changes from with each scene, but on average sounds like a Hispanic from the valley. See if you can figure out what he is saying?

Also, don't miss the scene where the doctor walks into the main lab and one of the soldiers pulls a gun on him. The cheesiest scene in motion picture history. You'll wear out your TIVO.
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Best Xtro of the bunch. Sad but true.
lordzedd-321 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Now I got to admit this is far better then the first movie. I mean no wonder why it had nothing to do with the first movie, who'd want to be connected to that rotting British Cheese. The whole other dimension story line works and Jan-Michael Vincent does a pretty good job acting in this one. The creature is cool, so cool that they reuse it in another movie called LETHAL TARGET. Which I didn't realize until recently. But that's another story. Now just because this is better then the first movie (like it could be worse) does not make it perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There is some major character and some story issues. There are some really unlikable creeps in this movie and it was a tad weak on plot in points. But as sad it is for me to say, this is the best this series gets or ever will get. 8 STARS
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An OK "Alien" rip-off
willywants24 December 2003
Scientists at a secret underground complex have found a way to travel to another dimension. Three dimension-travelers are the first to go through the gate - but are soon attacked by something that interrupts the communication with Earth. This horrible something uses the gate to travel back to the underground complex. Most of the staff are evacuated, except four heavily-armed militaries and Dr. Casserly and Dr. Summerfield who just can't stand each other. It turns out that the creature is a alien monster that craves human flesh. Not the best horror film I've seen. Some very nice creature effects and the filmmakers sling some pretty cool gore at us but There's virtually no tension, suspense or atmosphere. It was dull, too, why were all the sets so foggy? Couldn't they afford proper lighting? Or were the sets even complete? It's an OK time waster at best, at worst... 4/10.
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A horrible, shameful plagiarism of "Aliens."
markiavelli200225 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is perhaps the most obvious, undisguised script plagiarism that I have ever had the misfortune of watching. This movie completely and shamelessly rips off the "Alien" franchise, and does so with extra-cheesy production value, "Dr. Who" quality sets and special effects, and some of the worst dead-faced, deadpan acting ever recorded. I mean, my God...aliens with acid blood that pop out of people's chests, who run around screeching and curling their lips over their pointy glass teeth??? And a small team of soldiers to hunt them down? They even rip off the Bill Paxton character in James Cameron's "Aliens," only this time the whiny hysterical soldier is played by Nicholas Lea of the "X-Files." An absolutely horrible movie.
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Xtro II: The Second Encounter
ryan-1007521 April 2018
Harry Bromley-Davenport returns with his first sequel to XTRO. But, it has nothing to do with the original and plays out with a completely different style than the 1983 gore show. Within an underground lab people have been sent to a parallel universe, can not return and they have only 12 hours of oxygen left. They turn to Dr. Shepard (Jan Michael-Vincent) who was the brains behind the original project and had been sent to this parallel universe before and survived. Sadly, just plays out as another Alien rip-off, which is too bad because it did seem to have some potential early on.
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Close Encounter
sol-7 July 2017
Military scientists have to face off with an alien presence from a parallel universe in this Canadian horror movie. The film has acquired a negative reputation over the years on account of having very little to do with the first 'Xtro' movie and the creature effects owing a lot to 'Alien' and 'Aliens'. While all this is undeniably true, 'Xtro II' is a surprisingly competent production with original 'Xtro' director Harry Bromley Davenport making the most of his clearly modest budget. The main alien is not exactly scary when seen in full light near the end, but it is pretty eerie when only partially visible in shadows throughout (the director's eye for special effects is still as solid as ever). 'Xtro II' also benefits from yet another creepy score, atmospheric sets with unsettling blue lighting and some fascinating ideas about parallel universes and traveling back and forth between them. Any such ideas and messages tend to get buried underneath the horror, but the film offers an acute look at the dangers of tampering with things that one does not properly understand. The acting here is not exactly first-rate and the characters are not much better, but all this only makes the alien all the more interesting to follow around. This is not a great film sure, with the director even apparently expressing disdain towards it, but it is more enticing than one might expect.
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Xtro II is a sequel in name only
Aaron13759 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This film is titled "Xtro II: The Second Encounter"; however, is not a sequel to the first film in any way. We go from a father abducted by aliens who returns to impart horrifying powers to his son to a film that rips off the film Aliens and the lesser Corman film, "The Terror Within" as it involves a monster moving around air ducts and picking off victims. The first film was not great, but it was different to say the least. This one is nothing that has not been done numerous times and it does not do it as well. I mean, "The Terror Within" was not a great film, but it did better with the formula of monster on the loose in a facility than this one did.

The story has an experiment about to take place as a group of scientist or something or other is about to traverse into another dimension! Well, something happens and so the two scientists who are working on the project and apparently hate each other have different ideas on how to rescue them. One wants to send in troops to this other dimension where nobody seems to return alive and rescue the team that got sent off, the other wants to bring in her boyfriend who did make it back, but would rather not tell anyone that there are horrible monsters in the other dimension. Soon a monster is on the loose, the doctor who despises everyone is infected and everyone is locked in. And for reasons unknown everyone in this film hates the walls in this facility because despite the monster being huge and right in front of them they always have to expend a ton of ammo on the walls before hitting the beastie.

This film just has too many failings to be be entertaining, even in a bad way. The monster looks okay, kind of a combination of a Xenomorph form the Alien franchise and that thing that showed up at midnight in the horror film, "House". Unfortunately, you will not get to see much of it as there is just way too much build up in this film. Meanwhile, in the also low budgeted, "Terror Within" the monster is on display a lot more. Speaking of that film, in it they got George Kennedy to play a role and he looks bored and uninterested. That being said, he is understandable and though you can tell he does not want to be there, he goes about it in a professional manner. Here we get Jan-Michael Vincent and he not only seems like he does not wish to be in the film, he also seems to be drunk! He slurs and at times it is hard to understand what he is saying. Feel bad for him as his star looked so bright and then he kind of fell hard, but they would have been better picking an unknown.

So, the film has nothing to do with the first film and the third film would have nothing to do with either film. The only thing the films share in common is the name Xtro with the first film being the most original of the bunch. This one is an Alien ripoff and the third film is like Predator had they replaced the cool looking Predator with a gray and did not have a budget to higher a bunch of cool action stars. This one might of worked better if they just had some cool more elaborate deaths and not had a guy who was drunk during the film. More monster action and more fodder for the monster to kill. Kind of a joke at the end how the creature was dispatched and then the only odd moment in the film as a woman appears says some stuff and then they fade to the credits. Strangely, the film almost plays like it is a sequel, but not to the first Xtro, but rather one where Jan-Michael's character entered the other dimension and had an elaborate adventure.
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For Nicholas Lea fans only!
Leafan19 May 1999
This film is such a rip-off of Aliens that I'm sure they have broken some sort of Copyright! The only reason anyone would watch this is either to see Nicholas Lea or Jan-Micheal Vincent, other than that it's pretty much tripe! It tries to add some suspense but fails totally. Nicholas Lea does give a good solid performance as Baines but even he can't hold an entire film up. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! at all costs.
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Hot Garbage...........
underfire3527 July 2004
XTRO II: THE SECOND ENCOUNTER is a truly dismal film. It is about as subtle as a thief in the night wearing a suit made of pots and pans. XTRO II is such a blatant rip-off of the ALIEN films (ALIENS mostly) that it becomes somewhat embarrassing. The pacing is just as bad. There is so much walking, searching and waiting for the "alien" that I fast-forwarded through much of the film. There's just nothing happening. The few times the creature decides to show up, I was extremely nonplussed. The downtime, and there is plenty, is occupied with washed up actors and soon to be washed up actors who deliver their lines based on dubious scientific precepts badly. It has been a long time since Jan Micheal Vincent has been on 'Airwolf', and has seemingly carved a niche for himself in bad science fiction and soft-core porn flicks.

In conclusion, skip this film. Do anything else: learn another language, smash your toes with a claw hammer, watch the original ALIEN. Laying in an empty bathtub staring at the ceiling is more productive than actually viewing this film. I have not seen the first XTRO, nor have I seen XTRO 3 (!), nor do I plan to. How do films like this get made? And if given the chance, wouldn't most people make a better film? I don't know and I don't care. XTRO II is an abject waste of time. 1/10.
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The ultimate insult to movie goers: A sequel that forgets the previous movie.
redbeard_nv27 January 2002
Xtro, the original movie, was a British production involving an abducted father who comes back for his son, transforming him into an alien like himself and raising Hell for his ex-wife and friends.

This movie has nothing even resembling anything like that, with the exception of the director.

It is a bad sign when a movie sequel manages to forget some of what happened in the previous movie. It is a terrible sign when it completely ignores every thing like the plot, characters, situations, et al.

Even worse is when you hire Jan Michael Vincent at the height of his addiction phase, when he was on the verge of getting bounced from Airwolf for his drunken antics. His underwhelming presence in this film is a great display of the depths he had sunken to already.
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This is as bad as it gets
Tics1 February 1999
I wonder, don't actors,producers,screenwriters and directors care about what kind of movie that they make. Well, not here I guess. This is one of the absolutely worst movies I have ever seen. It really sucks and is not something that anyone should see. Matter of fact I don't think that there is anybody that can enjoy a movie like this.

The movie is about a group of scientists far down under the ground in a secret military laboratory. Here they experiment with travelling to other dimensions. When an experiment goes wrong and one out of three travellers makes it they call in a group of what would be tough-guy soldiers. They also call in another scientist that is supposed to be a little crazy. Mean time the surviving traveller dies when her body is torn up and something escapes out of her. Some kind of alien that the soldiers and the scientists now must face. This is about it. The movie is very poorly made, it steals parts from sci-fi flicks, especially alien. It has bad actors, bad special effects, bad script, bad camera work and everything else is really bad. It got nothing good, only bad. Jan-Michael Vincent from Airwolf is in it and he makes a very lousy role as the crazy scientist. This movie got nothing good, only bad. And please, don't ever see it, or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
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A tedious sequel to an oddball original
Red-Barracuda17 December 2012
The original Xtro was a British sci-fi horror film from the early 80's. It was very silly indeed but pretty original and strange. I guess you could describe it as a minor cult movie. Its director, Harry Davenport, returned almost a decade later to make an American sequel called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Xtro II. This one is only vaguely related to the previous film at best. It's set in an underground military laboratory that is experimenting with travelling to other dimensions. They send a swat team to one such place, it's disastrous and one of the team returns only for an aggressive alien to burst out of her stomach and escape into the facility. The remaining personnel must avoid being torn apart by the monster.

It should be clear from the synopsis that this flick owes a fair bit to Alien. But the truth is that this one isn't even nearly as good as the uneven original Xtro, far less Ridley Scott's master-work. Probably the single biggest problem is the location. Almost all films set in confined military bases are usually tedious and terrible. The limited sets are good for a low budget but very boring. This one is no exception with lots of dark corridors and very little variety. The movie stars Jan-Michael 'Airwolf' Vincent. He's not very good and puts in a thoroughly disinterested performance.

Overall, very forgettable.
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Decent for the material given
marshmannes15 August 2007
This is an odd low budget Aliens and there is no relation to the indescribable original. It definitely rips off of that film with no ways working around it. There are actually things that help it unlike what some people have reviewed. The cinematography is well done for a film on such a low budget and the crew seemed to know how to get the job done in this respect. The acting is hit and miss on this film. The supporting cast does alright given the mediocre script, although the lead (Jan-Michael Vincent) does not seem know how to make a good lead, but from what I heard he did not work well with the crew and HB Davenport did not like him. From seeing Vincent in this film, I can see why Davenport had issues. Score is alright for what it is and at least fits the setting. Special effects work on a 1990 B-movie scale. At least there is no bad CGI in this movie. If you are looking for some B-movie cheese along with a few unintentional laughs Xtro 2 might be an interesting film to check out just for the good camera-work. There are far better films than this, but you can do much worse.

5/10 R - Strong Violence and Language
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Not x-actly as good as the first one, but fun enough to deserve a look
happyendingrocks15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Considering how many tantalizing avenues were suggested but not explored in the surprisingly killer original Xtro, it's initially disappointing that The Second Encounter opts to all but abandon the entirety of its predecessor in favor of a more generic humans vs. alien bug-hunt venture. However, if you can ignore the seen-it-all-before pastiche that drives this follow-up, there are enough entertaining aspects of Xtro II to make it a decent way to occupy yourself for 90 minutes.

This is a film that doesn't just borrow ideas from other movies, it blatantly copies plot elements and even entire sequences from its source materials. The gist of the story is basically a smaller scale version of Aliens, and the references to James Cameron's brilliant monster mayhem extravaganza are so numerous and obvious that The Second Encounter bears more resemblance to that film than it does to the modest creature feature its title name-checks. The grainy video feed images the armed heroes broadcast to their command post and the extended dwelling inside ventilation ducts and dripping smoke-filled corridors during the action sequences are resoundingly familiar, and there's even massive hip-mounted weaponry utilized here that almost precisely mirrors the impressively imposing machine guns Colonial Marines Vasquez and Drake carried into battle on LV-426. Our scientist-turned-warrior heroine is clearly modeled to be an amalgamation of Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor, and this homage is greatly heightened by actress Tara Buckman's often startling resemblance to Linda Hamilton. Hell, even the lurking creature itself looks more like an Alien than the being from Xtro, so there really aren't too many moments in this monument to undisguised mimicry that aren't accompanied by a striking sense of deja vu.

If you can forgive The Second Encounter for all of that, then you'll find plenty to keep you amused in this unabashedly B-caliber sci-fi/horror/action hybrid.

It's curious why this was even pegged as an extension of Xtro, since nothing in the story even remotely draws upon the events of that outing. The happenings here are set in a top-secret subterranean facility called Nexus, where a team of scientists have developed a device which can instantaneously transport researchers to distant dimensions to make contact with whatever alien lifeforms they might find there. After three explorers disappear through the portal and only one comes back, the Nexus team scrambles to organize a rescue party and stabilize the traumatized survivor so that they can learn exactly what happened during her visit to regions beyond (what they don't know is that her close encounter came back with her). To help remedy this snafu, Dr. Shepherd, a disgraced former Nexus administrator, is brought back into the fold, along with a small squadron of heavily armored soldiers, who are mostly on hand to snarl out charmingly inane alpha male dialogue and provide some firepower to combat the unknown alien assailant.

Early on, reference is made to the destruction of an identical installation in Texas at the hands of Dr. Shepherd, who was previously the only one to successfully return from a teleportation into deep space. The chasm between this back-story and the first Xtro film is so wide that at first it seems like a sequel we didn't know about was made in between the two movies, and the establishment of that portion of the narrative gets this outing off to a rather sluggish start. But once the monster tears its way out of the chest of its unwitting host and begins whittling down the cast, the film moves along at a fast clip, packing in plenty of gore and a couple of sturdy jump scares to keep things interesting.

As the battle between man and mucous-covered beast plays out, the movie falters a bit by relying on a few befuddling and corny set-ups for some of the carnage. My favorite of these concerns the fate of one member of the heavily-armed and highly-trained strike force, who's perfectly willing to cross the threshold into an unknown world and confront the mysterious menace there when the mission begins, but later freezes up in utter terror when he's called upon to climb down a ladder, a bout of hesitation that leads to him meeting the business end of the monster's razor-sharp claws.

As before, the creature effects are well-realized, and the expansive sets which bring the interior of the complex to life are especially nicely rendered considering the film's budget. None of the bloodshed rivals the delicious high-points of the first Xtro, but the allotment doled out here is likewise handled solidly.

Granted, this movie does require you to sift through a fair amount of mediocrity and outright stupefying implausibility (I dare you to figure out how one of the soldiers is able to detonate a C-4 charge a few inches away from his face without suffering even a scratch). But if you're in a generous mood and don't mind turning off your brain for an hour-and-a-half, The Second Encounter is an enjoyably mindless romp.
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True garbage... even Harry Bromley-Davenport thinks so!
WakenPayne27 September 2012
This movie has been criticised by the general audience as a rip-off of Alien and it's sequel Aliens. The remark I will say here is that the similarities between both films is uncanny but Xtro 2 has an identity all on it's own.

To put it bluntly I think that the original Xtro has only imagination going for the movie. Everything else is just another splatter film. However this one seems like a B-Movie... sorry IS a B-Movie.

The acting is Z-grade (but if you've seen Xtro Xposed Jan Michael Vincents awful performance is explained. The Soundtrack is not only repetitive but irritating.

Most of the faults here lies within the script and acting though. I cannot believe the script is written by 4 people. It seems here that they were trying to get money.

As far as production goes for independent cinema (or low budget) I have seen FAR WORSE! Aside from it being too dark at times (but I think that was just cinematographic atmosphere) the movie was jjust fine. If anybody has complaints about that above statement should watch a movie made by The Asylum pronto (they're basically like this with worse production value).

No Wonder Harry Bromley Davenport thinks this is crap.
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holy s**t
Tics20 January 2001
this is one of the worst movies that I've ever seen. It had some possibilities I give it that but the rest is so low budget and bad that it really hurts. Nicholas Lea (X files, Once a Thief) is in it and Jan- Michael Vincent from Airwolf. That's no point in seeing it believe me. It's pure bull****. Beware
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