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Check Out Drake’s New Tattoo of Denzel Washington

It appears that rapper Drake has some new ink. This time the talented musician is paying homage to one of his favorite actors. On Saturday is was revealed that Drake had Denzel Washington’s face tattooed on his body by artist Inal Bersekov. The image is from the 1990 film Mo’ Better Blues. In the film Washington portrayed jazz musician Bleek Gilliam. It was one of two tattoos that Berskov added to Drake’s inked body. Here is the image that was posted on Bersekov’s Instagram page. "Mo' better blues" first session on my brother @champagnepapi , thanks as usual for your trust. "Clarke:

Check Out Drake’s New Tattoo of Denzel Washington
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Drake Gets a Tattoo of Denzel Washington's Face, and We're Kind of Loving It

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Drake Gets a Tattoo of Denzel Washington's Face, and We're Kind of Loving It
Image Source: Getty / Noel Vasquez Drake is no stranger to getting inked, but the latest addition to the rapper's tattoo collection took us by surprise. On Sunday, Toronto-based tattoo artist Inal Bersekov shared a snap of the Denzel Washington art he put on Drake's upper right hip; the portrait is of a young Denzel as jazz musician Bleek Gilliam in the 1990 film Mo' Better Blues. "'Mo' better blues' first session on my brother @champagnepapi, thanks as usual for your trust," Inal captioned the photo. Denzel isn't the first celebrity Drake has had memorialized on his body - he also has portraits of singer Sade and the late R&B star Aaliyah, as well as his mentor, Lil Wayne. See the ink below, then check out his sexiest photos. "Mo' better blues" first session on my brother @champagnepapi , thanks as usual for your trust. "Clarke: 'Cause mo better makes
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Drake Immortalizes Denzel Washington With New Tattoo

Drake Immortalizes Denzel Washington With New Tattoo
Denzel Washington has been initiated into Drake's hall of fame—or that is, his body of fame. The rapper recently had a portrait of Washington's character Bleek Gilliam from the 1990 film Mo' Better Blues tatted onto his arm by Toronto-based tattoo artist Inal Bersekov. His inspiration? Bersekov told E! News that the rapper said Mo' Better Blues is one of his all-time favorites, adding, "That movie kind of inspired him." The famous tattoo artist took to Instagram to share the image of Drake's newest tattoo with his followers, thanking Drake for trusting him with the work of art. It isn't the first time the Degrassi actor has...
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‘La La Land,’ ‘Stranger Things’ Among 2017 World Soundtrack Award Nominees

‘La La Land,’ ‘Stranger Things’ Among 2017 World Soundtrack Award Nominees
The World Soundtrack Academy has announced the first wave of 2017 World Soundtrack Award nominees.

Among the contenders: Academy Award winner Justin Hurwitz (“La La Land”), and Academy Award nominees Mica Levi, Nicholas Britell, Dustin O’Halloran and Jóhann Jóhannsson. As previously announced, the lifetime achievement award will be presented to composer David Shire (“The Conversation,” “All the President’s Men”) as part of the #WSAwards celebration of jazz.
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Charlie Murphy, Comedian and Brother of Eddie Murphy, Passes Away at 57

Charlie Murphy, Comedian and Brother of Eddie Murphy, Passes Away at 57
The Hollywood community is in mourning once again, after losing another beloved actor and comedian. Charlie Murphy, the older brother of legendary comedian Eddie Murphy and star of the iconic comedy series Chappelle's Show, has passed away at the age of 57. Murphy's manager confirmed that he died from Leukemia earlier this morning in a New York City hospital, where he was undergoing chemotherapy.

TMZ reports that the actor's death comes as an absolute shock to his family, since they had thought he was improving. The site says that his family would call him frequently, and that he would even joke that they were calling him too much. It hasn't been confirmed how long he had been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for, before his death.

Charlie Murphy was born July 12, 1959 in Brooklyn to Lillian Murphy, a telephone operator, and Charles Edward Murphy, a New York transit officer who was also an amateur actor and comedian.
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Charlie Murphy, Comedian and 'Chappelle's Show' Star, Dead at 57

Charlie Murphy, Comedian and 'Chappelle's Show' Star, Dead at 57
Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphy, a Chappelle's Show star and an accomplished comedian in his own right, died Wednesday in New York City. He was 57. Murphy's publicist confirmed the comedian's death to Rolling Stone, adding that the cause of death was leukemia.

"Our hearts are heavy with the loss today of our son, brother, father, uncle and friend Charlie," the Murphy family said in a statement. "Charlie filled our family with love and laughter and there won’t be a day that goes by that his presence will not be missed.
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Bill Nunn, Do The Right Thing's Radio Raheem, Has Died

Bill Nunn, Do The Right Thing's Radio Raheem, Has Died
Bill Nunn, best known for his role as Radio Raheem in Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing has died. He was 62. Lee took to Instagram several times on Saturday to share his condolences and love for his friend. "My Dear Friend, My Dear Morehouse Brother- Da Great Actor Bill Nunn As Most Of You Know Him As Radio Raheem Passed Away This Morning In His Hometown Of Pittsburgh," he captioned an old photo of Nunn. "Long Live Bill Nunn. Radio Raheem Is Now Resting In Power. Radio Raheem Will Always Be Fighting Da Powers Dat Be. May God Watch Over Bill Nunn.
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Bill Nunn, Do The Right Thing's Radio Raheem, Has Died

Bill Nunn, Do The Right Thing's Radio Raheem, Has Died
Bill Nunn, best known for his role as Radio Raheem in Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing has died. He was 62. Lee took to Instagram several times on Saturday to share his condolences and love for his friend. "My Dear Friend, My Dear Morehouse Brother- Da Great Actor Bill Nunn As Most Of You Know Him As Radio Raheem Passed Away This Morning In His Hometown Of Pittsburgh," he captioned an old photo of Nunn. "Long Live Bill Nunn. Radio Raheem Is Now Resting In Power. Radio Raheem Will Always Be Fighting Da Powers Dat Be. May God Watch Over Bill Nunn.
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The 50 Greatest Films by Black Directors

Slate magazine has drawn up an interesting list of great black films, the twist being that they have to have been directed by a black person rather than about the black experience so out go Old Hollywood musicals like Carmen Jones or Cabin in the Sky or Oscar favorites like Sounder.  In the wake of recent conversations about Hollywood's power structures and overwhelming whiteness, Slate assembled a field of critics and filmmakers and scholars to produce the list.

Eve's Bayou

I need to get cracking on my gaps in knowledge from this list, especially because of the titles I've seen from this list several were great and the ones I didn't personally connect to were still interesting (Night Catches Us) or memorable (Eve's Bayou - I've been meaning to give that another shot now that I'm older). Unsurprisingly Spike Lee has the most titles with six. Curiously, though I've seen
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LatinoBuzz: Shipwrecked! The Urbanworld Film Festival

As the summer has wound down things got even hotter over at Urban Film Festival, which kicks off Sept 17-21st with this year seeing its strongest presence of Latino content to fill the void the New York International Latino Film Festival behind two years ago. So we decided to show the short filmmakers that feature Latino talent in their films some love in a new edition of ‘LatinoBuzz: Shipwrecked’ to see what they cannot live without! They are given a choice of a Film, Book, Companion from a film and an Album to be stranded with (we’ll deal with logistics another time).

Janine Salinas Schoenberg – "Jenny & Lalo"

Film: ‘Amelie’ - Because it's all I ever want to see when I'm having a bad day.

Book: ‘The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao’ because few books have ever made me both laugh out loud and sob hysterically.

Album: A mix of my husband Adam Schoenberg's music because it both moves and inspires me. Perfect for island solitude!

Companion: Maria Elena from ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ because she would be fun, spontaneous, and crazy enough to help us survive!

Adel L. Morales – "Missing Grandma"

Album: ‘Paid In Full’ by Eric B. & Rakim. I remember running to Moody’s Record Shop on White Plains Road in the Boogie Down the day after I heard Marly Marl drop it on Wbls for the first time. I picked up the 12-inch single of “Eric B. Is President” (the album didn’t drop right away) and was immediately blown away by the art on the label: a giant brown hand coming down from the skies to drop off pyramids on a nearly deserted earth. I knew from the jump that Rakim was bringing a higher level of thought to the hip-hop game. His conversion to the Nations of God’s and Earths gave him a preacher-like authority, as he stood for my positive energy than anyone before him. The man was a pioneer and a lyrical genius. He was using internal rhymes in his songs while cats were still struggling with end rhymes. Eric B’s beats were dope & got insanely better on their follow-up album, “Follow the Leader.” After I ran home and played that track a bunch, I flipped it over to listen to the B-side, which was “My Melody” and I damn near had a heart attack. I couldn’t believe my ears! Did this Mc and DJ, with the hottest track in the streets, put an even hotter track on the B-side? It was like finding a gold nugget in a riverbed. The greatest rap duo ever in my book.

Book: ‘Random Family’ by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc is a fascinating true story of two couples set in the Bronx during the mid-1980’s to late-1990’s. Despite the accurate portrayal of the lives and the cycle of poor choices made by uneducated people, there is a tiny glimmer of hope for the next generation. It makes me hope that someone’s child will eventually figure a way out of the messes created by inner city issues, like the high school drop out rate, teen pregnancy, and drug dealing. It describes in great exactness the time period in which I grew up in the Bronx and allows me to appreciate the courses I travelled to navigate those dangerous waters.

Companion : Sancho Panza from ‘Don Quixote.’ He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty literally or figuratively. He is often the voice of truth when his partner would rather hear anything but. But, it is the ability to keep his master safe from enemies, as well as from himself that seals the deal for me.

Film: ‘Adrift in Tokyo’ by Satoshi Miki is one of my favorite films of all time. I would chose this one to take with me if I was stranded on an island because it encompasses some of the things that I find essential to enjoying life on this planet. Miki is able to do this in both dramatic and comedic ways. It is about making connections with the world around us and with the people in it. Spending time getting to know someone often feels like a lost art in today’s faster-paced world. Characters learn to express emotion and not hide behind “manliness.” They atone for sins they’ve committed and attempt to right the wrongs of their past. This film reminds me that happiness can be found in the tiniest moments of pleasure and this film delivers tons of them as the laughs are frequent and come from the silliest places at the weirdest times.

Jess Dela Merced – "Hypebeasts"

Album: ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ had a lot of influence on me growing up and even more so today. I fall into many daydreams listening to it, imagining scenes to match or pretending some of the songs were soundtracks to my life. All her lyrics are starting to ring true as I grow older and the messages are always getting clearer with each listen. It's one of those albums that you can only fully comprehend once you're old and wrinkly.

Book: ‘Catcher in the Rye’ will always be my favorite book. I identify with Holden so much, not sure if that's a good thing, but if I could make any movie in the world, it would be an adaptation of that book. One day I will find the loophole to get to the rights!

Film: ‘Coming to America’ because I need to stay happy on that island and would probably reenact it word for word to keep myself entertained. Also so I can listen to Sexual Chocolate and Soul Glo repeatedly.

Companion: Any character Robin Williams has played. I guess Genie for obvious reasons.

Daniel Pfeffer – "Milk & Honey"

Album: If I was stranded, I'd bring Coltrane's ‘A Love Supreme’ for it's timeless effect, so whenever I was losing hope of rescue, I'd put that on to calm my nerves, and let me know it all doesn't matter in the end, because the beauty is within and all around you.

Book: My book would have to be ‘Drown’ by Junot Diaz, because it would let me remember where I'm from, the metro area, and what it feels like to have immigrant parents.

Film: I love so many films, but I think one that is just poetry in motion for me would be Spike Lee's ‘He Got Game’. Whenever I was feeling homesick I'd just watch that. Plus the soundtrack is so good on it from the classical to the hip hop, I could be forever entertained!

Companion: No matter where I am in the world, I'd have to ask Shailene Woodley to come along so we could plan a film together, in case we were ever rescued and brought back to civilization.

Cristina Kotz Cornejo – "Hermanas"

Film: I think it would need to be a good comedy, either "Dr. Strangelove," The Pink Panther" or maybe "Brazil" by Terry Gilliam - something absurd to keep me laughing – oh wait, I guess if I have to choose one then it’s The Pink Panther can’t get enough of Peter Sellers!

Book: 1984 by George Orwell to remind me of what the world I left behind is becoming and to make me appreciate the absence of “big brother,” the internet and all the noise of everyday life.

Album: It’s not easy to choose an album but if I had to choose one it would be one of my favorites from childhood, That’s the Way of the World by Earth Wind and Fire. It will keep me busy dancing and singing the nights away in paradise.

Companion: Ellen Ripley from Alien because with her there I would be sure to eventually get off the island although 1984 will make me want to stay put, oh the dichotomy of life!

Javier Melero De Luca – "Silencio Chino"

Ok, the question puts me in survival mode, not in a curatorial one. I am going to need entertainment to cope with solitude on an island!!

Film: ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ So many IMDb people could not be wrong. It would remind me that a lot of men dream of being on an island anyway. ("The Lives of Others" if the previous was not available).

Companion: Someone hot and resourceful like Lara Croft, I could try and hit on her, maybe even have an offspring.

Book: No doubt, The Lord of the Flies. Deep, insightful, metaphorical and well written. Useful on the island too.

Album: Tough call but I would go for Gently Disturbed by Avishai Cohen. They’re Venezuelan folk music meets Israeli jazz. Just mind-bending. P.S. Can't i just grab mi iPad before crashing on the island???

Geoffrey Guerrero – "J-1"

Album: If I was stranded on a deserted island I would need to have the Buenavista Social club album because their rich Latin rhythms and passionate songs of romance and love would make life more enjoyable and welcoming. And, being stranded in said island, anything with some latin beats and conga drums goes a long way in making life a little easier.

Companion: If I had to choose a companion from the movies it would have to be two companions: Eva Mendez and Gina Rodriguez. After a long day of cutting wood and preparing dinner, there's no other people I would rather have at my side than these 2 gorgeous young ladies. Who knows, maybe I'll get a back massage if I'm lucky.

Book: The one book I must have on this island is Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe," because if I'm gonna be stuck on an island I need to know there's a chance I'll survive. Some people say life is all about survival of the fittest and this book is a powerful story of a man stranded on an island for many years and by some miracle he survives and escapes the island in one piece. Which I think we'd all agree would be the ideal situation if stranded on such an island.

Film: "Amores Perros" or "Rabia."

Dennis Shinners – "Barrio Boy"

Film: "Stand By Me", "Titanic", "The Empire Strikes Back" (original release) or the "Alien" box set, just keeping the first two films. They are all about friendship and survival.

Album: I'd love to cram a ton of music onto an iPod, but if not allowed, it would be Prince's "Purple Rain". Why? Well, it's Prince's "Purple Rain"! Probably my favorite album of all time, though it's really tough to narrow down a favorite, let alone a fave Prince record. I'd try to sneak The Cure's "Disintegration", U2's "The Joshua Tree", Biggie's "Ready to Die" and a Jobim record (for sunset listening) by customs too.

Book: I've got way more music than books so I might trade this for a Nirvana, Velvet Underground, Peter Gabriel or Smashing Pumpkins album, but at the risk of sounding cliche or obvious, "The Catcher In the Rye". This way I'll always have a piece of New York City with me.

Companion: Samwise Gamgee from "Lord of the Rings". He's beyond loyal and cooks too, which will come in handy.

Albert Espinosa – "Pitahaya"

Album: ‘Great Escape’ by Blur because each song is incredible.

Film: ‘Good Will Hunting’. The Death of Robin Williams deeply affected me profoundly.

Book: ‘Tuesdays with Morrie.’ This book changed my life.

Companion : Leo of the series ‘Red Band Society’. Red band society, Fox's series is like my life as a child. It’s my autobiography. I am very happy for the coincidence between the release of the series and the festival.

Laila Petrone Peynado – "Your Love"

Album: Anita Baker – ‘Giving You the Best that I Got.’ I love her voice and each song on this album has accompanied me through different stages of my life. If I had been a singer, I would have been honored to have had her voice and career.

Book - Paulo Coelho – ‘Eleven Minutes.’ You're right there with the protagonist. The storyline, the way it is written, compels you to imagine it visually.

Film : ‘Mo' Better Blues.’ It's a movie I can watch over and over again, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and the soundtrack by the amazing Branford Marsalis Quartet and Terence Blanchard is just wonderful.

Companion : Marcello Mastroianni. Marcello was one-of-a-kind actor and I could spend hours talking to him about his experiences working with some of the most influential directors and movies of our time.

Wu Tsang - "You're Dead to Me"

Album : I'm not into albums much, but I'd have several of my favorite underground DJ's, like DJ Total Freedom, Nguzunguzu and Juliana Huxtable create an original mix for me. My island soundtrack would feature lots of traditional Banda music, which I love. I've shot several of my films in Mexico, and Banda always brings me back, like a snapshot of a moment in time. Maybe I could have my mix delivered to the island by drone.

Book: A written retrospective on Rainer Werner Fassbinder would be ideal. I figure if I can't watch movies at least I can read about them and visualize them in my mind, on a loop. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul is my favorite. It's considered to be Fassbinder's masterpiece, but I'm always drawn to characters who let their hearts rule their heads. It's that blend of realism and romanticism, loneliness and love that would inspire and buoy me with no other constant but the waves lashing the shore.

Companion: My favorite character is always changing. But this week it's Sarah Linden from ‘The Killing.’ I guess I can relate to her troubled lonely existence. She's super flawed but also so powerful and talented, and deep down has a lot of heart and passion buried under that tough facade. I think we'd enjoy coping with our existentialism and creating our own mythology together on that island.

Jonathon Dillon – "Celluloid Dreams"

Album: Without a doubt, Louis Armstrong "The Definite Collection". I can say without a doubt Louis Armstrong is one of my favorite musicians of all time. When I hear that deep raspy voice I can't help but let all my worries fade away and transport to what life must have been like in the '30s.

Film: People laugh when I say this, but the film I define as one of the most perfectly executed pieces of cinema created is "Back to the Future." Head to tails, frame by frame, everything has purpose and continually pushes the story. Although Zemeckis has gone on to do other projects that he has received more acclaim for (i.e. "Forrest Gump"), I feel like I always watch "Back to the Future" and see something else he did that I didn't catch before that makes me stop and marvel at the film as a whole.

Book: Would graphic novels count? I grew up looking at comic books before I could even read, the visual imagery said it all, and the artwork would be just spell binding. I actually wanted to be a comic book artist as a kid, but then realized I couldn't sketch to save my life. I would lean towards Frank Miller's "Wolverine" or even Alan Moore's "Watchmen." If it had to be a book I'd probably want something on "How to Survive on an Island"....

Character: This is tough, and maybe I'm cheating, but the first feature I did the lead female protagonist was Katherine Parker (played by Rebecca Welsh). She was strong, independent, and above all, a survivor. I've always loved films with strong female characters, hence probably why I fell in love with this one from the moment of reading her on the page. And as they say, you are only as strong as the woman next to you. Honorable mention would obviously go to Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen in "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark"), and just about any of James Cameron's heroines.

Check out these filmmakers and many others at

Written by Juan Caceres , LatinoBuzz is a weekly feature on SydneysBuzz that highlights Latino indie talent and upcoming trends in Latino film with the specific objective of presenting a broad range of Latino voices. Follow [At]LatinoBuzz on Twitter and Facebook
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Review: 'Flight' takes Robert Zemeckis and Denzel Washington on an unexpected trip

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Review: 'Flight' takes Robert Zemeckis and Denzel Washington on an unexpected trip
Robert Zemeckis has never made anything like "Flight," and Denzel Washington has rarely played a character this damaged.  I frequently feel like studio movies arrive somewhat predigested because of how many times we've seen variations on the same basic formulas, and when you do run into something that takes its own path, that tells its own story in a way you're not expecting, it can be positively shocking. I remember seeing Spike Lee talk about the making of "Mo' Better Blues," and one of the things that he said made the film difficult to shoot was a firm rule from Denzel...
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Sam Jackson Joins Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' with a Bruce Hornsby Score

After gestating for years, the remake of Park Chan-wook's Oldboy finally seems to be coming together with Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen starring in the story of a man kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years for unknown reasons. Upon his perplexing release, he sets out to find out just who held him hostage and why. Now news comes from the La Times of a familiar face joining the cast as Samuel L. Jackson has reportedly landed a small but pivotal role in the film. Before Jackson became such a household name, the actor worked with Lee on School Daze, Mo' Better Blues, Jungle Fever and Do the Right Thing. More below! Jackson will play a man being tortured by Brolin's character. In the original film, the scene is easily one of the most powerful, even disturbing, sequences as our hero extracts his teeth using the claw end of a hammer. It's
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Samuel L. Jackson Joins Spike Lee's Old Boy

Samuel L. Jackson is joining Spike Lee's remake of Chan-wook Park's revenge thriller classic Old Boy for a pivotal scene in which he gets tortured by Josh Brolin who is playing the hero of the movie. Jackson has long been considered one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, having appeared in movies that have grossed $11.7 billion worldwide including all three "Star Wars" prequels, Pixar Animation's The Incredibles and both "Iron Man" movies. Reprising his role as Nick Fury in the summer's biggest blockbuster Marvel's The Avengers has put Jackson over the top with another $1.4 billion made by that movie alone. Before Jackson became in such demand, he appeared in a number of Spike Lee's earlier films, including School Daze , Mo' Better Blues and...
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The Playlist Q&A: Spike Lee Talks 'Red Hook Summer,' Hollywood, Michael Jackson & More

The Republic of Brooklyn and its ongoing chronicles have taken director Spike Lee all over New York's brightest and best borough (its estimated that if Brooklyn was its own city it would be the fourth most populace one in the United States). "Do The Right Thing" took place in Bed-Stuyvesant, parts of "Jungle Fever" took place in Bensonhurst, while Harlem-centric "Mo' Better Blues" homebase was Dumbo, "Clockers" was set among the Boerum Hill projects, "He Got Game" landed in Coney Island and "She’s Gotta Have It" was centered in Fort Greene where Lee lived for many years, to name a few. And so for his latest effort "Red Hook Summer," Lee looked to one of Brooklyn's isolated corners, Red Hook, the North-Western most tip, extending to the water and only a minor kayak ride away from the Statue of Liberty. As Lee said in our exclusive Playlist interview, Red Hook is largely cut off.
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Spike Lee Goes Home in 'Red Hook Summer' Teaser

Spike Lee is officially back in Brooklyn — and, not surprisingly, it's damn hot.

The "Inside Man" director is getting personal again with his latest "joint," "Red Hook Summer," a film that's already been inspiring the kind of controversy and debate that recalls the heated (and extremely divided) response to Lee's early works such as "Do the Right Thing" and "Malcolm X."

"Red Hook Summers" tells the tale of Flick Royale (a Lee-esque character name if there ever was one — remember 'Bleek Gilliam' from "Mo' Better Blues?"), a young boy from Atlanta who spends the summer in Brooklyn with his grandfather, a preacher determined to convince his grandson to find God. And that's just the beginning of a story that goes in several surprising directions as Lee once again works with an ambitiously sprawling narrative canvas.

The first look at "Red Hook Summer," courtesy of the film's official site, is a
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Jackson Leads Tributes To Williams

  • WENN
Jackson Leads Tributes To Williams
Samuel L. Jackson has led tributes to actor Dick Anthony Williams, who died at the age of 73 last week.

Williams appeared in several movies, including Edward Scissorhands, The Jerk and Spike Lee's drama Mo' Better Blues.

He also starred in a string of Broadway shows, and his turn in What the Wine-Sellers Buy won him the 1974 Drama Desk Award, but he will perhaps be best remembered for his role as 'pretty Tony' in 1973 blaxploitation film The Mack.

In a post on, Jackson writes, "Rip, Dick Anthony Williams! Truly an Acting Muttuhf**Kuh! Pretty Tony, to those who know!"

The Wire star Wendell Pierce adds, "An actor who embodied what a journeyman artist is: persistent, innovative, and transcendent, Dick Anthony Williams has died. Rip."

Williams' cause of death is unknown as WENN went to press.

James Brown Role Offered To Eddie Murphy And... Usher?

Eddie Murphy or Usher as the Godfather of Soul?

Once you get past the initial perplexity of it all, it makes sense. We can see it, on both counts. And apparently the comedian and hip hop artist have both been approached to play the role, according to The Playlist.

The question is: Will a James Brown biopic actually come to pass this time? The project has been in development for several years, with Spike Lee on board to direct since 2006.

Lee is also attached to do another pass at the script, which began with Steve Baigelman ("Feeling Minnesota") and was then passed on to Jezz and John Henry Butterworth ("Fair Game").

Once upon a time, Wesley Snipes, who worked with Lee on "Mo' Better Blues" and "Jungle Fever," was attached to play the role -- which makes Murphy being approached for it somewhat ironic, as the former "Beverly Hills Cop
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Tonight's TV highlights: Asian Gracefully | Benidorm | Friday Night Dinner | The Simpsons | Ron Sexsmith: Love Shines | Treme

  • The Guardian - TV News
Asian Gracefully | Benidorm | Friday Night Dinner | The Simpsons | Ron Sexsmith: Love Shines | Treme

Asian Gracefully

7.30pm, Channel 4

Director Fozia Khan's heartbreaking but enlightening documentary, part of Channel 4's First Cut strand, offers a delicate insight into an exclusively Asian care home, Aashna House, situated in South London. Through the use of nostalgic photographs interspersed with intimate interviews, we discover why a number of elderly Asians find themselves in Aashna House, among them Mrs Ramjee, who's lost her memory as a result of a stroke. Candice Carty-Williams


9pm, ITV1

Among the new arrivals this week are dear old Noreen, better known as Geoff's Mum before Johnny Vegas left the series. Tonight, she has in tow the obnoxious Pauline, whose accent has been mangled by residencies in South Africa and then Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Nick breaks the awkward silence with Madge concerning her current plight, and a not
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Drake Channels Frank Sinatra and Bleek Gilliam in MTV VMAs Promo

Drake trades his October's Very Own Jacket with a dapper suit for the promotional video of 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. The rapper who is announced as one of the performers finishes off his neat look with a fedora and a gentlemanly pocket square.

The video kicks off with him in the dressing room preparing for a live performance. It then follows him arriving at the venue in style, dodging the paparazzi, walking his way to the backstage, making a dramatic entrance under the bright light and finally grabbing the mic.

"I get to channel my inner [Frank] Sinatra," he said. "In the acting world, you gotta have reference points. I like to get into characters." Also, he looks Denzel Washington for inspiration. " 'Mo' Better Blues' is like one of my favorite movies of all time. This reminds me of Denzel, who played a character [called] Bleek Gilliam," he shared. "I'm trying to channel that today.
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Drake Channels Frank Sinatra In Vma Promo

'I like to get into characters,' former TV star says on the set of his '50s-themed shoot.

By Mawuse Ziegbe

Drake on the set of his 2010 Vma promo

Photo: Jorge Rios/Picturegroup

Drake is taking it way back for his 2010 MTV Video Music Awards promo.

Donning a dapper suit, complete with a gentlemanly pocket square, the singer and rapper is surrounded by midcentury glamour as he takes the mic for a commercial touting his Vma appearance. The Toronto lyricist makes a dramatic entrance under a brightly lit "Drake" marquee and steps onto a stage populated by a sprawling big band sporting white jackets.

"I get to channel my inner [Frank] Sinatra," Drizzy — who is up for Moonmen for Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Male Video — said on the set. "In the acting world, you gotta have reference points. I like to get into characters."

Sinatra isn't the only legend
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