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The Marsha Warfield Show-(1990-1991)
raysond11 October 2006
Who would have thought to host a talk show than the sixth funniest person from "Night Court?" After a lengthy search for someone who was more homey,sassy and quick-witted,the producers instead offer the job to the woman who played Court Bailiff Roz--a cranky,full of attitude non-conformational character who spent most episodes standing in the background with her arms fully crossed. And this was basically a far cry from her sitcom in which audiences finally get to see the "real" Marsha Warfield--a cranky,full of attitude and sass,and very hilarious person,who before her stint on "Night Court",was in fact a quite successful standup comedian who made several guest appearances of different varieties of television shows--the one I got to recognize her with was her guest appearance once during an episode of "Soul Train". The weekly syndicated talk show titled "The Marsha Warfield Show",premiered in 1990 and shockingly,the show lasted more than a year after its debut,and from there comedian-actress Marsha Warfield was never heard from again since(with the occasional appearance in the made for TV-movie "The Love Boat:The Next Wave").

Marsha Warfield was one of the few Hollywood actors who tried to do the talk show format and from there disaster struck. She isn't the only one. Check out other folks who are in the category of "talk show disasters"---Caroline Rhea,Tony Danza,Tyra Banks,Bertice Berry,and Roseanne Barr to name a few. Getting back to "The Marsha Warfield Show" the show featured a laid back set with a hip-funk house style band with a soda machine,fireplace,video arcade and a basketball hoop which she encouraged guests(like her cast members from Night Court including John Larquette,and Richard Moll and other special guests stars too including Jamie Foxx or Damon Wayans)to take a shot on their way in,but the show itself,which lasted more than a year on the air,like Warfield herself,was far from a slam dunk to the basket.

Question: I wander what Marsha Warfield is doing today?
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