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The late, great David Allen's magnum opus
Cowman11 June 2001
The murderous puppets from part one (plus a new, fire-jetting doll named Torch) resurrect the long-dead corpse of their original puppet master, Andre Toulon. For some reason, Toulon is now an evil, spiteful b**tard who entices the little creatures to murder people and extract their brain tissue in order to create a serum which will reanimate his wife. Meanwhile, a group of government parapsychologists (is there really such a profession?) are conducting research at the eerie hotel (using a Commodore Amiga!) where both the puppet master and his creations dwell. As you would expect, they are not happy with the unwelcome visitors and decide to slaughter them all. The Full Moon company has outdone themselves yet again with this eye-opening feature, complete with awesome puppetry and mind-blowing special effects. The story seemed a little flat at times but it was told well enough to peak your interest for the duration of the film. The same eerie soundtrack from part one is reused here.
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Full Moon hit Puppet Master gold
amesmonde27 January 2013
The puppets return, this time they hunt down some locals and paranormal researchers to assist their master in his evil plan.

Charles Band's story and David Pabian's screenplay is almost a remake of the first film. Effects wizard David Allen in the directing chair exceeds the 1st certainly in terms of effects and atmosphere.

While this installment reduces Andre Toulon / Eriquee Chaneé to a walking nod to the Invisible Man and other Universal classic characters, in contrast to how he is presented in the later adventures, it is by far the creepiest of the bunch. Steve Welles performance is wonderfully over the top and steals every scene.

Veteran Nita Talbot is on fine form and the remaining cast are a mixed blessing, Charlie Spradling and Elizabeth Maclellan give solid performances while here at least Collin Bernsen and Jeff Celentano are as mechanical as Tunneler's innards.

Despite it's editing and story flaws Allen gives us a darker faster paced and eerier film than it's predecessor. The flashbacks are welcome and the paranormal investigation angle, while not totally original, gives the proceeds some weight and intrigue. Notably Blade running and jumping from a bed to slice his victim is probably one of best low budget horror moments to date. There are many stand out moments in part 2, Leech Woman's demise, Torches encounter with a toy whipping boy and the unworldly human puppets reminiscent of the aliens in Carpenter's (1988)They Live to name a few.

As with all the films in the Puppet Master series they always leave you with one burning question, in two's case: Why didn't Julianne Mazziotti/Nita Talbot's Camille get her own sequel with your favorite little puppets?
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A strange and eerie entry in the series
jokerman145615 June 2010
A lot of people consider this to be best out of the series but, I'm gonna haft to disagree with that but it's by far not the worst and you PM fans know what I'm talking about. There's just something really strange about this film, I think it's because towards the end of the film it gets really really far out and creepy.

After mutilating there selfish and evil Puppets Master, The puppets Blade, Pinhead, Jester, Tunneler and Leech Woman are back to resurrect there sweet and kind Puppet Master Andre Toulon but he's no longer sweet and kind, he's a psychopathic, evil, and greedy zombie that wants to kill the investigators of the Bodega Bay Hotel and in Andre's insane mind, he thinks one of the investigator is his wife incarnated.

The film introduces us to a new puppet by the name of Torch, who is a robot puppet that shoots flames out of his right arm, I still think Blade is the best though.
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still holding a Torch for the franchise
movieman_kev20 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Tunneler, Jester, Blade, Pinhead & Leech Woman are back to kill some more paranormal investigator types, this time once again under the thrall of the original Puppet Master, Toulon, after the puppets resurrect him, however zombie Toulon is a bit of a nut-case. However, he also made Torch, one of the more interesting puppets, in this outing. So it's all good.

I found myself enjoying this film despite of major continuity eras. In some respects it may seem like a bit of a rehash of the previous film, but it moves at a quicker pace and features some pretty cool kills. All in all, it's on par with the first film.

Eye Candy: Men get Charlie Spradling topless. The ladies get to ogle Collin Bernsen's posterior
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Somewhat better than the first...
BHorrorWriter18 September 2001
Granted, this is only a B-movie, it still delivers an atmosphere of dark, moody suspense. Nothing like Suspiria did, but none the less, Puppet Master II far exceeds the first by several turns. The puppets are more believeable in this one. They don't appear to be as bland as in the first; they have more movement and actions. Toulon as the Invisible man, however, is one of the main low points of the movie. The acting is marginally better than the first...The actors aren't as...bored looking as in the first. The life-size puppets were a very eerie, and gave the film a new twist.

While still under Paramount, Full Moon was able to present a decent Horror movie, with a much bigger budge than any of their $50,000 "wonders" they are putting out now.

7 out of 10
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Possibly an Improvement Over the First
gavin694213 October 2012
The puppets return, this time they hunt some paranormal researchers to take their brain fluid for the living-dead puppet master, Andre Toulon (Steve Welles).

This film has some good things going for it: first, more exposition on the background of the puppets. And second, a faster pace than the original film. Love it or hate it, the first film is a tad bit slow a times and really stretches material to fill its 90 minutes.

Here we run into some continuity issues, which is pretty standard for the film. The so-called "owner" of the house... was he really in Bucharest, or was he actually at home during the course of the first film? I am uncertain. And then, where did he comes from? And why does he confuse a main character for his wife? There are more than few questions.

However, the film looks slicker, and the villain is far more interesting this time around. And, thanks to the Blu-Ray release, you can watch in high definition and listen to Charlie Band commentary.
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A great sequel
Sleepless_1289 June 2004
If you haven't guessed by the title this is the second chapter of the classic Puppet Master series. I enjoyed this film more then the first film and I loved the first film. In this movie the new puppet Torch steals the show. A flame throwing puppet what's not to like? This film also features the classic scene where Blade chases Charlie Spradling out of her room into the hallway. If you're a fan of Fullmoon Pictures then this is a must see. If you're worried about the acting don't be, the acting was good. Not the best ever but pretty good. The ending of this movie was Excellent. It brings about the question, is the Puppet MASTER really the one pulling the strings?
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Blade is Back...
Punk1923 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Have you ever watched Child's Play? You know the movie that has the walking talking toy doll that runs around killing people. Well this movie is something very similar, only it features puppets instead of a doll. The credits draw you in, a cemetery and a puppet digging a grave really makes you wonder what'll happen next, then a pair of skeleton arms stretch up and roll the black screen and more credits.

Puppet Master II draws you in from the first scene to the last. Who doesn't love seeing Blade, the puppet with the blade and hook instead of hands, slashing at unsuspecting peoples throats? What about Pinhead, the big puppet with huge hands and a tiny head, and his ways in strangling peoples necks? Hey, lets not forget Leech Woman who spits out leeches that suck out the blood of her victims and Jester, who hasn't a mean little bone in his wooden body.

Okay, so four parapsychologists go to the Bodega Bay Inn, where the events of the first film happened, to look up on claims by Alex Whitaker from the first film. Leading them is Carolyn Bramwell (Elizabeth Maclellan), a down right nice girl. Her brother Patrick (Gregory Webb) is killed the first night at the hotel, thanks to Tunneler and might I mention he was drunk. Then Camille (Nita Talbot) goes missing, luckily she had a son named Matthew (George 'Buck' Flower).

It's not long before the corpse from before, dressed in black and covered in bandages, appears and calls himself Eriquee Chaneé (Steve Welles). Events get stranger, Wanda (Charlie Spradling ) and Michael Kenney (Collin Bernsen) are murdered. Carolyn goes to confront Eriquee, whom she finds out is really Andre Toulon. He thinks she is the reincarnation of his late wife Elsa, and tries to put his and her soul into mannequins. Luckily, Blade intervenes and Andre is kill again for a second time.

I recommend watching the first three, forget about the rest.
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A great B-Movie!
whammy66623 May 2006
Alright, so the original was a fairly smart film, but this is just a fun B-movie. SOme good gore, cool kills, and that feel of an 80's flick are all present. Plus the new puppet, Torch, is awesome, along with all the original puppets doing what they do best...kill. In this film, Andre Toulon is brought back by the puppets to create more carnage. The storyline is not strong, the acting is not excellent, but it all works and the movie turns out to be pretty darn fun. Also some cool kills, and better gore than the first. The special effects are also excellent by David Allen's great effects crew, as David Allen also takes the director's chair on this film. If you like the original, you will also love this one, that is my logic.
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"Puppet Master II" Blu-ray breathes new life into the classic horror B-movie
ersinkdotcom4 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Full Moon Entertainment films are a big part of my horror upbringing. I would say they were my first exposure to direct-to-video movies. I remember going to the local video store and grabbing up every "Subspecies," "Trancers," "Robot Jox," and "Dollman" release I could get my hands on.

The evil puppets dig up their creator, Toulon, and bring him back to life. They need the mad puppeteer to concoct more of his formula to keep them alive. Thanks to a new group of paranormal investigators visiting the Bodega Bay Inn, the diabolical little creatures have a fresh supply of humans to use for the ingredients. Complications arise when Toulon becomes mesmerized by the leader of the group who resembles his late wife, Elsa.

"Puppet Master II" is a classic creature feature that will give you a fear of dolls and puppets if you don't already have one.
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Everyone's favorite tiny terrors are back...with a new flame-powered friend!
Seth120 May 1999
I love the Puppet Master series. Hell, I was eight years old when I first saw it back in '91, and I've been a Full Moon fan since. I like this sequel, mainly because it introduces one of my favorite characters, the flame-wielding Torch. Its effects, if not low-budget, are decent. Its story is beginning to wear a little thin, because I'm sick to death of a bunch of paranormal investigators checking out the same crap the previous annoying victims did. However, we do see their undead master join the fun. I got really p****d off when they killed off my other favorite character, Tunneler. Hell, he was the coolest one in the movie. So, all in all, its a good sequel. But, if you're a die-hard Puppet fan, I'd definitely recommend Puppet Master III. Here we get a prequel, not a remake (yes that's basically what this movie is).
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Torch was great!
twisted_sista4 April 2004
I enjoyed this sequel better than the original. My reasons being was i thought the puppets were more entertaining in this one and you get to see them for longer. I loved the new Torch puppet, i consider him to be the most dangerous and scary out of all the puppets(he was even more scarier than Blade). He has a stump on his right arm that throws flames. In one funny scene he is tormented by a little boy and the little brat says something like 'Is that all you can do?, do something' and you can guess what Torch does to him. The actors did fine, the acting wasnt great but this is low-budget guys. If your'e a fan of this movie i recommend you get the DVD. I got this movie for only 5.99 and you get to see the behind the scene's footage, which was interesting and fun to see. The picture quality was excellent, colors are very strong and vibrant. Overall a fun B-movie, 6/10.
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It is usually common that sequels are not as good as the original...this is an exception to that rule.
Jack the Ripper188824 September 2002
I must say that I enjoyed this second installment to the series better than I enjoyed the original PUPPET MASTER. I like the killings better, the story better, and especially the new Torch puppet. The film is a horror fest from beginning to end. You will really enjoy this film.

The actors and actresses are all pretty much unknown except for a few which some people may recognize. I also think that the special effects are much better in this film. This one is much more gory and graphic than the original. PUPPET MASTER II brought the PUPPET MASTER legacy back to life and kept it alive until it was destroyed by the godawful PUPPET MASTER III: TOULAN'S REVENGE. Now, that movie was gay! On the other hand, this one is not. This is one of the better horror films that I have ever seen. PUPPET MASTER II: 5/5.
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"They're back. No strings attached."
lost-in-limbo27 February 2010
An inevitable simple rehash, which is probably a little more expansive and wicked in its visions. Not as fun as the original, but nonetheless a respectable b-grade sequel by Full Moon productions. Which I believe, would be followed up by the best entry of the series "Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge", as after that film I didn't particularly care for the rest. The second film of the franchise keeps pretty much the same structure of the original, as a group of government paranormal researchers head to the ocean facing cliff top hotel to look into Alex Whitaker's stories (the survivor of the original now in a mental hospital) and soon become targets of the puppets and the resurrected Andre Toulon (dressed in bandages) from the dead in the quest to collect enough brain fluid for his reanimation serum to keep them alive. But when Toulon encounters Carolyn, he's quickly reminded of his dead wife Elsa and the plans seem to change.

Director / visual effects wizard David Allen does a resourceful job with his low-budget, instilling a clean-cut Gothic atmosphere with an underlining eeriness and donning sensational puppet creations (a newly added one too -- Torch) and stop motion effects. This gimmick is where the film's personality arrives from, outside a dementedly compulsive performance by Steve Welles (under some bandages and heavy make-up) as the cracking Toulon. Welles is the life of the party (getting plenty of screen time --- where a little more is explained about his character), as the rest of the cast (Elizabeth Maclellan, Collin Bernsen, Gregory Webb, Jeff Celentano and a perky Charlie Spradling) are immensely one-note. Also showing up in minor, but fruitful parts are Nita Talbot, Sage Allen and George 'Buck' Flower. When it came to the puppets doing Toulon's dirty work, while ominously nasty it just lacked the imagination found in the original's death set-pieces, but the meaty, if dark narrative seemed a little more fuller in its angle of dementia, betrayal and revenge. The pacing can have its stuffy moments too (being rather slow to get going), but the location for the developing macabre fits and Richard Band's brooding score is reused with that striking playful carnival arrangement.
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A impressive sequel
Rautus30 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Puppet Master was a classic B-Movie about some Puppets that can move without string and go around killing people in the Inn. The sequel to Puppet Master is even more fun since we get a little bit more of the Puppets and Andre Toulon since they bring him to life again.

Set a while after the first film a group of paranormal investigators go to the inn trying to figure out what happened to cause Alex to go mad, the other psychics to be killed and the owner to have her brain removed. Soon a psychic comes to join them and gets a strange sense with being in the inn soon Pinhead and Jester come and take her away.

The group soon meet Eriquee Chaneé a strange man wearing bandages over his face, he is actually Andre Toulon using a new name so they don't suspect anything. Soon the psychic's son arrives and then helps Carolyn out. Andre Toulon needs brain fluid to make more liquid to re-animate the Puppets again but he has plans of his own has Carolyn is his wife Elsa reincarnated.

So Andre gets his Puppets to keep collecting brain fluid from the investigators to complete the fluid and use it to be with Elsa again but the Puppets don't take to that.

A very good sequel that has a new Puppet: Torch, a mechanical Puppet that has a flamethrower attached to his arm. Puppet Master II is a sequel that is great to watch on a night.
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My Favourite Puppet Master Film
robertandrews-4455627 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I love most of the Puppet Master films, especially the original five, but Puppet Master II (also known as Puppet Master II: His Unholy Creations) is definitely my favourite. It is often a tie between the first film and this one and the first one for me, and although I love them both, I think I like this one a little better.

The film has a relatively creepy and unsettling vibe to it that neither the original Puppet Master nor the ones that followed ever seemed to portray. Right away, the film starts of creepily as we see the famous Toulon Puppets walking about in a scary old cemetery in the middle of the night. They use the last of the elixir which gives them life to reanimate their old master, Andre' Toulon (this time, for the most part, played excellently by Steve Welles). Even before the opening credits we're treated to the creepy undead arms of Toulon emerging from his grave. Honestly, this used to give me nightmares as a kid.

Then we're introduced to our main characters, paranormal investigators who have arrived at the Bodega Bay Inn to document anything paranormal after hearing Alex Whitaker's bizarre tale. The main lead here is a young woman named Carolyn (Elizabeth Maclellan). After her brother is murdered by Tunneler, she is joined by Michael (Collin Bernsen), whose mother has also been killed by the puppets. They also meet a man named Eriquee Chanee', whose face is bandaged and who claims to be the owner of the hotel. However, it is soon discovered that the mysterious Eriquee is really Toulon, who (since being revived by the puppets) has turned overly evil and has been ordering his puppets to kill innocents in order to extract their brain fluid so he can transfer his soul into a mannequin doll. He also becomes obsessed with Carolyn, who he believes to be the reincarnation of his beloved wife, Elsa, who was murdered during WWII by the Nazis. What ensures is absolute creepy craziness, and comes to a head during an especially creepy finale in which Toulon's soul transfers into the scary-looking mannequin (Michael Todd).

Puppet Master II is a fantastic film that is so much fun to watch during those late stormy nights. I love all the homages it pays to classical horror films, such as The Invisible Man. Many of my friends and fellow horror fanatics who love the Puppet Master series have always noted the second as "too creepy and weird" for them to enjoy. While this is true to some extent, I think the overall weirdness and creepiness is what makes it one of the more enjoyable entries in the franchise. It's interesting though how after this film, the puppets were often shown as gentle and kind as opposed to their murderous ways as seen in this film and the first. Puppet Master 4 and 5 were especially more lighthearted than the first film, and certainly much more so than this one. Even in Puppet Master III Toulon was shown as a hero unlike the villainous creature from this movie. I think that is why I love this one so much. Nothing like it came out of the franchise again, and it is certainly a rare gem in its own series of films.

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Legendary silly comedy horror
beerplease19 September 2018
Inventive and utterly awsome creepy horror stupidity.soft shot just like shells wonderfull world of golf.was expecting big phil mickelson to get his face punched in by pinhead in what would have been a super cameo😲😂
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Great sequel to the original Puppet Master
gabedrumminggamer17 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I love the Puppet Master series. I found out about this great franchise during the summer of 2012. After watching and loving the first film, I decided to watch number 2. And I was very pleased. Puppet Master 2 keeps the feel of the first film and did well in many categories. Average acting, good gore, nice kills, plenty of puppet screen time, a good storyline, and an awesome ending. What's not to love about that? Now, if you're just a horror film watcher and not a fan of Puppet Master, good ol' Charles Band or Full Moon films, I don't really recommend this film. Otherwise, grab some popcorn, some friends who are fans of Puppet Master, a comfy seat and enjoy! Puppet Master Forever!
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A Good Sequel and a Worthy Classic!
NotAnotherMovieCritic13 October 2012
Puppet Master II is a good sequel to its predecessor. We are introduced to more of the mythology and a better look at the toys, including a few new ones. The story is good, the acting isn't great and the special effects are good...well for its time.

This is definitely a fun film to watch, especially with friends and a keg of beer, or not depending on your taste.

Like other great cult horror film classics you are introduced to a lot of corny moments, but that is what makes this film so amazing. The corniness is supposed to be there and it works.

As for the VHS transition to DVD not looking good, I think the quality of it makes the cult of it even more enhanced. I like the VHS look, even if it is on DVD. It seems interesting and brings back a lot of memories from my childhood as I as taking my first steps into the horror genre. Definitely worth watching!
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Solid sequel
Woodyanders4 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The murderous puppets exhume the rotting corpse of their long dead master Andre Toulon (a lively and colorful performance by Steve Welles) and bring him back to life so he can continue to produce the special serum they all need to continue living. A team of paranormal researchers fall pray to the tiny terrors. Director David Allen, working from a compact script by David Pabian, relates the enjoyable story at a steady pace, creates and maintains a pleasingly spooky ooga-booga Gothic atmosphere, delivers a satisfying smattering of grisly gore, stages the killings with a sufficient amount of pizazz and competence, and really pulls out all the freaky stops for the gloriously off the wall gruesome conclusion. This film further benefits from sound acting from a sturdy cast: ravishing redhead Elizabeth McLellan as the sweet and sensitive Carolyn Bramwell, Collin Bernsen as the likable Michael Kenney, brunette knockout Charlie Spradling as the sassy and lascivious Wanda, Jeff Weston as easygoing technician Lance, and Gregory Webb as Carolyn's sarcastic brother Patrick. Popping up in neat secondary roles are Nita Talbot as flaky psychic Camille, the ubiquitous George "Buck" Flower as grumpy farmer Matthew, and Sage Allen as Matthew's dumpy and excitable wife Martha. The stop motion animation puppets are pretty funky and effective. Thomas F. Denove's glossy cinematography makes nifty occasional use of fancy dissolves and cool wipes. Richard Band's shivery score hits the shuddery spot. The very end is a real hoot. As a tasty extra plus, the deliciously buxom Ms. Spradling bares her beautifully bountiful breasts. A worthy second installment in the series.
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Great Sequel
The Creeper25 November 2001
It was Great. It was WAY better than parts 4,5,and 7. I Liked the fact that Andre Toulon was in the WHOLE Movie, compared to the 5 minutes from Part 1. Another Good Thing about the movie was Torch. Torch is my Second to Favorite Puppet. The Best Part Of the Whole Movie was when Torch and Blade Enter The Farmers house and......Well I Don't Think I Should say. The Worse thing about the Whole Movie (and Others from the Puppet Master Series) is The Availibility Of It. They are Extremely Hard to Find. So if you are Trying to Find a Copy, Happy Hunting!!!
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My personal favorite of the series!
Jesse-453 June 2000
The Puppet Masters are usually looked at, as the exceptions of Full Moon Pictures. Their fun little B-horror flicks that work up good special effects and a fun time. This one is probably the most atmospheric and moody for me. And the nudity is great! The sequel to a good B-horror movie, followed by good B-movies, at least until the awful 6 and 7.
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A retread that manages to retain some of that Puppet Master charm
boy_in_red4 September 2006
Puppet master II does not stray far from the setting and basic plot line of the original. It manages to get away with it- the grand hotel at Bodega Bay is after all a fantastic setting, so it is a joy to return there, and though it may initially feel like a complete retread (paranormal investigators returning to the hotel rather than psychics etc etc) it does have a few interesting plot developments to draw the audience in.

Toulon is brought back from the dead, with his own maniacal plan that involves human sacrifices- he is no longer the sweet, paternal toymaker we met in the first film, but a monstrosity wrapped in bandages with his own sinister desires. We get an interesting insight into the origin of the living puppets, and there are also some scenes that will definitely make you smile- for once in a film the annoying kid actually gets it!

So overall it is, for the most part, an enjoyable retread of old territory. But it is territory that is still enjoyable to revisit, right down to the musical score. It still manages to retain its hammy charm, and is guaranteed to make you crack a smile at least a couple of times. I'm hoping though that the future chapters in this series stray a little further away from the formula that seems to be forming right now. It is still fun and endearing right now, but I can imagine it growing very stale.

I do have to mention the Video Zone extras found on the DVDs as well as the original VHS tapes I believe. They're essentially behind the scenes shorts that nicely compliment the movies, giving you some insight into the film-making process. However unlike the promotional work we find for today's bigger blockbusters you do get a sense of genuine enthusiasm from the cast and crew- Charlie Spralding is a lot of fun to watch especially. It just allows the audience to feel a part of things.
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psycho_15327 December 1999
The Puppet Master series is great, and this is a very satisfying sequel. The puppets are back and this time Toulon has made a new puppet TORCH who uses a flame to torch his victims. The story is Toulon's puppets help collect brain tissue from human victims for Toulon to create his formula to animate the inanimate. The victims this time include a group of researchers from a US department, responsible for investigating the paranormal. Not everyone will like this series but if you are a fan of the series or you enjoy cheesy movies you have to watch this series.
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Satisfying Sequel
kipper-225 December 1998
Puppet Master II was honestly a guilty pleasure for your brother Kipper. Yes, i enjoyed this sequel spawned from the lower depths of the Full Moon Studios conscious. The directing reigns for this classic is passed from Full Moon creator Charles Band to visual effects master David Allen. He does a decent job creating an environment of suspense and undeniable humor(however, i'm not sure if this is intentional) for the film. The basic puppets are back in this one: Blade, Tunnler, Pinhead, and Mrs. Leach; also we are given a new puppet with name of Torch. Torch basically resembles a little Nazi with a flame thrower attached to his left hand. We are blessed to witness his god-forsaken powers as he torches an obese woman in the confines of her cabin. However, in typical Kipper fashion, i must not forget the appearance of our favorite actress Charlie Spradling. As usual, Charlie gives her all in this performance, reaching to the lower depths of her being to attack the numerous layers that consist of her character(oh yeah, she also walks around her room with no shirt on!). But before i bore you with my ridiculous banter, i must make clear that this is a decent sequel that is well worth watching. I had a good time watching the film and I would totally recommend it to fans of campy horror pictures.
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