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Sex & Nudity

  • There is no nudity as it is a network television show. However, many of the story lines revolve around the sex-life of the main characters. Almost every episode references sexuality or sexual activity in some way, including both direct discussions about sex as well as humorous innuendo.
  • Each character presents their own sexual tendencies or frustrations throughout the life of the show.
  • Several episodes promote sexual flings, one-night stands, and meaningless sex.
  • Fay is notorious for using double entendres.
  • One episode revolves around Joe and Helen trying to be intimate, but keep getting interrupted by Brian and her sister Casey.
  • Though usually used as a point of humor, sex is also treated with maturity and seriousness when appropriate. Characters deal with homosexuality, monogamy, self-respect, marital affairs, and so on.
  • Lowell is seen naked in one episode but nothing below his chest is shown.
  • It is implied that Lowell was having sex with his ex-wife Bunny in one episode, he comes into the kitchen without a shirt and is later pulled back by Bunny.
  • Casey sees Brian nude twice.
  • Casey and Brian start developing romantic feelings towards each other despite the fact their siblings are married.
  • Joe and Helen are seen on their honeymoon constantly making love.
  • One episode has Joe and Helen walking around their house naked, Joe is shown holding a newspaper and Helen covering herself with an apron.

Violence & Gore

  • Verbal arguments between Joe and Brian.
  • Helen angrily punches Joe in the groin in one episode.
  • In one episode Helen out of rage drives her Jeep through the hangar and destroys Joe's office.
  • In one episode Brian accidentally hits Helen in the head with a door giving her a concussion.
  • Lowell is often the target of slapstick violence, he is seen getting hit in the head, knocked down and suffering other various injuries. This is all played for laughs.
  • Antonio accidentally sets his hair on fire with a cigarette, played for laughs.
  • Brian and Casey accidentally burn Joe and Helen's house down.
  • In one episode Lowell mentions a man being shot by a mob boss in the face.


  • Use of ass, bastard, damn, hell and other obscenities.
  • Antonio at one point swears in Italian.
  • Many insults thrown at Lowell by Roy, but nothing too harsh or mean.
  • Seasons seven and eight have more language and innuendos in them than the previous seasons.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Joe, Brian, Lowell and Roy occasionally drink beer.
  • Helen starts smoking cigarettes in one episode to relieve stress.
  • Budd is seen with a lit cigarette in his mouth in one episode.
  • Helen, Fay and Casey all do shooters at her bachelor party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one episode, the plane has engine trouble and ends up crashing into the ocean,however no one is injured but they're all shook up
  • The episode "The Person Formerly Known as Lowell" may be emotional for some viewers because it centers on Lowell witnessing a mob hit and he must decide to testify and risk being killed or go into hiding so the mobster can not kill again. The last few minutes are very emotional because everyone hugs him and tells him goodbye.

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