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A sense of deja vu
blanche-22 February 2001
I saw this movie before I saw "Malice". As far as I'm concerned, the plots are very similar except in the most minor of details. Whichever film I saw first I would have loved - it's my kind of thing -- and because I saw this first, I found it a wonderful movie, thoroughly interesting and enjoyable. I am a huge fan of Kathleen Quinlan, Joe Penny and Lisa Hartman and they all were shown to their best advantage.
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Is this Malice?
bond fan18 April 2001
I watched this film when it aired in 1990. Little did I know three years later in New York, I would be watching virtually the same film. This time, however, the film's title was "Malice". I was with a friend of mine, and each plot twist I told him what was going to happen. He thought I was a psychic,... or a copycat writer? Sort of makes you think,huh?
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well acted well crafted film
king-3511 August 1999
the three leads in this film rocked.the plot twist and turns keep you interested until the end.lisa hartman gives her best performance in this film. sexy yet vulnerable she more than proves her talent and shows what a major talent she is ms.quinlen as always turns in a fine performance. well worth seeing
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I love this movie with Joe Penny!! should be out on DVD...
iluvjoepenny3 September 2012
I love this movie with Joe Penny! It's one of those movies IMO that you could watch over and over again. Very well Acted! Joe Penny and Lisa Hartman Black have such great chemistry together. Also just watching Joe Penny in this role is awesome! He has such charisma on screen. Joe Penny is a talented actor and played this role of Dr. Betters very well. This story line keeps you interested throughout the whole movie plus Joe Penny in the pool scene whoa!! Joe Penny is HOT!!! I really wish this would come out on DVD or would be aired more often on the Cable Networks. It's a movie that shouldn't be missed and because Joe Penny is in it!
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Guilty pleasure movie
hawk-5828 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
One of my favorite "evil plotter" movies. The first time I saw this film I was completely taken in by Lisa Hartman, in fact she moved me to tears. Then I was totally shocked to find that she and Joe Penny were in cahoots and had planned the whole thing to get his wife's money. Great plot, great acting, look of the film somewhat limited by budgetary considerations, since it is a television movie, but altogether well worth watching.

Yes, there are some comparisons to the much later released movie Malice. I like that one, too, but unlike Malice at least in this movie one could understand the physiological side of the story. I never did figure out just exactly what it was Nicole Kidman did to herself in Malice, despite repeated viewings. And there was no crazed killer in The Operation - only Joe Penny.
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Excellent Movie With A Great Twist At The End
Saturn7727 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm fairly certain I saw this film some years ago, however the descriptions given on various sites are not detailed enough for me to confirm that it is the film I want. Will one of the people who wrote a review on this movie please provide much more detail about the plot? If it is the movie I want, then the doctor operating was fairly drunk at the time and his patient sues him for seven million dollars and wins. The big twist at the end is that doctor and patient were in on it together as a massive insurance fraud deal. Also as I recall the movie finishes with them living on a tropical island as lovers. If it's the movie I'm thinking of then it's excellent.
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