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A delinquent musical Joy-Ride with 50's teen angst films...
sixtwentysix23 April 2004
This is a film that John Waters created as a loving send up of 1950's teen and juvenile delinquent films. It tells the story of Cry-Baby (Depp) a teenage orphan with the ability to make women swoon by shedding a single tear. It's a good natured, never mean musical based in a world where a song can make jail prisoners dance and riot or make someone fall in love with you despite being from different worlds.

A cast that includes Iggy Pop, Traci Lords, Waters regular Rikki Lake and a few other pleasant treats and cameos. The actors appear to be having as much fun with the subject matter as the film is. Borrowing for value from films such as Grease, Jail-house Rock, High School Hellcats, Rebel without a cause and a zillion others from the genre this film is a self-aware campy comedy that is very well crafted.

Clean and ridiculous warmhearted fun with more than a hint of trash. As of the date I re-watched this film (April 2004 10 years later) this film is still out of print. The reason for that is inexplicable to me as it's one of Johnny Depp's funniest performances and one of the better musicals that comes to mind. Oh yeah, don't blink or you'll miss Willem Defoe as the prison guard. "God bless Dwight D. Eisenhower, God bless Roy Cohn..."

Come for the comedy, stay for the great songs.
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Silly, sweet fun. Don't take it seriously, just enjoy it
kidlitfan3 September 2002
There seem to be two types of folks who detest "Cry-Baby;" those who think Waters sold out by making anything that cost more than $500 and didn't include coprophagy, and those who insist that all movies be Art with a capital A.

I was well into my 20's when the movie first came out, not a fan of 21 Jump Street, and no stranger to movies, including masterpieces and early John Waters, but I LOVED it, and have caught the uncut version on USA network quite a few times.

Cry-Baby is no Citizen Kane, and it's no Pink Flamingos, but, at risk of being pretentious, I will say that its full of something that makes art: Truth. Even in incredibly silly scenes, the movie is based in real and true emotions. John Waters' love for the fun parts of the 50's, (and hatred of the status quo that obviously made his teen years a living hell) is all over this film.

Yes, scenes such as the orphanage are silly, but the cynicism of the orphanage workers and the angst of the mother are as real as can be. The silliness works because the John Waters BELIEVES in what he is saying, and makes damn sure that his actors are with him!

All of the actors, from Johnny Depp who (as with all of his roles) *becomes* the character to Joe Dallesandro who barely can get his lines out, believe in their characters.

"Cry-Baby" parodies 50's "Teen Rebel" musicals such as "Rock Around the Clock" and "Don't Knock the Rock", but with obvious affection.

Yes, it's a musical. If you're one of those cynics who says things like "But people DON'T just start singing in real life" don't see it. Movies exist to give us a break from real life while mirroring it enough to be cathartic. Musicals and parodies take it one step further. They're not diaries, they're not reality, they're MOVIES!

"Cry-Baby" is a lot of fun, and the soundtrack is terrific (and "Hairspray"'s is even better!).

If you liked "Cry-Baby", I recommend "Hairspray" (not quite so silly, just as sweet.) and "But I'm A Cheerleader," which is definitely Waters-inspired, from its use of pink to its incredibly true emotions within very silly situations.

If you didn't like Cry-Baby, how sad. You obviously missed something.
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Snazzy and fun musical-comedy with John Waters' style.
onnanob21 August 2005
Don't expect to watch a movie in the style of "Grease" when you watch "Cry-Baby." This is a John Waters musical-comedy, and it's full of his style and humor. John Waters has his own style of directing, and his own style for writing dialogue. The dialogue and acting are usually out of the mainstream norm, and viewers who are not familiar with John Waters may not enjoy his films unless they open their minds to possibilities of silly, ridiculous, vulgar, and campy humor. "Cry-Baby" is set in the 1950's, and it's mainly about two groups of people who don't accept each other: The drapes and the squares. The drapes don't have a lot of money, are more accepting to different types of people, and listen to the hep sounds of rhythm and blues and rockabilly. Some of them get involved with crime, and are juvenile delinquents. The squares are very conservative, have more money, more attitude, and listen to "your hit parade" music. The drapes will hang out with anyone as long as there's a good time to be had, and the squares only socialize with other squares. There is friction and disgust whenever the two types meet. Within this is a love story concerning Cry-Baby and Allison. Cry-Baby is a drape, and Allison is a square tired of being so conservative. Cry-Baby and Allison are attracted to each other, and Allison decides to associate with the drapes. Conflicts emerge, and drapes and squares clash. That sounds clichéd, but the movie has a lot of humor and atmosphere. It's also full of color, spirit, and fun music. The locations and sets create a 1950's atmosphere of small town and rural America. The cars, clothing, and hairstyles are also effective. Sometimes clothes, hairstyles, props, and sets are exaggerated and outrageous, but these are trademarks of John Waters' style and sense of humor. "Cry-Baby" has its charm, and is effective as both a comedy and a musical. The musical numbers are fun and lively, and a lot of care went into making the songs sound authentic to the period. They are also well choreographed. Some of the musical numbers were written for the movie, and a few songs were originally 1950's hits newly recorded for "Cry-Baby" (such as the song that opens the movie, Allison singing "Teenage Prayer," etc.) There are also original vintage recordings throughout the movie (my favorite is "Jungle Drums," by Earl Bostic, which really gives a summer feeling to the Turkey Point location.) The background score is also well done, and professionally orchestrated. This is a John Waters film, and you have to expect unusual characters, and unusual acting and dialogue delivery. The casting of the movie is an interesting mix of performers (another Waters' trademark), and very much a delight. The cast is terrific! Johnny Depp and Amy Locane are wonderful as the teenagers who are attracted to each other, but live in different worlds. Their pairing brings out a believable chemistry, and a sense of fun. Polly Bergen's performance is excellent as the extremely conservative matriarch who finally learns how to have a good time with people who are different. Susan Tyrrell is as offbeat as she can be (see her in the bizarre musical-comedy "Forbidden Zone"), and Iggy Pop is interesting in his role. Ricki Lake returns in her second John Waters movie as Cry-Baby's pregnant sister. Kim McGuire, Darren E. Burrows, and Traci Lords create fun characters who are in Cry-Baby's gang and music group. Kim McGuire has a knack for creating a character who's kookie and bold, and yet deserves sympathy at times. Traci Lords is very good at comedy, and it would be nice to see her in more comedies. She does a great job with her mostly-cranky, tough-girl character. Stephen Mailer does a fine job of creating a character you really learn to loathe. "Cry-Baby" also features small parts played by noted stars such as Troy Donahue, Joe Dallesandro, Joey Heatherton, David Nelson, Willem Dafoe, and John Waters regular Mink Stole. Patricia Hearst Makes her feature film debut, and is very amusing as the naive mother of a drape daughter. "Cry-Baby" was a lot of fun to watch on the big screen, and I'm again enjoying it since it's been released on DVD (with added scenes that were cut for its theatrical release.) "Cry-Baby" is a snazzy and fun musical-comedy that seems to be pleasing people who are not regular John Waters fans! By the way, I was a scrape (part square, part drape) in high school, but that's a different story from a different era.
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Troubled Love
Cassi_Hayward28 September 2005
The movie "Cry Baby" is about a young boy and girl from opposite sides of the track falling in love. Wade "Cry baby" Walker (Johnny Depp) is considered a drape and a juvenile delinquent, and Alison (Amy Locane) is considered a square and a perfect angel. In their time Drapes and Squares were not seen together. Cry Baby fights with all his heart going up against an ex-boyfriend, a concerned grandmother, and even jail to keep his love with Alison.

Baldwin (Stephen Mailer), Alison's ex-boyfriend, does everything in his power to keep Alison to himself and away from Cry Baby. He picks fights and gets his gang together to vandalize the drapes property.

Alison's grandma (Polly Bergen) is like the leader of the squares and in the beginning worries that Cry Baby will be the downfall of her grandchild. Since she is left with Alison's care, she is over protective; but she wants Alison happy more than anything. In the end she comes around and tells Alison to choose the man her heart loves.

I believe director John Waters made a new twist to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and this provides a happy ending. Through his movie, Waters tells us that love happens when it happens and that no matter what background we come from, we should fight for love with all our hearts.

I love this movie. The first time I saw this movie as a four year old girl, I said I was going to marry Cry Baby. I recommend this movie to everyone. It has action for men and romance for women. I think that it transports us back in time and helps us see the conferences of the two social classes and feeds our belief that love really can conquer it all. I have probably watched this movie a thousand times and will probably watch it a thousand more. It definitely is worth the eighty-five minutes it takes to watch.
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A brilliant performance
wifeofsam17 April 2004
I admit, on first hearing about this film even I (the major Johnny Depp fan) was a bit skeptical to view it. But, I figured, hey, it's JD, why not? And, I now must say, that is goes down as one of my favorite movies. Why? because it's an amazing spoof my John Waters. As a lover of old musicals from the 50s and 60s, it's just amusing to watch a spoof of them, especially one done so well as this. My fav scene (don't spoilers..) is one where Crybaby (JD) performs a song in a comedic Elvis Presley fashion, which shows how dynamic JD is as an actor. what else makes this movie great? The music. There's not one boring song where you feel like it'll never end, because you don't want it to end. (yes, i own the soundtrack..i'm pathetic, i know). It's just a great movie..well, if you like a musical that spoofs other musicals.
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Something Wonderful
black_star_dust_8426 September 2004
There's really nothing wrong with this film. It's funny, it's fun, and it's got a cameo of Willem Dafoe. With Johnny Depp as the star, what else could you want? Apart from being a satire, it's an entertaining and hysterical, relatable satire. It takes a lot of skill to take a concept that could so easily teeter from funny to ridiculous, and while certain parts of the film seem to be heading towards that thin barrier, they always save face at the last minute. The movie doesn't just ride on Johnny Depp's talent, either. Every member of the cast displays a genuine understanding of the somewhat SNL-esque humour required to make everything work. I've yet to meet someone face to face that has not seen this movie and truly enjoyed it for what it is: something wonderful.
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Don't expect Grease.
Idolprincess16 June 2004
If you're a fan of the rockabilly fashion of the 50's and of John Waters, you will like this movie. Personally, I was a big fan of it. It's one of my favorite movies.

This movie involves two groups: the "squares" and the "greasers". While most teen movies set in the 50's involve typical preppy high school students, this one was on the side of the greasers. This is what I found fun and interesting. The world in which the greasers live is fun and colorful. The characters are all social outcasts or "delinquents" as they call them in the movie. This is what is so particular. Maybe this isn't what life in the 50's was really about, but it gives the illusions that you're seeing an aspect of life during that time that you normally don't see.

It was a pleasant and fun to watch movie. It was also very cartoony, which is something I like in a movie very much. The imagery is very pleasant. However, it's not a movie for everyone. It can easily be seen as cheesy. And if you're expecting a typical 50's musical like Grease, there's a good chance you won't like this one, since it makes you root so much for the social outcasts. This movie doesn't show the typical "clean" 50's that people enjoy so much.

This movie also makes fun of the typical "bad boy" image of the 50's. But doesn't it also poke fun at the image that Johnny Depp had at the time? In several interviews done after the release of this movie, Depp mentioned that he enjoyed playing that role because it was a satire of the image he had and that he also disliked very much.

I think this is the type of movie that can easily become someone's favorite but that can be hated by a lot of viewers. Maybe the dancing and the singing isn't as good as in Grease. But you have to remember that this is a light and fun movie that doesn't take itself seriously. It can also be seen as a satire of typical musicals. I would definitely recommend it.
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"Grease" goes kinky!
Coventry6 October 2005
John Waters' movies are perhaps acquired taste (read: first class TRASH!), but "Cry-Baby" is a fairly accessible and comical romp, complete with great music, very likable performances and a moody 50's atmosphere. Obviously mocking "Grease", the story is set in a Baltimore high school where teen idol Johnny Depp leads the "Drapes" thug gang versus the chic and fancy "Squares". The hormones work at maximum power and Depp's character inevitably falls for the most popular square-girl in school. Arguments like these can only be settled with rough fights and…dance contests! Johnny Depp and Amy Locane are both great in their lead roles, but it's the supportive cast that impresses the most. More particularly ex-porn star Traci Lords, Kim McGuire as Hatchet-Face (you can't but stare at her grimaces), Iggy Pop and Ricky Lake (as Depp's wild sister in a constant state of pregnancy). The gags are more tasteful than usual but all John Waters' trademarks are still present. "Cry-Baby" is a strangely sexy film that'll definitely bring a smile on your face. Recommended!
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The 50s, Re-visited and Parodied.
nycritic9 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Following the mainstream success of 1988's HAIRSPRAY -- now a Broadway and nation-wide smash hit -- John Waters returned to give us CRY BABY, a movie which spoofs movies such as REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and JAILHOUSE ROCK with his trademark quirks and a great cast. In this story, set in 1954 Baltimore right at the cusp of rock 'n roll, the squares, preppy college types, are set against the drapes, who are more aggressive edgy, a threat to good mores and values. In a typical Romeo and Juliet setting, do-good Allison (Amy Locane) feels attracted to bad boy Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker who carries a perpetual tear sliding down his face due to the execution of his parents. This of course infuriates her stern grandmother, Mrs. Vernon-Williams, who would rather she marry equally do-gooder Baldwin (Stephen Mailer), who is so milquetoast he might as well be invisible to Allison, but who isn't above a few tricks of his own to prove the drapes wrong. At the same time, there is another girl, Lenora Frigid, who is also in love with Cry-Baby and will go to lurid lengths to make him his.

Lovingly nostalgic with splashes of cartoonish satire, Waters in his usual fashion explores the values of the misfits and the casual hypocrisies of those considered elite and creates a energetic musical film in a time when musicals were all but dead. That he also manages to accommodate enough screen time for his wide cast which includes figures such as Susan Tyrell, Polly Bergen, Iggy Pop, Traci Lords, Rikki Lake, Willem Dafoe, among others, is quite a feat considering its rather short length shows he knows his material and knows how much he has to give his characters so his story can maintain its frenzied pace. It's one of his best which recreates a time when values were still a lot less complicated than they are now, but which mirror us today and our own views on who's in and out in our own society and how little has really changed then and now.
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John Waters forever!
lee_eisenberg22 March 2006
No doubt you well know that John Waters does everything possible to trash the rules in his movies. And he sure does here! "Cry-Baby" has a familiar plot - a good girl attracted to a hoodlum boy - but everything about the movie is a hoot. Johnny Depp once again shows himself to be possibly the greatest actor of his generation as Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker, a "drape" who falls for "square" Allison Vernon-Williams (Amy Locane). Naturally, her conservative family and acquaintances don't approve of this one bit, so trouble ensues.

Probably the funniest scenes in the movie are as follows: an air-head mother (Patty Hearst) tells her daughter to stop and look both ways before crossing the street - this to a girl who prefers to hang out with the "drapes"; at a "square" party, some boys sing the most mind-numbing, idiotic song imaginable (it just goes to show what dorks they are); and the scene in jail, where a cop (Willem Dafoe) makes everyone repeat "God bless Dwight Eisenhower! God bless Roy Cohn! God bless Richard Nixon!" - in case anyone had any doubts as to which side the police were on.

All in all, this is a movie that's impossible not to like. The truth is, I've never seen a John Waters movie that I didn't like. Just great.
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Estella16 October 1999
I first saw this movie on TV and then just HAD to get it on video. It's a brilliant send-up of the Grease story and Johnny Depp is perfectly cast in the James Dean-type role as a juvinile dilinquent who falls for a square. It's very funny and all the songs are great! Turn up the volume especially on 'Cry Baby'!
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I don't understand....
Binkyboo138 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
How you could NOT like this movie?!? It's a total goof-ball, over-the-top comedy about the 50's, with great rock 'n' roll song and dance sequences. Johnny Depp is amazing in any role he plays, but this has to be one of my favorites.

Depp, the bad ass rebel greaser from the wrong side of the tracks finds he has a soft side for the goody-goody square, Amy Locane. Locane is sick of being uptight and wants to be bad for once in her life.

This movie gives you gangs fights like in West Side Story, the good-girl wants bad-boy like in Grease, great songs and dancing like in both movies, but with it's own great cheesy twist. You've got teen delinquents vs. goody-goodys, gang rumbles, jail time, lies, heartbreak and then of course, a happy ending.

All of the people that commented about how Cry-Baby was trying, but failed to be like Grease or Elvis' movies, blah, blah, blah, need to see this movie again. It's not trying to be those movies, it's making fun of them. So lighten up, sit down, munch on some popcorn and have a good time. Sing a long if you'd like too. I know I do!
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that movie is so good!!!!!!
elimp8613 July 2005
Well this movie is so good;because i think the movie is just like me that like to party and very lovely and fight for what is mine. and the movie have a lot in commend with that why i loved. if someone have the movie or if you know where to look for it send me a email...and johnny depp is so sexy in that movie, well in all of his movie he look sexy and hot like always. the crazy people that was on that movie it was so cool because I'm like that sometime...Ja just like me. I'm crazy, funny, everything that you can imaging...

thank you...I LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!

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The most fantastic movie ever made!!! Don't take it seriously guys!
tessiwilson11 July 2006
This is an exceptional movie but you have to have a sense of humor to enjoy it. John Waters is a genius and you have to understand this genius it is first class trash at its best!. The rockabilly soundtrack and greaser costumes are brilliant. It is Johnny Depp at his finest and Traci Lords is brilliant as Wanda. The characters are so brilliantly cast that it will be hard to forget them as any other. An absolute must see for any Johnny fan as this is hi best role out of many fine performances. Check out William Dufroe cameo as the jail warden. Ricki Lake is fabulous as Pepper and Iggy Pop is hilarious as Uncle Bellvedere. If you enjoyed Hairspray of A Dirty Shame I can guarantee you will enjoy this movie. This movie is going to be a classic an should not be missed, Campy, Trashy and "John Waters" brilliant.
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Cry-Baby ROCKS
emilylarson-12 March 2006
I loved this movie so much and Johnny Depp is so HOT!!!! and i also own the movie and i watch it one to two times a day i love this movie. After i saw this movie i said i love Johnny Depp and now i know everything about him . I like how this movie kind of takes place on a Grease setting because i love Grease. I love the part in this movie were he is at turkey point and he sings King Cry-Baby. But i love all the songs because they are all really cool. When i first saw the movie i had to take three looks before i realized that cry-baby walker was Johnny Depp the first two words out of my mouth were HE'S HOT. Also Milton is hot to and i think that hatchet face was just WEIRD.
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Awesome Movie Finally Gets the DVD Release It Deserves!
Collectonian22 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of my favorite movies and its arrival on DVD has had me excited for months! The DVD version is awesome with 6 minutes of extra footage and some nice features including commentary and a "Making of" featurette. The video quality is good and the audio is great, with the scenes with music obviously having some updating because the singing sounds more powerful than in the video version. The extra footage is great too. I just love this movie and have probably watched it 30 times or more. I can almost quote it line for line, yet it still never fails to make me laugh like crazy and sing along with the music. About the only thing I wish is that there was a scene with Allison kicking Lenora's psycho butt. LOL.

I highly recommend getting the DVD version now that its available. In addition to having scenes added to the movie, it also has deleted scenes available in the extras (including some rather disturbing ones with Toe Joe and Wanda; and most of which were better off out of the movie). If you already have the VHS version, give it to a friend and convert them to the Cry-Baby fandum. :-D And don't forget the soundtrack so you can sing along in the car!
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This is my favorite movie ever!
kisstwiggy22 May 2004
This is my favorite of all time. I am such a huge fan of John Waters. He is so awesome and out there. This movie made me fall in love with Johnny Depp. I love Amy Locane also. I like to watch them together. They have good chemistry. This movie is so funny and weird in a good way. I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes films about 1950s culture completely exaggerated. It is great though. My favorite part is when Allison sings "Please Mr. Jailer", it is a good song and a funny part. Traci Lords is great in the movie also, Patty Hearst plays her mother. She is hilarious. They all are great actors and I think this movie really shows it. It may be a comedy, but it is a love story and you will fall in love with Wade "Cry-baby" Walker and Allison Vernon-Williams. It is a great movie!
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I say wow but it doesn't cover it!
piratestripes-113 May 2006
What may at first appear to be another cheesy, tacky, hopeless, teen, rip-off movie with awful songs, unrealistic voices and pathetic attempts at acting- it is a surprisingly addictive, emotional, wonderful movie! When I first saw it- I was worried- it seemed a little to tacky for me but then I really got into this movie and started yellig at screen when something happened I didn't like and I cheered at the good bits and now I even sing to the songs and cry at the emotional bits. With its regular humour and catchy tunes this movie is incredibly gripping- you will find yourself wanting to watch it over and over again IF you are open minded enough to enjoy it and not pick up on its rare bad parts. Johnny Depp is immense in this and is totally as sweet as sugar. You will his single lonely tear drop almost as much as his Elvis style dancing! Watch this film- it's great really!
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about my choice
ambernapesis25 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
well what to say other than the fact that i really love this movie it is a great well put together movie. I've seen this movie over 250 times and i will watch it 250 more because its a movie that I won't get tired of, and of course the characters help to so i would suggest to at least check it out. It may be a little corny but that is what i think that i like about this movie I use to wake up three hours early for school just to watch it before i left and i still own the movie. its a good children's movie too my children love to watch it mainly because of the music i think but that is OK because the music is good to. so in a couple of words i think that this movie rocks.
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Silly Silly fun
triple86 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
As I sailed out of the movie theater that warm summer's night, I was snapping my fingers to the bouncy 50's music that had just been echoing through the theater throughout the duration of this movie. This is a silly silly movie. Silly fun that will make you feel like a kid again, if by some chance you are seeing this after you've past the magical stage of childhood and entered in to the grueling challenge of adulthood.

Yes folks, I confess-I liked cry baby. This is not a good movie or an important one but it is a snappy piece of silly nostalgic fun that actually got me enjoying the music of the 50's-and that's not a musical style I usually had enjoyed in movies before(although there were a few exceptions). But this movie was just fun all around and very engrossing.

I must confess I am not a Johnny Depp fan. I think he's a brilliant actor but I just am not a fan of his. Period. I did think he was well cast in this however and I loved Amy Locane as well(Amy we want to see more of you) but the real star of this movie is the music and the atmosphere. Cry Baby is a guilty pleasure that I cheerfully acknowledge I liked-Johnny Depp and all. Silly Silly Fun and a 7.5 out of 10.
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I Love... It so totally ROCKED!!!....It Johnny Depp Looked Awesome!!!!
heavens_angel_8124 July 2005
This movie i loved it. Johnny Depp is one of my most Favorite actors in the world. JOHNNY DEPP U ROCK!!! It kind of reminded me of Grease accept it was like a thousand times better than Grease. It kept me interested throughout the hole movie. I liked parts of it on the TV so much that I had to buy it. I give this double thumbs up. The songs in this movie I loved them my favorite song was "KING CRY-BABY" along with "PLEASE MR. JAILER", "DOIN TIME FOR BEIN YOUNG" and "HIGH SCHOOL HELLCATS". The only thing i didn't like was the ending cause i don't think a girl no matter who it is could land that lightly on someone after being flung off a motorcycle go at i don't know what speed. But I LOVE IT ANYWAY!!!
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Crazy and Kewl
LadyAris8 May 2004
I love this film. I never got to see it fully when it came out, though I was only ten. I've recently gotten back into watching Johnny Depp cuz of POTC. My hubby wanted to see this cuz of other ppl playing in the film so I sat and watched it with him. It may have scenes that are a bit on the over acting side, but that's what is so wonderful about it. I've watched it 3 different times in one week. I love the campy lines because that's what makes the movie as good as it is. Johnny Depp is kewl as Cry-Baby. Ricki Lake fit perfectly as Pepper, and the two kids, Snare-Drum and Susie-Q were totally adorable.

"Our Bazooms are our weapons!"
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Always a good one
foxtrotmarie21 May 2019
Dont take it seriously. Sing along. Enjoy the ridiculous characters and plot. Just a simple feel good movie.
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I wouldn't call him a cry-baby if I were you
StevePulaski11 January 2012
When I see a film like John Waters' Cry-Baby it almost whispers to me that there should be no such thing as a "parody movie." There should only be homages to clichés, genres, and eras. Cry-Baby is an homage to the era of the fifties where greasy hair, tight jeans, leather jackets, and rock 'n' roll was the norm. While not being alive in the fifties but knowing a lot about the lifestyle, culture, and politics of the era, I can say that from my own knowledge it seems like it knows what it's doing.

John Waters is a provocative film director, which makes him the perfect, yet unexpected director for a film of this magnitude. It's an odd, yet delightful film that would be misunderstood by a mainstream audience, but a scrumptious bowl of delight to his cult following. For that reason is why it most likely didn't do well at the box office. Like all of Waters' films, it developed a cult following years later, but has always been unfairly compared to his more successful musical Hairspray.

Cry-Baby and Hairspray are two different films. Hairspray follows a chubby teenage girl who wants to become a dancer in a town divided by racial segregation. It wasn't trying to pay homage to anything, but was trying to be a fun and energetic musical with a message. Cry-Baby is the exact opposite. It's a film that follows the rebellious rocker Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker, played fantastically by Johnny Depp, who occupies a strange ability to cry one single tear from his left eye.

This ability woos all the girls, including Alison Vernon-Williams (Locane), a good girl who finally wants to cut loose and shy away from her cutesy image. She wants to join Cry-Baby and his gang of Drapes (a pun on the name "greaser)." She herself is a square, taken in by her grandparents after her parents' death. The problem is that she can't totally rely on Cry-Baby because his rebellious lifestyle tends to get him in a lot of trouble.

Like a lot of good campy films, there is no real plot. Just very interesting characters. What Cry-Baby is too is a delightful social commentary on new generation trends and the old ones' response on them. Every decade comes with trends; the sixties for their peace, the seventies for their rebellion, the eighties for their wackiness, and the nineties for their laid back style. Each trend receives shocked looks from adults and natural ones from the teens involved in them. Cry-Baby shows how different lifestyles are taken by each generation and then bashed by people who went through that same rebellious state when they were younger. It's hypocritical, sure, but it's natural. After all, we all want the best for our youngins. So we want them to stay away from the rebellious lifestyles. But we also want them to be unique. What a paradox.

I'm making the film sound too serious, when in fact, it's subtle in its commentary. It's a high-energy film all around. The musical numbers are catchy and addicting, and the actors do a great job with the material that has been handed to them. Especially Depp who basically tells us "whatever I act in you'll have to accept." Cry-Baby floats in a sea of innocence and isn't at all cocky with its material like some films are in the same genre. It simply wants to show us the paradox of generations, a well done character study on multiple different people, a mixture of Elvis films, Grease, and others of the leather jacket-generation, and just a fun musical as well. Its campy style will be disliked by some, questioned by many, but loved by the true cult-cravers.

Starring: Johnny Depp, Amy Locane, Susan Tyrrell, Polly Bergen, Iggy Pop, Ricki Lake, Traci Lords, Kim McGuire, Darren E. Burrows, Stephen Mailer, Troy Donahue, Patricia Hearst, and Joey Heatherton. Directed by: John Waters.
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"You've made me the happiest juvenile delinquent in Baltimore..."
dolly_the_ye-ye_bird12 September 2011
First and foremost, this is a spot on parody of 1950's juvenile delinquent films. If you've never seen any of the old movies it's making fun of...or if you just don't get satire...then you may not like Cry Baby. But if you're fan of Rebel Without a Cause, The Wild One, The Deliquents, etc...well, then you simply shouldn't miss this film.

Wade 'Cry Baby' Walker is the bad boy who is, in reality, not so bad. He has a soft side and is in love with the squeaky clean good girl, Allison. Their affair causes a rift between the two social factions of Baltimore, the rich kid 'Squares' and the cool kid 'Drapes'. The characters are way over the top, the dialog is oh so clichéd....and that's what makes it fantastic! The soundtrack doesn't hurt either! Just like Waters' Hairspray, the soundtrack is almost a lead character itself. Even the choreographed, production numbers (which is something I'd normally hate) are extremely enjoyable because they're such obvious jabs at Elvis movie song sequences.

The cast of this film is just amazing. Johnny Depp is supremo hot and Amy Locane is great considering she was only 19 and just starting her career. Iggy Pop is PERFECT and absolutely adorable as Uncle Belvedere. Ricky Lake, Traci Lords and the rest of the 'gang' are a hoot! And of course there's Patty Hearst, Willem Defoe, and the legendary Polly Bergen and lovely Joey Heatherton (you'll find her unrecognizable as Milton's sourpuss, bible thumping mother!) The best thing about the cast though, was the inclusion of some of the actual old teen stars from the '50s in cameos: David Nelson, Troy Donahue. Fun script, fun cast...just FUN all around! 9/10
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