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Season 3

18 Sep. 1991
The Note
Physical therapy proves painful for Jerry when his small talk with the therapist leads to a misunderstanding; Jerry uses a dentist note to cover his therapy.
25 Sep. 1991
The Truth
A bad breakup between George and his girlfriend leads to tax troubles for Jerry.
2 Oct. 1991
The Pen
Jerry and Elaine travel to Florida for a dinner in honor of his father. Jerry gets into an argument with a neighbor of his parents over an "astronaut pen."
9 Oct. 1991
The Dog
Jerry is forced to care for the disobedient dog of a man he met on a plane.
16 Oct. 1991
The Library
The library asks Jerry about a book he checked out in 1971 and never returned, so Jerry looks up an old girlfriend for his defense against a library cop.
30 Oct. 1991
The Parking Garage
The four get stuck in a parking garage for hours when they forget where they parked.
6 Nov. 1991
The Cafe
Jerry tries to help a new immigrant restaurant owner across the street from him. George, afraid of embarrassment, asks Elaine to take an IQ test for him.
13 Nov. 1991
The Tape
George orders hair growing cream from China. Jerry is mesmerized by a dirty message left on a tape recorder from his last performance. George becomes infatuated with Elaine.
20 Nov. 1991
The Nose Job
Jerry dates a vacuous actress and struggles with overcoming his sexual desire for her. George dates a woman with a large nose, who decides to get a nose job after a careless comment from Kramer.
27 Nov. 1991
The Stranded
Jerry and Elaine join George for a special party, where they send signals to each other to get out of bad party conversations; George had an office romance.
4 Dec. 1991
The Alternate Side
Jerry's car is stolen. Elaine dates an older man. Kramer gets a small role in a Woody Allen movie filmed on his and Jerry's block. George must deal with the commotion of the movie filming as he gets a job parking cars on the block.
11 Dec. 1991
The Red Dot
George gets a job at Elaine's office and gets involved with the cleaning woman. Elaine's boyfriend is a recovering alcoholic who falls off the wagon because of Jerry's carelessness. George buys Elaine a marked-down cashmere sweater.
8 Jan. 1992
The Subway
Everyone has an uncommon experience while going their separate ways on the subway; Kramer overheard a hot tip on a horse on his way to pay a traffic violation.
15 Jan. 1992
The Pez Dispenser
Jerry's Pez dispenser makes Elaine laugh during George's girlfriend's piano recital and puts their relationship in jeopardy; Kramer joins the Polar Bear Club.
29 Jan. 1992
The Suicide
After a suicide attempt by Jerry's neighbor lands him in a coma, Jerry begins a relationship with his girlfriend. George visits a psychic who predicts trouble on his upcoming trip. Elaine agonizes over having to fast before surgery.
5 Feb. 1992
The Fix Up
Against their better judgment, Jerry and Elaine decide to play matchmaker for the jobless, dateless and possibly hopeless George, setting him up with a single friend of Elaine's.
12 Feb. 1992
The Boyfriend
Elaine and Keith are hitting it off until he pulls out a cigarette; Keith wants Jerry to help him move, leading Jerry along with Elaine to breakup with Keith.
26 Jul. 1995
The New Friend
Jerry, Kramer and Neuman act out a parody of the JFK assassination via a spitting incident as they reminisce about the loss of a Mets game in past. They call it the magic loogie.
26 Feb. 1992
The Limo
Jerry and George take a limo from a passenger that Jerry knows never made it on the plane, but their false identities land them in hot water.
4 Mar. 1992
The Good Samaritan
Jerry trails a hit-and-run driver but is attracted to her and begins dating her; he later learns her victim was a woman he's had a crush on for a long time. Kramer begins having seizures whenever he hears Mary Hart's voice.
25 Mar. 1992
The Letter
Jerry learns that his new artist friend, from whom George has been forced to buy a painting, plagiarized a letter to keep him from breaking up with her. Elaine refuses to remove her Baltimore Orioles cap during a New York Yankees game.
22 Apr. 1992
The Parking Space
Coming from an outing to a flea market in New Jersey, Elaine and George damage Jerry's car when George drives over a large pothole. When they get to his apartment they conveniently find a parking space right in front of Jerry's building. As George tries to back in however, someone tries to take the spot by driving in nose first. With neither car able to park, it leads to an all day argument. Elaine meanwhile has to come up with a story about the damage to the car.
6 May 1992
The Keys
Jerry is fed up with Kramer's coming into his apartment any time he feels like it and asks him to return his spare set of keys. Kramer begrudgingly complies but then lets it be known that he's leaving for California. As for the others, the one key swap leads to multiple exchanges on pretty well everyone's part. When Jerry forgets his keys, he gets George to let him into Elaine's apartment so he can get his spare set. What they find interests them.

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