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2 Sep. 1996
A Lion Called Laura
After two months of marriage Caroline learns that she is not pregnant as expected but whilst she is on a business trip to Brussels Charlie,unaware of the fact,turns the spare bedroom into a nursery. Laura acts as an adviser to both parties telling them not to be disappointed and to relish their time as a couple before a child comes along but both of them are determined to have another try at parenthood.
9 Sep. 1996
With Laura and the kids out for the evening Charlie and Caroline relax with the photograph album of their honeymoon on a romantic island in the Indian Ocean. However the smiling snaps do not reveal the fact that they argued over having a Fax machine in the bedroom and over which side of the bed to take,which led to Charlie storming out and getting into a brawl with a rude Australian. One thing that they are glad to recall is Charlie soothing Caroline's mosquito bites,which they are happy to replicate at home,to Laura's bemusement.
16 Sep. 1996
In Marriage We Trust
Seeing an elderly couple argue in a supermarket Caroline and Charlie vow they will never end up like that. However when Caroline's forward friend Emma makes a blatant play for Charlie and the handsome Martin,who was at college with Caroline,seems very attentive to her,they risk being jealous of each other - until Caroline points out that this is an obstacle in the marriage to be overcome. Laura suggests Caroline look at her most seductive to stop Charlie being tempted by Emma but there is no need as she overhears Charlie telling Emma that he is not interested.
23 Sep. 1996
The Chunnel of Love
Dan has the chance to perform at the Folies Bergeres in Paris but Jo is annoyed he did not consult her and he leaves on his own. Charlie decides to go after him to change his mind and on the train confides in the sympathetic Mrs Pickering his fears and doubts about his own marriage - unaware that Caroline has followed him and has overheard. Charlie seems unable to convince Dan and,returning home,appreciates he should not have interfered in a matter that was just between Jo and Dan. However Dan returns and suggests a workable compromise.
30 Sep. 1996
Nobody's Child
Dolly Hamp,a famous singer with whom Laura was once in a double act,comes to visit and asks Laura to be her assistant on her world tour. Laura is not keen to leave but Caroline and Charlie,unaware of this,encourage her to go and she believes that they want to be rid of her. Things do not work out with Dolly,who leaves a message on the Answer-Phone,sacking Laura,but Charlie and Caroline,anxious not to hurt her feelings,keep it from her. This causes another row before Charlie convinces Laura that they wanted her to stay with them all along.
7 Oct. 1996
A Couple of Charlies
Charlie takes Caroline to one of his old London haunts where they meet Tina,an ex-girlfriend,now married to Charlie Bennet,who owns three bedroom furniture shops. Caroline invites the couple to stay but Bennett is thoroughly obnoxious and alienates everybody by bragging about his success,belittling Charlie for being a housekeeper. Learning that he is basically insecure because he has always been envious of her husband Caroline organizes a pool contest in which Charlie Burroughs will sportingly lose. However Bennett is so annoying and sarcastic that Caroline is only ...
14 Oct. 1996
Oh Baby, Oh Baby
After advice from a doctor Caroline and Charlie have regular sex at unlikely times but she seems unable to get pregnant. Jo,however,who has just split with Dan over his desire to stay in Paris,announces that she is going to have a baby. Then a certain amount of confusion arises after Laura confesses she may have accidentally switched the pregnancy testing kits. A dash to a late night store follows with both women taking the test in the shop toilet,Dan returning from Paris and happy endings all round.

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