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  • Rich but ruthless New York businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) needs an escort for several Los Angeles social events, so he hires crude but beautiful prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) to accompany him. Vivian's perky personality captivates Edward enough that he asks her to stay with him in his hotel penthouse during the remainder of his business trip and takes her shopping on Rodeo Drive for a new, high society wardrobe. Vivian begins to hope that Edward might be her prince charming.

  • Pretty Woman was written for the screen by American screenwriter J.F. Lawton.

  • The movie identifies it as Hollywood Boulevard.

  • La Traviata. It's about a prostitute with a heart of gold who is rescued by a respectable man.

  • Tower Records was an actual chain of worldwide music stores. The store shown actually existed, however all American stores closed in 2006. One of the greatest ironies is that Tower Records stores in America were bought up and liquidated - exactly what Richard Gere's character in the film does for a living!

  • Edward pays Vivian her $3,000, and she leaves the penthouse. Hotel manager Barnard (Hector Elizondo) has limo driver Darryl (R. Darrell Hunter) take Vivian home to her apartment. The next day, Edward prepares to fly back to New York. He asks Barnard to return to the jeweler the necklace that Vivian wore to the opera. Barnard comments on how difficult it must be to give up something so beautiful and also mentions that Darryl drove Vivian home yesterday. Meanwhile, Vivian is preparing to catch a bus to San Francisco where she plans to get a job and finish her high school diploma. As Vivian is about to leave the apartment, she hears the music from La Traviata playing loudly in the street and looks out the window to see Edward hanging out of the limo. Although Edward is afraid of heights, he climbs the fire escape to rescue Vivian, just like the knight in her fantasy. He asks her what happens after the knight rescues her. "She rescues him right back," says Vivian, and they kiss each other ...on the lips.

  • The Director's Cut features approximately 5 minutes of new footage. Sometimes scenes from the theatrical version were exchanged by longer ones in the Director's Cut but there are also some longer story extensions.


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