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This was a captivating movie
HATAVICTIM4 March 2004
Roseanne's Sara Gilbert caught my attention while looking through the many stations after a recent insomnia session. I wasn't expecting much at first but this movie was both entertaining, realistic, and it captivated the persona of prejudice. It really brought a new light on how naive people were due to what they have been told. Sara Gilbert's performance is amazing as well as the interaction between her new found friend Simpson whom not only has to face prejudice but also has had a very hard life beyond that. I am not one to say I enjoy many TV movies but this one was of a lack of a better word great. I highly recommend it to anyone whom enjoys a good drama movie. Also if you enjoyed this I recommend seeing another movie of similiar proportions called Wildflower directed by Diane Keaton. It currently can be seen on Lifetime off and on.
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Will be a Classic
sjdean4 January 2001
Sara Gilbert proves what a talented actress she is in this film, even at only 15 she plays an amazing part.

The film is set in 1950's Linlow, Georgia and basically follows Sudie who meets a blackman, Simpson. She starts off being afraid thinking he'll eat her, but the towns prejudices soon leaves Sudie and they become the best of friends.

A lot more happens during the film, but I cant give too much away.

Considering it was made for TV, this is a film with many elements, including comedy and a lot of emotion.

I dont normally get emotional during a film, but Sara Gilbert's performance was so brilliant.
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Louis Gossett, Jr., Brilliant, As Usual
nneprevilo17 April 2007
He makes it look so easy! He's naturally "wicked," but trustworthy. His art is where most young actors want to end up. What he does is so understated, it doesn't look like acting anymore. This is the quality that many great actors said that inhabited late stage star, Laurette Taylor.

Recently, I saw Mr. Gossett in ROOTS and he brought the same quality to that role as "Fidler." Sara Gilbert has always impressed me as a formidable actress. She needs to be given more dramatic roles and move in the direction of the great actresses like Geraldine Page. This role with Gossett was a complete opposite of what she was doing on ROSEANNE.
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