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The 1994–95 TV Season Was Very, Very Good to George Clooney

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The 1994–95 TV Season Was Very, Very Good to George Clooney
Welcome to the final day of our survey of the hugely influential 1994–95 network-television season, which found Friends, ER, and My So-Called Life hobnobbing on the same schedule with Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and The X-Files. We’ve counted down the season’s 100 best episodes, presented an oral history of the first season of Party of Five, heard crazy tales from the season-three writers' room of Melrose Place; talked to the NBC executives behind Must-See TV Thursday, and much more. Up now: an examination of how George Clooney’s celebrity ballooned after ER debuted on September 19, 1994.Before George Clooney landed the role of Dr. Doug Ross on NBC’s ER, the actor, then 33 going into the fall season, was known primarily for his stints on Roseanne, Facts of Life, and Sisters. Closer TV-watchers knew that he’d also suffered through a string of misses over the previous decade, in stuff like Baby Talk,
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George Clooney: Movie Star

There are movie stars and then there is George Clooney. The man is the epitome of old style charm and charisma and he has been compared to Cary Grant on so many occasions that it would be superfluous to do so here. Here at Screen Rant we’re going to take a look at his (sometimes controversial) career in order to have an overview of his work as a director, producer and Oscar-winning actor.

This isn’t going to be a totally biographical piece. It’s not going to analyze his life or critique his early work, as few Screen Rant readers would be interested in the likes of failed television pilots such as Sunset Beat (a show that featured a young and mullet-sporting Clooney as a cop by day and a rocker by night.) Instead we’re going to…

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60 Seconds With George Clooney. In Other Words, A Definitive Interview

60 Seconds With George Clooney. In Other Words, A Definitive Interview
George Clooney doesn't do interviews anymore. Those of us on the junket/red carpet beat have come to accept this in recent months. Sure, he'll do a press conference here and there. And yeah he'll walk a red carpet and kinda sorta stop and say hi but he rarely will stop and chat. In Toronto at "Up in the Air" premiere he slowed his gait Just enough for every reporter to think they had a moment with him--they didn't.

Clooney even confirmed his new no interview stance in a recent interview. So even though I knew he was walking the National Board of Review red carpet the other night here in NYC I didn't think there was a chance in hell I'd get time with him. Stupid Josh. This is what happens when the most charming man on the planet decides to blindside you and actually chat. Topics covered: "Sunset Beat,
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