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2013 Chicago Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

The mighty and all-powerful Chicago Underground Film Festival has done the absolute unthinkable: Reached their 20th year of operation! How many underground festivals have accomplished that feat? None, until now! Well, “now” being March 6-10 at the fest’s new location: The Logan Theatre.

Obviously, there are a lot of people who have worked with the fest over the years to help make it last for exactly two fantastic decades, but, truly, there is one special person who has to be specially lauded for his tireless dedication to the advancement of underground film and its makers. Especially because Cuff hasn’t just been around for 20 years: It’s been fucking awesome for 20 years.

That person, of course, is Artistic Director Bryan Wendorf, who has been with the fest for the very first edition to it’s most recent, mind-blowing one. Year after year, Wendorf has guided Cuff into defining, challenging,
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Play It Now: Peter Javipour's 'Rambo: Last Blood'

Troubled vet John Rambo confronts a lifetime of killing in this free Flash game.

Created by Peter Javidpour (@javidpower), The Last Blood is described on the game's YouTube page as "The spiritual successor to the Rambo series." And "spiritual" is precisely the way to describe the game, whose big twist in the opening moments I won't spoil here (it's quite funny, but there's more to it). While the subsequent game appears to be poking fun at the ultra-macho Rambo movies (and it is poking fun, but not too hard), there's some solid design here in this 8-bit send-up with a cute theme about reversing a lifetime of violence (or simply that hugs are nice, the jury's still out on that score).

You can check out the game at the Rambo: Last Blood page.

Thanks to the brilliant @krazoff for pointing this out.

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