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Antonio Banderas Joining The New Mutants As Mystery Villain

As if fans weren’t already against the idea of Fox pushing The New Mutants back well over a year in order to completely reshoot the film, yesterday brought some frustrating news.

It turns out that Jon Hamm was set to appear in a post-credits scene as Mister Sinister, a villain folks have been waiting to see in the X-Men movie universe for years now. However, due to the production being completely overhauled, his scene has been removed.

On the bright side, The Tracking Board’s revealed that another well-liked star is joining The New Mutants instead. While Hamm’s Mister Sinister is out, Antonio Banderas is now in. He’ll likewise cameo as a villain in the film’s tag sequence, though despite how that appears, TB maintains that he’s not simply taking over the role of Sinister and is playing a different, unspecified antagonist.

It’s hard
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Kiersey Clemons cast in the post-apocalyptic Zorro reboot Z

Variety is reporting that Dope star Kiersey Clemons is set to join Gael Garcia Bernal in the upcoming Zorro reboot Z, which is being written and directed by Jonas Cuaron (Gravity).

Described as a reimagining of the classic swashbuckler, Z is said to offer a post-apocalyptic take on the myth of Zorro, set in the near future where a masked and caped stranger takes on tyrants. Bernal will be donning the mask as the pulp hero, while Clemons’ role is being kept under wraps for the time being.

Clemons was recently seen in the festival hit Hearts Beat Loud, and has the Jason Blum-produced Sweetheart incoming later this year, along with a role in the fourth season of TBS’ comedy series Angie Tribeca. She also remains attached to play the character of Iris West in Warner Bros.’ Flash movie Flashpoint, despite her scenes being cut from last year’s Justice League.
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Sci-fi ‘Zorro’ Reboot Casts ‘Flashpoint’ Star Kiersey Clemons Opposite Gael Garcia Bernal

Sci-fi ‘Zorro’ Reboot Casts ‘Flashpoint’ Star Kiersey Clemons Opposite Gael Garcia Bernal
Zorro may have finally met his match. Jonás Cuarón’s Zorro reboot cast has added Flashpoint and Dope actress Kiersey Clemons. Clemons will play the female lead in Z, the near-future reimagining of the classic swashbuckler. Variety reports that the Zorro reboot has cast Clemons to trade barbs with Gael Garcia Bernal (Mozart in the Jungle), who will play the famous masked hero. Z producer Mark Amin […]

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Zorro reboot adds Kiersey Clemons

Simon Brew Feb 23, 2018

Kiersey Clemons, co-star of DC’s upcoming Flash reboot movie, joins director Jonas Cuaron's long-developing Zorro reboot, Z.

We’ve not heard too much about the planned reboot of the Zorro movies of late, but there now seems to be signs that things are moving forward again.

Jonas Cuaron, of Gravity fame (he co-wrote the film), is writing and directing the new movie, that’s going by the name of Z. Gael Garcia Bernal has been cast for a little while too.

Now comes the news, though, that The Flash movie’s Kiersey Clemons has been added to the cast of the film. She’s set to co-star in the film, in a thus-far unnamed role.

We’re suspecting now that the cast is taking shape that Z will start filming later this year. That’s not been confirmed, but it would allow the movie to find itself a 2019 release slot.
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Kiersey Clemons to Star in Jonás Cuarón’s ‘Zorro’ Movie

Kiersey Clemons to Star in Jonás Cuarón’s ‘Zorro’ Movie
“The Flash’s” Kiersey Clemons will star in Jonás Cuarón’s “Zorro” film “Z” opposite Gael Garcia Bernal.

The film will be written and directed by Cuarón and financed by Lantica Media.

Set in the near future, “Z” reimagines the classic legend based on the beloved masked swashbuckler. The movie is a co-production between Lantica Pictures and Mark Amin’s Sobini Films.

Sobini Films and Lantica Media are producing. Anne-Marie Ross of Pantelion International has launched sales in Berlin and UTA Independent Film Group represents U.S. rights.

Clemons was most recently seen in the Sundance pic “Hearts Beat Loud,” which sold to Sony Pictures Classics following its festival debut. She will also appear in the Jason Blum movie “Sweetheart,” bowing this year, and is still attached to play Iris West in “The Flash” at Warner Bros.

Clemons can be seen next in the TBS comedy “Angie Tribeca” and in the indie “An L.A. Minute.”

She is repped
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Zorro Reboot Casts Flashpoint’s Kiersey Clemons

Flashpoint actress Kiersey Clemons has officially signed on to star in the upcoming Zorro reboot, currently titled Z. The titular vigilante was last seen in theaters being portrayed by Antonio Banderas, who donned the character’s signature mask and sombrero cordobés in both the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro and its sequel, 2005’s The Legend of Zorro. Although the character hasn’t graced the big screen since, it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.
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28 videogame movie adaptations currently in development

Rob Leane Sep 20, 2016

From Assassin’s Creed to The Witcher, via Mass Effect, Minecraft and maybe more Warcraft...

Latest update: Uncharted delayed.

In the years since Den Of Geek first sprung into existence, we’ve consistently kept an eye on the videogames that have been touted for the big screen treatment. We’ve tried to list them all in a big article a few times before, and it feels like the time has come to pull a new version together.

If we haven’t heard anything about a certain videogame movie in two years or more, it seems safe to assume that it’s quietly been binned. That’s why you won’t find the likes of BioShock, Devil May Cry, Far Cry, Gears Of War, Halo, Heavy Rain and Rollercoaster Tycoon on this list. If we get proven wrong on any of those, we’ll update this article as more information comes to light.
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Cyber Group Studios Scores Sales on ‘Zorro the Chronicles’

Cyber Group Studios Scores Sales on ‘Zorro the Chronicles’
Cannes — Paris-based Cyber Group Studios has scored a raft of sales on “Zorro the Chronicles” on the heels of its market screening at Mipjunior, the confab dedicated to children entertainment and hosted as part of Mipcom.

Produced by Cyber Group Studios with John Gertz’s Zorro Production International and Blue Spirit Studios, “Zorro the Chronicles” is a 26 half-hour action comedy series helmed by Olivier Lelardoux and designed by Georges Bouchelaghm and Christrophe Rendu.

Cyber Group Studios has sold the show to Turner and Citel (France), Rtve Clan (Spain), Rts (Switzerland), Vrt and Rtbf (Belgium), TV2 (Norway), Yle (Finland), Npo (Netherlands), Etv (Estonia), TéléQuébec (Canada), Minimax (Eastern Europe), Globosat (Brazil), Spectrum (Indonesia), TV5 Worldwide, Lrt (Lithuania).

The company is also in talks with buyers from the U.S., Germany, the Middle East, Italian-speaking Switzerland, Denmark, and major broadcasters in Asia and Latin America.

The skein has been commissioned by France Télévisions and Rai.
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75 Years of Batman

"The "Bat-Man", a mysterious and adventurous figure, fighting for righteousness and apprehending the wrong doer, in his lone battle against the evil forces of society... His identity remains unknown."

Those exciting words started off a story in Detective Comics Issue number 27 in May of 1939, and the world was introduced to one of the most well-known and most recognized superheroes - The Bat-Man, as he was first called. National Comics (now DC Comics) was enjoying comic sales due to Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel's latest creation, Superman, and they were in the market for another caped crusader. Created by Bob Kane, he was little more than crude sketches until Bill Finger gave some suggestions that would make him iconic: The bat cowl, the color of the costume (Kane originally planned on having Batman wear a red union suit with black trunks and cape), and putting gloves on the hero.

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Hear the Five Oscar-Nominated Songs

Hear the Five Oscar-Nominated Songs
Late last month, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences longlisted 75 options for the Best Original Song award for this year's Oscars and the nominated songs offered some surprises from some recognizable artists and some that will have to learn to adjust to the spotlight rather quickly. As the Oscar conversations continue to advance over the coming six weeks, get to know this year's picks.

Check Out Peter Travers' 10 Best Movies of 2013

"Alone Yet Not Alone" From Alone Yet Not Alone

Possibly the most surprising Oscar nomination this year,
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R.I.P. Richard Sarafian

Vanishing Point director Richard C. Sarafian died early this morning in Santa Monica of complications from pneumonia. He was 83. The New York City-born Sarafian had suffered a fall recently where he broke several ribs and his back. He contracted the infection while recovering from that incident, according to his son Daran Sarafian, also a helmer. Richard Sarafian’s direction of the iconic 1971 car pic was an inspiration to Quentin Tarantino, who gave the director a Special Thanks in the credits of 2007’s car-themed Death Proof. The director was also behind the camera of several early iconic TV series like Batman, I Spy, 77 Sunset Strip and Westerns including Gunsmoke. His last directing job was a 2011 episode of Zorro: The Legend Continues. Sarafian was a presence in front of the camera too: Among his acting gigs, his good friend Warren Beatty cast him in both Bullworth and Bugsy, and he also was
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The Lone Ranger Review

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Something startles the dusty crowd, and they look to the rooftops where a masked man astride a white stallion imposingly stands. The William Tell Overture triumphantly storms in on the soundtrack, and like a match striking a fuse, ignites the action onscreen. What follows is awash in shimmering, glorious insanity that feels ported directly from the adolescent daydreams of an Eisenhower-era pre-teen boy.

Twin trains hurtle down parallel tracks as outlaws, marshals, cavalrymen and railroad barons engage in gun slinging across a yawning ravine. Meanwhile, the titular hero rides Silver across the boxcars, his compatriot Tonto crawling up improbable ladders as if he were Buster Keaton or Harold Lloyd. The scene keeps going and going, upping the ante at every breathless turn and executed with the frantic, captivating energy of a silent-era madman. Anyone worried that modern sensibilities would sink the Lone Ranger can be relieved

Bernal Joins Dallas Buyer's Club

Bernal Joins Dallas Buyer's Club
It’s a case of one in and one out for Matthew McConaughey’s latest, true-life drama The Dallas Buyer’s Club. While the film – which has been in development for a few years now – was shopped around Cannes as starring McConaughey and Hilary Swank, it’ll now be minus Swank but plus Gael Garcia Bernal.The script, currently written by Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack, is inspired by the true-life tale of Texas electrician Ron Woodruff.When he’s diagnosed with AIDS, he starts smuggling alternative drug treatments into the Us to help himself and other patients (including Bernal’s character, who signs on to help). His actions put the club in direct confrontation with the Us Food and Drug Administration, which is looking to keep the meds out of the country.The Young Victoria’s Jean-Marc Vallée is still aboard to direct, and the film will get started next month in New Orleans.
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10 Reasons Why Skyfall Could Be One Of The Greatest Bond Films Ever Made

Skyfall is a mere few months away and anticipation is continuing to grow for Bond’s 23rd adventure. Early trailers for the film were almost cryptic, teasing little more than a vast array of flashy images of Daniel Craig looking stern around some explosions and exotic locations. With the latest trailer we’ve finally been given a genuine taste of Skyfall’s complex plot, with Bond appearing to fake his own death and Javier Bardem’s fiendish villain Silvo taunting the secret agent over his Mummy issues.

Here at What Culture we’re incredibly excited about Skyfall and believe that it genuinely might have a chance of becoming one of Bond’s finest outings yet. Sadly, we don’t have the ability to look into the future nor have we actually seen the film, but here are 10 genuine reasons why Skyfall could end up being one of the greatest Bond films ever made.
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Mike Gold: The Secret Identity Myth, part 1

It’s beginning to appear as though we’re moving away from one of the pillars of superherodom, the secret identity. Even though this movement started back in the early 1960s with The Fantastic Four, it’s moved slowly up to the breakthrough moment in the first Iron Man movie.

Of course, that was telegraphed a few years before by my pal Mike Grell during his run on the comic book, but Marvel squeezed that back in the tubes where it sat until the movie people showed them Mike was right in the first place.

Such pettiness aside, I welcome the departure from tradition. The secret identity was almost always a stupid idea. Clark Kent became Superman to protect his friends and loved ones from harm? Okay, fine. I can appreciate that even the Man of Steel can not keep an eye on Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, Lex Luthor (well,
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‘Haywire’ and the Difficulty of Being a Female Action Hero


Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Written by Lem Dobbs

USA/Ireland, 2011, imdb

At the risk of throwing the spotlight on our obsession with Haywire, after Simon‘s dismissive review, Ricky declaring it one of his favorite films to come out in January and the podcast where Justine had to pull them apart, when they argued about it, here I am throwing my oar in, hopefully with something new to say. To properly analyze the film, be warned: Hic Svnt Spoileres!


Haywire and the Difficulty of Being a Female Action Hero

Haywire reunites director Steven Soderbergh and writer Lem Dobbs, the creative duo behind the masterpiece The Limey. Haywire shares a flashback structure similar to The Limey, though nowhere near as layered and complex. Both films also share a dark moral ambiguity.

The Limey is about a bad man going after a badder man who may have killed his daughter. The
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This week's new films

Another Earth (12A)

(Mike Cahill, 2011, Us) Brit Marling, William Mapother, Matthew-Lee Erlbach. 92 mins

It's been quite a year for cosmic arthouse, and like The Tree Of Life and Melancholia, this low-key indie contrasts inner and outer space to stirring effect. Unlike a Kubrick-style space odyssey, it's very much down to earth – Earth One, that is. "Earth Two", a duplicate of our own, is more like a giant metaphor in the sky. Its discovery tragically fuses the lives of two people, and could yet resolve it, which makes for a tender character drama with a shot of sci-fi ingenuity.

Puss In Boots (U)

(Chris Miller, 2011, Us) Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis. 90 mins

Between the Shrek brand recognition, the bright 3D, the broad-spectrum comedy and the prospect of cute cats dancing, it's hard to imagine a more mercilessly commercial proposition than this animated spin-off. It's a predictably polished affair, with Banderas's
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4 'Puss In Boots' Clips: Addictive Like Catnip

After twice playing Zorro, Antonio Banderas knew a thing or two about the swashing of buckles; but it wasn't until he got in touch with his feline side that his career gained nine lives.

Now, after strutting his way through a trio of "Shrek" movies, the lovable rogue "Puss In Boots" finally gets his own solo adventure. This time around he's on a quest for some golden eggs with the aid of sidekick Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Zack Galifianakis) and an equal named Kitty Softpaws (Banderas' "Desperado" costar Salma Hayek). All this while they are being pursued by the villainous "Jack & Jill."

Dig your claws into four clips from the feline fairy tale.

1. Spotlight. That is one tantalizing piece of tail right there.

2. Zack Galifianakis takes a break from playing fat/cracked-in-the-head types to voice Humpty Dumpty.

3. Put Up Your Dukes. The cast of "Stomp" temporarily invades this movie.

4. You Made The Cat Angry.
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As you wish: 'Princess Bride' cast and director talk inconceivable(!) cult hit -- Video

As you wish: 'Princess Bride' cast and director talk inconceivable(!) cult hit -- Video
It wasn’t a major hit at the box office. It didn’t spawn any sequels or TV spin-offs. It didn’t have any huge stars — unless you count the seven-foot-plus wrestler André the Giant. And yet, surprisingly — you might even say inconceivably — since its release in 1987, director Rob Reiner’s wryly comic fairy tale The Princess Bride, a fable about true love featuring swashbuckling adventure, a six-fingered villain, and Rodents of Unusual Size, has gone on to become one of the most beloved films in recent Hollywood history. Millions of fans can quote their favorite lines by heart: “My name is Inigo Montoya.
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New ‘Zorro’ movie on the way – from the producers of Warehouse 13!

Deadline are reporting that Sony Pictures have hired writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia who are best known for their TV work – scripting and producing shows such as Jericho, Warehouse 13 and Human Target – to pen a new film featuring the classic and iconic Zorro character.

The new movie won’t be a remake but rather an origin tale based on the 2005 Isabel Allende book entitled Zorro: A Novel, which is a:

…mock biography and the first origin story of the pulp hero Zorro… It is a prequel to the events of the original Zorro story, Johnston McCulley’s 1919 novella The Curse of Capistrano. It also contains numerous references to earlier Zorro-related works, especially the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro.
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