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MPAA Rated R for sensuality and language

Sex & Nudity

  • One schoolgirl explains to another what 'f*ck' (sex) is.
  • A couple has sex in a forest while two schoolgirls watch - no nudity shown, only their legs can be seen from behind a log, and some sex/pleasure noises can be heard.
  • Women and teenage girls are shown sometimes in their underwear, or undressing.
  • Janet talks about cloud formations that look phallic (like penises), and her friends ask what 'phallic' means.
  • There is a scene where Janet is having a bath (Part 3), and she is briefly seen topless.
  • Janet meets a young man whilst in Spain (Part 3), and they begin a romantic/sexual relationship. In one scene he gropes and tries to undress her, but she says she has to leave. In a following bedroom scene, he removes her dress while kissing and groping her; they are then seen kissing and embracing on a bed, she is topless and her breasts can be seen, though she covers herself with bedclothes for most of this scene and looks awkward. Immediately following this there is a short scene where she is swimming fully nude while he watches; her breasts, buttocks and pubic hair are shown. There is also a scene where they sunbathe together and she is topless, but has underpants on; her breasts can be seen, and he kisses and gropes her.

Violence & Gore

  • Janet's friend shows her scars on her legs and says they are from when her father hit her with his machine belt.
  • Janet's older sister is beaten with a switch, which is not shown but can be heard while the girl screams.


  • Two schoolgirls use the word 'f*ck' in the context of discussing what sex is, and they don't realise it's a profanity.
  • Janet tells her father that her older sister and a boy 'f*cked', and he becomes angry.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated R for: Nudity, Violence, Adult Language, Adult Content.(Showtime advisory)

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