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Pick a Director’s Brain + More Events for London Actors in the Know

The World Cup is over and done with and it’s time for normal life to resume. For most of us that means work, work, work. Often, inspiration can be hard to come by but sometimes you can just walk out into the big city and find it all around you. This week we’ve rounded up some of London’s most inspiring voices to help get our our creative juices flowing. Better understand your director.Do you struggle with getting inside a director’s head? Struggle no more! This week there are two opportunities to find out what makes quirky, Oscar-nominated film director Whit Stillman (“Metropolitan”) tick as he talks about two of his best loved movies. On 20 July, he’ll be talking about Last Days of Disco and the next night he’ll chat about all things connected with period drama Love & Friendship, starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny.
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Wes Anderson, Whit Stillman, and More: Inspirations for Michelle Morgan’s Love Letter to Los Angeles, ‘It Happened in La’

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Wes Anderson, Whit Stillman, and More: Inspirations for Michelle Morgan’s Love Letter to Los Angeles, ‘It Happened in La’
Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles provided fertile inspiration for Michelle Morgan, director of the recent iTunes New Filmmaker Spotlight “It Happened in L.A.” (Click here to watch the film)

“I’m born and raised in La, so it’s a world that I know pretty well,” she said. “I lived in the city when I was a child and then I spent most of my young-adult years in the suburbs, so the city was always this mythical thing to us in the suburbs.”

It Happened in L.A.” follows thirtysomething Annette (Morgan), her boyfriend, Elliot (Jorma Taccone), and her Bff, Baker (Dree Hemingway), as they navigate the perils of the bleak dating scene in Los Angeles. Is there such a thing as a perfect couple, or is that an urban myth?

It Happened in L.A.,” which was Morgan’s feature directorial debut, premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival
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Celeb Convicts Meek Mill, El Chapo, Bobby Shmurda Will Eat This for Thanksgiving

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Anthony Weiner and El Chapo won't have to wait long to lick their chops for Thanksgiving ... the prison meal's served at lunch time. We did a little digging and found out Weiner and Chapo -- serving time at Federal Medical Center and Metropolitan Correctional Center -- will stuff their faces with turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. For dessert, Weiner gets pie and Chapo gets candied sweet potatoes. When it comes to dinner, all they get
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Watch This: House Party proved Sundance could score a mainstream hit

One week a month, Watch This offers movie recommendations inspired by the week’s new releases or premieres. This week: With Sundance in full swing, we’re looking back at some of the best directorial debuts that premiered at the festival.

House Party (1990)

House Party premiered at the 1990 Sundance Film Festival, part of a pack of extremely promising debut features that also included Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan, Hal Hartley’s The Unbelievable Truth, and Wendell B. Harris Jr.’s Chameleon Street, which took home the top prize. (Apart from those debuts, the main competition also featured Charles Burnett’s To Sleep With Anger, which belongs in a class of its own.) Perhaps those highlights give an idea of why the 1990s tend to be seen as the festival’s golden decade as a taste-making institution. It commanded media attention, but still seemed to hold on to the idea ...
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‘Love & Friendship’ Filmmaker Whit Stillman Brings His Indie Sensibility Back to Awards Season — Consider This

‘Love & Friendship’ Filmmaker Whit Stillman Brings His Indie Sensibility Back to Awards Season — Consider This
Whit Stillman has done this awards season thing before. Back in 1990, the first-time filmmaker was nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for his script for “Metropolitan,” a comedy of manners about a group of young Manhattanites lolling their way through a series of debutante galas and in-home gatherings during the holiday season. Stillman didn’t win – the award went to Bruce Joel Rubin for “Ghost” – but he still looks back on that period of his life with fondness.

“I remember going to my nominees luncheon and all the people were saying, ‘Don’t worry, you won’t get it. Just don’t worry, there’s no chance,'” Stillman recently told IndieWire. “And that was good, because I didn’t have to worry about writing any acceptance speeches. Then I thought, ‘But what if, what if you get it and I have to go up and say something, what am I going to say?
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Making a splash by Anne-Katrin Titze

Swim Team director Lara Stolman with Anne-Katrin Titze: "I wanted to be able to go deep in this film." Photo: Monica Delamater

On the closing night of Doc NYC, an exceptional documentary on what it means to come together for a common goal under extraordinary circumstances will be shown. Swim Team captures individual members of the Jersey Hammerheads, co-founded by Mike and Maria McQuay, as they form a bond in and out of the water while training in the hope of qualifying for the Special Olympics.

Jersey Hammerheads - Maria McQuay guides Kelvin with Robbie, Mike and Hayden

Shot by Laela Kilbourn (Morgan Neville's Oscar-winning 20 Feet From Stardom), edited by co-producer Ann Collins (Josh Aronson's Oscar-nominated Sound And Fury) with a score by Mark Suozzo (Whit Stillman's Damsels In Distress, The Last Days Of Disco, Barcelona, Metropolitan), produced by Shanna Belott, Lara Stolman has assembled an impressive
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‘Love & Friendship’: Why Oscar Dark Horse Kate Beckinsale Had to Wait for Her Acclaimed Role

‘Love & Friendship’: Why Oscar Dark Horse Kate Beckinsale Had to Wait for Her Acclaimed Role
It’s safe to say that filmmaker Whit Stillman knows his wheelhouse.

The director behind such sharp comedies of manners like “Metropolitan” and “Damsels in Distress” has always been compelled by period pieces that shine a light on the often hilarious — and frequently rotten — behavior of his characters, so his decision to adapt Jane Austen’s early novella “Lady Susan” into a very Stillman-esque feature film was a natural enough one.

Yet Stillman, who has only made five films over the course of a quarter-century, struggled to get his take on the material, eventually known as “Love & Friendship,” turned into a film for many years, cycling through financiers and producers until finally landing on an appropriate fit (to wit, a pact with Amazon and Roadside Attractions, who provided the film with a very robust theatrical release, in addition to copious streaming options). But despite some outside push and pull, Stillman
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Jerusalem: Whit Stillman updates on Amazon TV series

Stillman is writing six more The Cosmopolitans episodes, but is making changes from the pilot.

Attending Jerusalem with his latest feature, period comedy Love & Friendship, writer-director Whit Stillman updated Screen on his ongoing TV series project The Cosmopolitans, which he is working on with Amazon Studios.

Stillman created a pilot for the show back in 2014, featuring Chloe Sevigny (who also stars in Love & Friendship opposite Kate Beckinsale) and Adam Brody in the story of a group of young ex-pats living in Paris.

Amazon Studios, which distributed Love & Friendship in the Us, has commissioned six more scripts, which Stillman is now writing. However, the series will see changes from the pilot.

“It’s been two years since I did the pilot so I’m no longer interested in that story, but I really like the actors and the characters. It’s going to go in a new geographical and story direction, but with some
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Xavier Samuel in Q&A at Love & Friendship preview

Love & Friendship.

Sydneysiders can catch a special Q&A preview screening of Love & Friendship with Aussie actor Xavier Samuel next week at the Cremorne Orpheum.

Love & Friendship sees Academy Award nominated filmmaker Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, The Last Days of Disco) direct his own adaptation of Jane Austen.s early novella.Lady Susan..

The film follows the scheming and manipulative Lady Susan Vernon (Kate Beckinsale) who, aided and abetted by her loyal friend Alicia Johnson (Chloë Sevigny), is on a mission to find a husband for herself and her long-suffering daughter Frederica.

Their plans are complicated by two young men, the handsome Reginald DeCourcy (Xavier Samuel) and wealthy Sir James Martin (Tom Bennett).


Love & Friendship will be in cinemas nationally via Transmission July 21.
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Review: Whit Stillman's "Barcelona" (1990); Criterion Blu-ray Special Edition

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By Todd Garbarini

Kudos to the Criterion Collection for releasing Whit Stillman’s charming trio of young adult angst: Metropolitan (1990), Barcelona (1994), and The Last Days of Disco (1998). The bookend films have both been previously released by Criterion on DVD and Blu-ray, but now the company bows Barcelona to complete the trilogy. Available as both a stand-alone disc as well as part of a set of the three films, Barcelona features the luminous Mira Sorvino in an early role.

The trilogy of films that Mr. Stillman made as the beginning of his career and for which he is most well-known are interesting in that they depict groups of people who fall out of the scope of most of the general population and probably appeal to even less. That is actually a welcome relief. Metropolitan was shot in January and February in 1989 and released in August 1990 (a curious choice for a film
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Criterion Close-Up – Episode 41 – Barcelona and Whit Stillman

Mark and Aaron take a look at Whit Stillman’s Barcelona (1994), and how it compares with his other work. We focus most on his other two films from the 1990s, Metropolitan (1990) and Last Days of Disco (1998), but we also discuss his most recent effort, Love and Friendship.

About the film:

Whit Stillman followed his delightful indie breakthrough Metropolitan with another clever and garrulous comedy of manners, this one with a darker edge. A pair of preppy yet constitutionally mismatched American cousins—a salesman and a navy officer—argue about romance and politics while working in the beautiful Spanish city of the film’s title. Set during the eighties, Barcelona explores topics both heady (American exceptionalism, Cold War foreign policy) and hilarious (the ins and outs of international dating, the proper shaving method) while remaining a constantly witty delight, featuring a sharp young cast that includes Taylor Nichols, Chris Eigeman, and Mira Sorvino.
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Movie Review – Love & Friendship (2016)

Love & Friendship, 2016.

Directed by Whit Stillman.

Starring Kate Beckinsale, Chloë Sevigny, Xavier Samuel and Stephen Fry.


Set in the 1790s, Love and Friendship centers on beautiful widow Lady Susan Vernon, who has come to the estate of her in-laws to wait out colorful rumors about her dalliances circulating through polite society. Whilst there, she decides to secure a husband for herself and her rather reluctant debutante daughter, Frederica.

Those who dread the prospect of yet another Jane Austen movie frock fest would do well to be pointed in the direction of Love & Friendship, director Whit Stillman’s deliciously acerbic Regency romp in which the clothes and decor support the satire, not vice versa. Too often, Austen adaptations are cosseted, corseted and more than a little bland; under Stillman’s typically deadpan direction, the author’s deliciously spiky sense of humour is joyously restored.

Not only is the reputation of
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Love & Friendship review – a treat

Kate Beckinsale is deliciously acerbic in Whit Stillman’s fifth film in 26 years – a mashup of two early Jane Austen stories

There’s always been more than a touch of Jane Austen about the films of Whit Stillman, the incisive social satirist behind 1998’s The Last Days of Disco and 2011’s Damsels in Distress. Stillman’s 1990 debut feature Metropolitan drew inspiration from Mansfield Park, and his subsequent studies of social manners have all possessed an arch observational tone that one imagines Austen might have appreciated. In 2003, he was reported to be working on a project called Winchester Races, which would marry material from the unfinished Austen novels The Watsons and Sanditon. Here, he draws on the title and plot respectively of two early epistolary works; Love and Freindship (Stillman duly standardises the young Austen’s spelling) and Lady Susan. The subtitle of the former was Deceived in Freindship and Betrayed in Love,
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Interview: Director Whit Stillman Celebrates ‘Love & Friendship’

Chicago – Say the name Whit Stillman in certain cinema circles, and a rush of admiration soon follows. The director made a name for himself with his debut film “Metropolitan’ (1990), and followed with the same emotional pallette in “Barcelona” (1994). He is back with an adaptation of a Jane Austin novel, entitled “Love & Friendship.”

The title is taken from one of Jane Austin’s short stories, but the narrative is from her novel “Lady Susan,” published 60 years after her death. It involves the title character (portrayed in the film by Kate Beckinsale), a widow without fortune, who is looking to marry again to wealth, and wishes the same for her daughter. She visits the estate of her sister-in-law and brother-in-law – Charles and Catherine Vernon – in the hopes of making a match for her lovely child Frederica, or at least herself.

Chloë Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale in ‘Love & Friendship’

Photo credit: Roadside Attractions
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CriterionCast Chronicles – Episode 3 – April 2016 Criterion Collection Line-up

In this episode of CriterionCast Chronicles, Ryan is joined by David Blakeslee, Scott Nye, Aaron West, and Mark Hurne to discuss the Criterion Collection releases for April 2016.

Links The April 2016 Criterion Collection line-up The Newsstand – Episode 52 Only Angels Have Wings Only Angels Have Wings (1939) The Art of Francesco Francavilla Only Angels Have Wings Only Angels Have Wings Barcelona Barcelona (1994) Pierre Le-Tan Barcelona Barcelona A Whit Stillman Trilogy A Whit Stillman Trilogy: Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco A Whit Stillman Trilogy The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew and Associates The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates () F Ron Miller Design The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew and Associates The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates Phoenix Phoenix (2014) Nessim Higson Phoenix Phoenix Blu-ray Brief Encounter Brief Encounter (1945) Brief Encounter on iTunes David Lean Directs Noël Coward Essential Art House,
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Interview: Whit Stillman Talks ’Love & Friendship,’ What Makes A Good Jane Austen Adaptation & His New Criterion Box Set

Anyone who’s followed the career of Whit Stillman wasn’t surprised to hear that he was adapting the obscure Jane Austen novella “Lady Susan” into his new film “Love & Friendship.” The writer/director established his Austen fandom with his first movie, 1990’s “Metropolitan,” which featured two characters debating the merits of “Mansfield Park” (while they themselves […]

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Review: Love & Friendship

Anyone who’s seen a film by Whit Stillman knows him to be an accomplished social satirist, continuing the legacy of authors like Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker, and of course Jane Austen. In fact, the English writer is at the center of one the most sardonic exchanges in all of his films, when one of the characters expresses “I don't read novels. I prefer good literary criticism” when asked if he has read any of Austen’s works. Like the Romantic author, Stillman captures the wants, desires and fears of the haves as they desperately try to grab onto a world the have-nots are trying to infiltrate. In films like Metropolitan, Stillman wonders if the upper classes only let someone from a lower class to share their space as means of experimenting, or amusing them in their endless ennui. In Damsels in Distress he explores the notion of people constructing
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Review: Whit Stillman’s ‘Love & Friendship’ With Kate Beckinsale & Chloe Sevigny Is A Rich Trifle

This is a reprint of our review from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Has there ever been a purer match between author and adapter than Jane Austen and Whit Stillman? Stillman’s first film, 1990’s “Metropolitan,” updated Austen’s explorations of social values and romantic ardor among the upper classes, and even had two characters debate her contemporary relevance. […]

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Recommended Discs & Deals: Whit Stillman Trilogy, ‘The Revenant,’ Francis Ford Coppola, and More

Every week we dive into the cream of the crop when it comes to home releases, including Blu-ray and DVDs, as well as recommended deals of the week. Check out our rundown below and return every Tuesday for the best (or most interesting) films one can take home. Note that if you’re looking to support the site, every purchase you make through the links below helps us and is greatly appreciated.

A Whit Stillman Trilogy: Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco

Over the course of the 1990s, writer-director Whit Stillman made a trilogy of films about the acid tongues and broken hearts of some haplessly erudite young Americans in New York and abroad. Set in the eighties, these films trace the arc of that decade, led by Stillman’s Oscar-nominated debut, Metropolitan, which introduced moviegoers to a strange, endangered species of privileged New Yorker, the “urban haute bourgeoisie.
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Trailer: Whit Stillman's "Love and Friendship"

"Metropolitan" and "Barcelona" director Whit Stillman has reunited with his two "The Last Days of Disco" stars Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny for his fifth feature - the upcoming period drama "Love and Friendship".

An adaptation of Jane Austen's unpublished early novella 'Lady Susan' and set around eighteenth-century English society, the story focuses on the machinations of beautiful widow Lady Susan Vernon (Kate Beckinsale) who takes up temporary residence at her in-laws' estate.

While there she becomes a determined matchmaker for her daughter Frederica and herself too, enlisting the help of an old friend (Chloe Sevigny). Soon, two particularly handsome suitors (Xavier Samuel and Tom Bennett) complicate her orchestrations. Stephen Fry also stars in the Victorian-era comedy which opens May 13th.
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