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Sex & Nudity

  • As they are remodeling their loft apartment, two men are seen bare chested. Both are in good shape, but one man is particularly well developed.
  • While Molly is molding a clay pot, Sam tries to touch her, ruining the pottery. He asks to help, and then helps Molly reshape the clay, after which they passionately kiss and both caress each other, and Sam seduces her. He is shown to have a clothed erection. Molly's buttocks are shown being caressed, while he touches other regions, as they both slump to a couch and a single record finishes on a jukebox. Sex is implied.
  • A married couple are shown in bed. There is no nudity except his bare chest.
  • Carl slowly takes his shirt and suit off while seducing Molly to the point of kissing her, to Sam's anger.

Violence & Gore

  • Sam is able to see through people when he is a ghost, with muscles, matter, and blood shown.
  • The mugger himself, later identified as Willie Lopez, sneaks into the house where Molly is, and Sam uses her cat to scratch him. Blood is shown.
  • A poltergeist knocks the ghost of Sam off of a train cart. He later turns to him to learn how to manipulate objects.
  • After seeing Sam, Ode Mae runs around and breaks her shop.
  • Oda Mae is briefly possessed by a ghost, and is later visited by Willie, who he tries to shoot. No one is hurt.
  • Sam is both punched, shoved, and scared repeatedly by Sam.


  • 1 clear use of 'f**k', 10 uses of 's**t' and its derivatives (1 use of 'b******t'), 4 uses of 'b*****d', 2 uses of 'J***s', 7 uses of 'd**n' and its derivatives (2 uses of "g*****n" and 3 of "g*******t") , 1 'c**p', 1 'a*****e', 4 uses of 'h**l', 1 'G*d', and 4 uses of 'b***h' and its derivatives (1 use of 'son of a b***h')
  • Oda Mae tells a man to 'shut up' two times, and to 'kiss my butt'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • No smoking or drinking.
  • The poltergeist briefly laments that he would do anything for a cigarette, after kicking a cigarette vendor.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scary looking statue is in Sam's bed
  • In the opening credits, when the film's title flashes and the music instantly plays one note is a jump-scare.
  • Overall, Ghost is a very intense film, and besides being a drama, this film is very intense and will probably make people cry. The theme about the ghost of a lover staying to warn his lover about two men trying to kill her in order to cover up a murder, and so, is very sad, romantic, and violent.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A mugger follows Sam and Molly, who threatens Sam to give the money to him. After Molly is punched to the face, Sam wrestles with the mugger until a shot is heard, as the mugger runs away with Sam pursuing him until he runs back to Molly, to which we find out he is dead, as Molly holds Sam's body, blood is on her left arm, chest, and sleeve, and on Sam's torso and neck. A little over the top.
  • Willie, while looking for Oda Mae, is scared, pinched, and shoved by Sam repeatedly. Willie then leaves the building, and runs away. He emerges with blood on his face, as he is pushed by Sam a few more times on the street, as Willie finally runs away into the middle of the street, while a car swerves into him and a truck, as Willie jumps off of them lifelessly, as a car stops onto his corpse, and a crack is heard. Willie's ghost gets up and sees his corpse, with blood on his face, and no apparent injury detail elsewhere. We see Willie's corpse's face three times. Then shadow demons emerge to carry his ghost to Hell whilst Sam watches helplessly in horror. Will scare many viewers.
  • After Carl sees Willie die, he goes to Molly's house, and arms himself. Oda Mae and Molly use the fire escape on the building, but Carl shoots open the door. Sam stays to haunt him, but can't touch him. Carl pursues them on the fire escape, and later captured Oda Mae in an abandoned sector if the building, and tries to strangle her, but Molly interferes and is knocked out. Oda Mae tries to escape, but is held at gunpoint by Carl, asking for the check. Sam then pulls back Carl, who then holds Molly at gunpoint. Sam then yanks away the gun, and pushes Carl against a brick wall. Sam then punches him, as he throws a hook at Sam, missing him as it crashes a wi window as Carl back on it. The hook then crashes it again, as the broken glass impales Carl in the stomach, killing him. Blood splatters on the window, and spills on his shirt. His ghost then emerges, as he sees Sam as he reminds him that he is dead, to his terror. Shadow demons then come and drag him to Hell. Very graphic, but the scene is given some poignancy as Sam watches this happen sorrowfully as the man he once called a friend is taken to a terrible fate.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Besides the scenes in "Violence & Gore," shadow demons are shown dragging Carl and Willie off to the netherworld.
  • The scene where Carl finds out the account holding the $4M is closed is very haunting, and the music encompassing it is very intense. When Sam comes to haunt him, the music is very haunting also, even when Sam types on the computer.
  • Carl, one of Sam's friends, is in an alliance with Willy Lopez, the murderer of Sam, to get $4M and an item from Molly, to drug dealers. Very intense.
  • The ending is very intense. After Heaven's light allows Molly to see him, she kisses him. He then says goodbye to Oda Mae. He then tells Molly that he has always loved her, and they say goodbye as he walks to Heaven. Will probably make some cry, as its theme is very sad.

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