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3 Jan. 1992
Night of the Dying
A vengeful voodoo priestess ensnares Arcane in a voodoo curse as revenge for his enslavement of Jim Kipp, who had once saved a cousin of hers from drowning. Alec helps Graham and a kindly voodoo priest save Arcane from certain death.
10 Jan. 1992
Love Lost
A self-proclaimed psychic comes to the swamp in search of Alec Holland with a message from his dead wife Linda. She also reveals that Jim is still alive and will be heard from soon.
17 Jan. 1992
Mist Demeanor
Killer mist from the swamp attacks Houma, putting residents in grave danger. Arcane and Alec team up to to find an antidote, while Abigail and Will hunt for a boy who may be lost in the mist. Can they stop the mist before someone gets hurt?
24 Jan. 1992
A Nightmare on Jackson Street
Will's past comes back to haunt him not only in his dreams but here in his new home when a friend shows up who was involved in a robbery.
31 Jan. 1992
Better Angels
A scientist from Alec Holland's past is employed by a businessman who claims he wants to build a recycling plant near the swamp.
7 Feb. 1992
Children of the Fool
Will starts dating a girl from a carnival. Her boss who is manipulating the young carnies wants to sacrifice Will to "the forces of darkness" in a scam to keep his young work force in line.
14 Feb. 1992
A Jury of His Fears
After an eletrical explosion in his lab apparently kills Arcane, our arch fiend finds himself on trial in a nightmarish comedy of his crimes against his victims.
21 Feb. 1992
How will Swamp Thing deal with a man who has captured footage of him on film and the deadly creatures released into the swamp?
28 Feb. 1992
Smoke and Mirrors
A rock singer tries to run away from the consequences of the morbid overtones in the lyrics of his songs after two fans committ suicide to the suggestions therein.
6 Mar. 1992
This Old House of Mayan
Can Will escape the wrath of guardians to a lost Mayan temple within the swamp when he is forced to be an unwilling guide?
20 Mar. 1992
Ann Fisk decides to confront the Swamp Thing that he is in actuality Dr. Alec Holland.
10 Jul. 1992
Dead and Married
A recent storm in the swamp uncovers a car wreck from ten years ago,including the married couples ghosts that think only hours have passed.
17 Jul. 1992
Powers of Darkness
A young loner who believes he is a vampire is accused of murdering his mother's boyfriend.
24 Jul. 1992
Special Request
After seemingly having no interest for so many episodes what happened to Jim, Tressa is suddenly in Peru and sidetracked by a voice from her past on a radio.
31 Jul. 1992
What Goes Around Comes Around
Sheriff Andrews allows Dr. Arcane to hunt an employee for sport. To teach Andrews a lesson, Alec traps him a fantasy of the old west populated by familiar faces, forcing him to duel the evil Renegade Jake in a fight to the death.
7 Aug. 1992
Fear Itself
What happens when the swamp itself is no longer an ally to Swamp Thing? The answers lay with a man called Mephisto.
14 Aug. 1992
Arcane has created a poison engineered to specifically target Swamp Thing's genetic code. Ann has discovered a method of temporarily changing Alec back to human form.
21 Aug. 1992
Temporally displaced Confederate Civil War soldiers appear in the swamp, one of whom is a previous residence of Will's house. Will helps the man to discover the mystery behind his wartime disappearance and make peace with his past so he can pass on.
28 Aug. 1992
Arcane resurrects his wife Tatania only to learn the woman he's kept frozen all these years is Kitty Lane, an exotic dancer and impostor placed in Arcane's lab by General Sunderland. Sunderland has been holding the real Tatania captive.
11 Sep. 1992
Mirador's Brain
Arcane uploads the memory of his former teacher directly into his own. In an ironic twist of justice Carl Mirador was schizophrenic and is now driving Arcane insane.
19 Sep. 1992
Lesser of Two Evils
When Carla Jeffries uses Arcane's own scheming ways against him to take over his complex, the doctor and Swamp Thing must work together to save both the swamp and Arcane's life.
26 Sep. 1992
When Arcane hires mercenaries to kill Swamp Thing, the injured creature uses Anne Fisk's equipment to try to heal himself, temporarily becoming human again. Tressa discovers his secret, and tries to help him.
3 Oct. 1992
Easy Prey
A wealthy hunter stalks and wounds a rare hawk for a trophy. Afterward the swamp takes Will into it's confidence and Will sees the swamp as he never has before.
10 Oct. 1992
The Handyman
The body of a dead man leads Swamp Thing to Arcane and Gen. Sunderland.
17 Oct. 1992
Future Tense
A glimpse into a future devastated by man-made environmental disaster ensures that Senator Parker will take action to prevent it happening - to the best of his ability, at least. But that may not be enough.
24 Oct. 1992
Hide in the Night
When Dr. Arcane "dies" during a mutation experiment gone wrong, Graham accuses Stella of attempting to replace him in the lab by seducing Arcane. During their fight Graham falls for Stella, conceding that Arcane must have seduced her "in mind, if not body." Their tender moment is ruined, however, when Graham is alerted to a break-in at the lab: it's Dr. Arcane, reduced to his inner beast by the failed experiment. Can Graham stop him before tragedy strikes?
31 Oct. 1992
Pay Day
Swamp Thing gifts the chance to make things right to three criminals who break out of Houma Prison.
7 Nov. 1992
The Return of LaRoche
On a planned 'de-stressing' holiday, Arcane is attacked by an old enemy who is supposed to be locked away in an asylum. But LaRoche is a master of hypnotism, and forces unlikely allies to help him.
14 Nov. 1992
Rites of Passage
Two spoilt rich girls inveigle Will, against his will, into taking them into the swamp so they can perform a ritual to give them three wishes. In the course of teaching them a lesson in humility, Will makes a discovery about himself.
21 Nov. 1992
Never Alone
When an injured escapee from a mental hospital arrives at Will and Tressa's door after running into Alec, he claims to be an alien on a mission. He's obviously insane - or is he?
5 Dec. 1992
A Most Bitter Pill
Trapped in a cave with Alec and facing death by suffocation, Arcane reviews his life in a grand soliloquy. He can lie to others, but ultimately, can he lie to himself?
12 Dec. 1992
The Curse
40 years ago a train carrying valuable Egyptian antiquities and a mummy crashed in the swamp. Arcane supports an expedition to find it, but his interest is far more than financial.
19 Dec. 1992
Judgment Day
Arrested for a murder he did not commit, Will's situation looks desperate when his attorney turns out to be a crooked prosecutor with ambitions to rise to the senate. Can Alec help prove his friend's innocence?

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