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A Healthy diet of Caribbean scum, school boys and nuns!
Coventry10 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I awarded the first "Killer Crocodile" with a rating 5 out of 10. Probably that was way too generous of me, but hey, the film was extremely funny (talking terms of pure cheesiness) and it was damn entertaining! This rapidly put together sequel is oddly amusing as well, even though it features the exact same storyline and re-uses a whole lot of footage of the original. I don't know why, but I just can't hate it! Or perhaps I do … Still early in the film, there came a sequence that instantly made me appreciate this poverty row B-production a bit more! The big titular croc patiently sneaks up on two boats carrying singing school boys and a couple of nuns. All this time you're thinking something or someone will appear and save them, but HELL NO! The ugly over-sized reptile brutally attacks them and extendedly feasts on these poor and unlikely victims! Now, personally, I have a strong admiration for horror movies that dare to kill children on screen and so – even though far from being a good film – I still appreciate "Killer Crocodile" for its courage. Naturally, the rest of the film is laughably inept, with an absolute lack of tension, abysmal dubbing and some of the most horrid dialogs you'll ever hear (for example: "Without my bathing suit, I feel naked…"). The story takes place in the same Caribbean area of the first film, where the rich and corrupt locals still dump radioactive waste in the swamps, and now they're even planning to build a holiday resort there as well. Is the continuous pollution responsible for the new crocodile's gigantic proportions and insatiable hunger for human flesh? The script never really hints at it, but probably. One thing's for sure though: he's one massive fella with enough strength to pull entire sheds into the water. Debra Karr (who really isn't too hard on the eyes) stars as a New York reporter; sent to the area to investigate the questionable politics and to check if the swamps are clean. She's a tough chick, who single-handedly takes on car thieves and toys around with wannabe rapists, but a giant killer croc is too much even for her and she'll need the help of the same Crocodile Dundees of the first film. Ennio Girlami's role is nothing more than an extended cameo, but Richard Crenna Jr. is offered once again the chance to play a heroic part. The script pretty much sucks (the main villain isn't even punished) and the pacing drags occasionally, but there's a lot of cheesy gore and cheap stunts to enjoy. Giannetto De Rossi's (basically a special effects guy) directing is far below average and Riz Ortolani's score is a little too obviously borrowed from John Williams' theme for "Jaws". In other words, this film is only recommended to tolerant fans of typical Italian rip-offs.

NB: If anyone's interested, "Killer Crocodile II" does feature one of the most original pick-up lines I ever heard! After surviving a close encounter with the monster, Liza walks up to Kevin and says something like: "Don't you know that fear and near death situations stimulate and heighten man's reproductive organs?" There's a line I have to remember! His response is pretty good too, as he says: "Oh is that true? I guess my dad was right when he said that you learn something new every day!" Now that's what I call arousing pillow talk!
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A lazy effort.
gridoon8 January 2005
"Killer Crocodile 2" runs 82 minutes (including credits). About half of those are dead space - like a female reporter's petty bickering with her colleagues back in "New York". Roughly 10 more minutes are taken up by flashbacks = footage lifted from the original film (including its ending). That leaves about 30 minutes of pure crocodile-chomping-on-people action, and the croc itself looks good; even if it's stodgy at times, it's still vastly preferable to the computerized crocs of such recent bombs as "Crocodile" and "Blood Surf". But the script is so lazy that just when the movie looks about to finally get going, we get a stupid climax and it's all over. Anthony Crenna repeats his role from the first film; don't expect any acting awards coming for him anytime soon. Leading lady Debra Karr has (at least in the first half) a self-assured, take-no-sh*t attitude that I quite liked. (*1/2)
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Rather enjoyable cheesy creature feature
GL843 November 2016
Attempting to cover a big story, a reporter sent to investigate a conspiracy involving illegal toxic waste dumping in the Caribbean finds that the waste has created a monstrous crocodile stalking the grounds of a new hotel and tries to stop the creature.

For the most part this one here was a rather decent creature feature. What really tends to work well for this one is once again putting the creature on display and instigating attacks, as there's quite a few incredibly enjoyable action-packed scenes here. The opening ambush on the parasailors is a nice opening mark, the big attack on the children's boat going through the river attacking the children in the water after being capsized and the fun encounter where it attacks the hut with the workers inside all manage to give this a rather nice amount of action scenes. As well, the swamp attack on the guide and his traversing through the swamp after her provide some more fun with the creature, and being able to set-up the finale makes for some rather nice hunting-style action scenes out in the swamp which is where the film really scores. Introducing the white-whale style climax allows for the rather enjoyable fun here of the creature attacking the salvage crew and turning to the family fun on the water nearby in a pretty thrilling cheesy action set-piece and letting the rather explosive finish come off pretty well. Again, the fact that this one has the real prop croc on-camera for a large majority of the scenes here gives this one more to like by having the physical presence on-screen, and along with the great gore makes for some fun times. These here make this one quite fun, though there's some problems featured throughout this one. Once again, a great deal of time is wasted throughout here on completely banal tangents and side-plots that really don't do much of anything interesting here, with the main part here once again being the conspiracy angle. This isn't in the slightest bit interesting as once again it's a rehash from the first film which did the same angle from pretty similar authority figures for the same exact reason which becomes quite distracting. Playing it out once again doesn't really make the scenes all that interesting just watching them go into meetings about what's happening and really makes this feel like a repeat of the same thing from last time. The other flaw to this one is the fact that there's just no reason for the extended flashbacks of the first one beyond simply padding out the running time here and it's quite obvious where it's done for that effect which makes this rather troubling. Otherwise, there's not a whole lot really wrong with this one.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and children-in-jeopardy.
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Could Have Used Some Improvement
Uriah4314 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Although the gigantic killer crocodile was killed at the end of the previous film, she managed to leave behind an egg that hatches in the same swamp at the beginning of this movie. Meanwhile, a newspaper reporter for the New York Chronicle named "Liza Post" (Debra Karr) has been assigned the case involving the illegal dumping in that swamp which has yet to be cleaned up. Sent to help her is the swamp expert by the name of "Kevin Jones" (Anthony Crenna) who killed the killer crocodile in the first movie. Now, as far as this film is concerned it certainly could have been much better. The dialogue was substandard and some of the scenes were pretty bad as well. But to be fair the movie was filmed in Italian and dubbed into English so I suppose some allowances should be made. Also on the plus side was the presence of Debra Karr who was absolutely stunning. Still, as I stated earlier, this movie could have used some improvement and even though I enjoyed it, in all fairness I have to rate it as slightly below average.
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$2 well spent
Chase_Witherspoon1 May 2011
A corrupt land developer is pursued by a tenacious and ambitious investigative journalist (Karr) after another journalist uncovers evidence of radioactive waste being dumped in the local swamps. But when our rogue reporter goes missing in the swamps, her employer calls in the expert – Anthony Crenna, appearing half way through the film as the visiting specialist on all-things swamp, like gi-normous crocodiles. Through a series of painful recollections, Crenna labours in the tortured soul characterisation, and re-acquaints with local game hunter Girolami to go in search of another giant crocodile, and hopefully, find Karr alive and well.

Former special effects man De Rossi follows up the mediocre 1989 offering with this flimsy concept of a sequel. There's even less to this outing than the original – ridiculous dialogue (although it's impossible to tell just how bad it is, considering the English dub), laughable set-ups and a puerile make-up effects leave little room for suspense, thrills or basic plot cohesion. Awkward attempts at humour fail miserably, but then the acting is so stilted and amateurish, it would be unfair to expect a cast of this quality to master the timing required to deliver comedy, when they struggle attempting to convey fear and surprise. The crocodile itself moves through the water like it's being towed by an outboard.

Leading man Crenna (Richard's son) arrives in the second half with immediate impact, while the bubbly and effervescent Karr is enthusiastic, if somewhat at the mercy of the poor script. "Killer Crocodile 2" is a virtual carbon copy of its predecessor and looks like director De Rossi (who provided the special effects for the first film) combined mostly out-takes and left-over footage to cobble together a quick cash-in. If there's any redeemable features at all, the music isn't bad, and, Enio Girolami (aka Thomas Moore) is laughably intense, but there's little more to recommend. I paid $2 for this movie as an ex-rental, and that's about the worth.
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Even cheesier than the first one!
MadMan-217 October 1999
I don´t know if this is supposed to be a horror movie, because it´s really funny. People once again fall into the water without no actual reason and there is no story to talk about. It looks like the director of this movie (who was in charge of the croc effects in the first one), thought to himself "since the mechanical croc actually never was destroyed in the first one, let´s use it again, and make a part 2" Me and my friends almost laughed us to death when we saw it. The effects are really bad and the croc...well, what can I say...CHEESE! If you liked Alligator, do NOT watch this flick, but if you are looking for a laugh, please help yourself. Lets hope nobody is thinking "Killer Crocodile 3"
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