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When You're DEAD, It's ALL OVER; but When You're LOVED, It's FOREVER !
The imaginative but well-conceived idea of dishing up a romance upon lovers communicating spiritually owing to one of them is dead, was first filmed by Steven Spielberg 8 months before the Ghost's silver screen release. Spielberg's movie Always(1989) had classy use of visuals fulfilling the needs of viewers with mystery-based expectations. Yet, Always lacked the sense of essential romance concept, despite having the same plot and even the same storyline in Ghost. Originally the idea has been created by Chandler Sprague and David Boehm.

However, Ghost accomplished of what "Always" tried and failed to accomplish. Thanks to the great acting trio of Patrick Swayze + Demi Moore + Whoopi Goldberg, for together they registered indelible moments into Ghost. It is scraped in our memory how in time Molly and Sam happen to keep their thoughts off each others' feelings, and that taught us: "Love begins with emotions, ends with thoughts". On this account they never called off their faith on believing that they will keep an enduring love affair. These indelible scenes in Ghost are conceptually cut where the editing was so impressive that instead of trying to make the story more plausible, it empowered the devotion of lovers onto their relation. The scene which Sam's ghost drew upon Oda Mae's body to break the longing with Molly by kissing her is an imperishable cinematic instant.

I was in love with someone, and it was February,2005; we were both watching the Ghost on TV, both talking on the phone. Then that scene came upon(Sam's ghost kissing Molly in Oda Mae's body), I felt lost deep in my heart seeking the girl I'm talking on the phone. I heard she was crying and sobbing, and keep saying to me: "I will never forget the first time you kissed me and I don't need to be alive to recall this" Ghost is one timeless romantic masterpiece that had its moments. For me the kissing scene was the best kiss in movies of all time. MTV had honoured this kiss as well, several years after the release of the movie, as the best kiss in '90s. Superimposing that, the scenes where Oda Mae Brown convinces Molly that Sam's ghost is around her and then Molly reasons with police that Oda Mae knows what nobody is able to know but Sam and herself only, are the scenes that deliver the magic beyond eyes and beyond ears.

To watch Ghost is in the to do list of what to do when you're on a date.
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This is one of the most touching love stories ever made.
lynx9913 March 1999
Ghost is one of my favorite films. It is romantic and touching. Ghost shows the love that transcends even death. The chemistry between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze is incredible. The way they look at one another is sexier than any of those very graphic "love scenes". They make a real romantic connection just through their eyes. Ghost not only has wonderful, likeable characters in Sam Wheat, Molly Jensen, and Oda Mae Brown, but it has an engrossing plot that moves right along. Entwined in all this is a beautiful score. The theme song "Ghost", written by Maurice Jarre specifically for the movie, is enchanting, and, of course, an oldie, "Unchained Melody", adds another magical touch to a magical film.
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cwei-122 March 2006
After so many years, every time when I see this movie again, it always makes my eyes water! This is basically a simple story. However, the script writer by Bruce Joel Rubin and the director by Jerry Zucker are intelligent. They made the simple story a touching, interesting one. I think most people cried at the end of the movie. This reminded me another commercial successful movie "Titanic" in the year 1997. The music (composed by Maurice Jarre) was so moving. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore played well, not to mention Whoopi Goldberg. Her performance was amazing!(she also had excellent acting in Spielberg's early masterpiece "The Color Purple") The visual effects by ILM was extraordinary in that time. By and large, this touching movie is not only a huge commercial success, but also a classic!
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Forever a classic
Robert W.15 November 2004
Certain movies will just always be hard to write a review for. You can give your opinion and say what you enjoyed or didn't enjoy but I find myself hesitating in certain aspects just because a classic must be left some space to be a classic. Ghost as far as I'm concerned will forever be a romantic classic. It's sheer brilliance is it's twists, it is incredibly, deeply, romantic and at the same time terrifying, and has an underlying story that is never fully explored. It's got action, mystery, horror, and at the heart is the pure, simplistic romance of it all.

The story is about an investment banker played by Patrick Swayze and his girlfriend, played by Demi Moore. Sam and Molly are deeply in love, planning for the future and happier in their lives than ever before. Until Sam discovers laundered money in investment accounts. He is robbed and subsequently murdered for his password to the computer in order to empty the laundered money from the accounts. But Sam doesn't go the other side. He is kept on earth in spirit form because of his unfinished business both with Molly and to discover his murderer. He must learn the ropes of being a ghost and nobody else can hear him until he runs into a so called psychic who scams people into believing she can contact their dearly departed. However it turns out, Oda Mae Brown played in her academy award winning role by Whoopie Goldberg can actually hear Sam. Together the unlikely team must help each other uncover the horrible murder plot and save Molly.

Swayze and Moore make an incredible on screen. Their careers have perhaps slipped since then one might say but this was them at their best. Swayze was indeed at the top of his game coming out of Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse and Moore was young and a new hot commodity which made them undeniably perfect together. Their roles fit them perfectly. Whoopie Goldberg was hilarious and believable as Oda Mae and her character was such an integral part of the film. Tony Goldwyn plays a great villain as the betrayer of the film. In a short time director Jerry Zucker establishes a best friendship between Goldwyn and Swayze, a deeply loving relationship between Swayze and Moore, and a plot line that goes far beneath the movie. Obviously Goldwyn's character is being used by a much higher up criminal to launder money although we never see him. Is he being blackmailed? Paid off? Something held over his head? Maybe he's not the bad guy but rather forced to commit these acts? It's a big job because we also know Willie Lopez played by Rick Aviles is involved in this as well. And deeper than that we have the theology in the film. The light brings good people to the afterlife and the dark shadowy beings torture the evil.

This film is one of a few that is endlessly watchable meaning you can sit down any time and watch it through over and over and over again which is exactly what makes it a classic. It has it's holes, it has to with a plot like that. And it has it's disturbing moments, a gratituous death scene, a make out scene which although features Swayze and Moore is actually Demi and have to see it to understand it. Also if Sam Wheat must learn how to physically touch things in his ghost does he sit, walk, etc before he learns that? And his first experience with walking through a door happens days after his death. I'm sure sometime between then and that point he would have had to have walked through something. Perhaps those are minor points but they are things that will come up especially if you have seen it as many times as I have.

The film is a must see and if you haven't seen it, go watch it right now!! Because it's one of those staples of films that everyone must know about. Ghost is amazing!! 9/10

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful Sam...we watched Ghost together last night.
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Beautiful, touching and moving... a tale of a love so strong it defies death itself
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews13 May 2006
I must say this film surprised me. Coming in, I knew nothing about it but the famous clay-forming scene... I didn't know I was in for such a strong experience. This film had me from the first few moments of it. I never lost interest. The plot is so interesting and intriguing, you can't help but watch, often at the very edge of your seat. I will say that I found one twist somewhat predictable, but maybe I've just seen too many later movies before watching this. There is a lot of suspense in this film. When I found that it was directed by a Zucker(yup... Airplane and so forth), I was somewhat doubtful as to any other quality in the film than the humor of it... if you're reading this and you're thinking the same, trust me; he pulls it off. Excellently. There are few, if any, flaws in directing. The writing is solid. At times, there seemed to be a little too much humor and some scenes were maybe a tad long, but apart from that, there was not really anything with this film that was flawed. The score is great. The pacing is incredibly good. The acting is really good all-round. Goldberg provides a lot of comic relief, without being obnoxious. Moore and Swayze have magnificent chemistry, you truly believe them as a couple. The special effects are grand, yet they don't take over the movie. This is driven by the emotions, by how the plot affects these characters. I was completely into this movie all the way. The humor is very good and surprisingly tasteful for the theme. Much of it is derived from the situation of Swayze's character and his interaction with environment and other characters. All in all, just a very impressive film. I recommend this to any fan of drama, romance, comedy, thriller or fantasy, as well as anyone interested in seeing a non-parody Zucker film and fans of the actors. 7/10
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It has a lot more subtext than its naysayers will tell you...
moonspinner5529 June 2003
It may be easy to write this fantasy/love story off as a bloated box-office winner with a heart of F/X, however the performances are so winning, and the Oscar-winning script so satisfying, I can't believe it doesn't rate higher with viewers. Murdered businessman (Patrick Swayze, not a good actor but doing OK here) sets out in ghostly form to bring his killers to justice--and to watch out over his lovely girlfriend (Demi Moore, hitting all the right notes of a grieving lover). Whoopi Goldberg won a Supporting Oscar as a fake medium and Tony Goldwyn is uncanny as a slimeball ex-friend (his sniveling is so convincing it may have cost him real-life celebrity). Extremely well-directed by Jerry Zucker--in anybody else's hands, this might have turned to mush. ***1/2 from ****
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Agreeable and fascinating love story
ma-cortes28 September 2004
The motion picture concerns upon the starring's killing (Patrick Swayze) who returns from beyond to save his lover (Demi Moore) harassed by a devious killer . He's helped by a likable psychic (Woopy Goldberg) .

In the film there are a wonderful love story , humor , tearjerker , suspense , action and a little bit of horror.

Runtime film is appropriate , isn't slow-moving but adjusted and the movie is very entertaining.

Woopy Goldberg's interpretation is fantastic and humorous , she was Oscar winner to the category for supporting cast , a very well deserved prize .

The lover couple , Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze , are riveting but overblown sweets.

Maurice Jarre musical score is fascinating but principal song is copied from Alex North's theme.

Direction by Jerry Zucker is first class , better than his previous films like ¨Airplane¨ , ¨Top secret¨ or ¨Ruthless people¨.

The movie will appeal to fantasy buffs and love stories fans.

Rating: 6,5/10 . Good and well worth watching.
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a lot of great scenes sign of a great movie
drystyx13 May 2007
This may not be a classic, but it comes close. It has one big attribute of most great movies, a lot of great scenes. The story is about Sam, who has a great life, and this movie is the opposite of CLICK. Unlike that stupid movie, this guy doesn't want to fast forward his life with a beautiful loving wife and great career. But it is taken away from him when he is killed. He becomes a ghost. And that might be one of only two flaws in the story. Why he can project his needs when billions of other dead souls can't. But a great movie like this endears us to the characters and plot enough so that this is a very trivial flaw. He finds he can communicate with a fake spiritualist (Whoopi, in a role few could do as well), which is the second flaw, since we have a feeling we've seen this character in this instance all too often. Hoever, again, if the movie is good enough we can overlook this. Without making spoilers, I can only add that the movie satisfies the viewer. There is romance, humor, logic, adventure, suspense, and great scenes. Among the great scenes that make the movie (I'll only mention some) are the scene where Sam follows his friend to the killer's apartment (actually just about every scene with his friend is classic), the scene where Whoopi goes to the bank, the scene where she leaves the bank, the scene where Sam is a ghost in the office with his friend, the scene where the friend hits on Sam's woman, the first scene with the little dark men, the second scene with the little dark men...I could go on and on. What is lost in all of this is one of the greatest emotional bits of capturing character ever, when Sam realizes what is going to happen to an evil man when the little dark men appear the second time, and he expresses true sorrow and compassion for a man who stole so much from him. This is one of the most poignant and heroic scenes ever in any movie I would find it very hard to believe anyone could not enjoy this movie. Truly a winner. Know what? This is a classic.
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Excellent romance about true love that lasts eternally
Catherine_Grace_Zeh25 November 2005
GHOST, in my opinion, is an excellent romance about true love that lasts eternally. When Sam (Patrick Swayze) got mugged, I got really scared. You'll have to see the movie if you want to know why. If you ask me, Maurice Jarre's score is absolutely beautiful. To me, Carl (Tony Goldwyn) was a very creepy guy. Also, Willie (Rick Aviles) was just as scary as he was. I was amazed at the way Sam could step through anything in his ghostly state. All in all, everyone involved in this film did an outstanding job. In conclusion, if you like Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore, this is definitely a movie to see. You will really be touched by it.
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Touching and hilarious romantic thriller
Alain English14 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Ghost" has been riffed as a piece of romantic cheese, but really it is a classic movie incorporating everything from romance, horror and laugh-out-loud comedy.

A well-to-do accountant Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze), shares an uptown apartment with his girlfriend Molly (Demi Moore), a clay potterer, a lady with whom he is very much in love. However, Sam is murdered in an attempted mugging and as he remains on earth in spiritual form he must find a way to protect his girlfriend before the killer strikes again...

Swayze and Moore work well as a couple and you really believe in the connection between them. But you need some eccentricity in this kind of picture, in order to balance out the romantic element. The film gets this in the form of Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg). The joke with this character is that she is a fake medium, who learns to her surprise that her powers are in fact real. Goldberg is excellent in this role, her timing is perfect and she is hilarious throughout. Also of note is Vincent Schiavelli as the deranged Subway Ghost, who teaches Sam how to affect the world around him. This a brief but scene-stealing performance.

The villains come in the form of Tony Goldwyn, as Sam's slimy, double-dealing and increasing desperate best friend. Rick Aviles is also well-cast is low-life hit-man Willie Lopez.

Best of all is Patrick Swayze who heads the cast as the title character. Swayze takes a lot of riffing for his performances, but having seen him in three movies (including this one) I don't know why. Sure he's not a great actor, but he's not a bad one. He creates a terrific chemistry between him and Moore, and an even better comic chemistry in his scenes with Whoopi Goldberg. His partnership with the latter really makes the picture. Check the scene where keeps her up all night singing "I'm Henry the Eighth I Am".

The film is wrapped up nicely with a lovely moving theme tune and some good ghostly special effects. Despite some serious moments, in the main the film is very light-hearted and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Definitely one to watch for a good night in.
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I neeeeeeeeed your loooooooove
R_O_U_S17 February 2004
I well remember the moment I realised that Ghost was a good film. It was several years since 1990, and I had written it off as a pointless chick flick. Then two female friends decided to watch it and, having nothing better to do, I cynically sat down to watch it with them. When I started to borrow tissues, I knew I'd been wrong. It may star two of the biggest has-beens in Hollywood today, but you can't deny the emotional power of this love story from beyond the grave, somehow keeping its punch even when competing against a comedy sub-plot about a `sassy' psychic. And remember the ugly guy on the train, too. A cheesy classic, but a classic nonetheless.
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Love is a powerful emotion
native_girl33323 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you have ever lost a loved one and want to believe that they are still somewhere you will be touch by the wonderful and not over sentimental "Ghost".

Some people may not find "Ghost" to have any sense but if you are romantic and open-minded it will hit you like the fast moving train.

"Ghost" is an epic love story of Molly (Demi Moore) and Sam (gorgeous Patrick Swayze) who have so strong relationship but it is taken from them so early. After a tragic mugging episode the banker Sam loose his life and leaves Molly to face the cruel reality on her own. Sam is persistent to let Molly know that he is still there watching and protecting her. By the act of coincidence Sam finds a way to communicate his loved one with the help of fraud sidekick Oda Mae Brown (hilarious Whoopi Goldberg whose Academy Award-winning performance was very well earned!). There is some twist and turns, some difficulties but nothing can stop the true love finding it ways. Even if it does mean beyond the grave.

"Ghost" was the unexpected hit movie of the year 1990. It won two Oscars. Dazzling Goldberg got a Golden Man for Best Supporting Actress and Bruce Joel Rubin got his prize for his writing skills. It launched the era of new special effect techniques, and boosted the careers of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.

First time I saw the movie it didn't affect me as much as it did when I saw it for the second time. I wept like a little waterfall and felt strongly that there must be a life after death.

Vincent Schiavelli was dark but sympathetic Subway Ghost who guided Sam on his path to become a real ghost.

The film produced some of the funniest scenes in movie history. While Sam is trying to get Oda Mae to help him he tortures her by singing in a monotonous, deep-voiced way "I'm Henry the Eight I am"! That's so great. Also the word "ditto" became famous. I bet the "Ghost-generation" has repeatedly said it to their loved ones.

If you manage get your mind open and let "Ghost" into your heart it effects might just surprise you! 9,5/10
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I´d just like to say...
anita_lill27 April 2003
I love this movie. I know I am just a romantic fool, but I can make these kinds of movie almost alive in my own little world. I almost feel myself live in a world where love is like this and where everythigs is like I would like it to be. It is a great feeling, but it sucks when the movie ends. But oh well...all good things must end. I just wanted to say this.
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This is a good film
mm-3917 August 2001
My wife loves this film, and I found it more then a romance movie. A intriguing story, of deception, death, the after life, and greed. This is a great film, with character you care about, suspense, romance, and a fresh script. This film made Patricks carrier, and after this film he chose a few films that killed his chances of acting in higher budget films. I believe if he picked a couple more scripts like this one he would be on the same level as Tom Cruse. I think the politically correct 90's found him too macho for their tastes, and it drove him to do that film about India which helped kill his carrier. In the end this film is a little about what Patrick could have been, a true international star.
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A unique and romantic story
Kristine11 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I always wondered if a movie could be done from a ghost's point of view. What they're thinking, what's their view of death like, and if they visit their loved ones. This movie delivers that and much more.

Sam and Molly are a happy couple who have just moved in together. Sam works at a bank and is about to come upon a big account worth $4,000,000. One night when Same and Molly are walking and talking about marriage, they get attacked by a murderer, Willie Lopez. Sam fights him and gets shot. He dies instantly with Molly holding him. After Sam dies his spirit(ghost) doesn't know what's going on.

He stays by Molly's side(without her knowing that he's there). He discovers that they were set up and the murderer wanted Sam's wallet for a reason. And worst of all that he was set up by his friend, Carl. Sam stumble upon a psycic office. Where Odda May Brown is a phony psycic, but discovers that she can hear Sam. He uses Odda May to warn Molly about Carl.

This is a great romantic movie. I would recommend anyone to watch this, unless you don't like sappy love stories.


PS, did anyone ever think that clay could be so sexy? :-D
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Extremely Good!
LTripp4 June 2003
This is a must see movie. The movie fits with practically every Genre. It's sad, funny, romantic, and violent. It takes place in some of the roughest places in New York, that is clear when you see the buildings in the inside of a house. The lead characters are Sam(Patrick Swayze) and Molly(Demi Moore). They are

very much in love but when Sam is killed right before Molly's eyes by Willie(Rick Avilles), who turns out to the hitman and Sam's best friend Carl(Tony Goldwyn), Sam's ghost knows he has work to do before he goes to Heaven. He discovers

Oda Mae Brown(Whoopi Goldberg), who is the only person who can hear his

voice. And he manages to annoy her into trying to convince Molly to believe that Sam is telling her to watch out for the murderers. Molly struggles with whether or not to believe her because Oda Mae mentions private things between her and

Sam. Patrick Swayze is very charmingly romantic, Whoopi Goldberg is very

funny, and Tony Goldwyn is an awesome bad guy.
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"Godspeed Your Love To Me"
bkoganbing8 December 2009
If nothing else the popularity of the film Ghost guaranteed a revival of that great love song Unchained Melody. It's always a pleasure when good music is heard on the airways and we have Ghost to thank for this little treasure making a comeback.

Ghost also provided Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore with a couple of career roles as a typical yuppie couple settling in Tribeca when tragedy strikes one of them. But as it turns out, that's only the beginning of the story.

If you were to describe Ghost I guess the best way you could describe it would be a drama/fantasy with some humorous moments, mostly as a result of the casting of Whoopi Goldberg as a fake psychic. But she comes into the story in the middle of the film. Patrick and Demi, those brat pack alumni are now eager young urban professionals, Demi makes and sells her own pottery and Patrick works in a bank, in the high end area of one, he's not just a teller. When we meet them they are starting to fix up their Tribeca loft with one of Swayze's co-workers, Tony Goldwyn.

But one fateful night after seeing a performance of MacBeth, Swayze is killed as a result of a street mugging. But was it just that, a simple robbery? Not by a longshot and Swayze who was killed before his time is angry enough to stay on Earth and find out what really happened.

Of course he needs an ally and that's where Whoopi comes in. Turns out that there might be a little truth in her advertising as a spiritualist and consultant to the dead. Good enough for Whoopi to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, the other Oscar Ghost won was for original screenplay.

But you won't forget Patrick and Demi as a pair of literal starcrossed lovers. You also know that the universal fates will reunite them because people who care for each other as much as they did aren't destined to stay apart.

I do so love Unchained Melody. Introduced originally by blues singer Al Hibbler in the Fifties it got a revival a decade later by the Righteous Brothers. Tony Bennett also recorded a fine version and after his death a previously unreleased version of it was put out by Bing Crosby's estate. It's a perfect song for the theme for Swayze and Moore.

One of the best love stories of the last decade of the last century, despite the tragedy that takes place, Ghost is one feel good motion picture.
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Mariano T. Dandre8 September 2008
I just finished watching Ghost and I honestly must tell you it was one of the best romances I've ever seen. It was a great film because it blends like every genre together into one amazing movie. The scenes with "Unchained Melody" will leave you with a chill. This movie is beautiful and breathtaking. Having only thing Swayze in "Dirty Dancing," I must say I was a heck of a lot more impressed by his role in this where he was VERY convincing. You felt like Demi and Pat shared a binding love. Honestly, the only thing that looked dated were the "demons". And it was funny seeing those ancient computers. Whoopi was hilarious. Even though this movie is 15 years old, it's still wonderful. Highly recommended.
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Movie Entertainment at it's Finest
Jay Addison19 June 2007
I went into Ghost a little apprehensive. I had heard so much about it, and it was supposedly the crowning moment of one of my favorite actresses: Whoopi Goldberg. However, my apprehensions were instantly wiped away. This movie lived up to all of it's praise! It's the story of two young lovers Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore). They have just moved in together. After a night out on the town, Sam is brutally killed by a seemingly random mugger and Molly holds Sam's bloody corpse in her arms- all while Sam's spirit watches. He has been left to wander Earth and desperately try to protect Molly. He gets help from Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) a psychic fraud who has more power than she realized. Together, Sam and Oda Mae begin to piece together the puzzle of Sam's death, and uncover something much more sinister than they ever imagined.

The whole cast does an excellent job here. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore play the roles of grieving lovers perfectly. Ms. Moore is especially affecting. But it's Whoopi Golberg's fantastic performance as Oda Mae Brown that truly steals the show. Her performance is hilarious and endearing throughout, and she takes the film to an entirely new level. She's really is half of what makes it so good.

This, in my opinion, is a great film. It entertains, it thrills you, and it even moves you. The writing is also excellent. The only place the film suffers is the special effects. Even they are fine- accept for the demons. The demons of the film are laughable. That is one major downfall. However, it's not bad enough to ruin a film that is one to be treasured. Good fun all around! 8/10 stars!

Jay Addison
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A Really Entertaining Film!
moviewizguy24 March 2007
Sam and Molly are a very happy couple and deeply in love. Walking back to their new apartment after a night out at the theater, they encounter a thief in a dark alley, and Sam is murdered. He finds himself trapped as a ghost and realizes that his death was no accident. He must warn Molly about the danger that she is in. But as a ghost he can not be seen or heard by the living, and so he tries to communicate with Molly through Oda Mae Brown, a psychic who didn't even realize that her powers were real.

This film probably has every genre in it. It has romance, comedy, horror, thriller, mystery, action, suspense, and fantasy! It was really freaky because first you're laughing your head off but then it all turns into a horror film. There were even some "edge-of-your-seats" scenes! The cinematography of the film is also fantastic!

This film is highly entertaining! There are some memorable romantic scenes between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore and hilarious scenes mostly done by Whoopi Goldberg, which is one of the most memorable character in the film winning her an Oscar. The three and Tony Goldwyn were great in the film.

As I said, this is a highly entertaining film. It will probably fit well for everyone because of it's various genres. This is one of the best films!
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Your spirit will believe! One of the best of the 90's.
Danny Blankenship11 December 2006
When seeing "Ghost" 16 years ago with friends, and family I knew that this film would go down as a classic and it did it's one of the 90's best films. The movie in my opinion is so successful because of the many themes it's associated with it's not only a love story, but also this film has plenty of comedic moments while at the same time the main characters face a web of betrayal. The plot is well written with many turns as Patrick Swayze gives a strong performance as a New York City banker, who is gunned down and killed right in front of his sweetheart(Demi Moore)and all of this is over a dirty investment scandal. "Ghost" then gets very interesting when the Swayze character finds out that the after life does indeed occur! He can see people, but they can't see him! Never fear the only hope is to team with a psychic(Whoopi Goldberg who rightfully wins an Academy-Award for best supporting actress) to uncover the truth behind his murder and to rescue his love(Demi Moore). Overall this movie is a great romance that touches your heart, and makes you appreciate your loved ones especially after their gone. The laughs are also good with Whoopi and it's nice to see the now late Vincent Schiavelli have a small part as a subway ghost, who helps Patrick believe in his supernatural powers. Overall again one of the best movies of the 90's that taught us love, hope, and made us a believer that our past loved ones could be ghost. Also this picture helped make Demi Moore a superstar in the 90's, as she would earn 12 to 15 million a picture during this decade.
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hippyjem2k4 January 2003
In my opinion this film is probably the biggest tear-jerker I've ever seen. It is the only film where half an hour after the film has finished I'm still sat there in floods of tears. Brilliant. This film is funny, scary, weird and romantic.
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Hard not to like it.
bilahn18 February 2002
"Ghost" isn't very subtle, and similar themes have been done elsewhere with more depth, but I say just relax and enjoy. The best reason is of course, Whoopi Goldberg, who is hilarious and as always, very good. As for the story and the characters' reactions not being plausible, you really need to have a little imagination when you watch movies! I give any movie credit for not being bad, since there are so many dreary movies out there, and Ghost is not bad.
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sodapopgurlie6 January 2001
The first time I saw this movie, I was perhaps five. I don't remember it clearly, but my mother says that I cried my eyes out at the ending, saying "he should have stayed with her!" Well, I just watched Ghost again, for the first time since then. History repeated itself, and left me sobbing into my pillow. Ghost is a wonderfully touching love story, and the chemistry between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore makes the story believable and much sadder. It's a beautiful movie - sad, but beautiful - and I recommend it to men and women alike.
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