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Surprisingly Good
wmarkley6 October 2005
I was impressed by how well this TV movie tells the story of the 1966 kidnapping and related events. I was a small child when the actual events happened and so I only had vague memories of them, but "Cry in the Wild" seems to mostly stay true to the factual accounts that I've read, including newspaper articles and the book Deadly Pursuit. Even some of the dialog is factual.

I also especially like how it tells the story without sensationalism, especially compared with over-the-top movies and TV programs that are so commonly seen these days. At the same time the plot moves along well. There are a few fictional elements that might have been added, but they seem relatively minor. There's also some forced, unrealistic dialog that "sets the scene," but that seems mostly confined to the beginning. The characters are treated with respect, and in some cases some depth. From what I read, Peggy Ann was pretty level-headed and perceptive for her age, and that comes through in the portrayal of her. The kidnapper evokes fear and also pity. The dedication of FBI agents, PA State Police, other lawmen, family and others who helped out in the case also comes through well.
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A very fine all-around movie
thull124 September 2001
I missed out on this true story when it actually occurred, but I feel fairly confident in saying that the producer, writer, and director added very little, if any, "fictional fluff". The movie starts off by showing us the setting and most of the main characters. Everyone and everything looks real and believable; almost always a good indication that the viewer is in for an entertaining movie. And that is certainly the case here. Once the abduction occurs, the director skillfully keeps the interest nonstop and makes us very reluctant to get up and go to the fridge or anywhere else. There are solid performances by the supporting cast; the usual flawless performance we have come to expect from Megan Follows; and a superb performance by David Morse.
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'Cry In The Wild: The Taking Of Peggy Ann' (1991)
mfnmbessert-224-27912817 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent, underground, and shockingly true story of a girl kidnapped in rural Pennsylvania in the 1960's. There cannot be too much to say about the story, because we all know what a kidnapping is, and we know that the story was told true as it was. David Morse is absolutely detestable as the deranged mountain man and does a great job at it. Megan Follows does like her namesake and is forced to follow this lunatic through the forest for days on end. The chemistry between the two of them, while it is definitely not supposed to give off a good feeling, certainly reflects the way real people would behave. The film is surprisingly relevant and watchable even by today's standards, a good twenty years after the film was initially made for television.

All in all, atmospheric, well-acted, and at times very suspenseful made for television film from the early 1990's. They just don't make em like this anymore, so if you can track this one down, it is well worth the watch.

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Star power in a TV movie true story
Leofwine_draca7 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
CRY IN THE WILD: THE TAKING OF PEGGY ANN is a typically-executed TV movie of the 1990s, inevitably based on a true story. Peggy Ann was a woman kidnapped by a hermit mountain man who turned out to be a crack shot with a rifle and who gave the guys hunting him a real run for their money. I mainly watched this because David Morse takes the main role and he's typically excellent, definitely one of the most interesting actors working in cinema today. That his character remains sympathetic despite all his actions is testament to the star's acting talent. The likes of Tom Atkins and David Soul are also welcome presences, even if this is a rather pedestrian affair in itself.
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Well planned kidnapping by a maniac looking for love .......
merklekranz24 August 2015
Ruthless and brutal immediately come to mind when describing David Morse's detestable mountain man character. But Morse is no dummy, he has food hidden strategically among the mountains near Shade Gap Pennsylvania, where this true story takes place. His preparation and outdoor skills are more than a match for the disorganized and squabbling local police, State Police, and F.B.I. In some ways the movie resembles "King Kong" as there is at times a faint sympathy factor regarding the damaged character that Morse portrays. Make no mistake, this is a strong performance by David Morse, while the rest of the cast simply revolves around him. An exciting and violent ending is an appropriate climax to the manhunt. Recommended viewing. - MERK
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Good Film
pombearking24 June 2011
This film was quite surprising, it seemed like it was going to just be another thriller but because it was created with a true story witch gave it a chilling effect and true story's are always good to watch. The basic story line is that a girl gets kidnapped by a redneck and is taken into the woods the film follows the story of trying to find her and the strain it has on her family meanwhile you learn more about the demented mind of the kidnapper overall this movie is pretty good,acting is good and i aren't saying its a top hit but its definitely worth a watch


it would have got higher but being a true story its best not to over exaggerate.
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Enjoyed this movie
roxannes-754-4089361 June 2010
I greatly enjoy true movies and this movie is one of the best. I vaguely remember the kidnapping, probably too busy rearing children and being at games, recitals, plays.... Thumbs up to the credits as the movie doesn't get into the gory details, thus we can have empathy for someone whose mind is warped. Whenever I think about all the cells that multiply and divide from conception to birth with all the people born on this earth, normalcy is a blessing. Any of us could have potentially been a screw ball. I started watching the movie along with an episode on another channel, but the movie got to be so intriguing, I stopped watching the other channel. It was not until close to the end that we know that Peggy would probably be rescued.
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A Gripping Tale of Terror!
Brandon Hall7 July 2001
This movie probably wouldn't have interested me if it wouldn't have happened so close to where I live. The (true) plot line deals with a lonely mountainman called Bicycle Pete (David Morse, The Green Mile) and the young 17-year-old hostage Peggy Ann Bradnick. While walking home from school one day the dangerous mountainman takes Peggy Ann, the whole thing explodes into the largest manhunt in all of Pennsylvania history! The movie basically tells the story of the kidnapping and her long fight to survive. Packed with a great cast, an also the story. Stars- Megan Follows, David Morse, and David Soul. For any Pennsylvanian that has not watched this movie, it is worth it! And just for anyone that has not watched this movie watch it! A great Thriller from the early 90's!
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a reasonable film
trvwatson18 December 2002
I liked this film, not only because it was well played by the leading 2 characters, but also because it did'nt stray onto the territory of abuse or violence this kind of film could have displayed, if it had been daring enough, it could have shown to the full the humiliation and degrading way in which Peggy Anne was treated, but it just lifts the surface of what could have been quite a disturbing film if it had been made for the big screen. I have to say the film is slightly wayward to the extent in which it almost made you feel sorry for the kidnapper, as he really did'nt do much in the film to deserve him the right to be hailed down with a hail of bullets. Even so I still enjoyed it.
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