Why Me? (1990) Poster


Christopher Lambert: Gus Cardinale



  • Bob the Turk : I warn you, do not make me do something that I would not do, unless someone made me do it because they didn't do something someone told them to do.

    Gus Cardinale : Don't worry Bob, I would never do something to make someone do something to someone, because that someone didn't do something that someone wanted them to do.

    Bob the Turk : I'm glad we understand each other.

    Gus Cardinale : ...Me too.

  • Gus Cardinale : Bruno, that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

    Bruno : Don't worry, there's plenty of more where that came from...

  • [Gus Cardinale is hanging in a wire outside a skyscraper when two CIA agents appear at the roof] 

    Zachary : Hey, don't try anything stupid down there.

    Gus Cardinale : What could be fucking stupider than this?

  • Gus Cardinale : [about the ring]  I wonder what we could get for it.

    June Daley : Oh, 20 years, killed, hunted like deer.

  • June Daley : [about the ring]  It's in my safety deposit box.

    Gus Cardinale : Good, then we'll go get it.

    June Daley : The bank's closed.

    Gus Cardinale : We'll get it tomorrow.

    June Daley : Tomorrow's Saturday, the bank's closed tomorrow.

    Gus Cardinale : Banks are OPEN on Saturdays!

    June Daley : Not this one. We can get it Monday.

    Gus Cardinale : Monday I'll be in jail!

  • Bob the Turk : Who do you think has it?

    Gus Cardinale : Um, Elvis?

    Turk #2 : We checked, he has an alibi.

  • Freedly : [about Gus' real name]  Rene? Augustine? Those are girls' names, aren't they?

    Gus Cardinale : Not in Switzerland.

  • Gus Cardinale : Bruno, I'm sorry for everything mankind has ever done to you!

    Bruno : That's all right... I'm sure they didn't mean it.

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