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'Tering de tering!'
de_surfende_hollander30 January 2004
One of the best sitcoms I've ever seen is Oppassen!!! It ran for about 13 years and I didn't quite understand why it had to end last year. This show had a very familiar feeling over it. That attracted a lot of people. After Coen Flink, who played opa Buijs, died in 2000, the producers had doubts about continuing, but they managed to bring in a few new characters, which gave the show a boost. The last three years were not as good as this show was earlier, but something nice was developing and I was sad to see it ending. I guess my favorite character was Harry Stevens, played by Fred Vaassen. He always used the now famous line 'Tering de tering!'.
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Longest running sitcom ever
mp.visser9 November 2002
This sitcom has been running solid since 1990, and like its predecessor at the time (zeg eens Aaaa)is the longest running sitcom in the world. It is a very typical Dutch comedie. I like it. Storyline is of two granddads living together in a big house with a single mom with two kids (it used to be a familie, mom dad and two kids, but they moved out) Nothing reallz happens, and most is comedy of errors, couple of side caracters are friends of one of the granddads who are slightly criminal. One of the granddads if conservative the other a socialist groeten Pieter
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