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  • Two travelers, one a well to do young clark on the way to a reunion with his wife, the other a scruffy, feral bounty hunter meet at sundown on a lonely prairie and agree to swap stories around the campfire.

  • A bounty hunter who's carrying the dead body of his latest target as proof of death and a clerk who's traveling through the prairie to visit his sweetheart meet at night in the middle of nowhere. While resting by the campfire each of them tells two scary stories with a twist of terror. An old man desecrates a Native American burial ground and angers the spirits. A traveler finds a pregnant woman alone in the prairie at night and agrees to help her, only to have her show him her gratitude. A man is forced by a lynch mob to help them. A gunslinger who never lost a duel has a disturbing nightmare about one of the gunfighters he killed.

  • A cynical bounty hunter and a clerk traveling through the prairie rest by the campfire telling four stories of terror to each other.


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  • Two travelers who are very different from each other, meet at night on the open prairie of the pioneer days of the mid-west. A very straight laced and married traveler named Farley ( Horror standout Brad Dourif) has camp already set up with a fire going when he is joined by Morrison (screen legend James Earl Jones), a rough and brash bounty hunter who asks if he can share the site. After Farley agrees, Morrison parks his horse that has his gear and a dead body on the saddle. After their differences come to light they start to argue. Even though they both agree to not talk and turn in for the not, they both decide to have some coffee and Morrison tells a story. His first tale was about an old traveler that voyages across a sacred Indian American burial ground. His destination changes to destiny as his trip to a different land goes on. Though Farey liked this story, it left him curious and unsatisfied, so Morrison told a second. This was a more gruesome and unexpected story of an odd and unique drifter who meets a traveler. The two decide to spend the night and the most unusual event ever turns them outside in and changes there lives in a most unbelievable way. Disgusted, Farley decides to spin one of his own, about a family that seems kind and pure. But they have a dark secret that Eva, the young daughter , stumbles on. It leaves her with a hard choice that makes this ending just as unpredictable as this entire movie was. Feeling like he was just upstaged, Morrison decides to tell the old legend of a skilled gunfighter and a curse. The skilled shooter wins a duel and a new job. But he never new what victory and success could possibly cost him. When this, the forth and final story is finished, the two strangers realize that it is morning and they both must be on their ways. They disagree again about life in general and their values. As Farley decides to continue on to meet his wife, Morrison who has seemed to be an intelligent and clever bondsman, shows what kind of person he is. This makes him and this unique movie even more entertaining as the two make a decision that will change their lives, perhaps forever.

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