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Going over the same stuff again
gcd704 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Original director Amy Heckerling returns with John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and many more of the original cast for what turns out to be more of the same with this sequel.

"Look Who's Talking Too" just brings us a repeat performance in the true tradition of disappointing sequels. The plot merely goes through the motions and only delivers a movie that actually manages to be even sillier than the first. Bruce Willis returns as the voice of 'Mikey', and he's joined by Roseanne Barr who lends her voice to 'Mikey's new baby sister, 'Julie'. But neither one manage to raise any laughs in a very unsatisfactory film.

Saturday, July 25, 1992 - Video
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None Of The Charm Of The First Movie
slightlymad225 February 2015
"Look Who Is Talking Too" is not a sequel to the enjoyable "Look Who Is Talking" it's a clone. A weak, pale imitation clone, but a clone none the less. It was inevitable that following the success of a "Look Who Is Talking" that a sequel would follow. It was also inevitable that the sequel would be of inferior quality.

Plot in A Paragraph: Mollie (Kirstie Alley) and James (John Travolta) are together and raising a family, which now consists of an older Mikey (voiced by Bruce Willis) and his baby sister, Julie (Roseanne Barr)

All the charm of the original movie is missing, what made the first movie so good was it was new, fresh and original. This is more of the same but without the originality, freshness, and newness. Instead it has Roseanne Barr.

My God, her voice is annoying!! The script is weak, Travolta and Alley do not enjoy the same chemistry as in the first movie (which is a shame) Bruce Willis remains fun, but that is about it!!
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*****,perfect 5 stars,a highly underrated sequel.
PJS-51 July 1999
COME ON FOLKS WHATS SO APPALLING ABOUT THIS MOVIE! although I can understand if it was called "Not as good as the 1st but okay" although personally I thought the film was as good as the original (call me insane if you want I don't really care) the film still had plenty of good humor (granted the humor was rather gross & juvenile mostly but still) the plot worked & it still has a good amount of humor & heart as the 1st film so I leave you now & (unless you'd place it a rating & review such as I did) encourage you to give this film another chance,BYE!
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Not as good as the first one
HotToastyRag27 June 2019
In general, sequels aren't as good as their predecessors, and Look Who's Talking Too is no exception. The first one was adorable, with Kirstie Alley's baby, voiced by the hilariously perfect Bruce Willis, giving an inner monologue about his first impressions on the world. The cast is all back, and the romance with Kirstie and John Travolta continues, but there's a new addition: a new baby. Roseanne Barr provides the voice for Bruce's baby sister, and his entire world changes for the worse.

The problem with this movie is it's too painful and realistic. First borns will delight in Bruce stealing Roseanne's toys and playing pranks as older brothers are known to do, but they'll also remember that when their younger siblings were born, they, too, suffered a loss. The older child immediately gets put on the back burner and the new baby takes the spotlight. Many children never grow out of their resentment throughout their lives, so watching little babies fight and squabble isn't very fun. Plus, the first movie only had Bruce Willis's inner thoughts, and he was a very cute baby. What's better: a cute baby or a gruff baby? Cute babies win every time, and every time Rosanne talks, she's not very endearing.

DLM Warning: If you suffer from vertigo or dizzy spells, like my mom does, this movie might not be your friend. There are a couple of shots filmed from the baby's perspective, and it might make you sick. In other words, "Don't Look, Mom!"
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Bland and lacklustre
TheLittleSongbird2 August 2010
The main problem with this sequel is that it is a very lacklustre retread of the much superior first movie. Now I don't mind more-of-the same-sequels, Home Alone 2 is one of the best and most underrated sequels out there in my opinion and that is often criticised for being too much like the first film.

Starting with the good things, the cameos from Damon Wayons and Mel Brooks are amusing, same with Bruce Willis and Roseanne Barr and I liked John Travolta's dance number. Plus the soundtrack was good and the film was nice to look at. However, it is incredibly predictable in the story and the script is very weak, I do agree there are too many poopoo jokes. The direction is bland and the sentimentality well and truly gets in the way.

Overall, disappointing and bland. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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The title is the funniest thing about the movie.....
FlashCallahan25 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Mollie and James are together and raising a family, which now consists of an older Mikey and his baby sister, Julie.

Tension between the siblings arises, and as well with Mollie and James when Mollie's brother Stuart moves in.

Mikey is also learning how to use the toilet for the first time.....

I'm ashamed to say that when this was released in the cinemas back in 1991, I saw this a whopping three times. Not because I loved it, because there wasn't much else for a thirteen year old to see at that time, and my gosh, the phrase 'blatant cash in' must have been coined thanks to this movie.

The novelty of the film, adult voices for babies, is still there, but as cocky as Willis is, and his voice talents were brilliant in the first movie, the bad script cannot provide the cute humour that Mikey once had.

So it involves us more with Travolta and Alley, and although there are as good as you'd expect in a film like this, again, the script just destroys anything the narrative has to offer.

So we get the obligatory dance scene that Travolta has in every film, literal toilet humour, and the films saving grace, Gilbert Godfried as quite possibly the most neurotic Nursery owner ever.

But my biggest question is how much of the budget did the makers spend on the soundtrack? Because there are some huge songs in the film, from the likes of Lennon, Elvis, and Harrison. Amazing music for an almost non existent movie.

It all ends with a big fire where the children are in peril, Mikey learning to love his sister, and just like every other family friendly movie released at this time, a family barbecue.

All to the music of Sonny and Cher.
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Why didn't they let the children talk?
JokerSwan26 July 2001
I was disappointed with this movie. Not that I don't like this kind of comedy, I loved the first one, but this just doesn't live up to that.

It's not the kids' fault though. Mikey is still a cutie, and he's got some good jokes, although I don't get the speaking arrangement - he says a word or two himself, and then it suddenly switches to the male voice. I think they should have chosen either or. This was just annoying.

Roseanne as the voice of little Julie is GREAT, and there are some really good parts with her(like the visit to the doctor). But where is she for most of the movie? There is so much of the parents fighting and problems with the goofy brother-in-law that it seems the kids take a second seat in this film. I was bored at times with the long fighting scenes. They were neither interesting nor funny. The pregnancy was fast-forwarded through - I suppose they had no more ideas for it after the first movie - and Mikey's jealousy for his sister gets less attention than the potty training(which is far less interesting). The burglar story is too unbelievable to be funny. And the "music video" parts are weird - why are there so many songs? the Elvis impersonation is pretty cool(by John Travolta), but the rest of the "classic pop songs" should have been left out.

There are some really cute sister-brother scenes, but this movie could have been so much better, funnier, and more interesting if they had let the kids play the main role. Now it's pretty disappointing. Some good laughs, but not enough to save the movie. I give it a 5 out of 10.
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Look Who's Boring!
mandabeatle11 February 2003
This movie did have a chance if it didn't bring Mollie's brother(who needs to be sent back with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and her annoying friend (whatever her name is). But also the really bad and lame points to this movie were the couple fighting,them singing about Mikey going to the bathroom and using Roseanne as his sister. That's when I really thought this movie is really bad.. if I wanted to hear that I would watch Barney or Sesame Street.AVOID!
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They've Got a Double Hitter!
jwells9713 January 2015
It's very rare that a sequel will be as good as the original, but they achieved that in "Look Who's Talking Too." Congratulations on a job well done! Michael Travolta and Kirstie Alley were excellent choices for James and Mollie. The casting was good, the music brought back happy memories (I watched it 14 years after it was made), and the story line was fun. Because Mollie's feelings and the ups and downs of raising children were depicted so well, I suspected the story was written by a woman. Sure enough, Amy Heckerling both wrote and directed it. Bravo, Amy! You know? I bet babies and toddlers really DO think many of those things. Now I'm eager to watch the third movie in this trilogy.
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I need a fix cause I'm going down, down to the bits that I left uptown
jessegehrig25 March 2014
I was embarrassed for the cast when I first saw this movie. Then I started to think, hey at least its not The Adventures Of Pluto Nash, or The Sweetest Thing, or 2012, or White Chicks,or Crank,or ...so that is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Its aims to be satire but achieves schmaltz. The writing is terrible, the direction is equally as bad.--- Am I a bad person if I don't care about what little kids are thinking? Because I don't. Maybe if I had children of my own the idea of talking babies might be cute, but I don't have children and so what should be cute in this movie is instead cloying and choking like being caught in a cloud of bad perfume. Overall this predictable bore is to be avoided but there are far worse movies, success!
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Bland, and too full of poopoo jokes
MovieFan98330 December 1998
This was an inevitable sequel, that was really not all that of a movie. It was charming at most, but too many poopoo jokes, and other ridiculous stuff. I give it sequel: 4.5 out of 10. Rated PG-13 for crude humor, thematic elements, and language.
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Not brilliant,but not too bad.
lesleyharris3030 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Look who's talking too is an o.k. movie,I would say its an absolute must see,but I wouldn't say it was the worst movie ever either,its about a five year old baby who talks like an adult in his head and thinks that his parents can understand him,but all the other baby's talk like that too and they can all understand each other and the main baby's parents (Dad played by John Travolta)decide to have another baby,and when the baby finds out he looks forward to it,and once the new baby comes out the baby is o.k. with it,but as the days go on the baby starts to get jealous,and when the moms brother comes to stays for a while the dad isn't o.k. with him keeping a gun with him and after the parents have an argument with each other they separate for a while,and meanwhile the baby decides that hes getting too old for diapers and decides to tries use the toilet and he tries to teach his little teacher how to walk.
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rossrobinson21 November 2003
Look Who's talking too i think is a good movie to watch. the first look who's talking movie was better than this one as it is the orignal and i didn't mind the second movie. I give this movie 10 out of 10. The baby was talked by Rosanne Barr.
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eric-14425 May 1999
i don't care what anyone says this movie is hilarious. Roseanne as the voice of the baby was perfect. she even looked like her! John Travolta and Kirstie Alley work well in all three of the look who's talking movies. When it came on T.V. it had at least 20 minutes of edited stuff which i don't know why they took out. The one problem i had was with not having Mikey talk. The kid is old enough to talk unlike the baby, so why didn't they just have him talk? Otherwise that it was hilarious!
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Even worse
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews28 October 2007
A poor sequel to a movie the very existence of which was just barely warranted, if at all, much less deserving a follow-up(and it didn't even end here). Granted, the end of the first did pretty much mean that they had to do at least one more, and the addition to the gimmick as well as the new pun of equally questionable ability to amuse, but couldn't they at least have used the same female actress? She (name withheld so as to not spoil the surprise) would have been fine, heck, just about anyone would have. But Roseanne? They had half of the Earth's population to choose from, and out of all those options, out of every woman on the planet, they picked... her? This is one of three pieces of... entertainment? no, that's not it, this doesn't qualify as that... that I've seen her in, and were her parts permanently taken out from all three, it would not exactly reduce me to crying in the fetal position. The reaction it would produce from me would rather be in the other end of the spectrum. Various cast-members return, not all having anything to do. More nightmare sequences, one misusing a master in comedy. Gilbert Gottfried is brought in to perform his shtick, but interjects no laughs. So is Damon Wayans(Wayans', I'm sure, need to do no acting to play kids, or their voices, anyway). This time around, the couple fight. Their differences are yet again set up against each other in a manner that I would presume is meant to entertain. So is most of the movie, one would guess, but it tends to inspire boredom and restlessness, instead. More scenes that seem to have no other purpose for existing than to bring the running time close to 90 minutes(though this didn't even make it to that... thank goodness). Pro-gun people take a pounding. At least the kids stop talking after this one. I recommend this to... I don't know, people who can stand Roseanne and/or needless sequels. 4/10
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Too cute... delightful!
Jigglypoof22 February 2000
Say what you will about this film, and, I will admit, it's not quite as genius as the first, but still heartwarming nonetheless.

Following the story of the now model family (Mom, Dad, son and daughter), you now get to see things from a little girl's point of view.

It even shows you aspects of birth that weren't covered in the first film (watch it and see what I mean), which I would say is somewhat educational... and good to show that everything doesn't always work out.

Since I have had minimal sibling rivalry with my brother for a number of reasons, it's almost hard to see things from that point of view... but even if you're not familiar with it, you begin to realize how it may feel during the film. I have to admit that I can't listen to "Jealous Guy", even now, without shedding a tear. Guess I'm just a little over sensitive :o)

I also like how they dealt with the marital problems of Mollie and James. Things like this happen to many people... and I'm glad they showed it in a sensitive manner. Life isn't always happy and smiles.

Although I have to address a previous comment... you would think Mikey would have a little bit better vocabulary at 2 or 3 years of age. Maybe he's just quiet. Children progress at different rates... and I know of one little boy who even at 4 couldn't be well understood when he spoke some of the time. So that could be the reasoning.

If any film is a live action Rugrats, however, (though I liked Baby Geniuses OK) it's this one.
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look who's talking too
topmail12323 July 2006
Excellent.What makes it more funny than the first one is the children's sibling rivalry!Its so funny.I would say I like it equal to the first one because they both have the same qualities as to what makes it a good film.

In this film Mollie and James accidentally conceive little baby Julie.And with Mikey having to accept not having his parents all to himself anymore he also has to accept being potty trained.While all this is going on Mollie's brother Stuart comes to .stay which results in Mollie and James arguing and splitting up.

But in the end they get back together!
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Out of spite, can come friendship.
dmw6100316 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
While, "Look Who's Talking Too" doesn't contain the snappy one-liners that "Look Who's Talking" is famed for, it should still be merited as a great family movie.

I loved how the movie displayed all the aspects of family life. This movie shows how marriage, children, money, violence, and natural disasters affect the course of family life.

One particular point of the movie that was moving was the dream sequence where in Mikey dreams that he is taking Julie for a stroll and the big bad bully boy takes away her pretzel. This is just one of the many heart-felt moments that displays the family presence in this film.

Regardless of the love/hate relationship between Mikey and Julie, the performances of the young children truly define the typical love/hate relationships between siblings everywhere.

John Travolta accurately depicted the role of the underpaid and under-appreciated spouse.

Kirstie Alley does a great job as the wife-left-behind. And as the "One" in the middle, in regards to being caught in the middle between spouse and sibling.

This movie mirrors reality in many areas. One specific thing that happen in real life every day is sad tale of the children blaming themselves for their parents problems. And blaming their other siblings. This film showed how that is not true at all.

Overall I give this movie an 8 out of 10. The only matters in which it lacks is their should have been more compassion between parents.

Kirstie Alley gets a 9 out of 10 John Travolta gets a 10 out of 10.
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BAD BAD BAD with a bit of crap !
mookiemagic16 April 2005
One of the most dumb, crappy films I have ever seen, I felt sick after seeing it! I would not recommend this film to anyone, not even children as they are in great danger of brain damage if they are forced to see it!

Not only was the acting bad, the voice overs for the kids were to, just not acceptable at all and don't get me started on the dialog(what ever happened to that silly little woman Roseanne? )

At first when it started I said to my self this is for kids so just take it with a pinch of salt but after a few FXXK THIS and FXXK THAT by MR Travolta him self I realized that this film was directed at us adults ! I'm so glad I did not pay one cent to see this film, although I might be asking crapywood for some money compensate for my time wasted!

You all have been warned !

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Lazy and Not Very Funny
Michael_Elliott1 June 2012
Look Who's Talking Too (1990)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

John Travolta and Kirstie Alley return in this "the first one made money so let's rush a sequel" film, which also has Bruce Willis returning as the voice of Mikey. This time out a new baby sister (voiced by Roseanne Barr) causes the parents to stress out and break up, which isn't easy on either kid. That's pretty much the only thing, story wise, that this sequel offers and it's clear that very little effort went into the production. It's really pathetic whenever so much energy goes into making a good film and then the producers just turn their back on that energy that made the first film so good and they just rush out whatever they can no matter how bad it is. LOOK WHO'S TALKING TOO really doesn't do anything right as we're just given situations that were covered in the first film but here they're not cute and they're especially not funny. This is a pretty poor film that only mildly works because it's constantly begging you to overlook all the flaws because the first film was so cute. In fact, the highlight of this sequel is a quick sequence when we get some flashback scenes from the first movie. The entire "joke" here deals with the parents trying to potty train Mikey and this leads to some really embarrassing moments including a singing session between the adults, a really bad "best friend" (voiced by Damon Wayans) who is always talking about the poo-poo monster and then there's the monster toilet (voiced by Mel Brooks), which is just downright embarrassing. In between all the unfunny jokes we're given some pretty bad dramatic moments including some stuff with the parents fighting in front of the kids and the finale with the fire really just seems out of place. The performances are all pretty boring as well as the two leads just sleepwalk through their roles and Barr is just horrid given some pretty bad dialogue to say. Willis is energetic at least but the dialogue does him no favors. Somehow, the producers managed to squeeze one more film out of the series and things were only going to get worse.
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LWT2 = one of the worst movies ever
wowgamerlife2220 August 2009
Honestly,I only watched this because Roseanne did voice work. I remember seeing the first one as a kid & thought it was amusing but this movie i found boring & the laughs hit or miss.

The parents problems over shadows what should of been a movie about the kids. JUlie could of had more air time & better jokes. Roseanne does a good job.

I found some of the film disgusting like the opening sequence as if you really want to see how reproduction really works. THe pregnancy,mikey's jealousy,etc could of been written better & longer. Stuart was annoying as was Travolta & Alley. I like the third one better than this one & the third one wasn't that great. Look who's talking was a movie that really didn't need any sequels & would of done better without. Yick!
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Look Who's Talking Too
dvsdawl_6862 October 2006
Look Who's Talking Too is a wonderful movie. Yes, it is sappy at times but come on, romantic comedies not only include comedy but HELLO, also ROMANCE. Maybe my perspective differs from the preceding review because I am a woman and am not just looking for comedy from these movies; The romance is definitely my favorite part. I was born in 1988 and grew up watching this movie. My friends and I all loved it. It's unique and it shows us more of the James-Molly relationship. Look Who's Talking Now (the third installment) might be stretching it, but the first two movies are classics. I definitely would recommend buying or renting them together.
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jakethesnake-420078 August 2021
This movie was so annoying I couldn't take it. Has its odd moments but over a pointless story.
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Mikey's Back
Punk1917 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Mikey(Bruce Willis(voice)and Lorne Sussman) is now a two year old. His life is perfect. He has a mother, a father and now on it's way is his baby sister Julie(Roseanne Barr). Mollie(Kirstie Alley) and James(John Travolta) are so happy together. But when Julie is born Mikey has a whole new perspective about baby sisters. He now has problems with his parents. His sister even resists him. But in the end it turns alright. Mikey saves her and they live happily ever after.

This is a movie to show your two year old son that is now in the mode for potty training. For Mikey has a few terrific dreams about Mr.Toilet and using the potty. A good movie to let your children watch. Nothing graphic except a little butt is shown.
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Rosanne Bar?
Smells_Like_Cheese29 March 2004
Now, I did enjoy most of the movie. But I mean, seriously, Rosanne Bar? She has the most annoying voice in the world. I do not get where the director thought that it would be a good idea to use Rosanne's voice. *sigh* Mike and the family return for "Look who's talking too". They are "blessed" with another child. With Rosanne Bar's voice. *shudder* Mike has to learn how to deal with his pampered sister. And the couple's relationship is once again put to the test. Everything else in the movie is fine, except Rosanne Bar's voice.


Sorry, I just had to take away 6 points for her voice. I'm having nightmares.
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