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Season 1

4 Jan. 1990
Va é de för set
Sigurd 'Sigge' Grönqvist and Alexander 'Alex' Carlsson are two teenagers who are picked for tennis practice by two rather suspicious types (Wallner, the manager and Börje, the trainer). They are soon joined by a visiting school pupil (Teofil 'Teo' Broström), who turns out be rather good at tennis, even though he has never played it, and Einar Berg, former international tennis star. The four of them (with their four very different skills and personalities) form a rather odd quartet in the tennis world.
11 Jan. 1990
Fack Off
The team are in London, in order to play tennis at Wimbledon. However, Alex discovers that the prize money is exactly the same amount as last year (£500,000), which means a 4 % lowering of real wages. This, and the fact that the others are also displeased about different matters, leads to him starting a tennis union, making the quartet and soon every player in Wimbledon go on a strike.
18 Jan. 1990
Den vita sporten
The team are sent to South Africa, and Wallner leaves them no money to get away from there. His idea is that they play tennis and win the game, to make money. However, with the rest of the world having heavy sanctions on South Africa, due to its apartheid policies, playing tennis there is a no-no for anybody. Thus, the gang desperately try to gather money in any which way but playing tennis, in order to get home.
25 Jan. 1990
God jul
Christmas is here, so the team get a week off. At first, they are overjoyed, but when Alex, Sigge and Teo come home to their respective families, they discover, that they are no fun anymore. Sigge's dad only wants money from him, Alex's parents don't believe he has money and are very stingy (their Christmas tree is more than a year old and broken, since they think it will cost too much to get a new one), whereas Teo's parents don't want to celebrate Christmas - they want to continue their scientific research instead. Einar spends the whole Christmas drinking at the ...
1 Feb. 1990
Check Out
When the team are about to leave their hotel in Rome, it turns out that their manager Wallner hasn't paid for them, so they are not allowed to leave. Being stuck at their hotel room, they try various schemes to raise money. Finally, they manage to get their hands on enough money for one person to get out. They send out Teo, to go to the bank and get money for the others. However, getting the money is easier said than done for Teo. Secondly, the manager wants them out of the room, and so does the new room occupant.
8 Feb. 1990
Wow, håll käften!
The trainer Börje shows the team a diagram of their latest training results and it turns out that they are all in super shape - better than Mats Wilander and Boris Becker put together. This gives them a huge dose of self confidence, making them win every match they play. As they start making lots of money, they fire Börje and Wallner and look for other managers. However, all of them start worrying about what to do with all the money they make. Alex wants to invest his, Einar wants to party away, Sigge tries to do something useful with his and Teo tries to give his ...
15 Feb. 1990
As the team oversleep on their plane to Stockholm, they have to hurry to get their tickets from Wallner and then hurry onto the next plane to go to Rome. When they're on the plane, they discover, that it's the same plane that they flew in to Stockholm with (since Teo finds his shoes, which he forgot on that plane) and soon they also discover, that this plane isn't going to Rome, but to Frankfurt. Thus, when the plane is hijacked and the hijackers demand they fly to Rome, the team are delighted. The hijackers turn out not to be so bad after all, but to deal with them ...
22 Feb. 1990
The team are in Mexico when they receive a telegram from Wallner, with orders to go directly to Malmö, Sweden. Sigge thinks they're gonna be in the TV show "This is your life". When the arrive in Malmö, it turns out that they are going to be on TV alright, but on a game show called "Snick-snackarna". Teo becomes very nervous and even has nightmares that he will accidentally say "willie" on TV. In order to get his mind off that particular word, they try to hypnotize him, with a less than desired result. As they are humiliated on the show, the decide never to be on TV ...

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