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Roger Deakins’ Legacy is Bigger Than an Oscar: A Frank Conversation With the Cinematography Legend

Roger Deakins’ Legacy is Bigger Than an Oscar: A Frank Conversation With the Cinematography Legend
The Roger talk started in July, when the “Blade Runner 2049” trailer dropped three months before the film’s release. From just two minutes of footage, it was clear that Denis Villeneuve’s reimagining of the Ridley Scott’s visionary world 32 years into the future could finally provide a sufficiently stunning showcase for the“naturalistic” cinematographer.

But during the long awards season, another narrative came into play. Deakins’ recognition may be long overdue after 14 nominations, but there was also an entire gender that had been previously overlooked. This was the year that Rachel Morrison’s stunning work on “Mudbound” received the first-ever Oscar nomination for a female cinematographer.

The result is a front-page level of attention for a below-the-line category. Deakins like to preach that DPs should go unnoticed, but that’s not to be this year. “I’m really happy working on this film ‘The Goldfinch’ right now,” joked
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Downey Jr. Lends Support to Gibson

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Robert Downey, Jr. has defended disgraced actor Mel Gibson following his anti-Semitic rant during an arrest for drink-driving last year, arguing nobody's perfect. Downey Jr., who co-starred with Gibson in 1990's Air America, believes the fallen Lethal Weapon star should be forgiven for his drunken outburst. Gibson was stopped on July 28 in Malibu, California for speeding and on suspicion of drink-driving when he launched into an anti-Semitic tirade. However, Downey Jr., whose father is Jewish, believes Gibson intended no real harm and deserves to be forgiven for his outburst, reports He says, "What occurred, in my estimation, was that somebody was caught in the act of being an imperfect human being." And the former Ally McBeal star also pokes fun at the kind of people living in Los Angeles. He adds, "I really didn't know that we had eight million morally sound people in this town. Wow, I really didn't know that. I guess I've been dining at the Ivy with, like, living saints."

'Lois & Clark' Star Dies

'Lois & Clark' Star Dies
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman star Lane Smith has lost his battle with neuromuscular disease ALS and died in California, according to internet reports. The actor, 69, played Perry White in the hit TV series. In a posting on Superman fansite Kryptonsite.Com, a family statement reads, "Thanks for your concern and good wishes and prayers. We are sorry to tell you that my uncle Lane Smith died yesterday, a blessed relief from his ALS. Thank you so much for your support." Smith's other credits include roles in Red Dawn, Air America and The Mighty Ducks.

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