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Pullman saves this one from being a disaster
jippy333 March 2001
This must be the most stupid film I've seen for a looong time. It disappoints me that this bulls**t stars Bill Pullman, a great and respected actor but on the other hand: he saves this movie from total flop. Three out of ten because it's a parody without any movie to make fun of, and with the jokes never being funny...then we only have Pullman left, leaving behind a good performance in a s****y production. I've seen worse though, just go see Battlefield Earth, and you'll know what I mean.
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What a c***!!
japa5 November 1999
This must be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It didn't make me laugh at all and you know when comedy doesn't do that to you there's something wrong in the film. There are not many other comedies that are this bad, perhaps Police academy:Mission in Moscow and Caddyshack are as terrible as this. Well, there are few funny scenes in Caddyshack. But this... What can i say. There are no sense in the jokes, plot is... beyond anything. Acting makes you cry or laugh, it depends. I watched this when I had hangover, because I hoped that this would be good hangover-film... but it made me feel worse. I'm glad I didn't throw up! Bill Pullman is sometimes good, but he doesn't save this one. Oh no, what more can I say? Do I have to say more? I don't think so. Just don't ever watch this, you may regret it. I surely did.
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Totally Mindless, but still funny
cammie28 June 2003
I'll admit it, I simply saw this movie because I'm a Bill Pullman fan. However, as a child of the 80's, I found it quite amusing. It's definately a film for 3am.

The movie is in the same vein as Spaceballs, and numerous other 80s satires, though this film seems not have had nearly the mainstream appeal. Basically, its a spoof of "The Hunt for Red October", intermixed with minor spoofs on other action films. A couple of interesting cameos are from Roddy McDowall as Mr. Friendly (a Mr. Rogers sort of character) and Michael Winslow, forever remembered as the sound guy from the "Police Academy" movies.

This movie was entertaining for me, but I fear that a few of the jokes might not translate as well for those from outside of America. However, if you're a fan of Bill Pullman and the Mel Brooks' type of satire (though he was uninvolved in this production), you really need to check this film out!
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Going to say this is semi-lame but silly fun! The cast makes it better than it is
Amy Adler20 April 2016
Biff Banner (Bill Pullman) was a captain of a submarine who couldn't stand the confined space. He has been in therapy ever since he went nuts and ran his sub onto a California beach. But, there are those who have plans for him. A nefarious Presidential adviser (Robert Vaughn) wants to start a war with Russia and the Navy Admiral Malice (Ned Beatty) is his go-to guy. The Secretary of Defense (Roddy McDowall) is a clueless tool who can be hoodwinked. A Sub Standard Sub is created which will be destroyed just as it makes an attempt to attack a Russian sub. Naturally, these two want Biff to be the captain since they believe he is dispensable. Therefore, they take him out of a therapy session and march him onto the Sub Standard. Joining him there is a pretty lieutenant Jan (Wendy Schaal), who hates Biff's guts, a kid sub expert, various inept crewmen and the Mole (Ernie Sabella), who is there to make sure everything goes wrong. Oh, was it mentioned that this is also a stealth sub which can transform itself into the persona of a whale on command? Off it goes, not knowing its true mission. Sure enough, the Russians get wind that it is coming and are prepared to defend their territory with their own master sub, the Pink Torpedo. Between Japanese fishermen who want to capture the sub when it switches to "whale mode", icebergs in the water, and Biff, who locks himself into the imaging room when the going gets rough, what will be the finale of this expedition? This is a very silly, rather lame spoof movie. It tries to be Airplane under water and it is not even close. Yet, its not unwatchable and there are some inspired scenes. In addition, the cast is terrific. Beatty is always a pleasure, while Vaughn, Pullman, Schaal, McDowall, Sabella, Joe Namath, and Michael Winslow go for broke and keep the flick churning along. All the other actors, whose names are not familiar, are fun as well. The sets and costumes are nice while the mixed-bag script and fairly weak direction are deterrents. In short, if you like spoofs and don't care if they are inanely silly, this movie will probably entertain you some Saturday night in the future.
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Bad, worse, worst, totally awful ... this movie
szigma26 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my GOD! This is the typical example of someone standing in line at the supermarket and coming up with a bad idea: Oh, naming a submarine Sub Standard, how funny, let's make a movie of it... And than, instead of going home and forgetting about it, he goes home, writes a few pages of script without even trying to make up something more funny ... and then comes the unbelievable part: he manages to persuade a producer and Bill Pulman to make this movie!

Go see 'Down Periscope' if you want to see a submarine movie and have fun... and forget that precious raw material was ever wasted on this #&@!
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