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Season 2

23 Jan. 1991
The Ex-Girlfriend
After George breaks up with his girlfriend, Jerry decides that he wants to see her.
30 Jan. 1991
The Pony Remark
Jerry fears that an inappropriate comment he made at a dinner party caused his relative's subsequent death.
6 Feb. 1991
The Jacket
Jerry wears an expensive jacket when he meets Elaine's father, but an argument ensues when Jerry is reluctant to wear it outside during a snowfall.
13 Feb. 1991
The Phone Message
George leaves several awkward messages on a girlfriend's answering machine, then decides to steal the tape.
4 Apr. 1991
The Apartment
When an apartment becomes available in Jerry's building, he helps Elaine get it, only to regret his decision to do so. George starts wearing a wedding ring because he's heard that it helps single guys pick up women.
11 Apr. 1991
The Statue
A statue wanted by George is stolen from Jerry's apartment by the boyfriend of a writer Elaine is working with.
18 Apr. 1991
The Revenge
George takes revenge on his boss for not hiring him back after he quit and was rude to him, and Jerry and Kramer take revenge on a dry cleaner after Jerry accuses him of stealing $1,500 from his laundry bag.
25 Apr. 1991
The Heart Attack
After suffering what he thinks is a heart attack, George discovers he has inflamed tonsils and seeks alternative medicine to heal.
2 May 1991
The Deal
Jerry and Elaine believe that they have found a foolproof way to start having sex again yet still remain just friends, but they quickly start encountering problems.
16 May 1991
The Baby Shower
Kramer convinces Jerry to get illegal cable. Elaine holds a baby shower for a former girlfriend of George, on whom he wants revenge for a callous incident.
23 May 1991
The Chinese Restaurant
Jerry, Elaine and George stop for a quick Chinese dinner before seeing "Plan 9 From Outer Space," but circumstances at the eatery make them miss the movie.
26 Jun. 1991
The Busboy
George tries to apologize to a busboy after one of his comments got him fired, but he only makes things worse. Elaine tries to get one of her male friends out of her house.

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