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9 Jan. 1992
Marriage, Italian Style
Antonio learns that he's facing the possibility of being deported. They think the best way is for him to marry an American. So they try to find someone willing to marry him. But on the day that he told immigration that he's suppose to get married, the woman they found doesn't show up.
16 Jan. 1992
Divorce, American Style
Helen marries Antonio to keep him from being deported. But she's dreading having to stay married to him for the time required for him to get his citizenship. But Brian learns of another way for Antonio to get his green card. And that is for him to enter the Green Card lottery, so Helen tries to get as many applications out so that he can get his green card and she can no longer be married to him.
23 Jan. 1992
Stew in a Stew
Fay is understanding when Joe tells her he won't be able to give her a raise, but when she sees the brothers gloating over a pair of new leather flight jackets, she quits. She accepts a position at Aeromass, while Joe struggles at Sandpiper. After Brian tells the story of how they met years ago, their differences are finally resolved.
30 Jan. 1992
This Old House
Brian and Joe learn that the house where they lived is going to be demolished. While Faye tries to see if she can do anything to keep it form happening, they go to see it one last time. And they remember when they first moved in and how things were when their parents were still together. And they even recall how they first met Helen.
13 Feb. 1992
Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes
Frasier Crane comes to the island to conduct a workshop. And it's while conducting his workshop that Helen sees him and says he's the man who ruined her life. it seems that he advised her to leave the island and go to New York. Frasier brings her on stage to talk and while he fails to convince her, it was not his fault, he passes the buck to Joe. Who then stands up and says he did nothing.
20 Feb. 1992
Das Plane
Joe donates a free trip to a charity auction. And the man who bought is Carlton Blanchard, an old man is not quite all there. When asked where he wants to go, he answers Las Cruces, New Mexico which is not where they usually go. At first, they're not willing to do it but when he tells them, he's going to see his brother whom he hasn't seen in years, they give it a shot. Lowell and Antonio tag along.
27 Feb. 1992
Take My Life, Please
When Helen loses her job as a Realtor, she finds herself wondering what's she's going to do now. Antonio suggests she take a test that determines what job she would be suitable for. She takes it but when the results arrive, Antonio saw the results and tells everyone that it said her choices were either music or food service. The gang thinks they should change the results. So Joe tells Fay to put in law which is something Joe says she was interested in before. When Fay asks what should she put on the second choice, Joe tells her to put something. Helen reads and is ...
2 Apr. 1992
Four Dates That Will Live in Infamy
The gang goes on dates through a service and meet up at the Club Car to tell their odd stories.
23 Apr. 1992
The Bank Dick
After returning from a vacation made possible by a hefty tax refund, Brian finds out that the refund was an error. To help pay of his bet he takes on a second as a security guard at the bank. But he's fired after a robbery and it's back to flying. But while flying Antonio to Boston he discovers the robber is on board the plane. Unfortunately, the robber also recognizes Brian and pulls a gun out to force Brian to land in a field. Brian dares the would be Hi-Jacker to kill him as the plane is screaming towards the ground, the robber gives in first and hands the gun to ...
30 Apr. 1992
Say It Ain't So, Joe
Joe's old baseball coach wants him to bring the player who's poised to break Joe's record. While on route, Joe learns that the player among other things will be getting a car and Joe will be the butt of some jokes. When the airport tells Joe that it's not uncertain if conditions are good for him to land but they want him to make that decision and he decides not to making people think he didn't want the player to break his record.
7 May 1992
As Fate Would Have It
The episode begins with everyone in a plane headed for Boston but they're caught in a storm and uncertain of their fate. Then we see how they got there; it began when Helen got an opportunity to perform in Boston. But everyone can't make it because prior engagements. Then somehow everyone becomes free.
24 Sep. 1992
The gang who were on their way to watch Helen perform but something goes wrong with the plane and they land in the water. They're on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. And they wonder if someone will find them. But they are found. And when Joe goes back to the island, he considers leaving because without the plane, that's the end of Sandpiper.
1 Oct. 1992
The Fortune Cookie
Angry at the nearly non-existent aid from his insurance company, Joe lets Brian convince him to fake an injury to get more money out of his insurers. Despite Helen's loud objections, they get a shady doctor's letter and wait for the insurers. But Joe gets cold feet at the last minute, forcing the two brothers to have to switch roles. The investigator is a beautiful woman who quickly fools Brian into giving away the whole scam, and the two brothers look like they're headed for court or worse. But their panic is unnecessary, as Helen reveals the investigator is a friend...
8 Oct. 1992
Noses Off
Sandpiper is finally back in business, but Joe's nose is broken by a man who mistakes him for Brian. At the surgeon's office, the doctor's observation of a bump on Brian's nose has him obsessing about getting a nose job.
22 Oct. 1992
Blackout Buggins
Roy complains out loud about the singing of the national anthem at a Red Sox game; he believes he could do far better. So with Brian's connections in the Sox front office, Roy is given the chance to sing at Fenway. Roy responds by blacking out while doing the national anthem at the game.
29 Oct. 1992
Mathers of the Heart
Lowell convinces Helen to go on a date.
5 Nov. 1992
Two Jerks and a Jill
The arrival on Nantucket of beautiful new helicopter pilot, Alex Lambert, soon has the brothers chasing after her, despite her obvious non-interest. Meanwhile, Antonio gets invited to the Tuesday night rat shoot with Lowell and his buddies Tom and Tucker, where he upstages Lowell by shooting more rats.
12 Nov. 1992
It's So Nice to Have a Mather Around the House
Alex agrees to a date with Brian at the Parade of Tall Ships. Brian borrows Lowell's boat for the event. But Brian sinks Lowell's boat. Joe and Brian are then forced into inviting Lowell to stay with them for a while and are surprised at how well Lowell cooks and how eager he is to do the household chores. They enjoy his visit so much that when his insurance check arrives they decide to hang onto it for a little while. But soon the honeymoon comes to an end as Lowell's strict discipline rubs the Hackett's the wrong way. But when they've agreed to boot Lowell out they ...
19 Nov. 1992
Just Say No
Joe and Helen watch with trepidation as one of Brian's old girlfriends, Shannon Moss, arrives for a visit. Their fears are soon realized when Brian falls under her spell yet again. The fact is that she is just using him to boost her own fragile ego. For her career is in trouble, and her boyfriend has just dumped her. But Brian thinks they're starting a real relationship this time. As always, Shannon pushes him aside once her life seems to fall back into place. Brian doesn't wake up to the truth until goaded by Joe and Helen into a final confrontation with Shannon in ...
3 Dec. 1992
It May Have Happened One Night
Rumors abound at the airport when Antonio reveals he saw Joe's car parked outside of Alex's apartment late the night before. Soon the airport - especially Brian and Helen - is buzzing about the possibilities. Since Alex had been intoxicated that night, Joe is the only one who knows the real truth and he won't tell. Alex then makes a big scene and pretends to leave after he won't tell even her. But she soon returns, and he eventually tells her the whole story. They share a steamy kiss.
17 Dec. 1992
The Customer's Usually Right
Joe is irritated about getting charged a rewind fee for a returned video tape which he believes was rewound. It ends up costing the nice old lady at the video store her job. His chagrin deepens when he finds out that the tape hadn't been rewound. More guilt is heaped upon his shoulders when he finds out the lady suffered a stroke following her firing. He visits the woman at the hospital, only to find her entire family present, and she seems to recover after hearing his apologetic words.

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