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5 Jan. 1992
Dirty Tricks
Sergeant Mendoza has a nightmare about role reversals, when the alcalde runs the tavern while Victoria is a dragon-tempered alcalde who orders tax money wasted on pink laced curtains. The next day the alcalde introduces a horse-parking fee and coupons as 'payment' for garrison provisions, claiming territorial red tape in Monterrey drained the pueblo's coffers, and refuses to use the 6,000 pesos-reward for Zorro, but is unexpectedly taken on his word when declaring to be ready to stand in an election - Victoria stands against him; Don Alejandro enthusiastically runs ...
12 Jan. 1992
Mendoza the Malevolent
The alcalde is furious to find someone stole his blackberries, making villagers take off their shoes to check a juice trace and even has the shoes confiscated till the thief is delivered. When Zorro intervenes, sergeant Mendoza is ordered to follow him, but instead gets knocked down by a blow on the head from Jorge Santiago's bandido gang, which uses his sudden amnesia to make Jaime believe he is their fictitious leader 'Malo Martinez' so he will join their raid on the garrison arsenal but first Malo robs Victoria's tavern. Diego reads up on amnesia, then Zorro rides ...
26 Jan. 1992
Test of Faith
The De la Vega dons finds on the beach a stranded, exhausted Japanese fisherman, Hiroshi. The only way to communicate is sign language, like they use with 'deaf' mute Felipe, the culture shock is mutual but both parties can learn a lot. Meawnhile Diego and Felipe experiment with magnesium powder. The alcalde supports the Spanish war effort by tracing the pueblo's caballeros' family trees, as land grants in the colonies are reserved for pure Spanish blood, and found a French great-great-grandmother of Don Alejandro. Hiroji is arrested on sight as a 'foreign heathen spy...
1 Mar. 1992
Pablo Zaragosa's small army of bandidos rides into Los Angeles, plunders and chases the alcalde's lancers into the garrison barracks with heavy losses, and lays siege, even cuts off the aqueduct, demanding every peso in the pueblo. Don Diego, Felipe and their friends are trapped as they were inside, cavalry veteran don Alejandro tries despite the alcalde's disdain to train villagers into an emergency militia...
8 Mar. 1992
They Call Her Annie
Los Angeles' young new school teacher Annie is a hit with the children. Then three masked bank-robbers ride in town, grab schoolgirl Juanita and demand good escape horses. Annie shoots one, the alcalde demands she uses her sharpshooting skills on Zorro, who is pursuing the two surviving kidnappers. As US citizen she wouldn't do it for the Spanish crown, but the fat reward tempts her...
15 Mar. 1992
Silk Purses and Sow's Ears
Alcalde de Soto hoped to show off to captain Dominguez, the territorial governor's inspector, but the sales tax he extorted from the farmers even before harvest is confiscated by Zorro, so the plan to recruit additional officers for the Los Angeles garrison, locally, goes trough. Being against, the alcalde decides to 'help' Mendoza's bid, inciting him to do it completely wrong. Don Alejandro bets Diego can make bumpkin Jaime succeed by accelerated 'breading' into an officer and a gentleman, for the abolition of the sales tax, in case of failure Diego must join himself...
22 Mar. 1992
Turning the Tables
Royal Emissary Don Jose Alfonso Escanto has the alcalde's enthusiastic support for his mission to solve the pueblo's 'Indian problem': Shonay who came to trade is thrown in jailed just for his native race, to the barely controlled fury of Victoria and the De la Vegas, who still take him in their hacienda when he breaks his leg falling from his startled horse. Diego has a plan to make Shonay's warning come true that one day don Jose may experience the pain he inflicts on the Indian people by administering the emissary a skin-reddening 'medicine' while the bigot enacts ...
24 Mar. 1992
One Special Night
Because don Alejandro had a bad fall from his horse, don Diego goes in his place to meet the Spanish royal emissary in Santa Paula, representing the pueblo about the excessive taxes, but Victoria decides he needs help- from her, so she rides along on a borrowed de la Vega mount. In De Soto's absence, acting alcalde Mendoza enjoys a taste of his privileges, but Felipe overhears four robbers that's the ideal night to rob the town; the brave knave dresses to ride as 'acting Zorro', but Toronado isn't fooled. On their way back, Diego and Victoria have to take nightly ...
5 Apr. 1992
Balancing the Books
The alcalde pretended to finance the irrigation plans without extra taxes by means of his new lottery, but Zorro proves it's tricked and enforces a true draw. The 5,000 Pesos cash prize is won by sergeant Jaime Mendoza, who takes his back-leave and wants to attract and impress a potential wife, so he decides to buy a farm and convert it into a grand mansion. Alcalde Ignacio de Soto gets the job of architect and contractor...
12 Apr. 1992
Blind Man's Bluff
Tired of Zorro escaping him and his lancers, the alcalde spends 5,000 pesos - half the pueblo's annual budget- on Mariposa, a white mount in Toronado's class. To pay for it, he levies a heavy tax on all civilian horses, which draws out Zorro, who is chased and finds Mariposa does keep up, even jumps a ravine like his stallion. Zorro finds the mountain stream they both drink from at Blindman's Buff is poisoned, causing digestive pain and temporary blindness, but even warned the alcalde plans to use his short advance to catch Zorro rather then help each-other...
19 Apr. 1992
Heir Apparent
Don Alejandro finds himself the sole heir of Roberto Segovia's fine hacienda. Then a man turns up, claiming to be Gregorio, Roberto's son who disappeared twenty years ago in an Indian campaign, who just put in his resignation as lieutenant in the Spanish colonial army; Victoria recognizes the ring she gave Gregorio, then her lover. Don Alejandro happily signs over the estate to Gregorio, who orders the garrison to help him improve the water supply. Don Diego mistrusts the water choice, so Zorro rides to investigate and stop damage to the pueblo's water supply, while ...
26 Apr. 1992
The Word
Felipe's agreement to testify against a group of bandits endangers his life.
10 Oct. 1992
The Fox and the Rabbit
Don Emilio Alonzo gets a fine gentleman's welcome in Los Angeles and on the de la Vega hacienda when collecting taxes for the Spanish king Ferndinand. Alas the next day the pueblo is visited by senor Zelaya, another royal tax collector, who turns out to be the real one: don Emilio is just a clever alibi of the brilliant conman El Conejo ('the rabbit'), 12,000 pesos are due as annual levy anyway. To top it, the fake even stole the precious Andalusian stallion the de la Vegas named Emilio in his honor, so Don Alejandro is as determined as the alcalde and his lancers to ...
17 Oct. 1992
Ultimate Justice
Senorita Escalante witnesses the thief Ortiz trying to rob the mission church's poor box, alerts the garrison, then locks them up realizing they'll see Zorro, but the alcalde does give chase. They land in Indian territory, where the alcalde trespasses on sacred burial ground, a capital offense under tribal customary law, and is easily captured by the brave Angry Eyes. Zorro pleads with the chief, Wise Eagle, and accepts to buy the oppressor's life by passing in his place the river of pain, which turns out a triple trial: running the gauntlet under clubs, a stick-fight...
24 Oct. 1992
Love Potion Number Nine
When Victoria finds a box with Dr. Henry Wayne's potions, and a taste of Strength seems to work on all-devouring Mendoza who thus wins a week free food, she plans to use a potion in a Montilla wine to assure herself of Zorro's Eternal Love, but the alcalde had set a trap and ends up drinking it unwittingly, leading to completely romantic courting willing Victoria. Zorro and Felipe find the potions are based solely on the power of suggestion, so Zorro sets up such as mental trap to right the suggested wrong...
31 Oct. 1992
As Ye Sow
Sergeant Mendoza reports to the alcalde that Francisco and Estaban Carvalho, the sons -and as their private correspondence points out posthumously, spies- of the chief minister of the Spanish colonial office, were found dead and dying on their ranch, victims of a mysterious, fatal disease. The fact that Felipe gets stomach-ache shortly after finding a dying bird at the nearby Old Oak Creek while his own and don Alejandro's horses both go crazy a while after drinking water on the also neighboring Carvalho ranch inspire don Diego to chemically test water samples: lead ...
7 Nov. 1992
An Affair to Remember
Victoria's cart is attacked by bandits; Zorro jumps on but it crashed, he must carry her to the secret cave, which is nearly discovered by the bandidos, who find the 1,000 pesos mortgage on the tavern she was carrying in a sacred compartment. Felipe must stop Zorro / don Diego twice passing the fireplace-passage without changing costume, and Victoria gets him to accept revealing his true identity, but the fiends need more urgent attention, making him realize she may never know, and yet...
14 Nov. 1992
The Reward
When sergeant Mendoza brags about his alleged part in general Campos' Yucatan campaign, nasty senor Baquero sneers to know from experience there that's impossible; later he attacks Victoria as guest in her own inn, and is killed in a confused struggle with three villagers, neither of whom admits killing him, till the alcalde says there is a 3,000 pesos reward: each claims it, but they accept don Diego's suggestion to share the credit. When Baquero's even nastier friend Narcisco, himself under bounty, turns up and claims the reward or revenge, only Paco Garcia stands ...
5 Dec. 1992
Like Father, Like Son
While reading Cervante's Don Quixote, don Alejandro hurts his head against the fireplace, stumbles into Zorro's cave and wakes up thinking he's Zorro, so he rides in costume on Toronado to the pueblo, just in time to confront the Esteban brothers -wanted murderers the alcalde hoped to let get drunk before arresting them- and overpowers both by sheer luck, only to be easily arrested and unmasked by the alcalde. Although everyone often saw don Alejandro and Zorro together, the alcalde orders his arrest -ranting as a cross between Don Quixite and Zorro which drives ...
12 Dec. 1992
Symbol of Hope
Victoria neglects her clients orders, all her worries go to Sergio, a fever-struck boy at the mission who may die as the kid keeps almost no nourishment in. Don Diego learns his greatest wish is to be taken on a ride by his ultimate hero Zorro. The alcalde was listening eagerly and probably will set a trap as Felipe points out, but Diego resolves to give Sergio his ride to the sacred cave to diagnose and treat his disease, hoping Dr. Orfila's toxicology guide is the key. Pretending the boy is fatally contagious clears the way out of the trap, and the remedy and ...
19 Dec. 1992
My Word Is My Bond
Just when don Diego has broken his leg stopping a bull with a broomstick, fine horses are stolen from both the de la Vega hacienda and the garrison. To everyone's surprise, they are found in the corral of reputedly honest farmer Jose Macias, so the people raise the alcalde's exorbitant bail of 2,000 pesos. Alas the next day the horses and the whole Macias family are gone. Seeing Victoria ride fool-heartedly fearing the alcalde would shoot Jose on sight, Zorro rides despite his injury, just in time to intervene after she found Jose bringing the horses to bandits and ...

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