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  • Leonardo used twin Ninja-Tou, steel swords of usually inferior make to samurai swords, roughly sharpened and straight bladed, coming to a slanted edge point (as in \) instead of a curving blade that came to a fine point. (His weapons were mislabeled on his toy information and his card and have been called Katana ever since).

    Donatello wielded a bo, a staff made of tapered hard wood (e.g. bamboo or white oak).

    Raphael wielded two sai (both singular and plural), dagger-shaped truncheons with two curved prongs (yoku) projecting from the handle. Used to fight sword users and disarm them as well as for stabbing.

    Michelangelo fought with twin nunchaku: two sticks connected at the end with a steel chain. Used as a blunt instrument striking weapon like clubs but with more force due to rotation. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Due to Britain's strict policy with regard to martial arts weapons the old VHS of this Turtles movie used several alternative scenes in order to avoid this set of problems in the UK. With the abolition of the BBFC's agenda the movie got released in its uncut version on DVD in Britain. Edit (Coming Soon)


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