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a pleasant time-passer and nothing more
MartinHafer10 June 2007
This Rick Moranis/Steve Martin film is relatively fun and entertaining, but also quite forgettable--mostly because the film is mostly founded on a single joke that isn't all that funny. Martin plays an obnoxious crook that Moranis has been assigned to protect and it's the standard "buddy film" where two totally dissimilar guys are thrown together with "hillarious results". Generally, while the results are slightly amusing, that's all there really is to the film. Martin hams it up with an over-the-top stereotypical cheap hood performance (which, frankly, isn't too good, since it's so broad and overdone) and Moranis plays a dull befuddled FBI agent. Really, this is only a very slightly better than average time-passer and nothing more. If it comes on TV and you have nothing more important to do, then give it a watch. Otherwise, it's pretty skip-able.
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Has Funny Moments
claudio_carvalho27 January 2015
The mobster Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli (Steve Martin) is under the witness protection program and the FBI agent Barney Coopersmith (Rick Moranis) is assigned to take Vinnie and his wife Linda to a house in the suburbs. However their wives leave Vinnie and Barney and the agent gets closer to the gangster and befriends him. Vinnie is a bon vivant and a crook and does not keep the necessary low profile. The District Attorney Hannah Stubbs (Joan Cusack) arrests him but Barney releases him from jail since he needs to testify against the Mafia. Soon Barney falls in love with Stubbs, but Vinnie gets into many troubles calling the attention of two hit men from the Mafia. The police officer Crystal Rybak (Melanie Mayron) protects him and they also falls in love with each other. In the end, the good-hearted Vinnie becomes a prominent personality in the suburbs.

"My Blue Heaven" is a heartwarming comedy with funny moments. The good story is wasted with the uneven screenplay. Vinnie in the supermarket is hilarious and maybe the best moment of this movie. The conclusion is corny but entertaining. Steve Martin was originally cast as Barney and Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast as Vinnie but he left the production to work in "Kindengarten Cop". My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Meu Pequeno Paraíso" ("My Little Heaven")
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"The way I look at it, this is where you go when you die."
classicsoncall14 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Steve Martin gets to play the 'wise guy' aspect of his role two different ways in this picture. First off, he really is a wise guy in the accepted vernacular of a former Mafia gangster, now in the witness protection program in order to testify in a pair of criminal cases. In the second case, his blatantly ridiculous story telling and excuses for bad behavior cast him as a wise guy who thinks he can get away with lying through his teeth. He's cast here opposite his FBI contact Barney Coopersmith, portrayed by Rick Moranis in a decidedly understated role. I was expecting more from Moranis in the way of his character Louis Tully in "Ghostbusters", so his demeanor in this film kept me constantly off balance. The only time he seemed to let his hair down was in that nightclub number where he and Martin displayed some significant dance moves that thoroughly stunned me. For me, that was the best part of the picture. Otherwise this is a relatively cornball story that gets it's humorous kicks in whenever it can, as Vinnie Antonelli (Martin) takes the town of Fryburg for a bunch of suckers with his Little League donation scheme, and turns it around to become a hero in the community. Fans of Steve Martin in his heyday will take some pleasant grins from the film, but you'll have to pick your spots.
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this movie is pure heaven
lee_eisenberg5 June 2005
Some people may roll their eyes at the thought of another mafia spoof, but Steve Martin does a good job with it. He plays hit man Vinnie Antonelli, who is having to hide out in the suburbs. Vinnie is a cool dude, and decides that FBI agent Barney Coopersmith (Rick Moranis), who is protecting him, needs some fun in his life. So, he shows Barney the time of his any cost.

In some ways, the movie is another excuse for the generation of comedians who grew out of the "Saturday Night Live" and "SCTV" routines to do their stuff. And you'd better believe that they do just that. Joan Cusack and Carol Kane play supporting roles, but I wonder whether or not their characters could have been developed further. Overall, it's a really good movie.
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One Of Martn's Funnier Efforts
ccthemovieman-12 November 2006
At the time of its release, I thought this might be Steve Martin's best work. He's done so many good things that I wouldn't say what's his best anymore but he is very good in here. His Italian hoodlum accent is funny and the unique character he plays, "Vinnie Antonelli" is very entertaining to see and hear.

This isn't a laugh-out-loud-type of comedy but a pleasant one all the way through with good subtle humor. The first half of the story was much better than the second half. It gets cornier as it goes on. Martin's supporting cast - Rick Moranis and Joan Cusack - don't quite cut it as an FBI man and district attorney, respectively, being ridiculous clown-type characters but, hey, this isn't supposed to be taken seriously. Moranis' "Barney Coppersmith" is stupid but likable and Cusack's "Hannah Stubbs" is overly silly.

The language is very tame, especially for a PG-13 film. It's just a nice lighthearted comedy, worth a look or two. I saw it three times and by then, that was enough. The DVD version I saw wasn't a whole lot better than the tape with poor surround sound and a so-so transfer.
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"Vincent Antonelli Stadium."
TxMike27 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I forget how many years ago I first watched "My Blue Heaven", but watching it again tonight on DVD was almost like seeing it for the first time. I remembered it as a fun movie, but it is actually better than I had remembered.

Steve Martin is a New York mob guy, Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli, who is in the federal witness protection program, transplanted to San Diego, given a new home, a new name, and a living allowance until he testifies against his former cronies. Rick Moranis is the FBI agent, Barney Coopersmith, assigned to watch over Vinnie. But Vinnie is hard to watch, and he keeps slipping away and into petty trouble.

Vinnie's first scrape in San Diego comes when he hot wires and steals a car. District Attorney Hannah Stubbs (Joan Cusack) wants to keep him in jail, but Barney pulls him out to preserve his false identity. Always an opportunist, Vinnie sets out to make a match between Barney and Hannah. It was inspired casting for the shorter Moranis to play opposite the taller Cusack, both in what are serious roles in a comedy. The comedy comes from the contrast of their characters, and it is good.

Most SPOILERS follow. It turns out that many of Vinnie's old cronies are also in San Diego, and they tell him the payments stop after the testimony, "they expect us to get real jobs and earn our keep." So, they all get together to run various illegal "fund raising" schemes. In one, they hijack cargo that turns out to be empty 5-gallon water bottles. So Vinnie sets them out in businesses to collect "donations" for Little League baseball. Later, caught in the scam, he weasels out by, arranged from a jail cell, having his friends begin actual construction of a Little League Park, "Vincent Antonelli Stadium."

This is strictly a comedy, and in the end we see Vinnie beginning to settle down and perhaps go straight, in San Diego, his "Blue Heaven." Martin wears an unusual hairdo for him, dark hair sticking straight up, and he does a very good New York "gangster" accent. I don't like all Steve Martin roles equally, but he always does a superb job. Vinnie Antonelli is becoming one of my favorites of his.
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I loved every minute of this movie!
JohnHowardReid14 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
My Blue Heaven (1990) came as a very welcome surprise. I had written off writer Nora Ephron because of her brief stint in TV at the beginning of her career. But she turns out to be a really inventive and clever writer who knows how to deliver socko comedy at the start of a movie and then keep topping it up right to the very end! Director Herbert Ross also made a false start to his movie career with the disastrous re-make of Goodbye Mr Chips, followed by the disappointing Owl and the Pussy Cat. Admittedly, Play It Again, Sam is great fun but how much of that success is due to the input of Woody Allen? On the other hand, whichever way you look at it, My Blue Heaven is brilliantly directed from start to finish with every episode topping the ep that went before! Credit must also be showered on the players, particularly Steve Martin and diminutive Rick Moranis. In fact, all the acting is top notch, and I loved the music score too! Available on an excellent Warner Brothers DVD which also features the French-dubbed version. Whatever you do, don't listen to this French version. It's awful! It's hard to believe that as recently I imagine as 1991 such execrable dubbing was still being recorded with absolutely no attempt at lip sync, let alone a bit of effort to match the vocal inflections and timbre of Martin, Moranis and company.
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Too Much Steve Martin And Not Enough Credibility
Theo Robertson19 July 2005
Steve Martin is amusing as a stand up comedian and is absolutely outstanding as the host to the Oscar ceremony , and as his straight roles in movies like AND THE BAND PLAYED and GRAND CANYON prove he's not bad in dramatic roles either . However I have never taken to the man as a comedy actor because he lacks any type of subtlety . I think you know what my problem with MY BLUE HEAVEN might be don't you ?

Martin plays witness protection protectee Vinnie Antonelli or rather plays him very badly . Would Danny Glover get away with playing a modern day African American as a Zulu ? I doubt it so why do we have to put up with Martin overplaying the ethnic stereotype of an Italian American wiseguy ? It's a very irritating performance anyway similar to how Jim Carrey would have played the role which lacks any type of credibility which ironically is down to the performance rather than the writing . I say ironically because the film centers around the character interaction between Vinnie and FBI bodyguard Barney Coopersmith played by Rick Moranis and while Moranis plays his role in an okay manner he's badly let down by the writing . In this type of movie everything must be credible for it to work and unfortunately because of Martin's acting and Morani written character this is what brings the movie down
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My cousin Vinnie relocates
jotix10029 November 2005
Heaven help those communities that are chosen as a haven for criminals that are cooperating with the government. Most of them are out of the way, and in the case of this movie, Vinnie Antonelli, the FBI's witness from hell, sticks out like a sore thumb!

This film had the right ingredients going for it. Where did it go wrong?, one will never know! With a talent like Herbert Ross directing, and a screen play written by Nora Ephron, one of the best women in the business, as a writer and a director, it sounded like the perfect team to make this film a winner. Not having seen it when it first came out, and having heard it was not worth the effort, we decided to watch it when it was shown on cable recently.

Steve Martin is a genius in his own right. That said, like some other funny men, without the reining power of a good director, Mr. Martin tends to overdo his roles. This is unfortunate because when he is good, he is excellent. The problem with the film is that we don't buy the idea this jerk, Vinnie, has any redeeming qualities. In fact, he goes into his own criminal activities, which seems to be possible. We have heard how a famous criminal, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, doing this type of thing while in protective custody, with a new identity getting into drug trafficking!

The film will not add anything to Mr. Martin's resume, or to Joan Cusak, Bill Irwin, Karol Kane and the rest.

Don't say you weren't warned.
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Martin and Moranis at their prime.
Boba_Fett113824 July 2006
This movie is from the period when Rick Moranis and Steve Martin were still at the very top of the comedy-genre. This movie shows both of them in top-form and they make this movie a fun and certainly above average one.

It's not the most clever or best comedy movie even written but the movie does serve its purpose. There are quite many different plot-lines. It doesn't make the movie confusing to watch but it does make it a little bit less interesting to watch at times. Therefor the move never really reaches the level of true greatness but it still is a bit of a forgotten and certainly underrated comedy that deserves some more recognition.

This movie features Steve Martin in one of his best and most entertaining roles. He is perfect as the ex-gangster, who now is in the witness protection program. He goes perfectly over-the-top as the Italian wise-guy. Rick Moranis' role is a bit smaller (too small) but not any less entertaining because of that. Moranis and Martin form a pretty good and funny comical duo, mainly because the two characters are very different from each other. The movie also has a really strong supporting cast, with some big and well known respected names in it.

It's a movie that really mostly relies on its two main character. They make the movie and its comedy moments work. The movie doesn't really have that many memorable moments, although the dance sequences are definitely fun, original and amusing. Its more the sort of movie that amuses and entertaining throughout its entire running time, without making a too big or lasting impression. The movie tries to be clever at moments with its story but it only succeeds partly in this. The story is too messy and too disconnected to make it really fully work.

There are too many issues with this movie to really regard it as a great comedy classic. The story is not always told in the most interesting way and not everything in the movie really connects with each other. Also the ending was a bit of a disappointment. It was like they wanted to solve every plot line and problems in the last ten minutes in just a couple of sequences. It made the ending a bit of a too easy and unsatisfying one.

Overall an entertaining, bit of underrated comedy, that is fun to watch, mainly thanks to Martin and Moranis who were both in top shape at the time of this movie.

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Such a cute buddy movie
HotToastyRag13 September 2019
My Blue Heaven is really, really cute. There's nothing particularly original about it, but somehow, Nora Ephron's delightful script still feels fresh. In essence, polar opposites become friends and the "fun one" helps the "uptight one" loosen up and learn how to really live. Rick Moranis is an FBI agent, tasked with relocating a New York mobster, Steve Martin, into a San Diego suburb before he testifies in court. Steve isn't exactly a quiet witness, and Rick spends more time than he'd like keeping him out of trouble.

There are so many sweet elements to this movie, all fitting into the setting and the title. In the quintessential suburb with Little League baseball and friendly grocery store workers, nothing ever goes wrong. The DA, Joan Cusack, isn't used to any crime being committed, so when Steve starts looking for angles, she's quite anxious to throw him behind bars. Scene breaks segment the movie with a little title card telling the audience what's about to happen-"I amaze everyone," or "Mrs. Stubbs has her problems, too," for example-with an instrumental of the title song. The sweetness of the town isn't so saccharine that it gets on the audience's nerves, Steve Martin's gangster persona isn't so over-the-top that he's ridiculous, and Rick Moranis's character isn't so hopeless that the audience thinks he's just a stereotype. In the beginning of the movie, his wife leaves him and criticizes his "system" for eating pancakes; but when Rick explains that he merely likes the bottom pancake to have as much syrup as the top pancake, it makes sense!

Right away, you're rooting for him to find love again and for him and Steve to become friends. Throughout the movie, Steve opens his eyes to the important worlds of fashion, heavy tipping, and dancing, so he's able to sweep the woman of his choice off her feet. There are so many cute scenes highlighting both leads: Steve insists on fingerprinting himself at the police station because he's faster at it than the cop; Rick learns how to merengue and ends up dancing on the beach with Joan!

Give this movie a shot. It's very funny, and it's got that lovely, clean '90s charm that movies made today don't have. After this, rent Little Shop of Horrors for a fun weekend marathon!
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You might melt all this stuff.....
FlashCallahan15 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Vinnie is a smooth-talking mobster who is relocated from New York City to a suburb of San Diego by the Federal Witness Protection Program in exchange for testifying against the mob.

He must start life over in a quiet town with nothing to keep himself entertained - until he runs across some old friends from the Big Apple and they start up a little business of their own.

Vinnie's bad behaviour wreaks havoc on the life of Barney Coopersmith, the straitlaced FBI agent assigned to protect him.

Barney must struggle with Hannah, the local assistant D.A., to keep Vinnie out of prison and safe from the mob before his testimony.

Before long, Vinnie is sweet-talking Hannah into dates with Barney and teaching Barney how to dance, dress, and become a lady killer as they run from Mafia hit men..

Released in England around the same time as Goodfellas, the film is a light spin on the life of Henry Hill. Imagine watching the last scene of the said movie, and then whacking this one on, and you have some sort of insane sequel.

This is the sort of sunshine happy movie Hollywood released before the advent of Gross Out movie and the Farrelly Brothers, and it's a pleasure to watch.

To call the film kooky is an understatement, and it's all thanks to the paring of the two leads.

Martin is in L.A. Story mode here, and he shines as the Vinnie, one of the nicest gangsters you could ever meet in a suburb.

Scenarios are psychedelic, and it's one of those films that you can watch with ease, knowing that all will be good come the end.

With a great supporting cast, My Blue Heaven is one of those films you may have missed first time round, but know about, thanks to the iconic poster, and word of mouth.

Well worth watching, with all the family...
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A cute and lovable comedy
Smells_Like_Cheese3 November 2006
I just watched Blue Heaven and I thought that it was a nice sweet comedy with two of my favorite comedians: Steve Martin and Rick Moranis. They make such a great duo and you can tell that they really enjoy each other's presence. This is the only Steve Martin movie my mom didn't have, so I had to rent it. But I was excited to see Steve Martin as a tough Italin mobster, so I couldn't resist the rental.

My Blue Heaven is about a man, Vinny, aka, Todd, and he's about to go on trial to rat out some Mafia members, but he must be protected from hit men, so that's where Rick's character comes in. He must take care of Vinny and make sure that he isn't arrested or injured, but that's going to be hard since Vinny keeps getting into trouble with the D.A. played by Joan Cussack. Vinny also thinks it's a good idea that she and Rick get together and they do. But Joan is going to try her best to get Vinny busted.

It's predictable, but it is a very adorable movie that I think any Steve Martin fan could appreciate. The cast was great and the story was very funny, I thought it was so cool that it was slightly based on Henry Hill's(who you probably remember from Goodfellas) life. Rick and Steve are just great and I think you'll enjoy this movie.

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Pure Heaven.
MovieAddict20166 October 2003
After a car is stolen by a gangster:

"And where did you learn to jump start a car?" "I had to learn to jump start ambulances to get invalids to the dialysis machines."

  • Joan Cusack and Steve Martin, "My Blue Heaven."

There's a lot of fun to be found in "My Blue Heaven," a simple little comedy with only good intentions. I find it almost impossible to dislike - it has little offensive material, it isn't a stupid, recycled movie packaged with marketable trimmings. Instead, it is a joyful little flick that knows it is no Oscar winner but still tries to entertain its audience. And it does. "My Blue Heaven" is pure heaven for anyone who appreciates fine comedy - it's a little bit wacky, a little bit goofy, and very, very funny.

Steve Martin is perfectly cast as the wild and crazy Vincent Antonelli, a Mafia informer who has been entered into the Witness Protection Program. His wife wants no part of their new, cheery life in a suburban America so she leaves him early on. Rick Moranis is equally well-cast as Barney Coopersmith, the FBI agent assigned to protect Vinnie and make sure his new life is suitable to his comfort.

Barney's wife has just left him, too. She complains that he is too anal-retentive. She even mentions that he has a technique for getting equal amounts of butter on his waffles. Meanwhile, Vinnie soon tires of his new life and resorts to crime - first little things, such as marking down prices on meat in the local grocery store - which results in the best single line in the entire film, when a perky employee greets Vinnie. His response is a four-letter-word that isn't nearly as (c)rude as it seems it would be at first. Soon he meets up with old partners and crime and they form a new crime syndicate - much to the chagrin of a female police officer named Hannah Stubbs (Joan Cusack), who seems to be the perfect match for Barney Coopersmith.

Hannah is unable to prosecute Vinnie because he is a Federal Witness. At first she and Barney hate each other. Then they grow closer. Vinnie watches on with joyful interest. And what makes this movie so enjoyable, in part, is the chemistry between Martin and Moranis.

It's their first film together since "Parenthood." They're a good duo, and Martin is so out of character here you start to forget it's even him playing an Italian mobster. Compare Vincent Antonelli to Neal Page (Martin's character in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"), and the difference in not only attitude but mannerisms and levels of intensity is clearly evident. Martin can play the middle-class American white male especially well, but this film clearly shows that he has not left his wacky background in such films as "The Jerk" far behind.

"My Blue Heaven" came out the same year as "Goodfellas" (1990). It was impeccable timing - at the end of "Goodfellas" we are left with the penetrating image of Ray Liotta's character Henry Hill outside a suburban home in a cheery neighborhood which, remarkably, looks exactly like the neighborhood in "My Blue Heaven." It could be argued that "My Blue Heaven" is an immediate sequel in some senses. Where "Goodfellas" left off "My Blue Heaven" starts - it just throws in some comedy. Which is why I don't understand its small impact when it first arrived in theaters. (Suffice to say, it sorta flopped.)

I own this film on a VHS tape I purchased for $4.99 at Wal-Mart. I found it lying in the bottom of a discount video barrel with no-name titles. There are comedic gems that have gained respect over the years, and then there are comedic gems that have slipped by unnoticed. "My Blue Heaven" wasn't very noticed upon its release in 1990, the few critics who saw it seemed not to pay any attention to it. Funny how some of the most joyful comedies slip by. My Blue Heaven" is a few laughs short of a comic masterpiece.

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Smart Comedy
tfrizzell20 August 2001
Steve Martin is a mobster turned informant in the U.S. Witness Protection Program, but his dishonest habits are hard to break in this clever little comedy. Director Herbert Ross uses a smart screenplay, talented performers, and a great premise to make "My Blue Heaven" work a lot better than most films of its genre. Rick Moranis is the FBI agent who tries to protect Martin from mafia hitmen and more dangerously himself. Joan Cusack is priceless as a local district attorney who wants to get Martin for every little offense he commits while awaiting his court date to testify. William Hickey is also good as one of Martin's shady friends. A good little film overall. 3.5 out of 5 stars.
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A lot of fun
pmtelefon21 August 2020
I've been a big fan of Steve Martin going all the back to his guest spots on Saturday Night Live. I've seen a bunch of his movies in the theater. Most of the others on video. But for some reason, I never got around to "My Blue Heaven". Until last night that is. Now I ask myself why did I wait that long. "My Blue Heaven" is a very entertaining movie. It's a lot of fun. Steve Martin gives a great performance. The rest of the cast is also very good. Sure, it's a silly movie but I was laughing all the way through it. "My Blue Heaven" is another solid entry in Steve Martin's Hall of Fame resume.
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I wish I could watch just one of his movies and not think, "Man, I miss Rick Moranis."
This is one of those late-century middle-of-the-road comedies that isn't quite forgotten, but is far from being a certified classic. However, it's an odd-couple good-time with confident humor and silly performances that are as bright as its plastic setting. And I could watch Bill Irwin's gangly dancing forever.
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Good Comedy!
gwnightscream22 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Steve Martin, Rick Moranis and Joan Cusack star in this 1990 comedy. Martin (Planes, Trains & Automobiles) plays mobster, Vinnie Antonelli who is in the witness protection program. Moranis (Ghostbusters) plays Barney Coopersmith, a square, FBI agent who is assigned to protect Vinnie in a suburban town in California. Vinnie starts off getting into some trouble, but betters himself trying to help Barney build his self-confidence as well as help provide for the community. Cusack (In & Out) plays D.A., Hannah Stubbs who finds romance with Barney. Daniel Stern (Home Alone), Carol Kane (The Princess Bride), Bill Irwin (How the Grinch Stole Christmas) and the late, William Hickey (Tales from the Darkside: The Movie) are also featured. I've always enjoyed this film and Martin and Moranis are great together. I recommend this good comedy.
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This is a wonderful, fun, almost dark comedy.
FiendishDramaturgy28 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
My Blue Heaven is a wonderful example of Steve Martin's diversity as a comedic actor. I love his devil-may-care attitude in this one and his relationship with Rick Moranis's character's is absolutely hilarious.

Martin plays Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli, a low-level mob figure who is turning state's evidence against a bigger gangland figure. He is in the witness protection program, and assigned to Barney Coopersmith (Rick Moranis), an FBI agent who is chomping at the bit to do some "real detective work."

I won't go into the plot, but it is quite enjoyable to watch.

One of my favorite Steve Martin movies.

It rates a 7.2/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Bad Hair, Bad Suit, Bad Character... Bad Comedy
drqshadow-reviews17 January 2018
Life in the witness protection program for a loud-mouthed ex-mafia informant (Steve Martin) and his boring, buttoned-up FBI minder (Rick Moranis). Strangely, this serves as a counterpoint of sorts to Martin Scorsese's epic Goodfellas, and not just in the similar topic and release window. Both were actually based on the life of the same man, mobster turned stool pigeon Henry Hill, although My Blue Heaven takes some artistic license in casting him as a plucky, golden-hearted screwball. Yet, despite Martin's best efforts to be the loudest man in the room (he's certainly the loudest dressed) there's very little to see here. We watch him bristle at the prospect of a subdued retirement away from the bright lights, toy with the idea of starting his own operation in town, tease the local cops and... nothing. No growth, no conflict, no excitement. Even when he's literally under fire from spurned former conspirators, there's no tension in the air. It just feels like bad slapstick. Vacant and dull, pointless and meaningless, it's offensive in the lengths it takes to be inoffensive. I'm not sure why I did this to myself.
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Cute in spots, fails to engage
smatysia28 January 2003
None of the three main actors were remotely believable at their parts. OK, I know this is a screwball comedy, and I suspect that the absurd casting was totally deliberate. Having said that, they all did pretty well with the material at hand, especially Joan Cusack. There were some cute scenes, like Martin's court testimony. But the film basically failed to engage. Grade: D
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Martin and Moranis
caspian197818 March 2005
People forget about the amazing comedy that comedians Steve Martin and Rick Moranis have. From Little Shops of Horror, to LA Stories and Parenthood, Martin and Moranis are equally as funny and talented as Wilder and Pryor or even Martin and Lewis. They are not only funny but have a chemistry that allow the two actors to be different characters. In My Blue Heaven, Steve Martin proves he can play Italian. Not since Al Jolsen does an actor make fun at a nationality so well by doing it so fake. This is one of very few perfect comedies that tells a comedy without jokes. The characters alone make the movie funny, even though they are not aiming to make you laugh. Well, some are, but the overall drama of the movie makes you laugh. In a story like this, the characters can do no wrong.
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A decent little comedy from Steve Martin
Agent107 September 2004
This is one of those few moments where Steve Martin tried playing a character as opposed to playing himself. Such a formula tends to work for him.

While the movie did seem rather convoluted in some spots, Martin's character is so well drawn out and likable, that you tend to forget about the weakness of the plot and the predictability. But hey, there is enough comedy and movement to keep this story going, which in regards for this film, is all it really needs to stay afloat. I thought Rick Moranis was pretty good, and the ending was so perfectly cheesy, it couldn't have fit this movie any better.
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A very poor "comedy"
Blueghost19 July 2005
I'm really baffled by the positive comments that have been posted here. Did these people see the same movie I saw? I wonder.

When I saw this film in the theatre no one laughed. And I mean absolutely no one laughed at a single joke or gag in this film. There were a few chuckles here and there, and I have to admit I grinned a couple of times, but I can barely remember anything that was truly and honestly funny about this movie, much less the audience breaking out in uproarious laughter.

I went to see it with the sale's point that comedic talents Rick Moranis and Steve Martin would be pulling the comedic load. Well, I paid my then $8.00, and sat in a packed house where barely anyone laughed. This was largely do to the extreme poverty level of laughs found in this film. And by "laughs" I mean both performances and audience reaction.

Yes, I understand Steve Martin's humor stylings. Yes, I know his performance is supposed to be a comedic take on a former mobster. Yes, I can accept the caricatures for what they are. But that doesn't make them (nor the film) funny.

Hey, if this film floats your boat, then more power to you. To myself that doesn't speak well for anyone's taste, but to each his own. For myself this movie is like an extremely bad nightmare, or the vacation trip from Hell. It's just as forgettable as the film stock to which it was committed.

Don't waste your time and money on this poor excuse for a film. If you want a smart and funny comedy that involves "mobsters" or "gangsters", then check out "Free Johhny Dangerously." If you're looking for smart slapstick, then give "Noises Off" or "What's Up Doc" a whirl on your DVD player.
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Recapturing a good memory
KUAlum2610 January 2009
I saw this movie not long after its release in August,1990. It was a rather important and memorable part of my young life:I was getting ready to move off to college(among other things)and was needing a little distraction. Since I fancied myself as a Steve MArtin fanatic(still kinda do),I felt like I HAD to see this. While I would've never--not then,probably not now,either--thought this to be anything of great work,it's still a blissfully wonderful comedy.

You might be able to take Vincent "Vinnie" Antonelli(Steve Martin,full-tilt commitment to the role)out of organized crime and the big city,but you cannot take the organized crime or big city out of Vinnie,as he frequently goes astray of the law in his witness relocation in a quiet desert community outside of San Diego. The fed assigned him Barney Coopersmith(Rick Moranis,mensch)seems to be woefully unable to keep a leash on his charge,but it's alright because while Vinnie may not sit still in protective custody,he's got a big heart for those around him keeping him out of prison. Naturally,while Vinnie may not be always above board about his actions,he's still pretty good on his word and intentions.

Easy,breezy comedy directed by the late Herbert Ross and penned by Nora Ephron(who seems to be a much better screenwriter than director),it's a film that is as light as air on a subject not normally broached in this manner(even Analyze This! and its sequel,Analyze That! still had a somewhat heavy air in them,albeit still largely tongue-in-cheek). Credit the deft and intentional script and the intensely likable interplay between Martin and Moranis(not to mention the potential love relationship/tension brought on by Joan Cusack as a divorced mom and zealous local DA)for this fact.

I saw this again recently having bought this on a "Two-fer" disc that was paired with The Man With Two Brains. While I bought the disc primarily to watch THAT film,this add-on was not only a good re-watch(or even,come to think about it,re-re-watch)but brought back a long,pleasant memory or two of film-going.
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