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Scott Peterson should of looked at this movie!
marbleann22 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I remember this incident when it first happened. My father who was Homicide Detective at the time did not believe Charles Stuart's story. I remember him saying why kill the pregnant woman when the man was more threatening and men kill their pregnant wives more then the public knows. Then the next thing I hear is they are harassing black people in Boston because Stuart said a black man killed his wife. Then a black man was arrested and they said he confessed to the killing. The next thing I know Stuart jumps off a bridge. Then I hear that Carols parents enraged by the cops action and Stuart's pointing the finger at a black man starts a inner city scholarship. I thought she must of been a great person to have parents like that. When the movie came on Ken Olin was perfect as Charles Stuart, he plays weasels really good. And there is a reporter who seemed to think like my father. In retrospect I remember hearing some of the cops did not believe Stuart either from the very start. In the movie a cop becomes skeptical after a arrest was made of the black man.. It turns out this creep had a girlfriend and a big insurance policy. He asked his brother to help him in the murder. This is in the movie. But we did not hear about Carol Stuart. She was college educated who put her education aside for Stuart. She was slumming when she married Stuart. Not because he did not go to college but because he was a creep. He did have a pretty good job selling furs at a prestigious furrier. This case reminds about how fast the police are to invade people's lives and arrest them to the point that a innocent person confesses. Something is to be learned from this movie. A few years ago a women claimed a black man mugged her and her infant at a ATM, she was a doctors wife so the media made a big thing about it. Well it turns out the DA did not believe her, because once again the template of the criminal black man was used. He investigated more and turned out he was right. She did it herself to get attention from her husband. Perhaps if the DA in Boston felt the same way a people would not have been harassed and Stuart would of been found out earlier. Good movie, kudos to Ken Olin and Margaret Colin as the reporter. Gee why didn't Scott Peterson and that nut who killed his wife in Utah look at this movie first?
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A terrific production of a true crime
msulzer-16 August 2006
I remember this real-life crime drama well. The actual event itself hit the city of Boston with the force of a bomb. The cunning husband preyed on people's prejudice when blaming a person of color for shooting his pregnant wife (their unborn baby subsequently died) when in fact he had planned the whole thing himself (this is not a spoiler, as this crime was well-publicized). It was an especially interesting drama to me, given the excessive amount of press it received, and since I myself was due with my first child at the same time the wife was. I remember thinking Ken Olin from "thirtysomething" did a great job as the husband. A few true life details were omitted/changed, but on the whole this was a pretty good production for a TV-movie. I'd give it ***.
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Goodnight Sweet Wife
a_baron26 June 2014
Hate crime hoaxes are almost invariably perpetrated by blacks against whites or by Jews against Gentiles, but the two most shocking hate crime hoaxes in American history by some way were perpetrated by whites at the expense of blacks. One was the murder of her two young sons by South Carolina woman Susan Smith; the other was this one, the murder of Carol Stuart by her husband, Charles.

In October 1989, Chuck Stuart shot his heavily pregnant wife Carol in the head, shot himself in the back, and faked a carjacking, blaming the outrage on an unknown black assailant. Understandably this inflamed racial tensions in the City of Boston, although the hoax didn't hold up, but before Stuart could be arrested he did the decent thing and threw himself in the river.

Clearly this film contains much invented dialogue, but neither that nor the characterisations are important. What is important is that films like this are made, even if as here in indecent haste. Charles Stuart committed suicide January 4, 1990; "Goodnight Sweet Wife..." was released September 25 the same year.
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Good thriller for TV
Gustavo Bastos15 July 1999
I saw this movie some years ago and although I don't remember exactly all the plots (Is it good or bad for a movie?), I liked the movie.

A man with his pregnant wife is lost in a dangerous area of the city and attacked by black people. Later his wife and baby are dead. But investigations turn to unpredictable happenings...
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Best Laid Plans.
Robert J. Maxwell5 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Ken Olin is a clean-cut young Bostonian with a wife suffering from an advanced state of pregnancy. (Well, working-class Revere, not Boston.) Olin's problem is that he's not really prepared for fatherhood. When his wife begs him to stay home one Friday night, she falls to the floor. "Look at you. Too fat to stand up." Mister Nice Guy.

So he decides to do what any red-blooded, God-fearing American would do, and he shoots her in the head. Then he shoots himself in the flank. All this takes place on a deserted street in the inner city, meaning the ghetto.

Olin drives to a main thoroughfare, calling the police, and groaning in genuine pain. He's disposed of all incriminating evidence and tells the police that it was done by a black man in a hoodie who jumped into the back seat. It must be a pretty plausible explanation because it's used often enough and sometimes eagerly accepted. The Boston police roust every black man in sight, as police are wont to do under these conditions, and enrage the African-American community. The rage is downplayed in the movie, practically limited to one sermon in a black church.

Eventually, everything unravels and Olin jumps from a bridge and drowns. I believe it happened, that last part, but I have to swallow hard. Until the fatal jump, Olin had given a reasonably good imitation of a not-too-bright psychopath who found himself in an unpleasant bind and decided to kill his way out. Sufficient guilt to prompt that leap wasn't part of the clinical picture. If the police hadn't recovered the body, it would be easy to believe the suicide was as phony as the original crime and that Olin was sunning himself on some beach in Boca Raton.

Margaret Colin, a likable actress, is miscast as the necessary skeptical reporter who refuses to believe a black man did it, and that Olin himself was responsible. But she's only there because the drama requires something resembling a hero. Nobody else does.

It's hard to judge Olin's performance. I suppose he's a nice-looking guy and his voice rarely rises above a reassuring and ordinary tone. It's a nice fit between actor and role, but it's hard to tell whether Olin the actor has more notes on his instrument because he's such a convincing douche bag. It would be an interesting test to see him cast as Blackbeard the Pirate or a raving lunatic.
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