Nightbreed (1990) Poster


Craig Sheffer: Aaron Boone, Cabal



  • Boone : That's true.

    Peloquin : Everything is true. God's an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Midian is where the monsters live... And you came to die.

  • Boone : Decker... isn't this where the dead are supposed to be/go?

    Dr. Philip K. Decker : But you're not dead?

    Lori Desinger : [Passing out]  Boone

    Boone : No you're wrong Decker... we're both dead!

    [Decker stabs him, Boone just winces and smirks] 

    Boone : You see... blades are no better than bullets!

  • Boone : You don't understand! I've killed people.

    Peloquin : Who told you that?

    Boone : What do you mean?

    Peloquin : He lied, Asshole!

  • Narcisse : Are you going to kill him or not? Only I want his balls, and his eyes... unless you want them.

    Boone : I'll pass

    Narcisse : Remember me doctor? I was dying when you had your way with me. You made me give up my secrets when I was feeling particularly vunerable...

    [Pulls out a set of blades] 

    Narcisse : Now

  • Boone : [Sneering... as Decker falls from a cliff]  One last dance!

  • Boone : Look we can make it out... but we need fighters

    Lylesberg : We're not warriors

    Boone : What about the beserkers?

    Lylesberg : Madness, they're uncontrollable

    Boone : Better yet... let them out. We are the tribes of the moon... you said so

    Lylesberg : [Reminiscing]  The tribes of the moon

    [pauses then reluctantly] 

    Lylesberg : I'll release them

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