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Edited into 

Video Macumba (1991) (Video)
Clips featured.
5 Second Movies: Goodfellas (2008) (TV Episode)
movie is edited into short comedic clip
Apaga y vámonos: Episode #1.4 (2013) (TV Episode)
actors heads are changed with politician heads


Goodfellas (TV Movie)


The Great Train Robbery (1903) (Short)
Bad guy shooting at the camera at the end of the movie.
The Oklahoma Kid (1939)
James Cagney scene seen on TV
The Jolson Story (1946)
Playing on TV when FBI searched Henry Hill's house.
Red River (1948)
The shot following Henry as he approaches Bruce with the gun is taken from 'Red River'.
The Tales of Hoffmann (1951)
Scorsese has stated the slow zoom into DeNiro's character while "Sunshine of Your Love" plays is intended as an homage to the Barcarolle sequence in "Tales of Hoffmann"
Shane (1953)
During the card scene "The Oklahoma Kid" the fancy gunplay with Cagney that Pesci mimics is confused with "Shane"
I Vitelloni (1953)
The way Henry Hill presents the 'goodfellas' recalls the way Fausto introduces his friends (the 'vitelloni') during the opening scene of the film.
Vertigo (1958)
Ben Casey (1961) (TV Series)
Mentioned in dialogue in card-playing scene involving Spider
Jules and Jim (1962)
The Godfather (1972)
Mentioned in dialogue
Mean Streets (1973)
In both films Robert DeNiro's character orders a 7 and 7 to drink after being introduced.
The Shining (1980)
The shot filmed from underneath Henry in the shower mirrors the shot of Jack at the door of the pantry .
Raging Bull (1980)
Frank Vincent is called Batts in both films.
Do the Right Thing (1989)
slow zoom-in on two characters sitting at a table by a window

Referenced in 

At the Movies: Postcards from the Edge/Saving Grace/White Hunter, Black Heart/After Dark, My Sweet (1990) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "State of Grace" review.
Schmidteinander: Episode #1.1 (1990) (TV Episode)
Schmidt & Feuerstein talk about
The 10 Million Dollar Getaway (1991) (TV Movie)
Mike Starr plays the same character he did in this film
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: John Larroquette/Anthony Griffith/Roy Blount Jr. (1991) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in the Snivelling Weasel's Choice Awards
At the Movies: Oscar/Toy Soldiers/A Kiss Before Dying/Citizen Kane 50th Anniversary/A Rage in Harlem (1991) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the Video Pick of the Week segment.
At the Movies: V.I. Warshawski/Trust/Life Stinks/Mobsters/Slacker (1991) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "Mobsters" review.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Gamera vs. Guiron (1991) (TV Episode)
"Am I a clown, do I amuse you?"
At the Movies: Shout/The Man in the Moon/The Super/Stepping Out/Whore (1991) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "The Super" review.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Gamera vs. Zigra (1991) (TV Episode)
Tom: "Does he find it amusing? Is he some sort of clown?"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Teenage Caveman (1991) (TV Episode)
Crow: "Am I a clown? Do you find me amusing?"
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: George Burns/Barry Levinson/Patricia Kaas (1991) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Johnny as he discusses Bugsy with Barry Levinson
L.A. Law: Badfellas (1991) (TV Episode)
title reference
Reservoir Dogs (1992)
Joe calls Vic Vega a "Goodfella".
Where the Day Takes You (1992)
Advertised on theater marquee.
Saturday Night Live: Tom Hanks/Bruce Springsteen (1992) (TV Episode)
Mentioned during the monologue
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Space Travellers (1992) (TV Episode)
"What am I some kind clown?"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Teenagers from Outer Space (1992) (TV Episode)
Tom (as Henry Hill): "Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a spaceman."
At the Movies: Unlawful Entry/Pinocchio/A League of Their Own/Highway 61/The Adjuster (1992) (TV Episode)
Referenced in the "Unlawful Entry" review.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Killer Shrews (1992) (TV Episode)
Tom: "It's a planned sequence, like the opening of 'Touch of Evil' or the Copacabana scene of 'Goodfellas.'"
Saturday Night Live: Joe Pesci/Spin Doctors (1992) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Zoraida
Goof Troop: Goof Fellas (1992) (TV Episode)
title reference
Invasion of the Scream Queens (1992)
Elizabeth Kaitan mentions loving the movie.
Menace II Society (1993)
A group of men are at a table and one of them shoots another after he insults him, much like in the "Spider" scene. Also in the special edition VHS, the brothers explain how O Dogg is modeled after Joe Pesci's "Goodfellas" character, how they mimicked the voiceovers and scenes where sound is muted and the filming is done in slow motion while key characters are introduced by the protagonist.
Oh, Woe Is Me (1993)
on video store shelf (as Les Affranchis)
Animaniacs: De-Zanitized/The Monkey Song/Nighty-Night Toon (1993) (TV Episode)
The narrator refers to the gangster pigeons as "Goodfeathers" in a pun on the name of this movie.
At the Movies: Striking Distance/Into the West/The Age of Innocence/Household Saints/Baraka (1993) (TV Episode)
Roger Ebert mentions several Martin Scorsese movies, including this one, in his discussion on "The Age of Innocence" (1993).
Animaniacs: Garage Sale of the Century/West Side Pigeons (1993) (TV Episode)
Three birds call themselves the "Goodfeathers" in honour of this movie. They protect a statue of Martin Scorsese, this film's director.
The Larry Sanders Show: L.A. or N.Y.? (1993) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Arthur
Saturday Night Live: Jeff Goldblum/Aerosmith (1993) (TV Episode)
Cover on shelf in 'Karl's Video Store'
Animaniacs: Hitchcock Opening/Hearts of Twilight/The Boids (1993) (TV Episode)
The gangsta pigeons are called "Goodfeathers" in reference to this film. Each one of their voices is based on one of the main characters from this film.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Wild World of Batwoman (1993) (TV Episode)
Crow (as Jimmy Two-Times): Hi, I'm Johnny Two-Times, Johnny Two-Times. Heh.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Radar Secret Service (1993) (TV Episode)
Crow emulates Ray Liotta's narration from the film.
Crumb (1994)
Crumb praises the movie, but notes his daughter found it too much, and had to stop watching it.
The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Director Frank Darabont watched Goodfellas every Sunday while shooting Shawshank and drew inspiration from it on using voice-over narration and showing the passage of time.
Shallow Grave (1994)
Northern Exposure: Little Italy (1995) (TV Episode)
Movie is mentioned
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Samson vs. the Vampire Women (1995) (TV Episode)
"It's the vampire version of Goodfellas"
Casino (1995)
Both movies a murder scene involving the same actors and similar dialogue
Beavis and Butt-Head: Animation Sucks (1995) (TV Episode)
Beavis and Butt-Head discuss this movie.
Sister, Sister: Weird Science (1995) (TV Episode)
Lisa does the whole "Am I a clown, do I amuse you? line
At the Movies: Casino/Two Bits/Money Train/Nick of Time/Frankie Starlight (1995) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "Casino" review.
Saturday Night Live: David Alan Grier/Silverchair (1995) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned during Spade in America's Hollywood Minute
Beavis and Butt-Head: Gang of Two (1996) (TV Episode)
B&B say that the Lordz of Brooklyn are imitating the Beastie Boys, House of Pain, Goodfellas and Reservoir Dogs.
Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin/Tori Amos (1996) (TV Episode)
Mentioned on The Joe Pesci Show
Friends: The One After the Superbowl: Part 2 (1996) (TV Episode)
Ross calls Chandler a Goodfella because of his jewellery.
Friends: The One with the Prom Video (1996) (TV Episode)
When Chandler says that the bracelet is "a little flashy," Ross says, "not for a Goodfella."
Trainspotting (1996)
At the Movies: Before and After/Rumble in the Bronx/Mary Reilly/Unforgettable/Mr. Wrong (1996) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "Unforgettable" review.
Saturday Night Live: John Goodman/Everclear (1996) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned during the Joe Pesci Show
Sliders: Greatfellas (1996) (TV Episode)
Title reference. Wade mentions that the film is being shown on the Disney Channel.
Weird Science: It's a Mob, Mob, Mob, Mob World (1996) (TV Episode)
Gary refers to Wyatt as "Mr. Badfella."
Swingers (1996)
When Trent asks the cocktail waitress in Vegas to meet him at the Bamboo Lounge, this is a reference to a bar Tommy and Henry burnned down in Goodfellas; The scene where they go into the basement of the Derby is a recreation of the same type of scene in Goodfellas; When they are sitting around a table discussing movies, they talk about this forementioned scene.
Just Your Luck (1996) (Video)
Escape from It's a Wonderful Life (1996) (TV Movie)
George Bailey calls himself a goodfella while on the set of the Martin Scorsese film.
The Oprah Winfrey Show: Summer Movie Reviews (1996) (TV Episode)
Gene Siskel says he already saw "Casino" before with this film.
The Simpsons: The Twisted World of Marge Simpson (1997) (TV Episode)
The scene in which the Springfield Mafia destroy all of the competition to "Pretzel Wagon" is based on a scene from this movie.
Beavis and Butt-Head: Nose Bleed (1997) (TV Episode)
While watching the Lordz of Brooklyn video "Saturday Night Fever," B&B say that the group is trying to be "House of Pain, the Beastie Boys, Goodfellas and Reservoir Dogs."
Saturday Night Live: Rob Lowe/Spice Girls (1997) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Joe Pesci
8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (1997)
The credits contain, "Security for Mr. Pesci - Tommy DeVito". Tommy Devito is the character that Pesci played in GoodFellas.
Homicide: Life on the Street: Deception (1997) (TV Episode)
Munch says, "Hey, you think I'm some sort of clown? You sayin' I'm funny? I'm here to amuse you? To make you laugh, huh? Huh?!"
Men Behaving Badly: It's Good to Be Dead (1997) (TV Episode)
Fuji does the Goodfellas clown scene
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Giant Spider Invasion (1997) (TV Episode)
"He's entering through the kitchen of the Copa."
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Parts: The Clonus Horror (1997) (TV Episode)
Tom (as Tommy DeVito): "Are you a clown? Do you amuse me?!"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Jack Frost (1997) (TV Episode)
Crow: "Now I gotta keep stirring the sauce, deliver these guns to Jimmy..."
Boogie Nights (1997)
Numerous shots and scenes are duplicated.
Stella Street: Who's Jimmy Hill? (1997) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned by Michael Caine as he introduces Joe Pesci.
Stella Street: Mick Finds God (1997) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned by Dean while speaking to Joe Pesci.
Stella Street: Recuperation (1997) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned by Joe Pesci's mother.
Gex: Enter the Gecko (1998) (Video Game)
"Do I amuse you? Like a clown?"
Boy Meets World: Starry Night (1998) (TV Episode)
Cory: "Oh, I'm a clown to you? I'm here to amuse you?"
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Werewolf (1998) (TV Episode)
When Mike thinks he's James Lipton interviewing Ray Liotta, he asks Crow, "Are you really a 'good fellow'?"
Police Academy: The Series: Team Tack (1998) (TV Episode)
Dean gives the "You think I'm funny? Do I amuse you?" monologue.
Seinfeld: The Frogger (1998) (TV Episode)
VHS seen in Jerry's apartment
Uno de los nuestros (1998) (TV Series)
Show titled like the Spanish movie title
Snake Eyes (1998)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Screaming Skull (1998) (TV Episode)
"Gotta move this body back upstate."
Hang Time: Lend a Helping Hammer (1998) (TV Episode)
Katrina asks Coach Katowinski, "Do I amuse you?"
Free Enterprise (1998)
Mentioned in opening scene.
Belly (1998)
Sonic Adventure (1998) (Video Game)
Opening line is paraphrased by Knuckles
The Sopranos: Pilot (1999) (TV Episode)
The priest and Carmela discuss this movie.
The Directors: The Films of Roger Corman (1999) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in film.
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (1999) (Video Game)
"I amuse you?"
3rd Rock from the Sun: Dick 'The Mouth' Solomon (1999) (TV Episode)
Tommy has rented this film.
Tuftsablanca (1999)
Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish (1999) (Video)
The Boondock Saints (1999)
"They know we're Goodfellas now."
Mickey Blue Eyes (1999)
"Rent Casino, Goodfellas, Godfathers I, II, III"
Big Wolf on Campus: The Exor-Sis (1999) (TV Episode)
When Tommy comments that Becky sounds funny, the demon possessing her says, "You think I'm funny? Funny how? Funny like a clown? Do I amuse you? What's so funny about me?" Tommy then says, "Hey, she does a pretty good Joe Pesci!"
Forever Mine (1999)
Shool (1999)
In Shool the scene where the character Bachchu Yadav gets angry on a guy asking him to show how he does "laugh from inside" is an homage to the "I'm funny. How?" scene between Joe Pesci & Ray Liotta from Goddfellas.
Magnolia (1999)
Numerous shots and scenes are duplicated.
The Sopranos: Big Girls Don't Cry (2000) (TV Episode)
Chris mentions Goodfellas
Nie mehr zweite Liga (2000) (TV Movie)
Futurama: Bender Gets Made (2000) (TV Episode)
Several lines, including "Until now, I always wanted to be a gangster" and "Get a load of the ball bearings on this guy", echo lines from Goodfellas
The Bogus Witch Project (2000) (TV Movie)
Whipped (2000)
Blow (2001)
V.I.P.: Goodfidellas (2001) (TV Episode)
title reference
Men Only (2001) (TV Movie)
The Making of 'Cape Fear' (2001) (Video)
Home Movies: Law and Boarder (2001) (TV Episode)
Listed among the movies Brendon has seen related to jail.
Stella Street: Episode #4.2 (2001) (TV Episode)
Title mispronounced as 'Scarfellow' by Tour Bus Driver while passing Al Pacino's house.
The 100 Greatest Films (2001) (TV Movie)
Referenced by name
Stella Street: Episode #4.3 (2001) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned and lines quoted by the Bus Driver.
Just Shoot Me!: Christmas? Christmas! (2001) (TV Episode)
Ray Liotta mentions it.
Undeclared: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (2002) (TV Episode)
Jimmy impersonates Tommy DeVito
Gilmore Girls: Richard in Stars Hollow (2002) (TV Episode)
The movie is seen in the background at the video store.
Wilfred (2002) (Short)
Futurama: Godfellas (2002) (TV Episode)
Episode title "Godfellas" spoofs this movie's name.
Panic Room (2002)
The Net: From Script to Screen (2002) (Video)
mentioned once
Sigurna kuca (2002) (Short)
City of God (2002)
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven (2002) (Video Game)
Monk: Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation (2002) (TV Episode)
Rita tells Monk she learned the 'lime-trick' from the film.
Saturday Night Live: Sarah Michelle Gellar/Faith Hill (2002) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned during Saddam Hussein sketch.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) (Video Game)
Orion's Cloud (2002) (Short)
The monologue Count Jones gives about being in witness protection is line-for-line the same as the ending lines from Goodfellas (also about being in witness protection) except for minor variations to fit the vampire character - "I get to live eternity as a schnook" instead of "get to live the rest of my life..."
Forever Ealing (2002) (TV Movie)
Inside the Actors Studio: Martin Scorsese (2002) (TV Episode)
Soldier's Girl (2003) (TV Movie)
mentioned in dialogue
Net Games (2003)
One character says something to the effect of "What is this the movie Goodfellas?"
Ghost Master (2003) (Video Game)
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (2003) (Video Game)
Opening line is paraphrased by Knuckles
Nickel and Dime (2003)
theatre students reneacting on stage the bluff scene between Pesci and Liotta
Paanch (2003)
The famous "How am I funny?" scene from Goodfellas is done in Paanch when Luke scares Joy for a moment by saying "Am I a joker? Do I amuse you?"
Infernal Affairs II (2003)
The trunk shot during the murder sequences, with the victim lying on his back with his mouth taped shut; references the trunk shot with Billy Batts in Goodfellas.
Roadkill (2003) (Video Game)
Uncle Woody, the leader of a gang dressed like clowns, tells a story. After a henchman tells him it's funny, Woody says, "Funny how? How is it funny?"
The 100 Greatest Scary Moments (2003) (TV Movie)
Makes the countdown, is talked about.
Stella Street (2004)
Goodfellas (1990) is discussed in this movie.
The Football Factory (2004)
Copies "You're a funny guy" scene
Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Show No. 348 (2004) (TV Episode)
A quote from Drew during the intro: "Do I amuse you?"
Shark Tale (2004)
A shark painted as a clown repeats some lines from Joe Pesci's "Funny like a clown" scene in Goodfellas.
Uno (2004)
There is a "Goodfellas" movie poster in Lars' room.
World of Warcraft (2004) (Video Game)
There is a person in Goldshire named Remy "Two Times"
Saturday Night Live: Robert De Niro/Destiny's Child (2004) (TV Episode)
Referenced in Undercover Gangster
With Blood on My Hands: Pusher II (2004)
References the pink Cadillac and mink coat scene.
At the Movies: The Assassination of Richard Nixon/Meet the Fockers/Fat Albert (2004) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "Meet the Fockers" review.
Goode Fellowes (2004) (Video)
Title is referenced, the opening scene is an homage to a scene in this earlier movie
65 Guy Cream Pie (2005) (Video)
At one point in the film, Ariana Jollee begins apeing Robert DeNiro's performance in Goodfellas.
The Jane Pauley Show: Episode dated 11 January 2005 (2005) (TV Episode)
Discussion of the film based on Henry Hill's life
CSI: NY: Tanglewood (2005) (TV Episode)
Billy Batts sports bar named after a mobster in the film
Still Swingin' (2005) (TV Short)
Title referenced.
Election (2005)
the restaurant scene.
Father of the Pride: The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie (2005) (TV Episode)
Roy & Siegfried hire Scorcese to make a film for them and they mention that he made "Raging Bull", "Goodfellas" & "Star Wars". (Although obviously he did not make the last one.)
Thank You for Smoking (2005)
Use of freeze frames and voiceover to introduce characters
Saturday Night Live: The Best of David Spade (2005) (TV Special)
Cover on shelf in 'Karl's Video Store'
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005) (Video Game)
J.D. O'Toole is killed just like a character from "Goodfellas".
Jeopardy!: Episode #22.34 (2005) (TV Episode)
correct response in "Mob Hits" category
Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)
Garbage truck scene with bodies
5 (2005) (Short)
The hit on Steve is a near replica of the hit on Joe Pesci's character.
CSI: Miami: Fade Out (2006) (TV Episode)
Patrick compares his script "The Clubland Murders" to it
My Gym Partner's a Monkey: Shark Attack/Me Adam, You Jake (2006) (TV Episode)
A Bear painted as a clown repeats some lines from Joe Pesci's "Funny like a clown" scene in Goodfellas.
Sweet Dreams (2006)
Posters appear throughout the film and it is mentioned as a favorite of the bookie.
Howard Stern on Demand: Henry Hill Drunk (2006) (TV Episode)
numerous references with Hill as a guest
The Real Goodfella (2006) (TV Movie)
Referenced by name
The Gil Mayo Mysteries: Episode #1.8 (2006) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialog by Lawrence Davis with Kite.
Hitman: Blood Money (2006) (Video Game)
During 'Flatline', Lorenzo Lombardo is stirring sauce while wearing a robe in the rehab center.
Jeopardy!: Episode #22.195 (2006) (TV Episode)
correct response in "From Book to Film" category
Banzai Motherfucker! (2006)
You, Me and Dupree (2006)
Dupree states that he learned how to properly cut garlic from waching this movie.
Film Noir: Bringing Darkness to Light (2006) (Video)
Nicholas Pileggi is credited as the Writer of this film.
Animaniacs Live! (2006) (Video)
Mentioned by Andrea Romano
HBO First Look: The Departed: Facing a Loaded Gun (2006) (TV Episode)
mentioned once
The Departed (2006)
Both Scorsese films contain a broad, brown-haired gangster named Frenchy.
The Next Scorsese (2006) (Short)
Rob has the cinemtographer mimic the phonebooth shot from Goodfellas
Saturday Night Live: Jaime Pressly/Corinne Bailey Rae (2006) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in 'New York City Stories'
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Christmas Show (2006) (TV Episode)
Darius mentions the film by name during a pitch for "We Three Wise Guys" sketch.
Hot Fuzz (2007)
After Angel gets out of the trunk, the ensuing scene is played in red light behind the car.
The Air I Breathe (2007)
similar line: "As far back as I can remember, I've never lost a fight"
Dave's Tweeter (2007) (Short)
Dave Larson re-creates the Joe Pesci "Funny how?" scene
Watching the Detectives (2007)
Mentioned in dialogue between Neil and Violet.
I Always Wanted to Be a Gangster (2007)
The title comes from the very beginning of this movie ("As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.").
Saxondale: Episode #2.3 (2007) (TV Episode)
Tommy says he tried to rent this and Brokeback Mountain was in the box.
Kitchen Nightmares: Peter's (2007) (TV Episode)
Peter says that he wanted to be an extra in this film
Bee Movie (2007)
During questioning of Ray Liota in court, Barry Benson tells the jury that Liota isn't "a goodfella; he's a bad fella."
I Am Legend (2007)
DVD seen attached to the wall of Neville's weapons cabinet
Cinematic Titanic: The Oozing Skull (2007) (Video)
Frank: "This is like that one continuous take in 'Goodfellas.'"
Be Kind Rewind (2008)
DVD is shown.
The O'Reilly Factor: Episode dated 22 January 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
Referenced during 'The Great American Culture Quiz' segment.
West of Brooklyn (2008)
Dialogue reference
Semi-Pro (2008)
The 'Jive Turkey' scene references intense Tommy DeVito scenes in Goodfellas - specifically the "funny how?" and shooting of Spider scenes.
Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) (Video Game)
Phil is extremely paranoid and asks Niko if he saw a helicopter on his way over during Trespass.
JCVD (2008)
There is a scene inspired by the "You're a funny guy" scene.
The Middleman: The Pilot Episode Sanction (2008) (TV Episode)
Finds DVD in Spanky's room.
Psych: The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable (2008) (TV Episode)
Shawn says, "It's one of life's little mysteries, like why the Oxygen network airs 'Goodfellas' or 'Why Fools Fall in Love.'"
The Great L.A. Pretenders: The Rules of the Game (2008) (TV Episode)
There is a scene which directly refers to The "What do you mean I'm funny?!" scene from Goodfellas.
Life on Mars: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows? (2008) (TV Episode)
Sam calls Profaci a goodfella
Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous (2008)
Joe Pesci mentioned and quoted: "Do I look like a clown to you?"
NCIS: Road Kill (2008) (TV Episode)
DiNozzo: "Midnight screening of 'Goodfellas' tonight, want to come?"
The Daily Show: Maxwell Kennedy (2009) (TV Episode)
Jon Stewart imitates scenes from Goodfellas
Archie's Final Project (2009)
referenced in dialogue
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: All Dogs Go to Heaven (2009) (TV Episode)
Poster shown when Hewy discusses gangster movies
Lives of Quiet Desperation: The Making of Revolutionary Road (2009) (Video)
Mentioned by Sam Mendes
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #4.6 (2009) (TV Episode)
a Fastest Finger question has contestants put this among four Martin Scorsese films in order of release
Cleanflix (2009)
producer interviewed
Micmacs (2009)
DVD is shown in a video store.
Glee: Acafellas (2009) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Dancing with the Stars: Round One: The Women (2009) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in Debi Mazar's background profile
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: Couples Retreat/Bronson/An Education (2009) (TV Episode)
Mentioned during Dennis Farina's Award in Mobsterism segment.
Entourage: A XXX Parody (2009) (Video)
Title mentioned in 'Lucky' trailer
Nacho Mountain (2009)
Mentioned in dialogue.
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.70 (2009) (TV Episode)
Adam Carolla mentions the film
The Supermarket (2009)
Line "now take me to jail" quoted
Hannah Montana: Got to Get Her Out of My House (2010) (TV Episode)
posing as a mob godmother, Miley says, "Do I amuse you? Do you think of me as some kind of clown?"
Psych: A Very Juliet Episode (2010) (TV Episode)
Juliet quotes the "egg noodles and ketchup" line from "Goodfellas."
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: Cop Out/The Crazies/A Prophet (2010) (TV Episode)
Ellen compares this movie to "A Prophet".
Wilfred: Kiss Me Kat (2010) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by title
Brief Film Reviews: My DVD/Blu-Ray Collection (2010) (TV Episode)
DVD cover shown.
Tere Bin Laden (2010)
poster in Ali's home
My Boys: Gourmets and Confused (2010) (TV Episode)
Bobby admires Kenny's "Goodfellas mode"
The Other Guys (2010)
mentioned in dialogue
Mafia II (2010) (Video Game)
Chapter 7 bears a resemblance to film, as well as the red light on Vito as he is burying Frankie Potts.
Official Wife Swap Parody (2010) (Video)
The title is mentioned and a scene is imitated.
A Cat in Paris (2010)
Victor Costa is called a "quiche eater" by one of his goons, and his response is a clear homage to the "What do you mean I'm funny?" scene from Goodfellas.
They Walk (2010)
The party scene is shot in a single, long shot, similar to an iconic scene in Goodfellas.
Na plovárne: Na plovárne s Thelmou Schoonmaker (2010) (TV Episode)
Thelma Schoonmaker talks about it.
Saturday Night Live: Robert De Niro/Diddy-Dirty Money (2010) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Vinnie while introducing Robert De Niro on "La Rivista della Televisione"
The Simpsons: Donnie Fatso (2010) (TV Episode)
Referenced in the epilogue
Iron Chef America: The Series: Symon/Burrell vs. Cora/Irvine (2011) (TV Episode)
Movie mentioned when Judge Debi is introduced
The Cinema Snob: Italian Batman (2011) (TV Episode)
"Not since Goodfellas has there been a track shot so smooth."
Conan: Seven Salads for Seven Brothers Who Are Sexually Attracted to Salads (2011) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned by Gary Oldman during interview
America's Next Great Restaurant: Episode #1.2 (2011) (TV Episode)
Joey asks the chefs which of them loves the film
Half in the Bag: Paul and Toronto Comic Con (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
America's Next Great Restaurant: Episode #1.5 (2011) (TV Episode)
Joey says it's his favorite movie
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011)
The giant (as Tommy DeVito) says, "Do I amuse you? Am I some sort of clown to you?"
The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Gobblefellas (2011) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Conan: Quoth the Raven, 'No Comment' (2011) (TV Episode)
Conan mentions the kitchen scene in Goodfellas
Kidfellas (2011) (Short)
Ebert Presents: At the Movies: Episode #1.22 (2011) (TV Episode)
Kartina Richardson mentions that Martin Scorsese directed the film
Weeds: Object Impermanence (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Weeds: Vehement vs. Vigorous (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Andy
Lindenstraße: Hormone (2011) (TV Episode)
when Josi says that she doesn't want Alex to accompany her to the party, he replies that he'll stay home and watch "Goodfellas" instead.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Maid Man (2011) (TV Episode)
Hodges mentions to Catherine that one of the cars he finds when reviewing CCTV footage is the same model as one that was used in Goodfellas.
Conan: Alibi for the Murder Andy's Committing Tonight (2011) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned while introducing Ray Liotta and during interview
No, You Ain't Alright (2011) (Short)
Quoted lines throughout
At the Movies: 25 Years of Margaret & David (2011) (TV Episode)
Margaret mentions that her only issue with the Academy is that they gave Best Film to Dances with Wolves instead of Goodfellas.
AniMat's Reviews: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011) (TV Episode)
A film that Hoodwinked Too! makes references to.
Conan: The Illiterate Merderer (2011) (TV Episode)
Conan says Andy was acting like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas
Ebert Presents: At the Movies: Episode #2.19 (2011) (TV Episode)
Christy says that the long tracking shot in "Hugo" is reminiscent of the one in the film
Saturday Night Live: Steve Buscemi/The Black Keys (2011) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) in the cold opening
Do It in Post (2011)
Detective Ryan says to Chris "What do you mean funny? Funny how?" To which Chris responds "Joe Pesci, right?"
Hooknasty (2011)
Story told with voiceover and freeze frames
Crimson: The Motion Picture (2011)
Tommy mentions Goodfellas during his parole hearing.
Conan: May Old Acquaintances Be De-Friended (2012) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned during Gary Oldman interview
This Means War (2012)
The scene where they enter the nightclub is an elaborate recreation of a well known scene in Goodfellas.
Black's Game (2012)
Poster of Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito on the wall of Sævar K's room..
The Simpsons: Tapped Out (2012) (Video Game)
The quest name "Badfellas" is a reference to the movie name.
Gimme the Loot (2012)
mentioned by Malcolm
Californication: At the Movies (2012) (TV Episode)
"You're funny. You amuse me."
Half in the Bag: Silent House and John Carter (2012) (TV Episode)
the tracking shot is mentioned
Jessie: Badfellas (2012) (TV Episode)
title reference
Max Payne 3 (2012) (Video Game)
In the Walton's Bar scene, Max is told to "stay right there" much like Tommy to Billy Batts.
Dream Job (2012) (Short)
The film is about the making of an homage/spoof to Goodfellas
Chelsea Lately: Episode #6.88 (2012) (TV Episode)
The movie is mentioned by name.
Suits: She Knows (2012) (TV Episode)
When he thinks that Jessica has found out the truth about him and has thus invited him to dinner, Mike likens the situation to Joe Pesci being whacked in Goodfellas after he thought he was about to become a made man. Mike then quotes Henry Hill's "Karen? Where's the money, Karen?" line from the movie.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #20.160 (2012) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions the film while commenting on Henry Hill's death
The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)
In both films, a group of men including Ray Liotta are coerced into staying and having something to eat.
Guys with Kids: Pilot (2012) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Moone Boy: Godfellas (2012) (TV Episode)
title reference
Is Garlic a True Test of Character? Creating the King Is Dead! (2012) (Video)
Director Rolf de Heer refers to this Martin Scorsese gangster film in relation to eating garlic which is a story element in both pictures.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #21.43 (2012) (TV Episode)
Bradley Cooper suggests that people watch the film to check out Robert De Niro's walk
Wedding Band: I Don't Wanna Grow Up (2012) (TV Episode)
Eddie: "An average nobody who gets to live the rest of my life as a schnook?"
The Falls (2012)
Mentioned in dialogue as a film they have never seen without major editing for language and content.
The Cinema Snob: Tampon Tango (2013) (TV Episode)
DVD in Snob's collection
Tales from the Warner Bros. Lot (2013)
film poster shown
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #21.76 (2013) (TV Episode)
Chris Tucker says that when Robert De Niro invited him to his trailer at 2 a.m., he was scared like it was De Niro's character in the film
The Dirties (2013)
Video case is shown in Matt's room.
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 5 June 2013 (2013) (TV Episode)
Host says "like Henry Hill at the end of Goodfellas"
The Newsroom: Willie Pete (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Conan: Goodfellas 2: Betterfellas (2013) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
The Family (2013)
De Niro's character discusses scenes from the movie.
Life of Crime (2013)
Tracking shot through the restaurant is a reference to the shot from Goodfellas.
Hustling America: New York (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Kevin.
Lilyhammer: The Black Toe (2013) (TV Episode)
Repeats the "Funny how?" scene.
American Hustle (2013)
Narrative style and cinematography were said to have been inspired by GoodFellas.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #22.48 (2013) (TV Episode)
Kevin Hart says that he felt like he was in the film when he worked with Robert De Niro
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #22.53 (2013) (TV Episode)
Judd Apatow says he was on a panel with Robert De Niro where De Niro talked about the film
Forbidden Woman (2013)
Shelia paraphrases Tommy DeVito's "What do you mean I'm funny?" speech.
The Michael J. Fox Show: Secret (2014) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Norwood
DVD-R Hell: Howard Cantour.com (2014) (TV Episode)
Brad borrows material from Roger Ebert's review of this film.
It's a Riot (2014) (Short)
Mentioned in dialogue
Atop the Fourth Wall: All-Star Batman and Robin #7 (2014) (TV Episode)
"Maybe it wasn't a hobo who got ahold of Batman's suit, it was Johnny Two-Times."
Family Guy: Brian's a Bad Father (2014) (TV Episode)
Joe Pesci says "Do I amuse you?"
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 18 February 2014 (2014) (TV Episode)
scene with Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta is heard
Rental (2014) (Short)
when Tom and Jim are discussing gangster films
And the Oscar Goes To... (2014) (TV Movie)
mentioned by Phil Alden Robinson
Total Riff Off: Killer Shrimp N' Friends (2014) (TV Episode)
"The mantis shrimp is the little Joe Psci of the animal kingdom." Mike: "He carries a shine box."
Total Riff Off: Guy and a Goose (2014) (TV Episode)
"Get the lasso, get the lasso." Mike: "And get the papers, get the papers."
Honest Trailers: The Wolf of Wall Street (2014) (TV Episode)
Screenshot is shown
Nurse Jackie: Pillgrimage (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
2 Broke Girls: And the Free Money (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Max.
Past and Present (2014) (Short)
The scene in which Lloyd plays pool uses the same soundtrack "sunshine of your love".
Jersey Boys (2014)
Joe Pesci asks "Funny how?," just like his character--Tommy De Vito--in GoodFellas.
Undateable: Three's a Crowd (2014) (TV Episode)
Justin says he crushes the apologies of Danny in Robert de Niro style as done in Goodfellas
Orange Is the New Black: We Have Manners. We're Polite. (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
RiffTrax Live: Sharknado (2014) (Video)
"Second tornado! Second tornado!" Mike: "Thanks, Jimmy Two Times."
Jambareeqi Reviews: The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2014) (TV Episode)
DeNiro was also in this
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 29 August 2014 (2014) (TV Episode)
Michael Smith says "Watch Goodfellas, man."
While We're Young (2014)
A VHS copy of the film is seen.
Plastic Gangsters (2014) (Short)
Mikey "as far back as i can remember I always wanted to be a gangster"
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Jeremy Renner/Carol Burnett/Mario Batali (2014) (TV Episode)
Jimmy does an impression of Ray Liotta saying "Karen"
Friends and Romans (2014)
The lead character was an extra in Goodfellas
NCIS: Parental Guidance Suggested (2014) (TV Episode)
ATF Special Agent Zoe Keates calls Anthony DiNozzo Spider, later on she explained that when they where rookies at Philadelphia the team gave DiNozzo this nick name after the movie Goodfellas
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Jeff Daniels/Mackenzie Foy/The New Basement Tapes (2014) (TV Episode)
One of the titles during a category of the Pyramid game
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Christopher Walken/Nick Jonas/Iggy Azalea (2014) (TV Episode)
Jimmy gives a Blu-ray of the movie to Nick Jonas
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Ben Stiller/Brie Larson/Damon Wayans (2014) (TV Episode)
In his monologue, Jimmy refers to the difficulty of dubbing the film for basic cable
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 23 December 2014 (2014) (TV Episode)
Adnan Virk says film critic Jeffrey Lyons calls "29th Street" "a cross between 'It's A Wonderful Life' and 'Goodfellas'"
The Brannigan Account (2015)
Shirley tells Steve to watch "Goodfellas", and he might learn something about the mob.
The Jack and Triumph Show: Sorvino's Pants (2015) (TV Episode)
Paul Sorvino's role from this movie is brought up on several occasions
Scorsese's Goodfellas (2015) (Video)
Clips and behind-the-scenes
Amy (2015)
The film is mentioned.
Puppet Mafia (2015) (Short)
Movie title is mentioned
The Cinema Snob: Bingo (2015) (TV Episode)
"They'll put him in witness protection as Henry Hill's dog."
Geeks Who Drink: John DiMaggio vs. David Giuntoli (2015) (TV Episode)
listed as a film with Samuel L. Jackson
Legend (2015)
When Kray takes Francis to his bar for the first time, it homages the famous oner from this movie.
The Cinema Snob: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (2015) (TV Episode)
"Loomis goes to see Sheriff Meeker, who will beat the shit out of Michael, just like he did to his son, Henry Hill."
Invisible Ink (2015)
One of the veteran cartoonists tells Elzie she, "popped her cherry," which is what Paul Sorvino tells a young Henry Hill.
The Chase Australia: Episode #1.68 (2015) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Andrew O'Keefe as a possible answer to a question about which of the Martin Scorsese films did not feature actor Robert De Niro asked to Karen and the Chaser when they go head to head.
Modern Family: Playdates (2016) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Ray Liotta
Blackcatloner: Let's Talk Movies (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned as a suggestion in the Movie Madness segment.
Author: The JT LeRoy Story (2016)
Title is referenced, when she thinks a helicopter is following her.
Billions: Naming Rights (2016) (TV Episode)
Wags tells a trader to get his f*** shinebox
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Martin Scorsese/Gillian Jacobs/The Chainsmokers (2016) (TV Episode)
Jimmy mentions some of Martin Scorsese's credits, and Scorsese recalls a scene between Jimmy Conway and Billy Batts
Love: One Long Day (2016) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Gus as he throws out his Blu-rays
Saturday Night Live: Ariana Grande (2016) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned in Celebrity Family Feud sketch
The Chase Australia: Episode #2.31 (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Andrew O'Keefe as a possible answer to a question about which movie Martin Scorsese won his first Oscar® for asked when James and the Chaser go head to head. Issa Schultz later mentions that he received a nomination for this movie.
Revolver (2016) (Short)
The credit sequence in the film replicates the famous one-take shot in Goodfellas, but adds onto the shot by ending with Curren$y performing on stage complete with wardrobe change
Everything Wrong with...: Everything Wrong with Troll 2 in 19 Minutes or Less (2016) (TV Episode)
"How in the world did this movie not beat Dances With Wolves for Best Picture? It was between this, Goodfellas, Ghost, and Awakenings".
The Jungle Book (2016)
The establishment of rules in a dangerous world.
The Chase Australia: Episode #2.42 (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Andrew O'Keefe as a possible answer to a question about the movie in which Warren Beatty plays a notorious American gangster asked when Carole and the Chaser go head to head.
Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping (2016) (TV Special)
Mentioned by Patton Oswalt.
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)
Mentioned in dialogue by Dean Carol Gladstone
Good Morning Britain: Episode dated 31 May 2016 (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned during Ray Liotta's interview.
Central Intelligence (2016)
Maggie mentions Ray Liotta and "Goodfellas".
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Liam Hemsworth/Nick Jonas (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned as Nick Jonas replays his disastrous Pyramid game
Animals Unleashed: Goodfeathers (2016) (TV Episode)
Title reference
The Question Jury: Episode #1.11 (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Lolly.
War Dogs (2016)
The diner scene at the end of this film uses the same framing as the famous dolly zoom shot from this film, and comes at a similar thematic point. David's voiceover is also reminiscent of Henry Hill's.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Greatest Movie Trailer Quotes (2016) (TV Episode)
To Be a Gangster is #7.
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 23 August 2016 (2016) (TV Episode)
Mike Greenberg and Robert De Niro discuss Joe Pesci's performance in this movie
Late Night with Seth Meyers: Robert De Niro/Jerome Bettis/Anthrax/Jon Wurster (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Seth as he introduces Robert De Niro
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 5 September 2016 (2016) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Adnan Virk
The Cinema Snob: Spaced Invaders (2016) (TV Episode)
"And they said Goodfellas was the best movie of 1990."
Saturday Night Live: Tom Hanks/Lady Gaga (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned and picture shown on Weekend Update
Late Night with Seth Meyers: Kate Beckinsale/Colin Hanks/Allison Miller (2016) (TV Episode)
Kate Beckinsale mentions the Robert De Niro movie
Jeopardy!: Episode #33.103 (2017) (TV Episode)
all Double Jeopardy! category names allude to Robert De Niro, including "Good Fellers"
The Oscars (2017) (TV Special)
mentioned during "Movies Around the World"
Baby Driver (2017)
Two character names are direct lifts from Goodfellas, Batts and Jimmy No-Nose. Baby briefly works for a pizza store by this name.
MenT: To nebo TO - MenT a Dogg vrací úder! (2017) (TV Episode)
It's discussed.
NCIS: Rendezvous (2017) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by title and briefly discussed in dialogue Donald Mallard and Jimmy Palmer.
De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode #10.9 (2017) (TV Episode)
Answer to a question; Swedish poster shown
Cash Trapped: Episode #2.8 (2017) (TV Episode)
Question subject.
RiffTrax Live: Summer Shorts Beach Party (2017) (Video)
Bill: "Gonna drop the guns at Jimmy's, get my brother at the hospital, stir the sauce..."
Little Evil (2017)
Gary says to the wedding photographer that he's not making Goodfellas.
Spielberg (2017) (TV Movie)
Poster is shown.
Longmire: Burned Up My Tears (2017) (TV Episode)
Walt's lawyer references the film
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Because You Left (2017) (TV Episode)
Midge's entering the Village Vanguard mimics the famous similar tracking shot in Scorsese's film.
American Made: American Storytellers (2017) (Video)
This film is referred to.
Lethal Weapon: Diggin' Up Dirt (2018) (TV Episode)
Leo recites the "Do I amuse you" dialogue of Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci), echoing the fact that Pesci also played the original Leo Getz.
Bob's Burgers: V for Valentine-detta (2018) (TV Episode)
Nat says they will Goodfellas it through the kitchen
Sorry to Bother You (2018)
Use of the line "Fuck you, pay me."
Never Goin' Back (2018)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Alone Together: Dean Girls (2018) (TV Episode)
Esther says Moana is her and Benji's generation's Goodfellas
I, Curling (2018) (Short)
Title seen
Brockmire: Platoon Player (2018) (TV Episode)
Jim mentions the movie to Charles.
Gotti (2018)
Mention of goodfellas and non-goodfellas.
Honest Trailers: Every Christopher Nolan Movie (2018) (TV Episode)
Title seen in screenshot
Dark Tourist: Europe (2018) (TV Episode)
Movie poster seen in the Littledean museum.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Mila Kunis/Zachary Quinto/Taylor Bennett (2018) (TV Episode)
Robert De Niro is quoted in the game Say That to My Face
The Venture Bros.: The Bellicose Proxy (2018) (TV Episode)
Pete White says he kicked St. Cloud "Goodfellas-style".
The Alec Baldwin Show: Robert De Niro, Taraji P. Henson (2018) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned by Alec Baldwin.
Lego DC Super-Villains (2018) (Video Game)
Thug: "Do I look funny to you? Do I amuse you!?"
Last Call with Carson Daly: Danny Trejo/Lucy Dacus/Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (2018) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Jorge Lendeborg as a movie that got him into film
The Grandisons (2018)
The use of pop music used in 'The Grandisons' is a direct reference to Goodfellas.
New Amsterdam: The Blues (2019) (TV Episode)
Anna talks about the scene where Joe Pesci is told he'll be "made".
Tamara's Never Seen: The Godfather (2019) (TV Episode)
The movie is mentioned.
Tamara's Never Seen: The Godfather Part II (2019) (TV Episode)
The movie is mentioned.
The Cinema Snob: Gotti (2019) (TV Episode)
The Snob mentions it.
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs: The Stuff (2019) (TV Episode)
Joe Bob mentions the film while discussing Paul Sorvino.
Films Under Constant Critique: Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) (2019) (TV Episode)
"What, you think that's funny? Funny how?"
Evening Urgant: Diana Arbenina/Tom Stoppard (2019) (TV Episode)
Gabriella (2019) (Short)
Gabriella talks about how she thought she was going to get whacked in the parking lot, just like Ray Liotta talked about in Goodfellas.
Vanishing Balances: Mafia vs Yakuza (2019)
The lead characters have the same name


The Jazz Singer (1927)
The black-and-white movie Karen watches on television in her house

Featured in 

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Clips from the workprint are shown.
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Both Siskel and Ebert's #1 pick.
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At the Movies: Breakthrough Stars of 1991 (1991) (TV Episode)
Clips shown.
At the Movies: Oscar Nomination Surprises for 1990 (1991) (TV Episode)
Clips are shown for many of the year's Oscar-nominated movies, including this one.
The 63rd Annual Academy Awards (1991) (TV Special)
At the Movies: Doc Hollywood/Return to the Blue Lagoon/Hot Shots!/Paris Is Burning/Another You (1991) (TV Episode)
A clip is shown in the teaser for the next episode: "Breakthrough Stars of 1991".
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Footage of this movie is shown.
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Clips shown
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Goodfellas is #94.
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#3 on Ebert's list.
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Clips are shown
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Clips are shown
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Playing on the TV
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Clips are shown.
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Footage from this film was edited into this mini-serires.
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Features clips.
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Clips featured.
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Features clips from this title.
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Features clips.
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Clips are used in the documentary.
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Clips are shown
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clip shown
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Goodfellas is #92.
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Some clips from this movie are shown in a segment on Tommy DeVito.
American Masters: Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends (2007) (TV Episode)
Opening credits over Tony Bennett's singing
AFI's 10 Top 10: America's 10 Greatest Films in 10 Classic Genres (2008) (TV Special)
Goodfellas is the #2 gangster film.
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: Wolverine/Ghosts of Girlfriends Past/Battle for Terra (2009) (TV Episode)
Footage shown in the sketch 'Samual L. Jackson dies a lot in the movies'
The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards (2010) (TV Special)
Clips shown in a Martin Scorcese tribute
Revenge of the Sith Review (2010) (Video)
"And it ain't no fuckin' Goodfellas shot, that's for sure."
Hollywood's Top Ten: Kennedy Era Movies (2011) (TV Episode)
Hollywood's Top Ten: Opening Scenes (2011) (TV Episode)
WatchMojo: Top 10 Greatest Mafia Movies (2012) (TV Episode)
Goodfellas is #2.
Casting By (2012)
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #21.80 (2013) (TV Episode)
Clip included in montage of Robert De Niro films
The Family (2013)
Shown at the town film festival.
Smashing UK Top 10: Top 10 American Films (2013) (TV Episode)
WatchMojo: Top 10 Improvised Movie Moments (2013) (TV Episode)
Funny How? is #5.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Heart Stopping Movie Moments (2013) (TV Episode)
Funny How? is #1.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movie Portrayals of Real Life Bad Guys (2013) (TV Episode)
Ray Liotta as Henry Hill is #10.
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The Copacabana is #4.
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Clips shown
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Goodfellas is #1.
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guy running with books from film seen
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Clips are presented
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Clip shown
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Goodfellas is #3.
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Ray Liotta is #7.
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Shine Box is #8.
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Trunk Fulla Trouble is #9.
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Clips are shown.
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Tommy DeVito is #5. Henry Hill is #3.
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Multiple clips are featured.
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The death of Spider is #6.
Friends and Romans (2014)
Actors, mob movies, story references
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Goodfellas is #2.
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An honorable mention is given to the line "I'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook."
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Dinner at Mom's House is #8.
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Funny Like a Clown is #1.
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Goodfellas is #1.
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Tommy DeVito is #3.
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Tommy DeVito gets an honorable mention.
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The #5 movie question is "What do you mean, 'I'm funny?'"
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Goodfellas is #7.
History Buffs: Goodfellas (2016) (TV Episode)
movie reviewed
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A clip is shown.
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As Long As I Can Remember is #2.
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It Was a Real Score is #4.
Binging with Babish: Goodfellas Prison Sauce (2016) (TV Episode)
The Prison Sauce from this Movie is the recipe of the episode. Clip shown at the beginning.
Martin Scorsese: True Confessions (2017) (TV Short)
Clips shown
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How Am I Funny? is #7.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movies That Are Better Than Best Picture Winners (2018) (TV Episode)
Goodfellas, which overshadowed Dances with Wolves (1990), is #6.
Honest Trailers: Honest Trailers (Written by a Robot) (2018) (TV Episode)
Clip is shown
Mid90s (2018)
Watched on TV.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movies Everyone Should See at Least Once (2018) (TV Episode)
Goodfellas is #3.
Tamara's Never Seen: Goodfellas (2019) (TV Episode)
Tamara has never seen the movie until now
WatchMojo: Top 20 Improvised Movie Moments (2019) (TV Episode)
"Funny How?" is #6.


A Truthful Liar (1924) (Short)
Having a glass of milk instead of the alcoholic beverages that everyone else is drinking.

Spoofed in 

Saturday Night Live: Michael J. Fox/Black Crowes (1991) (TV Episode)
Joe Pesci's 'am I funny' routine spoofed in America's Most Wanted: Former Child Actors
The Simpsons: Bart the Murderer (1991) (TV Episode)
Bart's brief career as a Mafia taskboy parallels the rise of Henry Hill in the film.
Harry Enfield's Television Programme: Episode #2.1 (1992) (TV Episode)
Sketch called 'Martin Scorsese's Badfellas'
Saturday Night Live: Tom Hanks/Bruce Springsteen (1992) (TV Episode)
Spoofed during the monologue
Animaniacs: Hooked on a Ceiling/Goodfeathers: The Beginning (1993) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in "The Goodfeathers" segment.
Animaniacs: Garage Sale of the Century/West Side Pigeons (1993) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
Animaniacs: Hitchcock Opening/Hearts of Twilight/The Boids (1993) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
Animaniacs: Be Careful What You Eat/Up the Crazy River/To Da Dump, to Da Dump, to Da Dump Dump Dump (1993) (TV Episode)
A group of gangsta pigeons call themselves "The Goodfeathers" in honour of this movie, they're all based on the three main characters from this film and their voices are impressions of them. The "How am I funny? Like a clown?" scene is spoofed multiple times with things such as "What do you mean I look busy? You sayin' I look busy to you?!"
Animaniacs: Cartoons in Wakko's Body/Noah's Lark/The Big Kiss/Hiccup (1993) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the "Hiccup" Goodfeathers segment
Animaniacs: Dough Dough Boys/Boot Camping/General Boo-Regard (1993) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the "Dough Dough Boys" Goodfeathers segment.
Animaniacs: Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter/Broadcast Nusiance/Raging Bird (1993) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger/UB40 (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed during the cold opening
Animaniacs: Drive-Insane/Girlfeathers/I'm Cute (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment..
Animaniacs: With Three You Get Eggroll/Mermaid Mindy/Katie Ka-Boom: Call Waiting (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
Animaniacs: We're No Pigeons/Whistle Stop Mindy/Katie Ka-Boom: The Broken Date (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
Animaniacs: Miami Mama-Mia/Pigeon on the Roof (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
Animaniacs: I'm Mad/Bad Mood Bobby/Katie Ka-Boom: The Blemish/Fake (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
The Critic: All the Duke's Men (1995) (TV Episode)
Jay imagines himself in "Goodfellas 2"
Swingers (1996)
Animaniacs: Jokahontas/Boids on the Hood/Mighty Wakko at the Bat (1996) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
Just Your Luck (1996) (Video)
Mafia! (1998)
The Godson (1998)
Animaniacs: Birds on a Wire/The Scoring Session/The Animaniacs Suite (1998) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in the Goodfeathers segment.
Mr. Show with Bob and David: The Story of Everest (1998) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in a skit
Two's a Mob (1998)
Spoofs numerous scenes, including Tommy's 'I'm funny?' speech, the Spider death scene and many more.
The Sopranos: The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti (1999) (TV Episode)
Chris (Michael Imperioli ) shoots a bakery employee in the foot for making him wait. The teenage the victim yells "He shot my foot!" and Chris replies, "It happens" --just as it had to Imperioli playing a teenage victim in Goodfellas (1990).
Analyze This (1999)
The entrance of Ben Sobel and Jelly at the meeting near the end
Nie mehr zweite Liga (2000) (TV Movie)
Family Guy: There's Something About Paulie (2000) (TV Episode)
A scene is spoofed when characters talk about the mafia.
The Crew (2000)
Fast Food (2000) (Short)
Spaced: Back (2001) (TV Episode)
Tim's intro, in which he introduces the main characters during brief still shots, mimics the intro to this film
Grand Theft Auto III (2001) (Video Game)
A poster for a film called "Badfellas" is visible in some parts of the city.
Flirting with Myself (2001) (Short)
Gay Propaganda (2002) (Short)
a segment featuring lesbian characters in the roles of Italian-Americans
Love and a Bullet (2002)
Cooking scene
QI: Bombs (2004) (TV Episode)
Phill Jupitus spoofs the scene where Henry Hill says Tommy DeVito is funny
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) (Video Game)
A movie poster can be spotted during the mission "Menace". The movie poster says "BadFellas" on it, a parody of "GoodFellas".
The Fairly OddParents: Timmy TV/Talkin' Trash (2005) (TV Episode)
The "What do you mean I'm funny?!" scene is parodied with one of the film's cast members.
Life with Derek: House of Games (2005) (TV Episode)
Derek says "You find this funny, Edwin? I make you laugh? Like a clown, I amuse you?"
Family Guy: Patriot Games (2006) (TV Episode)
beating scenes are parodied
TechFellas (2006) (Video)
A group of I.T. guys also independent filmmakers apply mob scenes to their day jobs.
Howard Stern on Demand: Degrading Henry (2006) (TV Episode)
the opening scene spoofs the opening scene of this film
Minoriteam: Evilfellas (2006) (TV Episode)
thte title and numerous scenes from the film are spoofed
The Simpsons: The Haw-Hawed Couple (2006) (TV Episode)
the long track sequence of Nelson taking Bart through the back door of the cafeteria
Meet the Robinsons (2007)
When the three frogs throw the mini bowler hat into the trunk of their car the shot is mimicked from Goodfellas.
Screen Wars: Copperfellas: Finals (2007) (TV Episode)
Opening Homage spoofed Goodfellas
American Dad!: Meter Made (2007) (TV Episode)
Francine's voice over about Stan as a meter maid is based on Karen's voice over about Henry Hill as a gangster.
Star Stories: Kate Moss: My Rise, Fall, Rise, Fall Again and Then Rise (2008) (TV Episode)
Naomi Campbell beats up the waiter in the same way Tommy beats up Billy Batts.
Observe and Report (2009)
Numerous references: Ray Liotta repeating many nuances, Ronnie ramming Patton Oswalt's head into an oven, Ronnie mimicking Joe Pesci's shooting style, Harrison beating Ronnie's head into the ground.
Gary Unmarried: Gary Tries to Find Something for Mitch (2010) (TV Episode)
Gary imitates Joe Pesci's famous "What do you mean I'm funny?" scene, but with changed lines.
Community: Contemporary American Poultry (2010) (TV Episode)
The bulk of the episode spoofs "Goodfellas": The study group forms a mafia "family," and Abed's narration mimics that of Henry Hill.
The Boondocks: The Fund-Raiser (2010) (TV Episode)
Riley watches the film and dialogue is referenced
Mongrels: Nelson the Stroke Virgin (2010) (TV Episode)
When Destiny brutally and repeatedly stomps on Marion, the song "Rags to Riches" by Tony Benett starts playing; just as when Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito repeated stab and shoot Billy Batts in the opening scene.
The Simpsons: Donnie Fatso (2010) (TV Episode)
end of episode which tells the characters fates as "My Way" plays
Fratfellas (2011) (Short)
Short parody of "Goodfellas."
iCarly: iOpen a Restaurant (2012) (TV Episode)
When Billy Boots comes to the restaurant it follows the scene of when Billy Batts visits the restaurant. The only change in dialouge is rather than shining shoes, it is about Gibby removing his shirt. When Billy gets beat down they even include Donovan's Atlantis playing in the background.
Raising Hope: Candy Wars (2012) (TV Episode)
Burt looking for helicopters while making candy, just as Henry was looking for helicopters while making sauce in GoodFellas.
Last Man Standing: Putting a Hit on Christmas (2012) (TV Episode)
While trying to get rid of an eagle, the same method is parodied here
Lego City Undercover (2013) (Video Game)
The crime boss Vinnie Pappalardo says in a cutscene, "You think i'm funny? Funny how?"
The Badly Animated Marvel Christmas Carol (2014) (Video)
Colossus and Prof. X recreate the classic "Whad'ya mean I'm funny?" scene from Goodfellas when Colossus laughs at Prof X's mind-reading abilities.
Badfellas (2014) (Short)
The whole movie Is a spoof of the most famous scene in Goodfellas.
Mr. Pickles: Father's Day Pie (2014) (TV Episode)
Bigfoot's backstory and the portrayal of Italian gangsters parodies this movie.
Lilyhammer: The Mind Is Like a Monkey (2014) (TV Episode)
The opening sequence parodies Goodfellas with rags to riches and spoofed dialogue.
The Heist (2015) (Short)
based on the same Lufthansa heist at John F. Kennedy International Airport on December 11, 1978
The Daily Show: Jon Stewart's Final Episode (2015) (TV Episode)
touring the Daily Show offices
The Venture Bros.: A Party for Tarzan (2016) (TV Episode)
Scenes from the episode parody this Scorsese classic.
The Bet (2016)
Porn video title "Woodfellas" rented by customer.
South Park: Fort Collins (2016) (TV Episode)
Trunk scene parodied with Member berries
Son of Zorn: Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend (2017) (TV Episode)
Craig does his impression ofJoe Pesci from this movie.
The President Show: Joy Behar (2017) (TV Episode)
Tracking shot in kitchen. Freeze frame voice-overs.
Wine Guys (2017) (Short)
The film is a spoof of this older film.
Robot Chicken: The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who's Walking (2017) (TV Episode)
Tommy from this movie gets killed.
Family Guy: Stand by Meg (2018) (TV Episode)
Recreates the copacabana tracking shot complete with the same music.
Family Guy: Throw It Away (2019) (TV Episode)
Cutaway of Peter killing a spider parodies Tommy DeVito's death scene

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