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Season 3

14 Sep. 1992
On a dare from Buster, Babs travels to New York City to try and land a role on the new hit teen drama "thirteensomething". However, Babs finds that fame and fortune isn't all it's cracked up to be.
15 Sep. 1992
New Class Day (The Just-Us League of Supertoons/Sound Off/A Night in Kokomo)
Buster and Babs go to new classes for the semester. Wex Wuthor (Montana Max) attacks the heroes and Batduck (Plucky) stops him. Buster and Babs go on a picnic with the other toons, when Dizzy shows up and spoils it.
16 Sep. 1992
Fox Trot
Babs and Buster are chased by two foxes. Plucky plans revenge on Hamton after he destroyed his bagpipes. But the matter is settled with an apology. Rhoda Queen, a new neighbor arrives. Elmyra wants to befriend her.
17 Sep. 1992
What Makes Toons Tick
Buster and Calamity show a time machine to observe the toons' early lives. Dizzy falls in love with a cyclone, thinking she's another Tasmanian Devil. Closet monster Oogie tries to put a scare on Li'l Sneezer, after failing with Hamton.
18 Sep. 1992
Flea for Your Life
Gnat manages to reunite Itchy with her family after she got tired of the usual routine on Furrball. Tick becomes demanding on the supply of fur coats that Itchy creates. Itchy and Gnat check out Tick's home and make a valuable discovery.
19 Sep. 1992
The Return of Batduck
Plucky wants to be in the newest blockbuster movie of Batman. After a lot of trouble for him and Hamton, they manage an audition. Their performance is a disaster but Plucky lands a part. He quits after finds out he's used as a stunt.
21 Sep. 1992
Toons Take Over
Tired of being typecast in comedy roles, Buster, Babs, and Plucky set out to make a tragic action swashbuckler. With the help of a large team of animators, the trio succeed in making their film, but it has to pass muster from executive Cooper DeVille first.
22 Sep. 1992
Toons from the Crypt
A horror theme episode that is a parody of Night of the Living Dead.
28 Sep. 1992
Two-Tone Town
Buster and Babs, after hearing that Warner Bros. is replacing Tiny Toons with a new show, try to help three down-on-their-luck characters from the studio's black-and-white past get hired for it.
2 Nov. 1992
Buster's Directorial Debut
Buster sits behind the camera for the first time, but his directorial debut is interrupted by Babs' fitness plan (and a trip to Sandy Witch's house), as well as Plucky's ego (which Buster deals with in a smashing way).
4 Nov. 1992
Buster and Babs discover that toon characters are being put out of commission by the ACAFC chair woman. Her actions are encouraged by Plucky. Babs and Buster head off to Washington to seek help from the President.
9 Nov. 1992
Toon TV
A musical episode where the Tiny Toons characters are in 'music videos'.
10 Nov. 1992
Grandma's Dead
Elmyra freaks out over her hamster dying, but everyone thinks she's crying over her grandmother's death.
11 Nov. 1992
Music Day
It's Music Day on the show, with three shorts related to the subject. In "Ruffled Ruffie", rock-and-roll fan Buster does battle with a sappy Raffi clone. "The Horn Blows at Lunchtime" features Little Sneezer, a trumpet, a block of stinky cheese and a lot of finger-pointing. "Loon Lake" has Shirley dealing with a group of snooty swan ballerinas, with Babs' help.
12 Nov. 1992
The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain
Babs, Fifi and Shirley are having a party when strange visitors appear. The girls discover the visitors to be Plucky, Hamton and Buster. After Buster tells the legend of One-Eyed Jack, the legend comes to life and haunts them.
13 Nov. 1992
Sports Shorts
Plucky enjoys miniature golf since he little. He experienced difficulty with his golf swings but soon mastered that. Fifi is running an ocean to find sea monkeys. Elmyra tries to catch a sea monkey and ruins the expedition.
16 Nov. 1992
Weekday Afternoon Live
A parody of the NBC sketch show Saturday Night Live.
17 Nov. 1992
A Cat's Eye View
Tired of Elmyra, Byron runs away into the care of an attractive lady. But he returns to Elmyra realizing how much she loves him. Plucky goes with Shirley to a celebrity party, but keeps getting kicked out. Furrball has no place to go.
23 Nov. 1992
Best of Buster Day (Compromising Principals/Maid to Re-order/Class Without Class)
Vice-Principal Yosemite Sam is trying to get a new job at a different school. Buster is worried and plots to sabotage Sam's chances. The Grovely Family are sacked by Montana Max and stay in Buster's home.
6 Dec. 1992
It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special
Buster Bunny is trying to produce and direct the Tiny Toons Holiday Special, but it is not working. Montana max, makes him look bad, and then bribes the network executives into firing Buster and making him the producer. Buster thinks he has had it, and plans to throw himself out of cartoons forever. His guardian angel appears and shows him what Tiny Toons would be like without him.

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