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Tom Towles: Harry Cooper



  • [last lines] 

    Harry : [discovering Barbara as she returned to the house the next day. Harry had cowered to the attic and left her for dead]  You came back!

    [pretending to be sincere] 

    Harry : You... Came back.

    [Barbara glares at him and then shoots him in the head] 

    Barbara : That's another one for the fire.

  • Ben : [after having just pulled Harry forcefully out of the cellar]  Look, from now on, you leave that door open! We may want to get down there, we may NEED to get down there if those things break in!

    Harry : Yeah, sure! You want the best of both worlds, you get caged in up here, you wanna be able to run downstairs. Well that's not the way it's working, pal. You want to get in that cellar, you get in there now! Or you can forget it!

    Ben : I'm not boxing myself in down there, until there's absolutely no other choice!

    Harry : Yeah, well I'm not gambling with my daughters life! Look, if you wanna stay upstairs, go ahead, but don't count on me to help you!

    Ben : I'm not counting on you for *shit*, Cooper!

  • Harry : You can't get any reception in the basement, dickhead.

  • Harry : A way out is a way in.

  • [the zombies are forcing through the boarded up windows] 

    Harry : This is definitely not going to work.

  • Ben : I'm not so sure going down that basement's such a smart move.

    Harry : What do you mean?

    Ben : I mean I'm not so sure going down in that basement's such a smart move! And I'm not going down there until I know absolutely all the options.

    Harry : [angry]  *What* damn options, and who the *fuck* gave you the right to decide for the rest of us?

    Ben : I'm not deciding for anyone here, Cooper, I'm thinking about my own ass and if you want to go down that cellar, go! No one's stopping you!

  • Harry : You idiots! You lame brains! You're gonna die up here. You're gonna die.

  • Harry : Bunch of yoyos!

  • Harry : [as he is about to lock himself in the basement]  I'm staying in here and I'm not coming out until some help comes.

    Ben : If someone like that comes along, we'll try to remember to let you know.

  • Helen Cooper : [yelling up from the basement]  Harry? For God's sake, is everything OK up there?

    Harry : [getting annoyed]  Helen! For Christ's sake, would you stop yelling at me? I can't think with you yelling at me!

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