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Unrealistically smooth thus corny - extremely entertaining!
mrmichaeltroper26 January 2010
The movie begins as something of a mystery where a large sum of money in a crashed vehicle is found by cool clooney (with long hair and the 'choose life' still-bad-ass-but-fully-recovered now undercover cop).

A large contingency of the bad dudes laundered cash-stash has gone over the cliff side near the beach (bloody mulholland) and to cut a long story short, the movie is about said bad guy putting up a considerable struggle to gain the now-nursed-by-clooney/cops booty (thug-money).

This movie is unique (and also funny) because it hosts an entourage of male actors doing it macho-male in try-hard drama style - *whilst at the same time portraying them as these uber-cool-and-cleaned-up- undercover-cop-bikers.

Having said that, there were solemn and hard-hitting moments centered around the despair and reality of drug addiction (with what the addict is trying to avoid dealing with etc.) There seems to be some focus on rebellious teenagers acting out with dangerous behavior and these cool wise-guy cops are there to the rescue.

You just can't beat a 'jock-messiah-of-hope'.

This movie also has some excellent action, stunt scenes, as well as guitar-playing and humor.

Clooney is the ex-rebel setting emotional boundaries on the table for his 'off-the-rails' old-flame and putting his hand into the pit for her (as a still-junkie ex-girlfriend - how absolutely thrillingly romantic!)

On reflection, I wonder if the whole idea of the producers was that Clooney's tough-rebel image was only supposed to be his disguise as an undercover police officer, but it is not.

He is represented as the real-made authentic ex-rebel now-benevolent biker-dude, and the point to which they went to portray this smoothness is just hilarious and makes for entertaining viewing.

Its a very cool movie you just need to know how to look at it in order for it to be entertaining.
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Truly awful
blazethebad20 May 2003
One of the worst TV movies I've ever seen. And don't get me started on the hair. It did have a few, a very few, bright spots but they were buried under the rest of the stuff. George Clooney, in a rock band, ha ha, on a motorcycle, ha ha, with a mullet, ha ha. Oh, this isn't a comedy? Coulda fooled me.
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Only one reason this is on...
parky-311 March 1999
This is a standard adventure in which the protagonists are crime-fighters, the bad guy is an extortionist and of course he's psychotic. Some of the 'stars', such as Michael Deluise, Markus Flanagan and Erik King, you may never have heard of, and quite right too; however, someone else featuring in this film is George Timothy Clooney, two years after being attacked by killer tomatoes and four years before he started dressing in green smocks, and his subsequent (and unrelated) rise to fame is the only reason this nonsense is still being aired today.
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