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Star Wars 9 Gets First Black Female Director for Second Unit

Following criticism that every Star Wars director has been a white male, Lucasfilm has done a game changer, announcing Victoria Mahoney as the Second Unit Director for Star Wars 9. Mahoney will be the first African American and first female director to work as any kind of director on a Star Wars movie, so this is a historic move for Lucasfilm.

The criticism of Lucasfilm and Star Wars first surfaced earlier this year when Variety reported a statistic that 96% of the writers and directors for Star Wars are white males. This immediately became a big issue for many people, especially considering the move for gender equality in the film industry that has become a hot topic in recent years. Considering that Star Wars is one of history's biggest franchises, fans were easily disappointed in its lack of diversity.

Realizing the issue at hand, Victoria Mahoney was added on to the above-the-line
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Insights: What Can Online Talent Teach Broadcasters About TV’s Impending Two-Way Future?

The television industry got an up-close look this past week at its imminent future as an interactive medium at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. The sprawling gathering showcased all kinds of whiz-bang tech and marked the launch of one big joint project demonstrating just how Next Gen TV will work in the real world.

The project is called the Phoenix Model Market. Backed by eight station groups and numerous tech companies, the Model Market represents one of two broadcaster efforts to figure out how to take real-world advantage of the new Atsc 3.0 format behind Next Gen TV. A Univision-owned digital channel, UniMas, is already broadcasting in Phoenix, soon to be joined on the tower by PBS Kids, which will transmit additional educational materials to children as part of its broadcasts.

A second test project is rolling out this year in Dallas, backed by three more station groups.
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Emmys 2018: Why we might be underestimating Marc Maron (‘Glow’) for Best Comedy Supporting Actor

Emmys 2018: Why we might be underestimating Marc Maron (‘Glow’) for Best Comedy Supporting Actor
According to our latest Emmy predictions, Marc Maron (“Glow”) is a likely nominee for Best Comedy Supporting Actor, ranked fifth with odds of 8/1 based on the combined forecasts of more than 1,200 Gold Derby users who have entered their picks this far. But could we be underestimating him for the win? He’s coming off a surprise SAG nomination for his performance, and that could be a strong indicator of Emmy. Both the SAG Awards and Emmys are peer group prizes where actors are judged by fellow actors.

The SAG Awards only have one category for male comedy actors, which means supporting actors have to face off against lead actors. Naturally, supporting stars are at a disadvantage given their limited screentime relative to lead performers, so when a supporting performance gets nominated is especially noteworthy. And it leads to Emmy wins more often than you might think. Since the SAG Awards
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Broadway, Film and TV Star Jason Alexander Headlines Performances of Song and Comedy with the Njso, April 14-15

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Newark, NJ—Tony Award-winning Broadway, film and television star Jason Alexander—world renowned as the iconic George Costanza on “Seinfeld”—headlines performances of song and comedy with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, April 14–15 in Newark and New Brunswick.

The award-winning Broadway song-and-dance man’s concerts with the Orchestra bring a hilarious re-telling of his journey to and on the Broadway stage, featuring a program of great music from the theater along with comedy and audience interaction.

Performances take place on Saturday, April 14, at 8 pm at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark and Sunday, April 15, at 3 pm at State Theatre New Jersey in New Brunswick. State Theatre New Jersey co-presents the April 15 performance.

Alexander has won praise for his orchestral performances. The Star-Telegram writes: “Alexander not only has an exceptional voice and a thoroughly
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Seth Meyers: Trump’s New Strategy Is ‘to Act So Guilty the Feds Will Think He Has to Be Innocent’ (Video)

Seth Meyers: Trump’s New Strategy Is ‘to Act So Guilty the Feds Will Think He Has to Be Innocent’ (Video)
Seth Meyers brought back his “A Closer Look” segment on Tuesday after using his usual interlude segment on Monday to tell an amazing and heartwarming story of his wife giving birth in the lobby of his apartment building, but Meyers was back in full force with an epic segment last night about Donald Trump’s whole situation in the wake of the FBI raid of his personal attorney Michael Cohen’s home and office.

“It’s hard to imagine how Donald Trump can be in more legal jeopardy than he is right now. Basically, Trump has more legal problems than Conor McGregor and just as many concussions,” Meyers joked. “And yet somehow things got much worse yesterday for Trump.”

Meyers then dove through the many levels of madness involved in the Cohen raid.

Also Read: Trevor Noah: Trump's Attorney-Client Privilege May Be Dead, but He Still Has White Privilege (Video)

“Just to recap: the FBI, an organization Trump has attacked for months, raided the office of Michael Cohen, his longtime personal fixer, and seized tax documents, which he has repeatedly refused to release, related to campaign finance violations during the election involving Stormy Daniels, the porn star he allegedly had an affair with, on a referral from Robert Mueller, the special counsel in the Russia investigation,” Meyers said breathlessly.

“This is like the series finale of a TV show where they try to tie all the different plot lines together. ‘Oh, it’s Michael Cohen from season 1, what’s he doing in this episo– oh!’ If Trump ever goes on trial, they’re going to call characters from previous episodes into the courtroom like the last episode of ‘Seinfeld. ‘Oh, no, Anthony Scaramucci, what did I do to you?’ ‘No Mooch for you!’

Meyers then wryly described Trump’s angry Twitter response to everything going on Tuesday morning.

Also Read: Jimmy Kimmel on Trump Twitter Tirade after Cohen Raid: 'Witch Hunt Is the New Maga' (Video)

“Of course when news like this breaks we can always count on our calm, rational president to react in a measured way and he once again rose to the occasion this morning when he got up bright and early and tweeted these reassuring words to a nation in turmoil: ‘Attorney-client privilege is dead!’ And then less than a minute later he added this helpful follow-up, ‘A Total Witch Hunt!!!'” Meyers said.

“So the feds seized Trump’s communications with his lawyers and the next morning Trump woke up and screamed, ‘Attorney-client privilege is dead!’ What is Trump’s strategy here? To act so guilty the feds will think he has to be innocent? You know, the insanity defense only works after you’ve been arrested, right? ‘they can’t arrest me if I’m crazy. Quick, somebody get me a diaper I can wear as a hat.”

You can watch all of the “A Closer Look” segment from Tuesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in the video embedded at the top of this post.

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Seinfeld, Friends, West Wing, The Office: NBC Chief on Revival Chances

What other classic TV shows will NBC reboot? Recently, network chairman Bob Greenblatt spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the chances of a Seinfeld, Friends, The West Wing, or The Office revival.So far, reboots have been a success for NBC. The newest season of Will & Grace is the network's second highest-rated series for the 2017-2018 season and if ABC's record-breaking Roseanne revival is any indication, reboots are still very much in vogue.Read More…
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MoviePass Buys Moviefone Because Subscribers ‘Don’t Want to Get Their Recommendations From Rotten Tomatoes’

Discounted-ticket subscription service MoviePass acquired ticket-buying app and website Moviefone in a $23 million deal. “Our subscribers want to know more and more about movies,” said MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe. “They don’t want to get their recommendations from Rotten Tomatoes, they want to get it from fellow subscribers.”

Founded in 1989, Moviefone began as an automated hotline for callers seeking showtimes. Within several years, the internet rendered 777-film largely obsolete; the phone service was terminated in 2014. Moviefone, which also provides reviews and entertainment news, now receives 6 million unique visitors per month.

According to Thursday’s Securities and Exchange Commission filing, the purchase consists of $1 million cash and less than $8 million in common stock shares, with additional warrants in place from Helios and Matheson Analytics, MoviePass’ parent corporation. It’s a fraction of the $388 million that AOL paid for Moviefone in 1999. AOL is now owned by Verizon, and Moviefone had been housed
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Emmys flashback: Amy Sherman-Palladino (‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’) was last nominated for ‘Roseanne’ 26 years ago

Emmys flashback: Amy Sherman-Palladino (‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’) was last nominated for ‘Roseanne’ 26 years ago
Amy Sherman-Palladino is best known for creating “Gilmore Girls” and her current hit show, Amazon’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” But did you know she actually got one of her first big breaks writing during the original run of “Roseanne” for six seasons (1990-1994)? Sherman-Palladino (with Jennifer Heath) earned her first and currently only Emmy nomination in 1992 for Best Comedy Writing for the episode “A Bitter Pill to Swallow.” Coming full circle, Sherman-Palladino 26 years later will now have to compete against the “Roseanne” revival at the 2018 Emmys.

Sherman-Palladino earned the original “Roseanne” its Only Best Comedy Writing nomination. “A Bitter Pill to Swallow” deals with Becky (Alicia Goranson) asking Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) to take her to get birth control and her less than excited reaction. It was as funny as it was insightful, giving audiences a glimpse of the lightening quick and hilarious dialogue which would become “Roseanne’s” signature.
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Seinfeld From a Serious Point of View

Taking Seinfeld from a serious point of view is like trying to find a single, special grain of wheat in a wheat field caught in a windstorm, it’s possible but it takes some serious doing. There were serious moments in Seinfeld but they were so rare that discovering them took being there at the right moment and being able to discern just what they were and not get suckered in by the expectation of comedy. Even when a moment seemed like it was about to be serious there always remained that edge of comedy that could have cut into the

Seinfeld From a Serious Point of View
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ITV Sets ‘The Big Audition’; Tony Jordan Albanian Mob Drama; Japan’s Nippon Launches AI Anchor – Global Briefs

British broadcaster ITV is to peel back the curtain of fame with its latest entertainment series, The Big Audition, produced by Warner Bros' Twenty Twenty. The six-part show will follow a group of hopefuls trying to make it in a number of fields including chasing the lead role in a West End musical, aspiring TV presenters hoping to land their first on-screen role and, reminiscent of George Costanza in Seinfeld, make it as a hand model. The series was commissioned by ITV's…
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Bww Interview: A Conversation With Jason Alexander and How He Got to Broadway

Before his guest starring role on Young Sheldon, last season's off-Broadway production of The Portuguese Kid and of course nearly a decade as George Costanza on Seinfeld, Jason Alexander was a song and dance man on Broadway. He made his Broadway debut in Merrily We Roll Along in 1981, followed by a continual decade of shows The Rink, Broadway Bound, Jerome Robbins' Broadway in which he won a Tony Award for his performance and Accomplice. Highlights of how his Broadway career began will be hilariously re-told next week, as his tour heads back to his home state of New Jersey to perform with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra at Njpac in Newark and the State Theater in New Brunswick. Newark is actually where Alexander was born before growing up in Maplewood and Livingston.
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“Friends” and “Seinfeld” Fans Try to Predict Which Characters Would’ve Voted For Trump

And now that Roseanne is back and the fact is out that she and Dan are pro-Trump the question has been posed as to how the rest of the sitcom folks would vote. Friends and Seinfeld characters are high on the prediction list of who would have voted for Trump, but while you might be able to guess some of them could possibly surprise you. The only thing that makes this kind of ridiculous is that they’re fictional characters and the only way that they would vote one way or another would be if the actual actor was prone towards

Friends” and “Seinfeld” Fans Try to Predict Which Characters Would’ve Voted For Trump
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Why the New 'Roseanne' Reboot Just Plain Sucks

Let's be real for a second: The real Roseanne reboot had already happened long before this past Tuesday, and it was called Lady Bird. Darlene was now going to Catholic school; Aunt Jackie was playing the mom. But otherwise, Greta Gerwig's film had all the tropes that made the original Roseanne great: grit, compassion, family fireworks, blue-collar heart, feminist soul, a lovable lunk of a dad and Laurie Metcalf's sarcastic sneer. In other words, it had everything that's missing from ABC's new reboot version. Gerwig made a
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'Last Man Standing' May Be Coming to Fox After Cancellation (Report)

Fans were heartbroken when Last Man Standing got canceled by ABC after six seasons in May. And now, they're wondering: Will the show be picked up by another network? Well, today may be your lucky day, because TMZ has reported that the show is under consideration for a reboot at Fox. The network previously produced the show when it appeared on ABC. This news comes after other popular networks said no to bringing Last Man Standing pack to TV. It was reported in mid-June that Cmt was considering renewing the show on its channel, however, it was described as a "long shot." Shortly after, Fox News reported that they "aren’t moving forward." The source told the news outlet that it's because they "couldn’t come to terms on the financials." Tim on Last Man Standing. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) And Cmt isn't the only network that turned down Tim Allen's sitcom.
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Emmys 2018: Will Ted Danson (‘The Good Place’) set a new record for the most Best Comedy Actor nominations ever?

Emmys 2018: Will Ted Danson (‘The Good Place’) set a new record for the most Best Comedy Actor nominations ever?
Will Ted Danson set a new Emmy record this year with his starring role in “The Good Place”? If he’s nominated for Best Comedy Actor he’ll break a long-standing tie with Alan Alda and Kelsey Grammer for the most nominations in the history of the category. All three of them have been nominated 11 times, and now Danson is looking for an even dozen.

Alda set the record first, earning 11 straight nominations (1973-1983) for playing Hawkeye in all 11 seasons of “M*A*S*H.” He won twice (1974, 1982). Then came Danson, who achieved the same feat: 11 consecutive bids (1983-1993) as Sam Malone in all 11 seasons of “Cheers.” He also won twice (1990, 1993).

Grammer achieved his record in a slightly different way. He earned his first Comedy Actor nom for playing Dr. Frasier Crane, but in 1992 for “Wings” as a guest star; that year only the Emmys had stipulated that guest performers
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Bill Hader (‘Barry’): Top 3 reasons he could be a hit with Emmy voters

Bill Hader (‘Barry’): Top 3 reasons he could be a hit with Emmy voters
Bill Hader plays a hit man in the dark comedy “Barry,” and he might just have the marksmanship to take out the competition at the Emmys this year. The HBO series, which premiered on Sunday, March 25, was created by Hader with Alec Berg (“Silicon Valley“). Currently few are predicting Hader to be nominated in a crowded Best Comedy Actor race — he’s an 80/1 underdog according to our predictions as of this writing. However, here are three reasons why I think he is perfectly positioned to win this year.

1. The role has pizzazz

Playing the title role gives Hader everything that an Emmy contender could hope for. Barry Berkman is a lonely hit man who moves to L.A. for a kill and finds a supportive community within the theater scene. Barry is an ex-marine so the role also explores post-service life and Ptsd, which provides opportunities for Hader to display
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Actress Debbie Lee Carrington, Total Recall, Bride of Chucky Dies at 58

Actress Debbie Lee Carrington, Total Recall, Bride of Chucky Dies at 58
Debbie Lee Carrington, who is probably best known for her roles in Star Wars sequel Return of the Jedi, Total Recall, and Bride of Chucky, has sadly passed away at the age of 58. Carrington performed as an actress and stuntwoman in many Hollywood and TV projects over the years, including Seinfeld, Titanic, Howard the Duck, The Drew Carey Show, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, and many, many more. There is currently no information on the cause of death at this time, but the news has been confirmed by long-time friend and co-star Mike Quinn.

Debbie Lee Carrington was born December 14th, 1959 and her father was an insurance salesman while her mother was a teacher. She began her acting career in 1981, appearing in the Chevy Chase-starring comedy, Under the Rainbow. Later, Carrington landed a role in Return of the Jedi, famously playing the Ewok who consoles another Ewok that was blown up by a landmine.
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Which Comedians Have the Best Post-‘Saturday Night Live’ TV Careers? — IndieWire Critics Survey

Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best show currently on TV?” can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: Which “Saturday Night Live” alum has the best post-“SNL” television career?

Soraya Nadia McDonald (@SorayaMcDonald), The Undefeated

It’s gotta be Tina Fey, right? So many “SNL” alums have attempted to make the jump to movies, with varying degrees of success. Poor Chris Kattan. But Tina Fey really has a way with television (“30 Rock,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Great News”) that trumps her film career. And I think it’s because Tina’s an excellent writer and television is still such a writers’ medium. She really seems like a natural at showrunning and she has a partner she clearly trusts in Robert Carlock. But I
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New ‘Roseanne’ Trailer: Watch Roseanne Ride a Stair Lift (Video)

In case you haven’t heard, ABC is bringing back “Roseanne,” its hit sitcom from the ’80s and ’90s. But of course you have: The media blitz has included a number of trailers, a panel at January’s Television Critics Association press tour, and even a branded Nascar race. Well, we’ve got another video teaser for you today — and though it starts the same as some others, a few new and funny scenes follow the requisite “Remember These Guys?” opening. Also Read: How Much TV Homes Would Cost on Airbnb, From 'Stranger Things,' to 'Roseanne,' to 'Seinfeld' (Exclusive) “Do you get points on your...
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Slideshow: 20 Portraits From The Hollywood Show in Chicagoland on March 17-18, 2018

Previous | Image 1 of 20 | NextStefanie Powers from TV’s ‘Hart to Hart.’

Chicago – The TV, movie and entertainment world is coming back to Chicagoland with The Hollywood Show on March 17th and 18th, 2018, at the Hyatt Rosemont/Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Ill. The event gives fans and admirers an opportunity to meet and get pictures with celebrities and take advantage of vendors offering show business memorabilia.

This year’s show is focusing on 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s nostalgia, as Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers (Wally and the Beaver from “Leave it to Beaver”) will make their first Chicago appearance. Also in attendance will be Lyle Waggoner from the “Carol Burnett Show,” Linda Blair from “The Exorcist,” Parker Stevenson from “The Hardy Boys” and Julie McCullough from “Growing Pains,” among other big names. Click here for a complete list. is at The Hollywood Show every year, and photographer
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