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Daniel Dell7 November 2015
I'll admit. Jetsons: The Movie is NOT really the WORST animated film anyone has ever seen, and it's not as bad as ANY movie with Adam Sandler in it, but it's still bland, lazy, generic, boring, and very unfunny. I feel bad for Judy Jetson, because I can tell that in this movie, she is not the cutest blonde teenage girl in Orbit City that we all grew up with and had a crush on throughout our childhood. Tiffany is a good singer, but as the voice of Judy, she's dreadful. I don't mind a replacement actress for Judy Jetson, it just isn't supposed to be winy. Jetsons: The Movie sucks. At least it's not as bad as Strange Magic or Cool World. The only thing I mostly like in this movie is the animation, which is shockingly the best part of the whole movie. Other than that, this movie sucks. Giving the Jetsons a movie of their own for theaters was a great idea, it just never worked.
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It doesn't get cornier than this
utgard149 September 2015
Big screen continuation of the 1960s cartoon series is alternately old-fashioned to a corny degree and modern in the most grating ways. All of the humor is like that of the old series, for those who are fans. I am not so it was like nails on a chalkboard for me while watching this. At least there wasn't a laugh track. The "modern" stuff added includes some environmentalist proselytizing and some truly terrible late '80s/early '90s style pop music. Tiffany and synth beats, folks. Yuck! Speaking of Tiffany, she was brought in to play Judy Jetson and replace Janet Waldo, the original Judy. She does an awful job. Of the rest of the cast, the original voice for Elroy, Daws Butler, had died before this so he had to be replaced. Sadly, both George O'Hanlon and Mel Blanc also died during production. Overall, this is a corny stinker that's saved only by some nice animation. It's very colorful and fluid and I'll give it credit for that. But this is really just something fans of the old show will want to check out for curiosity's sake. I can't imagine anyone else liking it.
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Excellent film adaptation of a classic TV show with appealing performances
Catherine_Grace_Zeh20 July 2006
JETSONS: THE MOVIE, in my opinion, is an excellent film adaptation of a classic TV show with appealing performances. Also, even though everyone gave an appealing performance, it's hard to say who I liked the best. In addition, I thought that Mr. Spacely (voice of Mel Blanc) was a very cantankerous guy. However, I thought that Teddy 2 (voice of Dana Hill) was an absolute a******. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone involved in this film did a very good job. In conclusion, I highly recommend this excellent film adaptation of a classic TV show with appealing performances to any fan who hasn't seen it. You're in for a good time, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with a friend, and watch it.
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Lots of fun!
Monika-522 March 2000
My family bought the video one Christmas as a gift for my dad, who has been a Jetsons fan for years. Our whole family enjoyed the Jetsons Movie. Tiffany plays the voice of Judy and sings some really nice songs. I liked their attempt at a politically correct story. Besides, this film is the Jetsons! How can you not like that? ;)
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The first-ever Jetsons big-screen, musical, eye-candy romp!
ExplorerDS678920 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Since it's the Jetsons' first big screen film, Hanna-Barbera had to work hard to bring something fresh and original to their space-age series, right? Nope. So the day begins with George heading off to his job, and getting caught in traffic. Same old, same old. Unfortunately his new traffic-beater: Inflat-a-Cop didn't help much, a REAL cop showed up and made him give it a fatal deflate. So after arriving at Spacely Sprockets and Spindles, George sits at his desk and takes a nap, while Mr. Spacely meets with some legitimate stock brokers, looking for them to invest in his orbiting ore asteroid. But when he receives word, right in front of the brokers, that the man sent to operate it has run away, they quickly withdraw. Yes, Throttlebottom was the 4th vice president to run off the job at the asteroid, so Spacely needed a new man. Guess who he picks? Right, when he had no other viable choice, he goes with his man Friday, and every other day of the week, George Jetson. Unfortunately briefing him on his new job sends him into overtime so he misses Elroy's basketball game, and he scores the winning shot! George comes home to tell the family that they have to drop all immediate plans because they're moving out to the asteroid. This means Elroy will have to quit the team and Judy will have to give up her random date with Cosmic Cosmo. Her life is over, says Jane. But the important thing is... George is a vice president. Yep, it's all about what George wants. This seems reason enough for the family to agree with his reasoning. Judy was too heartbroken to agree, but apparently nobody seemed to care. They all fly off into space, eventually getting to where the ore asteroid is located as well as their new home: Intergalactic Garden Estates. Well they arrive at their new apartment and find it empty, highly unusual, but thanks to Rosie's remote control, the place instantly fills with their stuff. They meet their happening new neighbors, the big blue fur covered Furbelows...and sadly, we won't be seeing them again for the rest of the movie; VP George Jetson heads off to the plant the next morning, finally getting to be his own boss. Let's just hope he doesn't fire himself. The plant's supervisor, robot Rudy 2, gives George the breakdown on operations, in a catchy song.

Elroy joins a new basketball team and instantly meets his match in Teddy 2 who is a well known cheater. I think they're going to be best enemies; Lucy 2 , Jane and Judy check out the ginormous shopping mall, but Judy goes off by herself to pout...until she literally runs into a handsome young alien-man, Apollo Blue, and it isn't long before they make beautiful music together. Seriously, they collaborate on a really awesome rock song and a music video you'd never expect in a Hanna-Barbera cartoon; Opening day of the plant begins. George presses the button and all hell breaks loose. The machinery blows gaskets, shooting sprockets everywhere. Teddy 2 is trapped in the barrage and Elroy saves him, so now I guess they're friends; Rudy 2 concludes this as sabotage. Who could have done it? Well sir, Mr. Spacely is none too pleased about this and heads out to the asteroid on a really cheap flight; George decides to work late one night to catch the saboteurs, when he gets captured. Elroy and Teddy 2 decide to do some detective work of their own, so they sneak into the plant and soon discover the root of the mêlée: little cute, furry creatures called Grungies. Meanwhile, Jane notices her son is gone and has no problem interrupting Judy's date to ask if Elroy were with them...Stupid question. She makes Judy go look for him. What a nice mom. Astro spills where they are, so now they're off to the plant, where it is soon discovered why the Grungies made it their duty to sabotage the place: it's right above their homes. The big drilling bore destroys a part of it every day. That's terribly tragic! George is discovered bound and gagged, so before untying him, Jane decides it's finally time for him to fess up on how much he REALLY thinks about his family. "You're all I think about." Not lately, George. He hears about the Grungies' plight and decides something must be done. Meanwhile, Spacely arrives and demands the machines be started. Rudy 2 tries to stop him because of the Jetsons were down there, so Spacely commits robotslaughter and presses the button. We get a frantic situation as well as an unnecessary tense moment as we think Elroy may have been crushed by falling rocks. So they all go topside and George finally finds the guts to stand up to his evil little boss, and then each family member as well as Apollo preach to him about what he's doing to the environment...of the Grungies. So in the end, it all works out. Spacely reluctantly makes them partners, they recycle old sprockets, so no more digging, all is well, but now George isn't needed there so the family has to move back. Great, uprooted a second time. So they all bid farewell to their new friends and head back to Earth.

My first question is the title. Why didn't they call it The Jetsons Movie? I guess Jetsons: The Movie sounded cooler. The animation is superb, the soundtrack is awesome, but the story is very weak. It's just recycled plot lines from the TV series, and the voice acting is horrible, mainly due to Tiffany taking over Judy. She was awful, and now Judy says things like "outergalactical". This was probably the final word on The Jetsons and they STILL didn't give Judy much development. Jetsons: The Movie could have been better. It's not GOOD, but it's not terrible. It's better than practically anything animated coming out today.
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I Loved It!!! :o)
IrisNo1130 July 1999
Let me tell you, when I was a little girl, I HATED "The Jetsons" (even though they were re-runs put on tv like most old tv shows are now these days). I thought that the show was boring and too lame, and for that, I had no interest in seeing this movie. However, when I was at a slumber party one of my childhood friends was throwing for her birthday, they rented "Jetsons: The Movie", and from what I heard from one of the girls was that the movie was good. So, I thought, "Well, we'll see!"

Actually, it was better than I thought! Former teenage sensation, Tiffany, updated Judy Jetson to the 1990's, and I loved most of the songs that were in this movie! I found this movie really interesting and I loved it! I still do! It's a great idea to bring this movie into the 1990's since the show is from the 1960's (or somewhat around that time?) and obviously, the actual show is quite corny if you ask me.

I really liked "Jetsons: The Movie". I was very pleased with it!!!! :o)
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*****,a perfect 5 stars,the movie based on the infamous space age family does something most TV-show based films fail to do.
PJS-51 July 1999
One of the biggest reasons why I gave this film a ***** star rating is because it does something no other TV-show based movie has done a perfect flawless unerring(perfect) translation of the classic TV animated series(I certainly have no problem with artistic license WHATSOEVER! but still its kinda nice on how they do a fully accurate translation for once) & besides the movie has a good story which wouldn't disappoint hard-core jetson fans(although I'll tell you know I'm not a jetson fan I liked the show & the movie did perfect justice to a good series) & it has beautiful CGI & great music(especially the jetsons rap) so all in all this is perfection for any Jetsons fan & even if you're not a jetsons fan (like myself) this film whould give ya fun time anyways,BYE!
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What May Be Considered An Extended Jetsons Episode With A Social Awareness.
Dawalk-12 August 2012
I remember renting a copy of this and seeing it years back. It had also been years since I'd last seen it, but I recall finding it enjoyable. I'd thought about this movie for a while and I was in the mood to see it again. I finally did a few late nights/early mornings ago, after spending some time tracking down a copy of streaming video available for it that wasn't pay per view/on demand or recorded with a camcorder or I-Pod/I-Touch (as I found for a couple of copies on Youtube, each with a different, aforementioned problem with it as I just described). Also had to track it down to watch for free online, due to it airing on a cable channel at times that are inconvenient for me, therefore being unable to catch it.

Now, more about the feature. The first thing that comes to mind and what I must mention is the crisper 2D animation as well as the CGI for some of the background scenes. I love how the art style of the former is such an upgrade from that of the 1960s episodes (the animation in the '80s episodes may have also been an improvement a little at least, if not as much as in this), so that's a nice plus. I know that the one notable beef that most would have with the movie is the fact that Judy Jetson's original voice actress, Janet Waldo, was replaced with the former teen pop singer Tiffany. When I first saw this, I noticed that Judy's voice sounded different here than from the t.v. series and I wondered why, what's up with that. Whoever was/were in charge of changing part of the cast didn't even get someone to do a more dead-on imitation of the original if they must replace the original. But recently I found out one reason was an attempt to cash in and ride on Tiffany's success, which I now know the short story behind that. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think I'd have to hear audio of Janet and Tiffany's takes on Judy's voice played back-to-back, since now I think they're nearly the same. A reviewer on here claimed that this movie just consists of and contains various, previous plots from the series. I'd have to see several of them again to try noticing that for myself, as I only remember a limited number of episode plots, some more than others. What else I love about this movie is the side plots, like the Jetsons meeting their new neighbors, the 2s and the Furbelows, and the eventual alliance between Elroy Jetson and Teddy 2. I love the new characters introduced here and it'd be great if more could've been done with them somehow. Some of those who gripe about the preachy message thrown into the movie act like the whole movie revolves around the environment, particularly that of the Grungees' abode within the asteroid. Maybe I could see the problem if that were true, but it isn't really, as that comes about much later. Another first and only (other than the film itself) is that, yes, George Jetson does stand up to his boss, Mr. Spacely, for a change at last, when he finds the destruction the machines making the sprockets in the factory over the asteroid are doing to the Grungees' homes and that helping to protect them is what's more important in the end. I also learned that the subject of enviromentalism was taken on for this because it was one of the things that were heavily focused on and popular at the time (a couple of other animated media concerning this, Captain Plant and the Planeteers and Widget the World Watcher, come to mind). For first time watchers of this, I say y'all should check it out if nobody reading this has, because another thing it has going for it is the jokes. Like Fergie Furbelow being mistaken for a boy ironically. I'm among all those who find it captivating anyway, despite the few flaws it may have. And I agree with the reviewer who stated that it's still many light years ahead of the majority of cartoons hitting the airwaves these days, even if this could've used something more.
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I've seen the future and it is good!
OWUbear29 September 2001
I loved the Jetson family as I grew up. I wanted to see the movie, but I wish that Janet Waldo could have stayed as Judy. I wasn't used to Tiffany. Mr. Spacely's up to his usual conniving best, and Jane is cute as ever. The plot was interesting. See this movie! I also recommend "The Jetsons meet the Flintstones."
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"Thanks George!"
RJ Heck (rjheck)24 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was very well done. Tiffany did an awesome job with her songs, as well as her overall performance as Judy. Astro of course, was classic. "Ri Ruv Ru Reorge!" My favorite song was the finale, "Home" by Tiffany. It brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. The other songs were awesome as well. The overall story was very strong, and very unpredictable. The plant sabotage premise was strong and made for awesome storytelling. Mr. Spacely was up to his usual shenanigans, trying to take advantage of naive George. His classic scream got better and better as the movie went on. It's always sad when a performer dies before the production is finished and they never get to see the end result. At the end, when the Grungees spell out "Thanks George" on the roof of the plant, what an awesome tribute to George O' Hanlon. He put his whole life into that character and it showed. Thanks, George, you will be missed!
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A cartoon movie well-made!
Rasheed Zelig Thomas9 April 2017
This movie is actually great! I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was! I didn't grow up watching the Jetsons at all. So I couldn't compare it to the actual cartoon but part of me wishes I did. The music was pretty catchy and it's heart felt moments made me wish I was a kid watching this! I love that cute little guy Elroy! He was my favorite!

Reminder, this was made in the 90's. Obviously flaws but that doesn't matter. This movie with it's flaws made it great! The message of the movie is that family comes first! That's what matters!
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Your Standard Cartoon Movie
gavin694218 November 2016
George Jetson is forced to uproot his family when Mr. Spacely promotes him to take charge of a new factory on a distant planet.

I can't say this is a great movie, but I guess it's not terrible, either. It is a family film and one that smaller children will probably enjoy. The message is a bit heavy-handed and may not appeal to everyone, as it exaggerates the idea of conservation.

The creators also seem like they really wanted to build the film around Tiffany / Judy, including a music video that was apparently illustrated by different artists. Could the song have been a hit in 1990 and helped this film? Maybe, but so far as I know that never happened.
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"Maybe Love"
Hockey Puck27 June 2001
I like this movie because of the soundtrack and the adventure. "Maybe Love" is one of my three favorite songs in the movie (my other two favorite songs are "Stayin' Together" and "You and Me") all the songs in this movie seem to have an uplifting beat and I like to sing along to them. I also like to watch all of the adventures that the Jetsons encounter when they move to their new home. George gets a job to produce one million spacely sprockets and after many struggles with the grungies George manages to succeed at his job. Unfortunately for spacely in the end he ends up looking like a bad guy because he did not care if he was destroying the grungies universe, all he cared about was getting his one million sprockets. After Judy's heart was broken over Cosmic Cosmo going out with one of her friends (when he was supposed to date her) Judy found a new boyfriend (Apollo Blue, who was also a musician like Cosmic Cosmo) at her new home. Elroy makes a new friend also (Teddy 2)! When Teddy 2 scored on Elroy, Elroy became very angry with Teddy 2 (and vise versa) but by working together Elroy and Teddy 2 were able to become very good friends (especially when Elroy saved Teddy 2 form flying sprockets). The ending was extremely sad in my opinion, when the Jetsons had to return to their original home. I would definitely rate this movie a perfect 10 along with another perfect 10 for it's soundtrack!
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A Good Movie Based On The Classic Cartoon Series
saralenau17 April 2018
I've been watching Jetsons The Movie for many years. It is one of my favorite movies. Out of all the movies that were based on Hanna-Barbera cartoons, I have to say that is one of the better ones. While it's not without it's problems/flaws, it's better than some of the animated films that are coming out today. I love The Jetsons. I love both the original Jetsons cartoon series and the movie. If it wasn't for the film, I wouldn't be The Jetsons fan that I am today. It's a very underrate film. The animation was good and very colorful. The story was alright (but it could have been a little better) and I even loved the new characters like Judy's boyfriend, Apollo Blue, the Grungrees and the Robot Family. Plus this film has a great soundtrack. My favorite songs are You And Me, Staying Together and Home. The voice acting was good too and I even have to admit that Tiffany did a good job voicing Judy. She isn't much of an actress but she does ok.

I felt that the story could of been better. It's still good but it needed work. Judy's subplot is one of the flaws in the story. I can understand her being upset about not doing out on a date with Cosmic Cosmo but come on...she hardly knew him and he hardly knew her. It's stupid! I felt that Elroy's subplot with Teddy-2 (the robot boy) was done better. I don't hate Judy's subplot but I wish it was done a little better.

One of the things that the film did right was give The Jetsons friends. One of the things that The Jetsons television series lacked was friends for The Jetsons. Plus I wish that the film was longer so that The Jetsons could interact with their new friends/neighbors a bit longer and expand upon their new friendships (like Judy spending more time with Apollo and getting to know him better).

I still love this film even though it has it's problems and flaws. It's not the greatest animated film ever made but it's not a horrible piece of crap. There are worse movies out there and some movies deserve to be forgotten, but Jetsons The Movie (at least in my opinion) doesn't deserve to be forgotten. There are people who do love this film and I'm one of them. The film is still watchable, fun and enjoyable. The film has a good message about protecting the environment and actually does a better job with it's environmental message than some of the other environmental films that came after it. The film does stay true to the original television series and like the television series, the film does have it's warm and loving moments. It's a good film for the entire family and if you are an animation fan, I would give this a watch.

Plus I do know the story behind this film and how Judy's original voice actress Janet Waldo was replaced by Tiffany. While I said that I thought that Tiffany did a good job voicing Judy, I have to be fair to Janet Waldo since she voiced Judy for a long time and really loved doing The Jetsons. She was very hurt and heartbroken over the decision that Universal Studios made to replace her with Tiffany and I felt really sorry for her and half of me is mad at Universal for making that decision but I don't hate Tiffany or her performance as Judy Jetson. I still believe that Tiffany did do a good job. To be honest, I love both Janet Waldo and Tiffany as Judy Jetson. But one thing is for sure, Janet Waldo will always be Judy Jetson.
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A Great classic that everyone will love!
jay_amer1 January 2018
This was one of my favourite films when I was a kid and I still watch it today! The jetsons movie is a movie that all kids will love! If you have not seen it yet, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you watch it!
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Great Memories
Aleksandar Sarkic28 November 2016
This was one of my favorite cartoons in my childhood, and i must say i first watched movie and then TV show, i see many negative comments about this movie, why so many hate, okay it is more commercial than TV show, but i really enjoyed this one as a child, and i am enjoying it now as an adult, it is very positive movie and great finish for whole Jetsons serial. Only negative minus is maybe the voice acting of singer Tiffany as Judy, her voice just don't fit with Judy, that was a big minus and yes also i didn't like her space boyfriend, he looks like some alien/elf version of Peter Pan. But other things are great, i really love music you can really feel the mix between 80's and 90's decade, and the whole style of the movie is like that. I also like environmental issues, and how because of our greed we are destroying whole worlds and other cultures and societies. I will definitely love this movie and TV show and this memorable characters to the end of my life, and i hope i will play this to my children, to became better people in this dark world.
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Typical Jetson Family Antics with One Eye Popping Psychedelic Song
LeonLouisRicci10 June 2015
Despite the Fact that the "Hanna-Barbera" Animation Studios Scored with Prime Time Hits like "The Flintstones" and had a Gaggle of other Characters become Household Names like "The Jetsons", "Huckleberry Hound", "Yogi Bear", and others, They will Forever be given a Dishonorable Mention as the Studio that Killed "Full Animation" Glory.

The "Fleischer" Studio (creators of Popeye and Betty Boop), "Warner Brothers" (Bugs, Daffy, etc.), had Made Wonderful Fully Animated Cartoons for Decades, but when Sixties Television Came along "Art" was No Longer the First Concern, it was, You Guessed it, Economy. So the Cheap and it Looked it, Hanna-Barbera Flat Animation Won over.

Not to be Stifled by this Limitation, Jay Ward came Up with "Rocky and Bullwinkle" with Incredible Witty Scripts and Characters, and Blew Hanna-Barbera Off TV Screens and Showed Them for what they were. Quicky, Cheap, Superficial Non-Art.

"The Jetsons" and the Rest of the Studio Lineup did have a Modicum of Charm and Except for the Aforementioned "Jay Ward" Studios, It was All there was for Kids and Grownup Kids at the Time on the Tube (new productions).

This Feature Length Movie was made Thirty Years After the Fact and is an OK Time Waster for Fans of "The Jetsons" Family.

The Most Controversy for Fans was Replacing Janet Waldo as the Voice of "Judy Jetson" with Pop Star "Tiffany". A Few of Her Songs are Included in the Film for the Modern Audiences. There is One Song, "You and Me", that is a Show-Stopping, Psychedelic, Extravagance that is Atypical of the Usual Uninspired Animation from the Studio. The Song and the Visuals just Rock.

Other than that bit on Inspiration, this is Typical Jetsonsawith an Environmental, Almost Socialistic, Storyline. Overall, It can be Enjoyed by Fans and Non-Fans alike if Nothing that Special.
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Opening title is only the best part!!!
win-311 April 2000
I was so eager to see this one of my favorite TV shows.I saw Universal trademark followed with a newly acquainted title and theme song which still impress me.Computer animation on some scenery like a solid title name"The Jetsons" or a dimension view of a spaceship approaching an amusement park and more made this version splendid and fantastic.Shortly after that till the end...I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!How lucky I was that I could forget all I had seen.Just songs by Tiffany and its theme song in new arrangement were in my head.Anyway,I wish to see this space-aged family (also The Flintstones and Yogi Bear) in all graphic computer design as Toy story or Bug's life.The best style for Hanna-Barbera's in my opinion.
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Spaced Out.
Python Hyena21 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Jetsons: The Movie (1990): Dir: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera / Voices: George O'Hanlon, Penny Singleton, Patrick Zimmerman, Tiffany, Mel Blanc: From the company that had tremendous success with The Flintstones, which dealt with a stone age family, comes a futuristic family. The Jetsons is headed by George who struggles to gain approval from his greedy boss Mr. Spacely. He is late for work again but is surprisingly promoted to vice president of Spacely Sprockets and has to move to another location to "press the button" at the plant there. Central plot regards the sabotaging of the factory and the reasons several vice presidents have quit. Despite the simplistic plot this is better written and much more entertaining than it first appears. It has the famous Hanna Barbera stamp plus it has characters that are targets of the puns. George Jetson gets caught up in the job and neglects what is important, like his family. Jane is his smart and supportive wife. Elroy is his young son engrossed in "spaceball" where his big move is "the elevator." Judy is the teenage daughter struggling with romance and acceptance. Astro is the lovable accepting loyal dog, and Rosie the Robot is the mindful maid. This is the final film for George O'Hanlon and Mel Blanc who passed away and left a legacy. For those who enjoyed the classic cartoon will likely engage in this space age hocus. Score: 8 / 10
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