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Sex & Nudity

  • A man a woman play-fight in bed; You can see one of her nipples from the side in one shot.
  • A woman pulls the straps from her leotard off of her shoulders and wraps them around her wrists, inviting a man to have sex with her while she is tied up by the straps (no nudity).
  • A mutant prostitute bares her three breasts during three scenes; In one of these scenes, a man fondles them.
  • One of the main characters is a prostitute, but is never shown displaying her trade.
  • A man says, " get to f*** her every night".
  • A woman touches a man's penis (no nudity.)
  • We see a CGI graphic model of female in the monitor no nudity but suggestive.

Violence & Gore

  • A man smashes a fish tank and the fish are shown dying on the floor.
  • A man has a nightmare in which he is on Mars, and trips and falls down a mountain. He smashes out his suit's visor, causing him to choke and his face and eyes to swell up and balloon outwards as if they are going to
  • A man is seen being gunned down on
  • A man struggles against a machine that he is strapped to; He grabs a man's neck. This continues until an assistant repeatedly injects him with a
  • A man kills four other men by breaking their necks and shooting them; He grabs one, puts a gun to his back, and fires, making a bloody bullet wound in his chest. He then shoots another who flies back and leaves a bloody smear on the wall. He also hits a man in the face, causing blood to spurt
  • A man uses an innocent bystander as a human shield; The man is shot many times, leaving a bloody
  • A man shoots and kills three men at the top of an escalator; Gory wounds are seen as they are
  • A man throws a bloody corpse at two other
  • A woman shoots a man repeatedly with a machine gun; Bloody wounds are seen and he falls to the
  • A man shoots a woman in the head; Blood is seen leaking from a bullet
  • Two women fight, punching and kicking each
  • A woman charges at a man and stabs him with a knife; We see his face contort in pain and he screams. Later, he is seen dead, with a lot of blood on his
  • A woman is shot in the chest; Blood splatters onto some TVs behind
  • A woman is shot in the back with a machine gun and dies. Huge blood splatters through her
  • A man is shot in the chest/shoulder, wounding
  • Many people are seen passing out due to a lack of
  • Two men fight on an elevator; One of them holds the other off of the elevator, which gorily slices both of his arms off. You can see him falling, with bloody stumps where his arms used to be. The man who held him off throws his arms
  • A man appears to have been shot many times by soldiers with a machine gun, but we later learn that it was a hologram pretending to be
  • A man shoots another man, stunning
  • A man has his head bashed by a rod causing a bloody mess or cuts on his face. Another man is hit by the same rod but it pierces through his neck causing blood to spurt out
  • A man gets a drill put through him, you don't see this but the you see the drill covered in blood after being in the victims


  • 28 F-Words, shit, dumb bitch, milder profanities such as assholes, dickhead, hell.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Film contains graphic violence with some very Bloody shootouts, a few stabbings, space decompression, and an arm dismemberment.
  • The elevator scene may be shocking to some, despite being a little over-the-top.
  • Restrained characters are seen screaming in pain as they try to resist a memory-altering process.
  • A man has a large tracking device embedded in his skull, which he pulls out painfully through his nose using a mechanical tool.
  • Several mutants have grotesquely distorted faces, and one baby-like mutant is part of another man's abdomen.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is thrown out of a space station; He starts choking and his face and eyes start to balloon outwards, his brain starts leaking out his ears. Two other character's start suffering the same situation, but survive before they suffer any severe damage due to the new atmosphereorange

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