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During the series Emmett and others are seen being frightened by Hyacinth's singing voice. In reality Patricia Routledge is known for her powerful singing voice and has a long career in Musical Theatre.
The FH on Onslow's hat stands for Fulton Hogan Ltd., a New Zealand asphalt and road-building company. When Geoffrey Hughes was there promoting a show, he was given that hat by one of the company's lorry drivers.
The surname "Bucket" is repeatedly pronounced by Hyacinth as "Bouquet." As all of the sister's names are flowers (Hyacinth, Daisy, Violet, Rose), those names appears to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to a "bouquet of flowers." The maiden name of the ladies is "Walton".
In one episode Onslow and Daisy are in bed reading, conversing about DIY when Onslow describes himself as being more intellectually than manually gifted. During this time, he is glancing at a hardbacked book, the title of which is difficult to see on screen. The book is a newish copy of "Principles of Condensed Matter Physics."
Hyacinth's china pattern, described as "Royal Doulton with the hand-painted periwinkles", is actually a pattern called "Braganza" and was manufactured by The Colclough China Company. The Colclough China Company was founded in 1890 and was taken over by Royal Doulton in the early 1970s (so Hyacinth is only stretching the truth a bit). The Braganza pattern was discontinued in 1992, and production under the Colclough name was discontinued in 1996. Hyacinth's cups and saucers were once valued at 20 pounds by Maxwell, Nixon and Kray.
The episodes have no official titles; hence, different online sources refer to them by different names.
Unusually for a British TV series, there seems no regularity in the number of episodes in each season. It looks like they kept the writing quality up by just making as many shows as they had good ideas for, rather than a set number of episodes per season. This may explain the oft-rumored "missing last episode" supposedly known as "The Bishop Affair".
Hyacinth and Richard live in Waney Elm at 117 Blossom Avenue, Eddleton, West Midlands LK6 4PQ. Both the property name and number can be seen above the garage throughout the series, while the street name is visible on the Major's candlelight supper invitation that Hyacinth is filling out in the show's opening credits. The town and postal code (for the Major) are also visible on the envelope containing the invitation (although both are fictitious), and count for the Buckets as well as the Major who lives around the corner from them. West Midlands Police is seen on the uniforms of two police officers in a season three episode, while Hyacinth remarks about being seen as the "queen of the West Midlands social circuit" in another. The series was filmed in Coventry, West Midlands. The Buckets' house was filmed in the Binley Woods area of Coventry. However, they do often film around the Warwickshire area. In one show, the Buckets visit a hotel in Kenilworth, Chesford Grange.
Hyacinth Bucket was voted "One of the most annoying characters in British television".
The age order of the four sisters is Hyacinth, Daisy, Violet, and then Rose. In real life the order goes Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth), Mary Millar (Rose #2), Anna Dawson (Violet), Judy Cornwell (Daisy), and finally Shirley Stelfox (Rose #1).
Onslow is a boy's name of Old English origin, the meaning of which is "enthusiast's hill".
Two cars played the role of Hyacinth's and Richard's. They were both the same type of car - a Rover 216 in the same shade of blue. Early episodes used a car with the registration plate D541 EXL. Later ones used a car with the registration plate D541 EFL.
Onslow occasionally wears a t-shirt of the Green Bay Packers of American football.
"Sheridan" in Keeping Up Appearances (1990) served roughly the same function as "Sarah" on The Andy Griffith Show (1960), in that he is the only character who is in almost every episode, but you never see or hear him.
Four of the regular cast, David Griffin, Judy Cornwell, Geoffrey Hughes and Clive Swift, had appeared in the original series of Doctor Who (1963) prior to the sitcom. Griffin appeared in a Jon Pertwee (The Third Doctor) era story in 1972, while Swift and Hughes both appeared opposite Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor). Cornwell appeared opposite the Seventh and final Doctor in the original series, Sylvester McCoy. Swift is the only one to have appeared in the 21st century series as well, appearing in a David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) episode.
Stars Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth), Clive Swift (Richard), Josephine Tewson (Elizabeth), Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow) and Judy Cornwell (Daisy) were all born in the month of February.
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Ironically, while Hyacinth brags to Elizabeth in nearly every episode when Violet calls that she (Violet) has a swimming pool, the house used as Elizabeth's in the show actually has its own swimming pool in reality. This of course was never featured onscreen.
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As with the family name of Hyacinth, her sisters, her father, and Onslow's last name (and Daisy's married name), Violet and Bruce's surname is never revealed. In a season two episode however a sign on the front fence of Violet's house reads "The Paddocks," but this more likely refers to the name of the property, similar to Hyacinth's house. It may also be a reference to Bruce's occupation as a "turf accountant."
Shirley Stelfox played Rose when the show first started in 1990.
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The home of Onslow, Daisy, Rose and Daddy is located in Michell Cl, Coventry CV3 1DL, UK
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Richard and Hycanith's home is located at 117 Heather Rd, Binley Woods, Coventry CV3 2DB, UK
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Hyacinth's invitations measure 6" x 4".
During the first series of Keeping Up Appearances, the kitchen counter tops are a darker color but from Series 2 onward they are light in color.
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